A Tribute to Che Guevara: The Anti-Hero Communist Punk

October 17th, 2007

Che GuevaraWhy is it that history has a unique way of turning atrocities into admiration? Take a walk though any mall in urban America and you will be amazed; there is Che merchandise everywhere: t-shirts, caps, Key chains and mugs. His image is freakin’ trademarked for God’s sake and someone is making a ton of money. The one-time king of communism is now the ultimate capitalist.  And the ironic thing about is that most people who wear his paraphernalia have no idea of who this man really was. 

And speaking of capitalism, who better than the Hollywood left to swoop in and milk Che for all the cash they can get. Rumor has it that a new Che movie is currently in production; but no word yet if the proceeds of the ticket sales are going to be given to the poor in Cuba. After all, those rich Hollywood left-wing types wouldn’t want to benefit from backs of the working class, now would they. 

Now the funny thing is this; the man who often quotes Che in the newspapers, Fidel Castro and basically made him a legend, is the same man who deliberately sent Che’ to his death. And…this legend only started after Che’ was six feet deep!

Don’t believe the hype my friends.  Please educate yourself and learn more about Che? I highly recommend reading Exposing the Real Che Guevara: And the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him by Humberto Fontova. In his book, he covers several great points:

  • How Che longed to destroy New York City with nuclear missiles. (So why does Angelina Jolie sport a Che tattoo, while denouncing violence as a U.N. ambassador of goodwill?
  • How Che promoted book burning and signed death warrants for authors who disagreed with him. (So why did Jean Paul Sartre praise him as a perfect man, and why did Time Magazine name him one of the 100 most influential people of the century?)
  • How Che made amazingly racist statements about blacks. (So why do Jesse Jackson, Jay-Z, and Mike Tyson say nice things about him?)
  • How Che persecuted gays, long-haired rock and roll fans, and religious people. (So why do Carlos Santana, Madonna and Johnny Depp think hes so cool?)
  • How Che, the devoted Communist, loved material wealth and private luxuries. (So why do the mainstream media still depict him as an ascetic?)

Here is a video excerpt from the Glen Beck show that gives more detail.


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8 Responses to A Tribute to Che Guevara: The Anti-Hero Communist Punk

  1. Mario Rosales Says:

    speak the word Urban...speak it!

    From a true Cubano!

  2. Jemm Says:

    That's a great book. I recommend it especially to skeptics.
    I'm still waiting for a movie that depicts what this sissy murderous bastard really was- not Robert Redford's 'fantasy' views about him.

  3. SoCalGal Says:

    I work very close to a college campus in East Los Angeles and I cannot tell you how many Hispanics/Mexicans wear Che t-shirts. It is very annoying and a pet peeve of mine, so occasionally, I wear my, 'Che was a Commie Bastard' shirt! I love the stares!

    Seriously, kids today are clueless!

  4. Latina Republican Says:

    I like the shirt where Che is wearing Mickey Mouse ears. Che is no hero, and the Latino's who wear this type of garb are ignorant to who Che really was. Of course the elitest liberal white gods like Michael Moore make tons of money on ignorant people and that is evident with his so-called documentaries.

    It's pretty sad.......

  5. Dallas Meow Says:

    I mistakenly let my 14 year old watch motorcycle diaries with me - she started wanting, liking, admiring che.
    Despite all I told her she brought home a tshirt.
    I shredded it in front of her and told her when she can prove me wrong - I'll buy her another.
    She made the effort to find out ....
    thank goodness.

  6. Lew333 Says:

    Absolutely irrational information, very misleading in respect to what Che Guevara's ideals truly were.
    PUNK? Such terminology only makes your limited vocabulary be shown.

  7. Urban Conservative Says:

    Lew - your personal attack against me only shows your lack of knowledge about the topic at hand; and exemplifies the fact that liberals really can’t really debate a topic rationally without resorting to such ridiculous behavior.

    So Lew, instead of telling me that my post is irrational and misleading, why don't you tell me why? C’mon, you can do it.

  8. Lew333 Says:

    To answer that question I would appreciate if you read my latest blog entry.

    You can take that as my response.

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