The True Legacy of Our Lord and Savior, Bill Clinton

December 15th, 2006

I know what you are thinking, “Clinton has been out of office for almost seven years now and you are still trying to destroy his name!” Well, I guess you are right but in my defense, I was challenged by a good “Clintonista” friend of mine who bows to the alter of Bill Clinton and brags about all the great things he has done for this country. So, if you are tired of reading about Clinton, then don’t read anymore. Oh, and for those of you who think Bush is bad/corrupt, please read on. You might learn something.

Here are some interesting facts. Did you know…?

  • that the Clinton Administration holds the all-time record for having the greatest number of friends/acquaintances/associates who have: resigned under pressure, plead the 5th amendment in a court of law, fled the country, gone to jail or died under mysterious circumstances? I guess I wouldn’t necessarily call those who have died under mysterious circumstance friends though…(more sources)
  • that he was the first President ever in US History to be impeached?
  • that he was the first President ever in US History to be disbarred from practicing law in his home state?
  • that he was the first President to pay $800,000 to settle a sexual harassment claim?
  • that he was the first President to be accused by a credible eye witness of rape?
  • that he was the first President to pardon a convicted drug dealer?
  • that he was the first President to have sex with an intern?
  • that he betrayed this country when he allowed massive transfers of American secrets to the Chinese in exchange for illegal contributions to his re-election campaign?
  • that he is indirectly responsible for the growing threat in North Korea? In 1994, President Clinton sent (of all people) Jimmy Carter to cut a deal with the North Koreans in their effort to develop nuclear weapons. He agreed to give Pyongyang free oil, two free nuclear reactors, diplomatic ties, and increased trade - and Pyongyang agreed to dismantle its bomb-making facilities in 10 years. In December 2002, North Korea restarted its nuclear reactor at Yongbyon and forced two UN nuclear monitors to leave the country. Today, North Korea’s resumption of its nuclear weapons program has much of the world on edge. North Korea claims to have nuclear weapons and to be working on building up its arsenal. So much for your negotiation skills Jimmy.

It annoys me when the uninformed liberals put Clinton on a pedestal and worship him because all of the great things he did for this country when he was in office (I always hear about the booming economy). Clearly, their ignorance (or your ignorance if you are also a ‘Clintonista’) reflects their understanding of the true legacy left behind by honorable, or not so honorable Mr. Bill Clinton. 

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8 Responses to “The True Legacy of Our Lord and Savior, Bill Clinton”

  1. LovingAmerica2 Says:

    We non-liberals know this already about Clinton, that is another reason why we are non-liberals. Why doesn't this information get published in the liberal newspapers and investigated? Are facts just not liberal enough?? It is that grey area that scares me about the Clintons, it is in that grey area that these two operate.

    It is important to keep the flow of oil coming into our county and within our country if I want to eat tomorrow. It is Bush's job to keep our bodies healthy and safe, and we need oil right now to eat right now, most of us could not feed ourselves if the supply just ran out tomorrow, stores would not have food stocked, we would all starve. If you put yourself in his place, and you had to keep the nation going, you would also have to keep the oil coming, until a better way is phased in. It doesn't mean I love oil, I just love to eat, love to drive, and love all the products oil is made from, take them away I would probably go into withdrawal. I don't want to go back to the stoneage!!!! I love the internet, I love shopping online. I love being a consumer, I love capitalism. We are spoiled and comfortable which is nice, and have to remember, America is very young, we come from people that made a choice to come here. I believe if people don't like it here, they can leave also. Go ahead please. We are Americans. We are out of the box thinkers, sorry it offends people, but to keep this, we have to have the military, they are what keeps us from harm. We are not perfect, but I love America, warts and all.

  2. LovingAmerica2 Says:

    Oh, BTW, I voted for Clinton twice, I was a die hard liberal all my life until I finally saw through him, I finally noticed, if I were his wife, how ashamed I would feel, how disrespectful he treated women. Yes, morals matter, and abusive behavior like that toward women is bad enough, but when you have the whole world watching, you would think he would try to use better judgment, at least while in office, I don't care if he was liberal or conservative at that point. When I voted for him, I thought, well, he looks really nice, like he understands us little guys, us hard working, single mothers, he must be for us. I can say, I was so uninformed, so uneducated about him. Not understanding history. Of course the real history is not even taught anymore. It is being rewritten.

    The second time I started to see the light, was at a luncheon, and I looked up on the news, there was a bombing of the Cole. I had an epiphany, I woke up, I wanted to shout to everyone at the table, look, my God, they hate us, and they have alot of money, and they are fanatic. I understood. Again, we are not perfect, but I love this country. We are in a huge war, guess people can't see the forest through the trees, it is huge. These important worries about the Patriot Act, and the ACLU, we have the leisure now to discuss, but my God, we are in a war, and people here don't want to try to find the enemy? What is that about??? Must mean, that only half of us are fighting the war for everyone, hey carry your weight people, that is all I can say, we could lose everything. We pull out early, and Israel is gone, oh, I forgot Liberals don't even understand how important that tiny little nation is. Where is everyones survival skills?? We are lucky right now, it is pretty much business as usual, because the world around us is very dangerous, we cannot hide or protest now, this is not the time. We need to support our country, and stand proud, there is no other better place, we left England. Remember the declaration of Independence???

  3. Michael Says:

    LovingAmerica2 - thank you for your comments. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I too, was once a liberal until Sept. 11 when I started really examining the issues.

    It seems to me that most liberals take for granted the rights that we have; and that so many have given their lives for.

    Indeed, Israel is such an important to the US; and here is the reality of the situation in the Middle East. If all of Israel's neighbors got rid of their weaponry, there would peace. If Israel got rid of their weaponry, their would be millions of dead Jews. Why can't liberals see this point!

  4. Yavor Says:

    Hmmm, Today, Bill Clinton is a world-wide star and Bush in internationally reviled. Even in the USA, when Bill Clinton comes to speak, it is standing room only. People were scalping "free" Clinton lecture tickets for $100 outside the convention center in Austin last year. I couldn't get in even with my press pass.

    My Russian exchange students told me that they would give their leader 6 mistresses if they could have our economy (during the Clinton years).

    Clinton's IQ is equal to W's father's and W's combined. Oh, intelligence? Who needs intelligence when you have "Belief"? Reality is over-rated.

    Golly, Bill almost had sex with a consenting adult. That's terrible. Bush can kill 650,000 Iraqis and maim or kill 15,000 Americans in a war
    the favor of his father, and HE is the moral one? What kind of warped logic does it take to believe this? Fear can be the only answer.

    Ah, the world (and half our country) are just crazy. They have been brainwashed by the vast liberal machine. You know, sometimes when you think everyone else is crazy, actually it's YOU that's crazy.

    When the crimes of this administration are revealed to the general public, those who blindly defended these scoundrels will be at the vanguard of the lynch mob. Clinton was never anyone's morals teacher. The day of disillusionment for neo-con supporters will be hell. Burned twice. Dam!

    The worm has already turned. Fasten your seatbelts.


  5. ravoy Says:

    oh, great. Another must have graduated from this school too...

    This post has absolutely nothing to do with Bush, yet you constantly bring him into the picture. I bet if you were alive during WW2 (perhaps you were), that you would be saying the same thing about FDR and Truman...maybe you would be more comfortable if we were all speaking German right now. Maybe, just maybe we could have used the Sheehan philosophy and negotiated with Hitler and that way all those people would not have died…civilians and soldiers.

  6. Yavor Says:

    Clintonite? You got that right. I'll go with a brainiac who likes girls and hamburgers over a new england elite, spoiled and stupid looser - anytime.
    (and all the boy-lovin' perverts in his party)
    The majority of the world agrees with me too.

    How come every PH. D or worldly educated person you meet is a Bush hater, and every truck driver and high-school drop-out you meet is a vociferous republican? How come people who spend their entire lives researching the way the universe works - find no evidence for the existence of God, yet God is obvious to the simpletons in society? It's just odd - isn't it?

    Speaking German? Ravoy, the Russians won WWII. Ask a 20 year old Russian about WWII (and they all know every detail). They will explain it to you. Repubs secretly revere Hitler because he is the epitome of their philosophy. Hitler gets them all warm and fuzzy. Only some have the guts to say it in public.

    These Neo-con punks are the current legacy of every attempt to stifle progressive thought in American history. They are anti-change. The old ways are the best. Don't say no to YESterday. Pro-segregation, Anti-women's rights, Pro-war, anti-civil rights and anti-environment. They have bastardized
    Christian philosophy and the founding father's intentions to fit their own plan
    for world domination ( Thank goodness our system of government works and the people have spoken. They nearly destroyed this country. Their legacy of damage will go on for decades.

    It will be sad to see the day when the good people who were bamboozled into supporting these losers- face the betrayal which is about to be exposed.
    It is going to generate cynicism about government for years. Watch now as one-by-one, these guys run for the hills (or Paraguay). The next democratic president isn't going to pardon them... because their crimes are orders of magnitude beyond treason. The WASP era is over in this country. Flail your arms as you may, but start learning spanish.


  7. Jane Says:

    Yavor, you write allot but I don't understand what your point is....and I am a liberal. Please be more clear!

  8. Yavor Says:

    If you just read this "string" in the forum, you might have difficulty understanding my points. I post to several areas in this blog.

    Jane- here are my hit points:

    1.The conservative "movement" has just passed the peak of it's "arc" and
    is in the final stages of it's life.

    2. The neo-con leadership are not true conservatives and are in it for power and money - for themselves only. They are the Good-old-boys from Texas.

    3. Conservative philosophy is bankrupt at it's core. it is anti-life and purely the embodied philosophy of fearful people. I am afraid of my neighbors, I need guns. I am afraid of other countries, I need a big army. I am afraid of tomorrow, the old ways are best. I am afraid of others, we need a wall at the border. I am afraid of death, I need religion. They appear bold and brash, because they are afraid of everything.

    4. America's experiment is weather - when you mix the people of earth together and give them democracy, can they survive and prosper. It is not - can European Protestants maintain rule over a mix of ethnic peoples. If we don't succeed in this great experiment, it is a terrible indictment of humanity itself.

    5. The Conservative revolution has such momentum, power, money and control, that it will over-shoot even it's own stated goals. Were it's concepts viable, we should be in the golden age in the US. Instead, we are universally hated, our currency is being de-valued internationally and we are loosing the very freedoms and liberties we strive to defend.

    There are other points Jane, but I talk too much here already. I've promised to stop posting, but I am still here. So, I will step into the background and let the choir continue preaching to each other.

    Best of luck and don't let the retrogrades get you down. Good will prevail over evil in time.


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