For the sake of not sounding too cliché in this about section, I’ll refrain from writing about myself. Instead, I’ll write about what you all think and/or already know about me.

I am a conservative and I am awesome.

That seems to be the general consensus around here and I’m not going to disagree with you.  I would like to point out though that I’m actually one part conservative, one part awesome and two parts phenomenal. Really. It has something to do with me living in the Bay Area. Seriously, how many conservatives do you know actually live in the San Francisco Bay Area and like it? 

Let’s see…my life in two minutes or less.

I grew up here in the Bay Area; and went to High School, College and Graduate School here as well.  I work for a tech firm in Silicon Valley and manage online marketing. 

I am surrounded by ultra liberal ideology and have been for most of my adult life.  Most of what I write in this blog is based on my own personal observations of friends, family, co-workers and random people I interact with on a daily basis.  Yes, I generalize and stereotype quite often in this blog. We all do so deal with it.

Why UrbanConservative?

I decided on this domain for one single purpose.  I grew up in the rough side of town and made a lot of stupid mistakes while growing up. Many told me that I wouldn’t amount to a thing and that I was on my way to life of crime and jail. HA! I then enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and my life changed drastically. The Marine Corps taught me what it meant to be accountable for my actions; and to make responsible decisions. 

I then worked several jobs at once so that I can put myself through college and Grad School; all with no help from the government. 

The name UrbanConservative was created to break the perception that not all conservatives look like Newt Gingrich.  Yah know…white-upper-class males that you normally see on Capitol Hill; and that conservatives can be cool, sophisticated, hip and even urban. 

Spent 8 years in the US Marine Corps, 4th LSB, 4th FSSG (AKA: Red Patcher)

US Marines



And, yes…I’m the coolest conservative you will ever meet! Believe that! For any hate speech or name calling, please email: urbanconservative {at} comcast.net. Don’t forget to read my email policy