The ACLU and NAACP are silent. Why?

August 7th, 2009 Aliy N

Last night (8/6/2023) there was a town hall meeting in St. Louis where black conservative Kenneth Gladney, was handing out “Don’t Tread On Me” flags. SEIU union members approached this man. They (according to David Brown—Attorney and witness for Mr. Gladney) demanded to know why a black man was handing out these flags. The union guys then began yelling racial slurs at Mr. Gladney and kicking him in the face!

You can see the video of these thugs here:

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Seems no one was arrested for a hate crime. People were arrested, but for disturbing the peace and “suspicion” of assault. Why? White men screaming the N word and bashing in someone’s face on tape and NO ONE thinks this is a hate crime but me!?

Liberals have been screaming for days about conservatives traveling outside there voting block to protest but until now there has been no real violence. There was a town hall meeting in Tampa the liberals are calling “violent” but no one in Tampa was in the hospital beat down by union members like Mr. Gladney was. There was just a lot of screaming over the speaker and some pushing and shoving.

So, we are to believe that calling someone the N word as you bash their face in with the heel of your boot is OK, but holding signs and yelling over the house speaker (who left Tampa because she was not being listened too) is violent?

I want to know where the heck the ACLU and NAACP are?

I really feel for and respect the black conservatives of this country. Bad enough you had to deal with the massive civil rights battles your race has faced. All that work to get the “hate crime” bill passed and now you learn you can’t be part of it because you disagree with the president?! I don’t know where you draw your courage from my black friend but at least take solace in knowing there ARE people who stand with you. It’s just not Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson anymore.

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  • AckAck
    Boo Hoo, de woodle demmies ain't gettin der way! So, they call out
    their BIG GUNS... THE GOVERNMENT RUN UNION THUGS! Probably from Chicago.

    First off, you will never see the DEVIL group, ACLU do anything to protect conservatism or GOD! You will never see the NCAAP go against anything that the Obama administration stages. You will never see Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson or any of the other so-called "Civil Rights Activist" stand up against Obama's administration. So, what you are asking here in your thread "Where is the NCAAP and ACLU?" is pretty much self explanatory. ALL THE IDIOTS ARE AT HOME WATCHING THIS ON TV!

    Folks, this is RADICALISM at it's finest and it is happening right
    here in the good ole US of A. It's happening right in your
    neighborhoods and will be happing in your living rooms and bed

    Obama, himself, is not new to bullying people around to get what he
    wants and with as many radical people in the senate and congress - YOU

    PEOPLE, not democrats or republicans. THE GOOD PEOPLE OF THIS
    COUNTRY. The people who love this country the way I love this
    country, the way our founding fathers loved this country.

    I do believe this is the start of a movement of people who's message
  • wadehm
    Most fitting lyrics,

    "Fools", said I, "You do not know
    Silence like a cancer grows
    Hear my words that I might teach you
    Take my arms that I might reach you"
    But my words, like silent raindrops fell
    And echoed
    In the wells of silence

    From Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel.
  • willsmithbornraised
    My story originates in West Philadelphia where I was born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days, chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool and all shootin' some b-ball outside the school when a couple of guys who were up to no good, started making trouble in my neighborhood. Got in one little fight and my mom got scared, said you're moving with your Auntie and Uncle in Belair.
  • It was all a dream, I used to read word up magazine. Salt & Peppa and Heavy D up in a limousine.
  • princequillo
    I liked UC. The toolbar was useful. This is nothing more than an antiseptic blog. No fun. I guess this is as conservative as you can get.

    I think you made a mistake.
  • I don't get it. What are you saying?
  • Dora
    I agree concerning your latest "new look". While you may have done this to correct the artificial posters claiming other's names for their own- this format is cumbersome, difficult to post- (a friend visiting me yesterday attempted to comment to a thread for over 1/2 hour and finally gave up)- and clicking on a reply used to bring one directly to the reply - now it makes one wade through an entire thread to locate it.
    It's very non-user friendly.
    If your intent was to have your "community" able to post with ease , which according to your graphics above, would include all of 12 people- then you have, indeed, masterfully succeeded.
  • princequillo

    I agree completely. Normally, a thread like this one would have attracted 3x the comments here. And while I won't test it, I get the sense that Disqus will censor me into oblivion, given the style and content of my comments. I HATE HATE HATE censorship of any kind. Seems that UC is following Obama's lead, not that of conservatives or, for that matter, liberals as well. It's all about CONTROL.

    ML Smith says "Bye, have a nice life, UC."
  • MS SMITH has said that many times before and if anything, conservative voices are censored. You have nothing to worry about.

    Bye! But .. I am sure you will be back.
  • yet, you still come back for more. LOL ... you are full of criticism Dora. Look, it's really easy if you are somewhat familiar with technology. Go get a twitter account or sign up with Disqus and then YOU NEVER have to login again. It's that simple.
  • princequillo

    You forgot to mention your new multi-purpose toolbar.

    ML Smith
  • we are going through a reorg here at UC. I am partnering with someone else who will be managing the day to day drivel of comments. LOL
  • AckAck
    Dora, is there anything in this freekin world that would agree with you?
  • aliy
    I love the new format. It takes less than 1/2 the time to find the end of a thread, you can DIRECTLY answer people instead of having to put "re:" in your posts it's GREAT. Love it UC. Sometimes when things change, people get upset, but eventually they come around and realize the changes were for the best of everyone involved. It's a learing curve.
  • princequillo
    To: Urbanconservative
    From: Princequillo
    [ML Smith]

    I am saying that this format sucks. Sorry I wasn't more direct earlier, but Disqus format is, just as Dora says, very "user non-friendly." This is low cost, bare bones technology at work. While you're at it, why not have the Feds do your work for you?
  • Dora
    Look, UC- I understand your wishes to have other "like-minded" conservatives come in and post in your place, freeing up your time to indulge in other sites, interests, and activities. The problem is that you have decided to give your blog away to the very people that are destroying the "loyal opposition" with loony tune statements, ridiculously biased "sources", and sweeping generalizations. One of your "guest bloggers" ("conservative cutie") does not even know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. Is this how you wish to be represented? I mean, seriously? How about this, just as a thought-

    if you are really looking for political discussion- and I do mean discussion, not insult trading as you encourage here, why not seek other points of view other than those of your own- explore them as well? Do you want this site to act as a window or a mirror?

    Just asking.
  • To be honest Dora...I am sick of politics. Both sides are getting ridiculous. I am a conservative and always will be one; but I have more important things to do than argue with people online. The new guy taking over, Billy has a good head on his shoulders. He is a journalist and will be recruiting some really good writers. I may come in and post from time to time but I don't have the time to manage an editorial calendar.

    I have tried to get some on the left to post but I haven't found a single person who is not grumpy/mad and hateful towards conservatives. Besides, there is enough liberal discussion in the media. This is a place for content from a conservative pov, hence the site's name.
  • AckAck
    To Urbanconservative: How long have you acquainted yourself with Dora and her weird comments? Dora is the ELITIST in LIBERALISM! She is totally against everything a conservative believes in. Mention something to her about GOD and it's like throwing a rattlesnake under a saddle horse! Her emotions become uncontrollable... She becomes dangerous! I'm sure she damages some of the rafters she hangs from, but that's life I guess.

    By the way, I am a senior citizen and I am certainly tired of both sides of the isle. Left and middle of the road republicans are the ones responsible for our party being screwed up. Just my thoughts...
  • aliy
    Dora, there has been ONE time on here you've actually engaged me in discussion instead of insult. Most of the time you're just asking me to bathe in chocolate milk. Even though you liberals may think THAT is discussion, it's really not. Asking other "guest bloggers to come on here is a sign that UC is ready to let someone else field all YOUR crap It's time someone else got to field the crazies for a while. I'm more than happy to help.
  • AckAck
    Aliy, they're all GLUE SNIFFERS!
  • AckAck
    Dora, chew on this for awhile.

    The months of arguments over President Obama's eligibility to occupy the Oval Office – based on the U.S. Constitution's requirement that the cheif executive be a "natural born" citizen – have been fueled both by the president's decision to withhold his original long-form birth certificate, thereby leaving some questions unanswered, and by arguments over just exactly what is a "natural born" citizen.

    Some argue that since Obama's father was a citizen of Kenya and thus a British subject in 1961, his son's birth in Hawaii that year would have granted Obama dual British-U.S. citizenship. Obama's campaign website admitted as much prior to the election.

    Attorney Mario Apuzzo, one of several lawyers filing lawsuits over Obama's eligibility to serve as president, believes the double claim on Obama's citizenship disqualifies him from fulfilling the requirement of Article 2, Section 1, of the Constitution, which states no person except a "natural born" citizen shall be eligible to the office of president.

    "'Natural born citizen' status requires not only birth on U.S. soil but also birth to parents who are both U.S. citizens," Apuzzo asserts on his website. "It is only by combining at birth in the child both means to inherit these two sources of citizenship that the child by nature and therefore also by law is born with only one allegiance and loyalty."

    According to Apuzzo, regardless of where Obama was born, regardless of whether he ever releases his long-form birth certificate, his father's citizenship status disqualifies him from being president.
  • kpos101
    is anyone suprised comrade obama would send out the union scum of the seiu to assualt innocent people?

    not me. stay tuned . more violence to come from the union scum
  • AckAck
    Not in the slightest. However, YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET! That is, unless we stand up to them more than we have been.

    Haven't heard a thing from the ACLU or NAACP on this one. And how about that Liberal biased radical news media? I haven't seen a thing on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, HNN and others. Have you?
  • JackieM
    Yep, obama is going to be a one-term loser!
  • AckAck
    If there is enough idiots around to elect him for a second term, I will leave this country. I will go live on a beach in panama or somewhere.
  • JackieM
    You bring your family and I'll bring mine!
  • aliy
    Do you think other liberals are going to be pissed when they see the Obama town hall meeting in NH which was SOOOO obviously staged. Apparently NO ONE in NH dissents! I can hear Spector now "why didn't I have that security?!"

    Speaking of Spector. Did you see him in his town hall when he said "the evidence is that most people are for a single payer system" and he got booed. Then he found ONE person in the group who did agree with him and he was like "I knew if I looked long and hard enough I'd find one of you."

    THAT is the people speaking, when you have to look long and hard to find anyone who agrees with you that should tell you something. I think a lot of liberals should be really scared that the end of their career is coming!
  • Mango
    Unclear as to what happened here.
  • AckAck
  • aliy
    Mango, Are you unclear about the fact that the overwhelming majority of American voices are being completely ignored as "un-american" and "housewives" (THAT is MSNBC's new insult to people who dissent)

    I can explain what I was posting. Spector held a town hall meeting where he said "I know the majority want this bill" and everyone booed. And he STILL thinks (even though he could only find ONE person in the room who was FOR healthcare) that that majority of people in that room aren't really indicitave of the american public.

    I have never in my life seen the voice of the people be so ignored. So dismissed, the last time someone completely dismissed the concerns of the citizens of this nation a revolution broke out! This is EXACTLY what the king of England did. He decided he was going to do what he wanted if or not we liked it. Read the declaration of independance it's all about the people being ignored and no wishes or concerns being heard. You'll read a tone you can physically SEE at these town hall meetings.

    (I know I"m butchering spelling here, I'm missing my glasses and can't see 1/2 of what I'm typing.)
  • AckAck
    Aliy, in a sense, the conservatives have brought this on themselves. Now it is so bad that someone has to stand up. For years the silent majority just sat silent because we could tolerate things without really butchering up the country or the economy. Things like the gay movement, let them alone they will go away. The RvW on abortion, let that movement alone they will go away. Gays in the military, no problem, that will never happen. Even a black president, I heard hundreds of times on the news that "This country isn't ready for a black president yet!" REALLY? Everytime a special interest group got away with something, more popped up. NO ONE HAS STOOD UP AGAINST THESE FREEKIN SPECIAL INTEREST PEOPLE IN THE PAST! Now they have infiltrated Washington to the MAX and it has got to the point of destroying our way of life, our economy, our country and our very existance as we know it. EVERY REAL AMERICAN IN THIS COUNTRY HAD BETTER STAND UP - RIGHT HERE - RIGHT NOW AND TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK FROM THE SPECIAL INTEREST BASTARDS!
  • aliy
    I concur!! I was just telling someone the other day if you don't make your discontent heard no one is going to know you're not happy. No politician is going to look at a frown on your face and ASK you what's wrong. It's up to the people to let the discontent be known. Sitting back and doing nothing is a failing option.
  • AckAck
    All these weasles make loud noises. Most of them shuts up when you make a loud noise back at them. Only the "Radicals" continue their quest. As long as no one opposes these shit heads, they gather more and more supporters. Smack one up side their heads and a half dozen of them run. So, we have to continue the charge on these liberal politician leaders to the point that the supporters are noiseless.
  • AckAck
    By the way, the radicals are the ones who get their strength and backing from the liberal politicians. We gotta keep working on these liberal politicians starting with these town hall meetings and any other function they can be personally encountered.
  • aliy
    Acorn is paying people to get on busses to the town halls now. I about fell off my CHAIR when I heard Washington and the liberals are SO desperate to have SOMEONE support them they are BUYING SUPPORT!!! It's a sad day in history when the government goes so far as to PAY people to try and fabricate support for their hairbrained ideas!

    Is there a law against paying someone to support you? Like could I stand outside a polling place and hand everyone a $100 to cast a ballot for who I like? There HAS to be some law against BUYING support. Right?
  • AckAck
    You would think there would be something that is against the law here with this administration. You know the real reason for all this is that among all the people who don't have jobs don't have health care providers through corporations. Welfare people just keep standing with their hands out and the ACLU, ACORN, NAACP, OBAMA, and his cronies in Washington want all these people to have health insurance paid for by the tax payers. THIS INCLUDES THE DAMNED ILLEGALS!
    I get mad everytime I hear people discussing whether illegals should have drivers license, insurance, pay taxes, health care. WHAT PART OF "ILLEGAL" DON'T PEOPLE UNDERSTAND?
  • aliy
    I want to know what you can do about Obama taking an oath to uphold the constitution and then trying everyday to overstep the bounds set by it.

    I've been arguing with another guy in another post about what constitutes infrastructure. I explained the federal government only has the right to lay and collect taxes for infrastructure, post offices, roads, police, etc. and he comes back with "well, clean drinking water is a priviliage then" He's a jackass.

    But, I think that is the big problem now a days everyone is going to make up in their own minds what constitutes infrastructure. He's fighting me that hospitals and ambulances are infrastructure.

    You know what, they may well be but first you need to make some rules about the abuse of them...How many charges can you get brought against you for calling the police for nothing? Isn't there such a thing as filing a false police report?! But these people call an ambulance for a hang nail....There has to be a line. If they could really define a line in the sand, I would be willing to conceed that ambulatory services can be infrastructure.
  • aliy
    And on healthcare, I talked to my friend Ted yesterday (he's from Amsterdam) he was saying they pay 50% of their taxes and healthcare and educaiton and retirement are covered. That's wonderful but they also only accept 700 people a year for any type of medical practice. School is free there though. No $150,000 loan to pay back. There there are 2 kinds of malpractice. accident and obvious negligence. The highest amount of money anyone ever earned from a malpractice claim was $400,000.

    They figure the future earnings of someone who died and that is all they get. If a housewife dies, you get nothing, why, she had no earning potential. If a child dies, you get nothing, why, they had no earning potential and no amount of money can replace a child, therefore, why even try.

    His next comment was that doctors shouldn't be making $500,000 a year. But did conceed that 1/2 of that goes to insurnace and student loans and overhead. In his country they don't have those things. I said "so at $250,000 is THAT too much money?" he said "no that's about what they make in Amsterdam"

    the bottom line here is that apparently our doctors are going to be able to go overseas and make more money than they will here because here they will still have to pay for educaiton, they will still have to pay for malpractice insurance, they will still have the massive overhead but Obama is going to expect them to do the same with 1/2 the money.

    If hunger doesn't dictate the right of the government to set the cost of bread, and thirst doesn't dictate the right of the government to set the cost of milk, why should old men wanting viagra give them the right to set the cost of that pill?
  • chris14


  • AckAck
    Chris, thank you for your comment. Most democrats or liberals only come on these conservative sites to rant and call conservatives names. They agree with nothing and hear less of what is being said. Because of that, those of us who want to talk about issues and what's good, or bad, for our country receive no meaningful dialogue from these people. What's good for our country should involve ALL AMERICANS, not just a select few.

    I think you're right on about the THUGS. I am surprised they didn't get beat up at that meeting! I used to be Union and I used to be Democrat so I have been on both sides of the dabate of good vs bad of unions, democrats or republicans. Unions were the greatest thing this country had for many years. They protected the little guy. Meaning you and me. Not so anymore, the only thing they want from you and me is the amount of money we are REQUIRED to pay for dues.

    Now the big labor unions have gone to Washington and most of your union dues and excess money that unions used to have goes into the pockets of radical political leaders. This happens in the form of campaign funds and donations which is then funneled on down into the pockets of special interest groups that those radical politicians support. THE DUES YOU PAY TO YOUR UNION FOR PROTECTION OF YOUR WAGES AND YOUR JOB GOES OUT TO MANY PARTS OF THE COUNTRY IN THE FORM OF THOSE DONATIONS... This is done regardless of what the union member wants. It's wrong and ALL of Washington knows it and most of the union members know it anymore. It's kind of like organized, (political) mafia run crime rings. This all came about because of one thing - VOTES! After the unions became organized and the membership grew, crooked politicians realized very quickly that if they stood up at these union meetings and supported the unions, they could capitalize on a lot of votes. Votes for politicians means getting their job or keeping their jobs. But you got to remember one thing through all this, ALL IN ALL THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT YOU AND ME AS A HUMAN BEING! We represent one thing and one thing only to the politicians in Washington - VOTES! So, it came to pass that unions are so deep into Washington, I don't even know where to begin to fix that problem. Well, I do but that will never happen. Kick all the lobbying out of Washington and tell all the politicians in Washington - HANDS OFF OUR UNIONS!
  • aliy
    Chris, you are correct, that SHOULD have been a huge story. And MSNBC has just been taking things too far latley.

    Did you see the report about the "racists" carrying AK47's in Denver?! They kept showing this one guy and talking about how the only thing they could make of his carrying his assult rifle was that he just hates black people. The guy WAS black. They never showed his face but did HE show up the next day on any news agency that would listen. Man was he pissed. It's not journalism over there anymore, it's a conspriacy theory, it's "the whole world hates Obama but us" channel. It's actually getting silly.
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