Why Liberals Hate Me!

May 19th, 2007 Urban Conservative

The reason most liberals hate guys like me is that I don’t fit that typical “conservative� stereotype. Yah know…the white, upper-class, Capitol Hill Republican from the south who listen to country music.  No, I have no problem with my fellow brethren just mentioned because for the most part we hold true to the same conservative values; but that’s just not me.  I’m a new breed of conservative…think Conservative 2.0; yet to be fully defined. I consider myself a second generation of conservative thought and attitude.

Here are some other reasons why I get no love from liberals (in no particular order of importance):

  • I’m a minority in their eyes and aren’t all minorities supposed to be democrats? (although I consider myself an American first)
  • I’m educated with a graduate degree (with no financial assistance from the government)
  • I’m charismatic, hip and urban of course
  • I’m a recovering democrat (really, I am.)
  • I know my sh@#! Meaning…I’m informed about many issues and make uninformed liberals look silly, especially the ones in San Francisco that try and debate me
  • I hold firm in my belief structure; even though I am surrounded by liberal ideology and actions

I, personally don’t hate liberals at all. Some of my best friends, co-workers, former managers are all liberals; and they are great people.  It’s all about tolerance, right? Isn’t that what all the left wing groups cry about when they want acceptance?

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  • Deb
    Ah yes...falling into stereotypes..people are people, and opinions tend to change as we get older, go through different life experiences and such. Nothing is written in stone.
  • Jeremy
    Well I guess I would fit into the typical description a lot more than you but liberals still hate me. I guess we do have something in common!

    I love the blog and hope you continue to be informed and continue in your recovery from being a democrat!
  • Deb
    I enjoyed your response to the post I wrote. Politics seem to bring out emotion in some people more than others. I just distance myself from emotional attachment, and just try to see end results. I actually enjoyed reading your angles and there isn't any "in the face" going on here..just some thoughts of a person!
  • Left and Proud
    dude - you are a right-wing nut case! You need therapy, you freakin bastard!
  • I'll respond to the four comments in this post.

    Deb - Yes, I agree. I think we all have a tendency of putting certain people in buckets; only to be surprised later when they aren't who/what we thought they were.

    Jeremy - thanks for the comment. I hope you weren't offended. It's just that many of the folks I meet still think that all conservatives are white, upper class males. It's kind of sad. I get ridiculed because I tend to place stereotypes on liberals but most of the time it's only to piss them off!!

    Left and Proud - It's people like you that keep me writing and writing and writng. You put no thought at all into your post. Next time, after you call me names, maybe you can add a "because" so that people know where you are coming from!

    i'm out.

    - uc
  • marlon-bd
    dude...great post!!!! thank you for sharing this. You inspire me to keep fighting the good fight!!!
  • liberal and mad
    liberals hate you becasue you are an idiot!
  • Shiznit
    liberal and mad - that's so smooth how you call someone an idiot while misspelling "because". It seems the converse is true of your statement.
  • Shiznit - thanks for the love!!! Appreciate it!
  • Indigent A-hole
    I just had to respond after reading this- liberals are not some tight-knit group, walking in lockstep like the Republicans do. We are the big tent party of big ideas.

    Because you fall under a certain demographic doesn't mean anyone on the Left is going to hate you. Hate is not a motivator for us progressives. We simply want to stop the harm that is being done to our country by YOUR pick for a leader. If that means going toe-to-toe with you guys then so be it.

    Progressives and liberals are for the PEOPLE, as opposed to big business and the elite, moneyed upper crust of society. Why you conservatives feel this is evil or whatever is beyond me. We're working for YOU, even if you have thrown in with the corporatists and moneylenders.

    Here's a reminder of where your party came from, long before Enron, Phizer, and BP were writing campaign platforms;

    As one of your GOP Presidents once said;

    "We stand equally against government by a plutocracy and government by a mob. There is something to be said for government by a great aristocracy which has furnished leaders to the nation in peace and war for generations; even a democrat like myself must admit this. But there is absolutely nothing to be said for government by a plutocracy, for government by men very powerful in certain lines and gifted with "the money touch," but with ideals which in their essence are merely those of so many glorified pawnbrokers."

    -Teddy Roosevelt, 1913
  • FireStop
    Indigent A-hole; you don't sound proud or progressive to me.
    You claim to be the party of the people?
    Lib democrats are the epitomy of criticism, hypocrisy and inaction.
    Your ranks are rife with Monday morning quarterbacks, flip-floppers
    and pie-in-the-sky dreamers.
    Until you learn to be proactive, instead of reactive, your party will continue to act like leaderless sheep.
    Personality over principles only works on the libocrats feeble comprehension level.
    Tax and spend is NOT a viable platform.
  • Gravee
    And cut taxes and spend more is? Hey, everyone! I found a hypocrite! Well, I guess that's not really a hard thing to find around here.

    So get this everyone, FireStop just called us the epitom[e] of criticism, hypocrisy and inaction. Yet, there s/he goes, criticizing right away, thus being a hypocrite. God I love it!
  • David C.
    Indigent A-hole; You say conservative are the moneyed upper crust of society, however, I don not remember reading an stories about the Republican nominees getting $400 haircuts! Also, the comments about being the big business and elite.. I do not think any of the Democratic nominees are hurting for money. I seem to recall that Hillary had to change her investments when it was released she actually had investments in oil companies, talk about hypocrites!
  • Gravee - we are all hypocrites my friend! The challenge is trying to minimize that behavior! Some do it well and other's don't!
  • Gravee
    I'm sure there are a lot of people that are, but it's a matter of actually holding to you what you truly believe. See, professing a belief or standard while contradicting it, whether in speech or action, makes one a hypocrite. However if one contradicts a stated standard conciously, that would make one to be percieved as a liar as well, because if one truly believes in that standard, they wouldn't contradict it on purpose.

    So maybe we all are hypocrites, unconciously. But not everyone is a liar as well.
  • aHoneB
    Please don't stop speaking

    It has some interest

    on both sides

  • Conservative
    All of this upper-crust money talk, as though it's responsible for all the misery in the world. Call me crazy, but it's been my understanding that the Constitution has been determined to be the supreme law of the United States, and it's been this way since the country was formed. Is it the agenda of the Liberal Left to progress right past the Constitution, also? You know, I've read and re-read it and can find no place that guarantees immense wealth to every American or denies the rights of others to have money and spend it on whatever one chooses. If half the rich people in America were to suddenly become poor, it would in no way affect the poor population or make them any better off. The Constitution provides for the protection of the individual, rich or poor, and his right to pursue his own wealth. In fact, I would say that condemning someone for being a moneyed, upper-crust member of society would be unconstitutional. Charity, good will and tolerance are a personal responsibility to fellow man, but when a government takes it upon itself to regulate these things by forcing every citizen to participate whether he believes in the cause or not until every person is as close to equal as possible, it borders dangerously on Socialism and even Communism. It doesn't sound much like a promotion of diversity to me, but a silencing of individual thought. Not all Liberals are hypocrites, not all Conservatives are hypocrites, but unfortunately many on both sides are clueless as how to make an argument for their cause. I think Liberals should focus their energy on joining local, privately funded charity organizations and ask for donations to fulfill their need to provide people with money and resources that don't belong to them.
  • Conservative
    And to the author, congratulations on recovering from your previously democratic state. It gives me hope for the rest of the country.
  • Douglas Davis
    As to the individual that wrote of Theodore Roosevelt, it would serve him/her well to remember President Roosevelt was a racist. A man who would not have his picture taken if a man or woman of color was to be seen in the picture. He interned the Japanese Americans who where US citizens in internment camps. For all the good heaped upon President Roosevelt, he like most all other Liberals, HATE those who are not their kind.
    It’s worth noting that liberalism founded the welfare state. Welfare is nothing more than a mechanism to keep people of color beholden to the Liberal government. Slavery in modern time. To assume that a man, solely based on his color, needs a hand out or for that mater a hand up is to assume that individual is inferior. Racism in it’s finest, as displayed everyday by the liberal party.
    One last note on Communism. How many Communist governments have ever existed . . .NONE! All have been Socialist. Remember the USSR . .the United Solvate “SOCIALIST” Republic. They too hated all that did not conform to the PARTY.
  • Sarah
    LOVE the website!
  • Guest
    Sarah - thanks for the compliment! Please come back anytime!!
  • Indigent A-hole
    Hey Douglas- it's not my fault the best I could find was good quotes from a racist when trying to compliment the GOP. Be happy I tried at all- I personally believe the deluded dreams of the neocons brought America closer to ruin than any other political movement in our history.

    In the end, while I respect your right to your opinion, I defend with my lifebloood my right to dispute and defeat it in the political arena with all the tools at my disposal, because it has been BAD for us, for the rich and poor alike. Look at the stock market lately?

    Case closed.
  • OhHolyKnight
    UC, you're awfully full of yourself, ain't ya? The "new breed" of conservatives? First of all, the stereotype of old white people sitting around the southern plantation listening to country music has not been the stereotype for the republican party or conservatives since the Civil War. When most people think conservative, they think religious and family-oriented. So already you're wrong. But to suggest that you are somehow a new breed? What makes you so new if you admittedly say the same things all the other conservatives are saying? Oh, you don't live in the deep south or listen to country music. Neither do I! And I was conservative for most of my life, until the idiot republicans fucked up America and made us lose our superpower status. Seriously, you're nothing new. You're the same old stubborn, ignorant UNINFORMED conservative. And an idiot.

    Christ be with with you

    Just kidding, Christians are blind.

  • LMAO - thanks man. I appreciate the kind words. I really don't have the time or energy to respond to your jibberish.

    - from the same old stubborn, ignorant UNINFORMED conservative idiot, Urban.

    ps ... i've been called much worse.
  • OhHolyKnight
    LMAO? Honestly? What are you, in 6th grade? Seriously stand up for yourself! If you're the "new breed of conservative," and you just roll over when someone confronts you, then what do conservatives have to look forward to? Oh, but you don't have the time. Or the energy..... I see. In other words, I've backed you into a corner, and you are trying to laugh it off. Or, as you called it, laugh your ass off. LMAO!!!!!!

    Just tell me this: are you Christian? Why? Do you believe that the Bible is the holy word of God? Or that Jesus is the divine savior? Please just tell me this. Because I don't understand how you can call yourself new in any way if you are clinging blindly to tradition more so than many more open-minded (and smart) conservatives out there. In fact, there aren't only 2 versions of conservative. There are hundreds. If you are 2.0, then you're behind the game.

  • @OhHolyKnight
    Bro, your child like insults are getting old. 6th grade, hardly; I am probably more educated than you will ever be, but I would never hold that against you. You are probably a poor white boy in the Midwest who had trouble getting into a good college because of Affirmative Action. It’s okay … that pisses me off too. I feel for you.

    I am a new breed of conservative because I don’t fit the common stereo type of most conservatives. Yes, you have your opinion and I respect it tremendously. But everything I write in this blog are my experiences. And most libs I come in contact with still think of conservatives as white, upper class males you see on Capitol Hill – Newt Gingrich types. I live in San Francisco and I am surrounded by these folks, so don’t tell me I am wrong about my own experiences.

    Oh, and I was on vacation when I responded to your comment; and you are hardly worth the effort to sit down and write an articulate comment explaining how insanely wrong you are; and make you look stupid at the same time. Oh, and you call your last comment a confrontation? Dude, if that’s all you got, you are in the wrong place.

    What does me being a Christian have to do with this? I am a Christian; but that won’t hold me back from giving you a severe “online” beat down … as Chris Tucker said, “with the words that are coming out of my mouth.”

    So what do you want to talk about OhHolyKnight? What do you want to debate now? You see, I would be willing to debate you on just about any topic at hand. The only issue is that no one really gives a damn what you have to say …

    Tsst…backing me into a corner? I say bring it on! You anti-Christian types are so brave ... lol <-- means "laugh out loud".
  • OhHolyKnight
    Okay, so you're more educated than I'll ever be, yet you use 6th grade (at best) phrases like "LMAO" and "LOL." omg, like bfd, gfy, ya know? oh wait a sec, pos. ok sweet! good now, c ya l8r "bro" like gotta go txt n junk to my bff's and g/f cus like we're like ya know? doin stuff lol.

    Yes, I am poor Midwest white kid. Nice. You hit the nail on the head. Any other stereotypes you'd like to throw at me? How about, hippy? Pot-smoking liberal who hates America and burns the flag. Yeah, I bet that's exactly who I am! Oh wait, I know who I am, so "don't tell me I'm wrong about my own experiences." That's not who I am AT ALL, and the fact that you're only line of defense is bashing me on played stereotypes is an awful tactic.

    If you live in SF and THEY all act one way, how the hell can you assume that every conservative in America acts that way? SF is very distinct in its culture and demographic, not at all representative of the whole of the United States. You are assuming that because a couple people who have run into you say that all conservatives act a certain way, that EVERYONE thinks that conservatives act a certain way. And that's absolutely not true, of liberals or of conservatives. And now you're saying the same things about me, so since I know that's untrue, maybe I am Liberal 2.0! Sweet! Every liberal that lives today and has every lived lived the exact same way and I am the first and only one so far to act slightly differently! Ever! Yay, 2.0!

    Yes I want a debate! An actual one! Not just one in which you tell me "how insanely wrong you are," without ever once saying exactly what I'm wrong about or even presenting a valid counter-argument. Sure you made a claim, something about stereotyping and Newt Gingrich, but you're not really presenting arguments. All you're doing is saying I'm dumb and uneducated and poor (cus you know me so well) and that you're right and I'm wrong. Classic conservative stubborn mentality, if I may stereotype. I used to be like that, born as a Christian. I'm not anymore because I have "seen the light!" and have come to realize that everything the Bible preaches is bullshit and everything about the religion is a sham and a hoax perpetrated by a bunch of old white guys throughout history who wanted more and more power and did so by conquering weak communities and converting them into their ranks to go off and fight holy wars. I am asking why you are a Christian because that is very valid in our little debate here. I am asking why you are a Christian because I am pretty confident you were born into and never thought enough for yourself to look into history or research other religions. If you knew a thing about religious history, you would know that Christianity is just as legitimate as any other organized religion. So I'm asking you again: why are you a Christian? How much of Christian history do you actually know? How much of the Bible do you believe? If you fail to answer these questions, I will assume you are just being stubborn and you are refusing to open your mind.

    Although, I guess open-mindedness IS a liberal trait. And God forbid you doing anything liberal! Except, wait..... Wait, wait, wait. If you are Conservative 2.0--the "new breed"--doesn't that mean you're a liberal? You changed the party. The definition of liberal is change! You're not traditional at all! You're the new breed! Nothing about conservatives is "new"! In fact, the definition of CONSERVATIVE is WITHOUT change! Nice! Urban Conservative is a liberal!

    And I like how you deny that my last post was a confrontation, when your post before that was not even half as long as mine. Oh, but you were on vacation! Oh, but my opinion doesn't matter! If that's true, UC, then why are you still replying to me? If you know I'm wrong, and you know you're right, then just leave this post unanswered. That would be the stubborn thing to do, and if I know conservatives (by the way, my whole family is conservative), then stubborn is right up your alley. (but wait, if my whole family's conservative, then is it just me who's poor? Since I'm the liberal one? But my family's rich, and they're getting into good colleges? Good, good for them. Way to peg me though, you're spot on!)

    Also, Chris Tucker's full quote was "Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth." He never said "with," so you misquoted. But way to tie popular culture into your argument (if incorrectly). That's gonna help prove you're more educated than I am.

  • OhHolyKnight
    What? Too much reading, UC? Can't handle the arguments, so you're actually going to do what I said to do and ignore my posts? Therein, admitting defeat? You see, UC, if you reply to me, you will be wrong, just because I know that whatever bogus arguments you raise will be faulty. And if you DON'T reply to me, then you are again admitting that I am right by following my advice about how you should be stubborn and ignorant. Either way, I win.

    Thanks UC, for letting me walk all over your ignorant ass on your own blog!

  • OhHolyKnight
    Did I drive him away? What the hell's going on here? I'm a liberal, I can't win. I have to be proven wrong by the obvious correctness of conservatism, given that this is a conservative blog (that or simply become so fatigued from arguing with stubborn morons so much that I give up and admit defeat).

    But still, this is UC's blog! Shouldn't he be here and, like good Christian's have throughout the centuries, attempt to prove me wrong, convince me everything I stand for and believe in is false, and then try to convert me? So far, no conversion.

    Does that mean I'm winning?

  • HeyZues
    Let me answer your question with another question, "What is winning?" (See how I got around answering your question like how almost everyone else does here on uc.com)

    I know I might be just a little bit biased, but right now I gotta say that if an unbiased judge came and read this stuff, he'd say, the "Whack-o" Liberals are winning, pretty impressive on a conservative site.

    "If everyone was Right, who would be left?"
  • OhHolyKnight
    All right, apparently UC left us. It makes me so sad, cus now I have no idiots to make fun of, what with petunia awol as well.

    But I owe it to the good people of good conscience to declare this Urban Conservative blog to be, hereby, under control of the UNINFORMED LIBERALS!

    Nice. Thanks for the victory, UC. Feels great!

    † Christ be with all. Amen.
  • OhHolyKnight
    I don't think UC actually came back. That's disappointing.

  • Arturo
    I know it has been awhile, but I am so glad to read your comments again. You have stated at various times that you are conservative, and others, that you are liberal. I don't really care either way because your "whack" jobs on U.C. are very well reasoned and to the point.
    I to have tried to draw him into discussion and have had the similar response - silence. I guess his high "falootin" education (so modest, he) only goes so far. And when all else fails he "goes on vacation", oddly reminiscient of George(II) Bush's first year in office. Refresh your memory about that with a re-viewing of "Farenheit 911" if you care to.
    I've tried to argue the subject of torture with him - zilch.
    I've tried to argue the economy with - nada.
    To be honest I can't remember all of the topics I have brought up. Untill recently I was spending 18-20 hours a week behind the wheel, so that I could keep 50-60 hour a week construction management job as long as possible. So forgive me for being an inconsistent blogger, and for lapses of memory.
    Well the job is gone now, so I have some time on my hands. And to all the brilliant conservative economists who were saying, "There is no housing bubble, the economy is in fine shape" , last year. I say -AAAAHHHNNNNTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! (wrong answer buzzer noise). At least they grew a brain and were wondering early on if there was an "Oil Bubble" this year (chickensh*ts). The truth is the UNREGULATED futures traders are colluding to keep the price of oil artificially high (remember ENRON?) so they can reap big bucks on the backs of consumers.
    Hey U.C. How is that "Free Market" working now? (U.C. = Unknowledgable Clod). Don't expect a response OHK, he probably rides the subway, being so "URBAN" (WhooWhee!) and all.
    I digress, The proof of my previous statement is that these same "Bozo"(sorry) economists were out there two weeks ago saying "There is no lack of supply (oil)" and "We don't understand why the price just keeps going up". And now George II comes out this week with a call to drill offshore, and he's parroted by that "flip-flopping" Florida A.H. Gov. Charlie Crist. (I genuinely liked him until yesterday). It's as if Georgie boy thinks we're all as stupid as he is and will forget what was said two weeks ago about supply.
    Want proof U.C.?
    Check out how many open oil drilling leases are available to the oil companies - 1,400 +
    Check out how many Oil refinerey applications have been made in the past ten years - 1 (It was approved!)
    Check out the current production level of the existing U.S. refinereies - 80-85%
    Check out where the Alaskan North slope oil is delivered to - CHINA!!!!!!!!!

    You see U.C., I don't care that you are a minority, I know bus-loads of stupid white people.
    I don't care that you are highly educated, many of the people on the previously mentioned bus have letters after their names.
    I don't care that you think you're a "new" kind of conservative, as OHK has pointed out so logically, that means your progressive I.E. LIBERAL. (Welcome to an extraordinary club, which includes ALL of the framers of the constitution).

    What I do care about, is that you have swallowed a pack of propandistic lies, and proudly reiterate them as if you were some kind of genius. You are not. You are a FOOL!
    OHK asked about your relationship with Christianity to which there was no reply.
    Do you think Christ would condone "blood for oil"?
    Do you think Christ would condone the Oil traders ill gotten gains?
    Do you think Christ would condone putting the mentally ill out on the street?
    Do you think Christ would condone homeless Veterans?

    I am a christian (small c intentional), and I come from a small group of LIBERAL religious thinkers known as Unitarian Universalists (wikipedia if you please), who do not belive in the trinity, or in Christ's 1/3 divinity. Why? Because in 325 A.D. at the council of Nicidemia early church leaders decided that the only way to explain how god raised himself from the dead was that there was,,,, another god,
    and for good measure they tossed in a third one - the holyghost because? well two is just a crappy number I guess. And divinity? well hello liberal conservative thinker person,,, WE ARE ALL DIVINE,,,,, CHIDREN OF GOD. Even you!

    So the next time you go to argue for "enhanced interogation" - TORTURE!!!!, like chaining someone up to fence and beating them to death. Think about your ancestors swinging by the neck from the live oak trees down south, (if you are African American), or the wage slave laborers who died of thirst laying railroad tracks in the dessert (if you are Chinese American), or the women and children who got chicken-pox from the blankets handed to them by Buffalo Soldiers (if you are Native American), or shot coldblooded in the face for going on strike (any minority will do for this one)!
    Think about these things and seriously reconsider alligning yourself with GREEDY, RUTHLESS, CORPORATE MURDERERS.
    Signed, A Fat White Collar, Educated, Fifty-year old, White Guy!!!!

    OHK - Keep up the good work.
  • Chaz
    I know for a fact that there are more conservatives from our generation out there than what most people think. I also know that we don't always fit the stereotypes of what a conservative should be. I'm an art student at SFAI and I lost many friends when I mentioned my conservative views. But I also made some new friends because of those views. Far lefters are abound in the art world even in the schools. But I was glad to find out that critic and artist Brian Sherwin is conservative AND Christian. At least that is what it said on his Facebook profile if it is actually him. Regardless, know that inspired me to be more open about the conservative views at school. How open minded is that? He is conservative but he interviews liberal artist all the time and remains fair and balanced no matter who he interviews. That is rare today since most of the art writers I know of take absolute positions toward the left side of the political spectrum. You should definately look him up. His blog is at www.myartspace.com/blog and you should be able to find his Facebook easy if you do a search for his name.
  • Chaz
    OhHolyKnight, you do know that during the Civil War the North and Northern attitudes were some of the first seeds that grew into modern day conservatism? You also know that the Republican party pushed the blunt of civil rights through congress and that it was mainly Democrat politicians who opposed black students in the same classroom as white students? You do know that it was Republican politicians who sent troops in to make sure that black students had that right? You also know that Democrats have thrown the US into more major wars than the Republicans? You do know that Democrats are to blame for the blunt of the taxes we have today including the establishment of the IRS because they sold out to bankers? You do know that Democrats support huge government and that Republicans support minimal goverment? You do know that Democrats have created a new form of slavery by oppressing blacks through welfare and that black leaders like Frances Rice speak out against it but are never given the press that Sharpton or Jackson has? You do know that Democrats want the government to control how your money is saved and how your savings can be used by the government if needed? You do know that Democrats more than Republicans can be compared to socialist systems of government and you have observed how those governments end up controlling and killing their own people? You do know that Democrats have supported the KKK in the past by actions or lack of action they have made involving that hate group? You do know that under complete left control there would be no room for individuality or personal ambition? You do know that Democrats are against No Child Left Behind even though it has increase the reading and math ability of students in low economic areas including inner cities just so they can win the vote of teachers unions? You do know that Democrats try to sway the voting opinion of workers through union even though it is illegal to do so? I've worked in factories enough to know that they will send info to the union officers and tell them to hand it out and to be sure to say "I'm not trying to tell you how to vote but look at what the Democrats have done for workers". And what have the Democrats done for workers O Holy one? They have prevented workers from investing their savings as they see fit making it practically impossible to establish the small fortune they could have if Republican concepts were implemented. They are more apt to vote against measure that would increase the wages of workers througout the country. They have attacked corporations to the point that most are outsourcing to other countries which is why we are seeing an increase in jobless workers at this time. They want to push industry back 100 years by making tough restrictions that will protect our environment but will also make us as stable as a third world nation economically. They have blocked drilling of oil in the US that would save us from having to rely on hostile nations for oil.  They are more apt to tell us what we can eat, how we should dress, and where we should go for services. If you like to be controlled and told how to live or if your life is even considered a life you are more than welcome to vote Democrat.
    The democratic party has gone off the rails I'm afraid.  While the two parties have been historically at odds with policies, they both believed in capitalism.  

    No more.  

    Unfortunately, the democratic party has morphed into the Democratic Socialist Party.  While the allure of populism is strong and seductive, it will only bring short term advantages to the Dem's.  In the long run, they are on self destruct mode.

    Populism ends in despair every time.

  • IndigentA-hole
    Just for the record, all you conservative nut jobs, especially the "Urban Conservative" aka prime nut job;

    An apostrophe ' is used to define possession, such as "Mike's blog"- to define a plural, typically you just add an "s."

    Mike's job
    Mike's jobs

    Mike's job's

    I can tell someone's political point of view by their horrible grammatical errors. 

    btw You guys are SO going to get pasted in November, and I am going to cackle with glee.
    Tks again from the edukation police!  Whew!  Glad we got that straightened out.  Guess it upsets him to c ppl not usin englash so well as him.  GG.  
    Next lifetime will be about tolerance in grammar, hope u work it out. 

     By the way, if it upsets you, start working on destroying the publk skool system.  Its'''' there fault.

    LOL  u can tell a politikal point of vuw by their grammar?  I usualy tell there point of vuw by reading the CONTENT.  What do I know?

    Indie, it's asshole, not a-hole.  maybe thats' spanish.
  • Guest


    thanks for that comment. I have been called much worse but I am so so offended that it's coming from you!  : )

    Your worthless attempt to comment here is clearly a weak strategy to get traffic/readership from this blog over to your blog. haha....good luck buddy. Some day my friend, you may have a voice that people want to listen to.  I may even write about you (your blog) to help you out a bit.  I will be offering some consulting soon; so let me know if you are interested. I am not cheap though.

    Have fun cackling with glee! 

  • IndigentA-hole
    Why yes, everything blog-related I do is calculated to drive traffic to my blog- how astute of you to ferret that out, Sherlock.  That's why I post my info in the byline, that's why you syndicate these comments of yours.  But don't kid yourself- I checked my Analytics and not one hit has come from your powerhouse blog in the last three months, and that's as far as I went back.

    Then again, if I were truly worried about traffic I would have posted more than a few times since December... a while back my blog was cooking quite nicely, thank you very much.  Unfortunately life stepped in, as well as a monster case of writer's block.

    Anyhow I take back nothing I have posted here.  None of the ridiculous comments or arguments I have read here shakes me in my belief that  truly stupid people have an affinity for dumbshit "conservative" propaganda, and robotically march in lockstep to promote issues that only benefit the super-rich and corporations.

    Why else would you all be led proudly by a C student, the worst president in the history of the United States?
    It's pretty common knowledge that the worst President in recent history belongs to Jimmah Carter.  

    Obama is closer to being Jimmah Carter than McCain is to being George Bush.  

    Besides that, I'll take a "C" YALE student (thats an "A" almost anywhere else) than say a Rhodes scholar who was asked to leave becuz of impropriety with a 15 year old girl (shades of his future).  He never finished that either by the way (the girl or the degree). 

      Bill Clinton is one of the worst, least competent politicians ever. Newt Gingrich, of all people, slapped him around like a speed bag, until the press took Gingrich out for him. Bill the great genius put his wife--an unelected nobody--in charge of the nation's health care system. And he perjured himself when he could have kept things quiet by paying an affordable sum. Oh, yeah. Brilliant.

    Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar, yes. That's a political appointment. Brains are irrelevant. Your cat could be a Rhodes Scholar, if it kissed the right ass at the right time. Bill went to Yale. Yes, well, George Bush went to Yale - nuff said. And Clinton's success was due largely to Yale's geographic quotas. Bill Clinton went to Yale Law School. Yes, and he failed to distinguish himself, and he went at a time when students received no letter grades. He let Kim Jong-Il talk him into giving North Korea a nuclear program. He lost the "nuclear football" codes at least twice. Judging from his accomplishments, this is not a particularly intelligent person. It's easy to be a success when 150 million petulant Democrats refuse to let you fail.

    Bush has been discounted many times in his life and career for being unintelligent due to his fractured speaking style, but in fact, his academic performance was on par if not slightly better than that of his better-spoken, fellow Yalie John Kerry. As Bush's test scores and subsequent achievements suggest an above average intelligence, it is appropriate to believe that he likely has benefited from other's underestimation of his gifts. This was apparent in the first televised debate with Al Gore in 2000, when Bush held his own against the condescending vice president, and in doing so, triumphed in the eyes of the political handicappers.

    I'll stick with George Bush.


  • Guest


    Bravo my friend.  I charge $150 an hour, in case you are interested. I really do like you by the way.

  • Flu-Bird
    Liberals may blabber MAKE LOVE NOT WAR MAKE FREINDS NOT ENEMIES but they sure dont ever practice it becuase their sucha bunch of idiots and hypotcrits
  • Mike Kuykendall
    HOLY CRAP Hobohboh... you're actually making the argument that Jimmy Carter is worse than Bush?  Are you retarded?  I don't like picking on the developmentally disabled...

    If not you must be dumb, blind, deaf, or all of the above to have somehow missed the news recently.

    Do me a favor and go read this


    Got the point?  We nearly undid American democracy, not to mention the global financial markets, under W.  How much worse could it be?
  • Titus Hunt
    obama, pelosi, frank, dodd, and reid are so much worse.
  • Flu-Bird
    And these are the same screwball liberal stupidheads who blabber MAKE FREINDS NOT ENERMIES and MAKE LOVE NOT WAR but their certianly not willing to practice it
  • Flu-Bird
    Liberals,hippies and tree huggers suck
  • JustMe
    Liberals don't hate anyone.
    Hating is the term used by conservatives to justify their bigoted agenda.
    Liberals just think you're ......... stupid.
    (I'm just sayin'!)
    That's how educated you AREN'T.
    If you were educated (or had any common sense) you'd know that that liberals don't waste energy hating anyone.
    Afterall, that's what conservatives hate about liberals.......!
    They HATE it that we don't hate. ;)
  • JackieM
    JustMe--oh now i understand.  when liberals say they hate GB, they were lying!  when liberals acuse others of hate just because they don't agree with the liberal agenda, that was just a gaffe?  oh yeah, when liberals made fun of the tea parties and lied about the purpose of them and didn't acknowledge that there were people on both sides there, that is not hate?  i guess grouping the right as racists is not hating?  oh, ok!  i guess you are liars then!  that makes sense and i've known that all along.  however, you are haters also!  either way you are horrible people who should be ashamed of yourselves!
  • MR. BUD
    OK, who did it?
  • JackieM
    Bud-- i don't understand your last comment.  am i missing something?
  • MR. BUD
    JackieM, for the most part this room is smelly... Not meaning you, it's just some of these posts don't make sense.  I was insinuating someone had messed in the corner.  Just a joke...
  • Flu-Bird
    Liberals are the biggist hypotcrits around they may blabber the MAKE FREINDS NOT ENEMIES but their certianly dont ever practice it
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