The Politics of Flip Flopping; Republicans and Democrats are both guilty

July 8th, 2008 Urban Conservative

As much as I like McCain, his Military record of service and his dedication to this country; he is still a flip flopper.  Obama … well, as much as I admire his charisma and charm; he is also a flip flopper. 

Let’s face it. All politicians are flip floppers – moderates, republicans, democrats, liberals, and conservatives. It’s a fact and it’s normal. In time, we all grow, change our minds, and alter our perspectives on certain issues depending on our every day experiences. But the question we need to ask ourselves is “how often are they flip flopping?� and “what are we willing to accept as a normal change in one’s mind?�

The reality is that a flip flop can either be a “valid change� in a politicians mind or just a political maneuver to “tell the people what they want to hear in order to get elected.�
In this years, 2008 Presidential Election, both McCain and Obama are guilty. Let’s examine and they you can make your own assumptions as to their true motives.

John McCain

We all know that McCain has always been on the moderate side of the political spectrum, but since his unofficial Republican nomination, he as adopted more of a conservative slant on immigration, interrogation, Guantanamo, Oil drilling to name a few. 

In regards to immigration, McCain was one of the key supporters of President Bush’s plan of a “comprehensive immigration reform”, which would have created “paths to citizenship” for illegal immigrants, while investing more money in border security.

The plan was not so popular with conservative Republicans, and the Senate succeeded in blocking the plan. And just recently and throughout the primaries, McCain announced that his immigration focus would be on securing America’s borders, rather than on giving illegal immigrants the chance to become US citizens.

“I understand why you would call it a, quote, shift,” McCain told reporters in November 2007, “I say it is a lesson learned about what the American people’s priorities are. And their priority is to secure the borders.” Verdict: He changed his mind.

Since securing the Republican nomination, McCain - one of only a few prominent Republicans to accept the argument that humans are causing global warming - has dropped his previous objection to lifting the ban on oil exploration off the coast of the United States. Verdict: Not too sure about this one.

McCain was one of the most vocal Republican voices opposed to the Bush administration’s detention policy in Guantanamo Bay. As a previous POW (Prisoner of War) in Vietnam, I can understand and appreciate his position.  But when the Supreme Court recently ruled that Guantanamo detainees have the right to challenge their detention in US civilian courts, McCain described it as “one of the worst decisions in the history of the country“. Verdict: He really flip flopped on this one.

More recently, McCain changed his position by supporting a bill exempting the CIA from following the same rules on interrogation as the US Army. I am glad he flip flopped on this one because I agree with it; but he still flip flopped. Verdict: Totally Flip flopped.

During his 2000 bid for the Republican nomination, relations between McCain and Christian Coalition founder Jerry Falwell were notoriously damaged. McCain described Falwell and fellow members of the Christian right as “agents of intolerance“.

But in 2006, McCain delivered the commencement address at Falwell’s Liberty University, after which he attended a small private party hosted by his former political adversary. Verdict: Not really a flip flop. It was an estranged relationship and they reconciled.  And, it was 6 years later.

Barack Obama

Since ousting Hillary for the Democratic nomination, Obama is also guilty of flip flopping among many many other things. : )

Obama has found more change he can believe in — as in changing his position on a fundamental issue: campaign finance.  Just last month, he announced that he won’t be participating in public funding of the general election — the first candidate of either party to take that step since federal financing was inaugurated after the 1970s Watergate scandal.

A few weeks ago, he announced that he would be rejecting public financing for his campaign, and would instead rely on private donations.

Obama was asked in a presidential campaign questionnaire in November: “If you are nominated for president in 2008 and your major opponents agree to forgo private funding in the general election campaign, will you participate in the presidential public financing system?”

“Yes,” Obama responded in writing. “If I am the Democratic nominee, I will aggressively pursue an agreement with the Republican nominee to preserve a publicly financed general election.”  McCain accused Obama of “going back on his word”, although Obama insisted that he had never made a promise to stay in the public finance system. Obama’s words above sound about as close to a promise as you can make without actually using the word promise. Verdict: Flat out flip flopper.

Obama also raised liberal eyebrows when he announced that he would not be opposing a bill going through Congress giving immunity to telephone companies involved in the Bush’s wiretap program. His decision angered many of his left wing ( type folks) supporters, who accused him of going back on his 2007 pledge “to support a filibuster of any bill that includes retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies”. Verdict: Flat out flip flopper and I think agrees with me on this one.

When the Supreme Court decided to overturn Washington DC’s handgun ban, Obama declared that the ruling “provided much needed guidance”, despite having previously argued (in a written answer that he says was drafted by an aide and which he had not approved) that the ban was constitutional. Verdict: Flip flop, plain and simple.

“Bring the troops homeâ€? from an unjust war that “I never supported from the beginningâ€? has been the song and dance from the Obama campaign; and was an issue that set him apart from other Democratic candidates running for the party’s presidential nomination. Since his campaign began, however, conditions in Iraq have dramatically changed - violence has reduced and there is more stability in the region. 

Obama himself has announced that he plans to visit Iraq, where he will make “a thorough assessment” which could lead him to “refine” his policy. Some critics have seized on this as an indication that Obama is laying the groundwork for a change in position. Verdict: He could actually be changing his mind about the situations in Iraq

Obama recently hinted to Fortune magazine that his strong anti-free trade rhetoric during the primaries may not have reflected his actual trade policy should he become the President.  His remarks reflect the pressures and temptations that lead politicians to shift their positions during the process of running for office. “Sometimes during campaigns the rhetoric gets overheated and amplified,” he said, “Politicians are always guilty of that, and I don’t exempt myself.” At least he can admit it and I give him kudos for that. Verdict: Flip flop, clearly.

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  • JarrodM
    I think that most politicians do this, it is the pitfall of a two party political system. In order to get the funding and the endorsement from their own party, they have to go way to the right or the left (normally), and then come back center in order to pick up the fence sitters.

    This Country of ours is so confused because of all the BS that they are pushing down our throats be it the indocternation programs at our schools, or the crap the media is telling us that for a lot of people they are scared, so scared that they are blind to the erosion of our basic liberties that this country where founded on.

    The Democratic controlled Senate has the worse rating ever under 10% of the people agree with the job that they are doing. The President has been persecuted to the point that he can't do much of anything, and the judicial branch is running wild in the streets just making shit up.

    What we need are politicians that get in office and start downsizing the Government. There is no need for all of this wast that is going on. Our tax system is way more complicated then it needs to be, and is nothing more then a burden on the citizens of this Country.

    They continually make laws that make it better for the criminals, and harder for law abiding citizens.

    It is to bad that most of the third party candidates all end up being some sort of nut job. It would be nice to get some one in office that is not tied down to special interest groups, or other groups that have paid their way to be there so that once they are in office then can tell them all to fuck off, and do it right.

    Any one else here a Clancy fan?? What we need is Jack Ryan, and his way of setting up a whole new class of politicians to run Washington. OK I know fiction, but dam why does it have to be so hard.
  • Kelly Austin Personal Trainer
    The new BHO doctrine - when the going gets tough we leave, but if the going gets easy we stay. I would think that since the surge is indeed working this would comport well well BHO’s original position of immediately pulling out of Iraq - our presence is not needed. Now he is hesitant to leave Iraq. I am missing something.
  • JarrodM

    Your not missing anything, I think that you are just putting it together wrong. BHO wanted to get out of there because he thought that there was no way that we could win, or do any good. I mean come on, GWB is a moron right, anything he does is bound to fail..anyway. The bottom line is that BHO has egg on his face, because guess what, GWB made a bold move in he face of adversity, and our boys and girls in green/brown kicked ass. It was not always easy going nor was it always preety, but you know what we freed a whole country that was ruled by a dictator ship. A country where Sadam and his sons tortered, rapped, and killed at will with no consequences. Where Sadam, for what ever reason wanted the world to thing he had WMD. Get on Bush for bad intel all you want, but never forget that Sadam is the one that lead the world to believe that he had WMD.

    Barack is now trying to save face, it does not look as good to call for a pull out when we are winning, and the world knows it.
  • simonesdad2008
    How does a pull out before we are kicked out look? What does the world know about that? Billions of dollars, thousands of lives and the removal of a dictator and now Iraq is saying don't let the door hit you on the way out? There will be no US military bases Iraq (handy if we go after Iran) but the oil companies made their deals so I guess it's worth it, right? How about saying, they want us out, we win. We came in with the goal of propping the Iraqi government up. Well they are propped up enough now to say get out. Victory! Now they can really get cozy with Iran without that meddlesome house guest around. Victory!

    Now W and Father Time are both on record as saying this is not an occupation. "If they tell us to leave, we will leave." Well guess what? And thus another ill-fated pillar in an already crumbling campaign has fallen. It's fun to watch.
  • Reaper
    When/where did they say to leave? They said they'd like a timeline for our departure as a show of strength and confidence, but no officials are saying to up and get out...
  • JarrodM

    I would not wast your time on simonesdad, he wants us to fail over there. He is one of these librals that wants to see the US fail. It justifies their extrem views that with out them we are never going to go anywhere. That the world just can not make it with out them telling us what to eat, what to buy, how to live our lives, and what countries we should try saving from the tyrany of dictatorship. It is funny librals campaign on the backs of the broken, and down troden on how they are going to take from the rich and give to them, but when it comes to people who really have no control over the dispare they are living in, they just turn thier backs on them.

    The bottom line is that our forfathers trusted in the people, not the institution called government. The librals don't trust people, the thing that it is thier God given right to dictate to the rest of us on how we should live our lives. Hence the control they are trying to impose on us with all this green nonsense. Let's make it mandatory for every one to drive no more faster then 55. Not because it is safer, but because it will save on the ammount of oil we all use. You know what you want to save on gas, then you drive 55 or some small car, or invest in some new fuel.

    Anyway getting back on topic. UC I think that you did a great job pointing out that it does not matter what side of the isle that these politicians are on. They all play the same game (So much for the change machine). They move to what ever side of the issues that they feel they need in order to get elected. Once they are elected who knows what they are going to do. Problem is that there heads are stuck so far up the special intreast groups arses that they can't see the light.

    All we can do is pray that some day soon some politician will see the light and start getting this Government straight before all hell breaks lose. I truly do believe that there is a breaking point, and that is before we go to complete solicialism like these librals and Barack wants to take us.
  • Tom Skypek
    I agree. All politicians "flip flop" to an extent. However, I think there is a major difference between looking at the facts, rationally analyzing the situation and making a serious policy change--versus changing positions only when it is politically expedient to do so, as Obama has done. Now that he's no longer trying to placate the folks, he is drifting toward the center. He realizes that even though the Republican brand is hurting, the U.S. is very much a center-right country.
  • Reaper

    On the first 3 paragraphs, all I can cay is "seconded," but I still like to pick their brains and see where they're coming from; we all have noble intentions, but we just have radically different perceptions of what America would best represent the will of the people. This perception is, of course, completely dependent on what we want personally and nothing else. That said, I still think we're right and they're wrong :P

    On your final paragraph, the only change will come after unfettered Democrat control of all angles of government. This will force the Republican party through a reformation of sorts, re-identifying with their roots and the people. The intervening years of the Democrats completely screwing everything up will then help the Republicans reassert control, thus re inflating their egos. Thus the cycle of corruption will begin anew. At least I hope that's how it'll work. I'm not in the mood to see a civil war in my lifetime...
  • Norski
    You raise a couple good points:

    'Flip-flopping happens'
    'What matters is how often -and why - it happens'

    I'm more worried about the politico who never changes a position, even when circumstances change. That's not someone who should be making decisions.

    About who is the bigger intellectual acrobat, I pass. Thankfully, it's a few months before the election - there's still time to dig into the records.
  • Arch-duke
    Can we even technically call NObama or MCCain "flip-floppers" anymore? Really. In my experience, people shell out $4 for a pair of flip-flops and then won't stop wearing them until the strap breaks or they actually wear the entire sole down until their basically just barefoot. If you want to use a word that means someone who will-nilly seems to change their mind based on little to no information, perhaps we should be calling them "crackheads at Burger King." Those guys are always twitching and lying and trying to trick you into thinking that a cheeseburger meal comes with a vial. I'm comfortable with this discourse. Would the junior senator from Ill Noise please get up, you have a collect call from your baby's momma. Celebrate 2008 with a shirt: from
  • BHOterrorflipflopper waydiffer
    There is a deep difference between a former POW, captured in action fighting against comunist state(another terror builder/helper system, publicly declared, by their own words, many global accomplishes)
    This global system of terror logistics feeds from politicians even insitu USA, it's easy to recognize and point them:
    -they recognize 'legaly" terror related "liders" and build "ways" to sytematicly support them, ex: chavez, cuba, hammas, sandinists, manuelnoriega, etc., all where "recognized&legalized" with all rights by the anti-war on Iraq...
    -they mega flipflopp but keep what the terrorists need against the USA security (and the world if there are no Bush or Mcain kind of liders to stop them, bringing easily more 911s opportunities)
    -they are all related to leftists, marxists, anti-God, oilprices high, sexschools with gangland culture instead God, mega$candal cities, or more anti-war on iraq... to help Iran take easier iraq... and Iraq's oil...
    -they have a massive terror logistic civilian army, for any potencial or opportunity to fisicaly invade the USA, borders, pensions, labor, education... and change History of victory for defeat (ex: Vietnam)
    -they are predictable on terror help, that's why BHObama C H A N G E S now, risking to loose the anti-American supporters, programed by this terror logistic
    -They deny any "old global plan" to repace public officials for terror helpers to "create sanctuaries" (ex: Miami's war on terror supporters have a heavier burden than their logistic people on jobs, family "legalities if they plant you political family related to terror to rule)
    -their people are decades experienced programed, they never stop... until have miracle surprises like anabelenmontes
  • Heathenhater
    dude, dont expect anyone to ever understand what you are saying, because you make very little sense.
  • terrorflipflopper: 911opportun
    Mega terror flip flopping, in times of war, giving what Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, hammas, etc. want and need from the allies are very, very skerry and dagnerous.
    911 opportinity came by doing the things BHObama have mega declared about terror states.
    You can't unilateral desarm the USA, you can't live Iran swearing to vaporize anybody, and testing long range missiles as a terror propaganda, unchalenched, roaming free thru middle east helping insurgents and keep killing US/allies soldiers and civilians, + Iraq oil. Iraq's oil is a good reason to have gone there,
    If the terrorists see any "friendly enemy" they keep publicly motivating their supporters, Iran's nuclear public systematic terror plan attacks are proove BHObama ALWAYS will help them by "just" equalize these terrorists to the same level than the ARMY on rights and capabilities thru a simple "dialog" instead a surrender.
    BHObama's all the way declarations on Iran and the rest of the terrorists, are their only hope, even if he "megaflipfloppes" and calls for ONLY BUREAWcratics "action reduced to paper diplomatic sanctions",.
    Sadam ignored 16 ULTIMATUMS not "from Bush", but from ($adam's) UN, of course)
  • ofcourseheathenheater neverund
    thanks heathenheater for not understanding, seek for help, I'm doing my job well.
    don't worry, Rush, Sean, Gleenbeck, Levin, Savage, mostly Foxnews, Ann Coulter, laura ingraham, laura Ingle, even Joyce from left, ReaganAmericans, the allies, many, so many people understand me crystal clear.
    I don't write to you to understand.
    read castro's toiletpaper granma, there you will easily understand want you seek to read, and post there too
  • Heathenhater
    castro's toiletpaper granma.........

    you are really jumping of the deep end
  • Reaper
    Seriously. Just post in your native language and we'll run it through an auto translator. My eyes are bleeding here...
  • reaper"writtingpolice"
    So, reaper, you and many enter here, some "agree" with the conserv. opinion, and "speak" "like them", even reaper accepts democrats are the cause of the main problems, but hides liberal control of the dcn, and the worst on "my" anti-terrorist very experienced on urban batlles of the war on terror ideas, the not fisical war, the intelectual one.
    And helping the enemy, by infiltration and traitors, the actual liberal is fully self-declared helper (by giving the terror state the help they need from the USA gov.) even well recorded "recognizing chavezes, torrijos, noriegas, sandinists, hamas, etc., and friendly enemies of the rest: norvietnam, norcorea, ussr, cuba, sadam, iran, syria...
    reaper I just realized you said it yourself: "That said, I still think we're right and they're wrong" + a happy yellow face?, cheap treak, on this site?
    (+ "my" opinions: a very experienced eMedia anti-terrorist pursued by terror logistics, actualy even), but a "work, adhonorem, by the way) that helped to catch "problems" like anabelenmontes, manuelnoriega, etc.), and you'll never even believe "what else"...
    of course "I" make "no sence" for reaper, heathenheather, and others, remember, use castro's toiletpaper granma, blog there, the terrorists you help would "get close" to you, and chatt "closer", giving you tthe "chance" to "taste their danger"...
    by the way, "sence" is what I feel, repeating these things some other better than me inform about, by a better English lenguage, like Levin, Rush and many, many others, "like satin stars on the sky"...
  • starswent onsatin
    by the way, miami gral attorney, and panamanian general procurator, have the same "politics" games, all anti-war on terror, and accept cuba's terrorist state (and help eliminating their battle for the ideas enemies"), legaly, as a panamanian prd party "equal law enforcement" and "philosophy" for "a selected justice point of view on crime prosecution, and... terror...)
    examples of terror logistics are (already e publicly denounced) childdren&family coyote (police related car tags bringing children even) lourdes suarez, martinez single, pedro galvez, alberto at alfred karr...'s (next letters, next gang sound-torture, legal by miami authorities, ok nazialfred?, gangeroalberto? judges pedrasa, ga burns, chr. perez even protected a self-declared farc terrorist stealing my ID, understand these things reaper?, on American soil?, and "say we are right and wrong" is all you teach?
    reaper, we want to hear (read) your opinion an anabelenmontes's system, castro system, manuel noriega's system, hugochavez's system....
    ilustrate us with "your magnificence", your "eminence"...
  • eyeopener
    Love reading this site but people are taking these arguments way out of context.

    Thought I would post a funny and neutral video a friend sent me:
  • freethinker
    Could we please stop perpetuating the term "flip-flop". It sounds ridiculous and makes the American political system seem like a Kindergarten project. Stop taking your cues from mainstream media, they're a bunch of idiots and it's painfully evident.
  • Reaper
    So what would you rather call them? Something more PC? Strategic reconsideration? That hides the insidiousness of the act pretty well. You say using word is elementary, but you're arguing against the use of a word. In my mind, the latter is a bit worse. If the meaning is clear, just roll with it, brother!
  • Loves CCC
    There plenty of incidents of Obama flip-flopping. In fact both candidates do it. Obama's are a bit more obvious.

    Here is a link to few. Some more obvious than others.
  • Nick
    John McCain will NOT receive my vote and nor will any Republican. I am a registered Republican and I am fed up, tired and will not take it anymore!!!!

    The Republican party is supposed to be the party of smaller government, lower taxes, etc... But they talk one hell of a good game, but won't deliver. Sorry, but I feel that the best choice would be to vote for a Liberterian candidate Bob Barr.
  • Alphonso Carponzo
    Flip Flop BOP!

    "Bop early and bop often." -Alphonso Carponzo

    Your Bops really count!!!!!!!!!
  • Mignon Evans

    Could I get your administrator to take a look at my website, and consider adding it to your blogroll.  There are several postings there that would fit right in to your content.  Many focus on Obama- -- particularly one that examines his involvement with Kenyan politics and a his support of a candidate for president there who struck a secret deal with a radical Muslim organization that could have turned Kenya into an al-Qaida sanctuary--- but also includes news and commentary on other topics: legal, social, international affairs.

    I believe I write with a reasonable degree of authority on these topics: a background as an intelligence officer, a couple of post-graduate degrees with a heavy focus on international relations, and 25 years as an attorney.

    Anyway, please take a look at  and consider the request. If I can provide any further information, pls let me know.
  • DoubtinThomas
    My opinion is that Sen. Obama is NOT a "flip-flopper."  He is the first candidate in my experience who is firmly commited to both positions on any fiven subject AT THE SAME TIME, then announces that he firmly stands behind both.
  • toe
    "drink the kool-aid",
     "tax and spend",
    come on people... how about thinking for yourselves...come up with something less trite than these over-used catch-all phrases.
  • Reaper
    I agree with toe; we should instead follow her footsteps by just calling the opposing side ignorant and close minded.
  • Cory
    I think Barack Obama has gone way beyond flip-flopping. The Cuban Embargo, the Iraq War, Welfare Reform, Gun Control, School Vouchers, Off-Shore Drilling [just because he saw how popular McCain became when he changed his mind on this because of changing circumstances] The threat of Iran, FISA, NAFTA, the Strategic Oil Reserve, Faith Based Initiative, town hall meetings, Jerusalem, Union contributions, cracking down on employers who hire illegal immigrants, drivers' licenses for illegal aliens, decriminalizing marijuana, single payor healthcare, meeting with rogue leaders, the Patriot Act, PAYGO law, missile defense systems, gay marriage, death penalty for Osama Bin Laden, coal to liquid technologies, nuclear power...........come on, this list is making my typing fingers sore!!!!!!!!!  This is so far beyond flip-flopping that it's almost something you'd expect to see in a 3 stooges movie with Obama playing all 3 parts. Or, maybe he has a problem called pathological lying. Or possibly, he just doesn't have any convictions that he has the character to stick with, or maybe he has multiple personality disorder. I'm not sure what the problem is, but IT IS A PROBLEM.
  • Sceptical Republican
    For all the praise that Barack Obama has received during the Democrat's nomination, you gotta wonder why the party was so split and tormented in the primary season. Judging from the raves from both Clintons, Obama has no shortcomings for the presidency. Bill Clinton forcefully announced today that Barack Obama is ready to be president. John Kerry stated that Obama is a patriot and that no one should question that.

    Yet a mere four months ago, the Clintons were questioning just those issues. Hillary's 3 a.m. ad asked whether a freshman senator with literally no experience in foreign affairs would be right to lead America and be commander in chief. Now the Clinton's are backpedaling faster than Michael Phelps' Beijing backstroke.

    As I wrote yesterday, this is not really surprising. The Clintons cannot afford to be seen as undermining Obama's presidential ambitions, if they want to preserve their legacy. However it is striking how many crutches they have to provide him. No one would think it necessary to endlessly reiterate that John McCain loves his nation or is ready to be commander in chief. McCain's life's story speaks for itself.

    The sore point is, Obama's actions also speak for themselves, but the tale is not a good one. Reverend Wright, Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers are but a few in a long list of close Obama associates that seriously put the candidate's judgment in doubt. People will ask themselves: If Obama is so patriotic, why did he sit for 20 years in a church whose pastor called for God to damn America? Sure, we would not expect all of the 8000 church members to get up and leave. But should we not expect better judgment of the man who wants to lead our nation?

    I suspect the questions surrounding this pattern of judgment lapses will keep coming up. No amount of Botox can smoothen out these faults. The republicans will remind the public of this long list of questionable characters in Obama's tailwater and ask the question: Do we really know this guy? Is he who he says he is? Can we trust him to lead our nation?
  • Mignon Evans
    Seems to me that we need to distinguish between defferent types of "flipfloppers".

          Any intelligent, open-minded person will sometimes change his/her mind based on either new facts or a different perception of the already-known facts.  That is not only acceptable but desireable.

          Then, there is the person who quickly changes his mind, often depending upon whom he is talking to/ with.  His opinion when he's participating at a seminar with CEOs will be different from his opinion when he's talking to bluecollar workers. I don't mean just a different style of speech; that's understandible and smart.  I mean the substance of his opinions changes.

    When you apply this criteria to Obama, you find him telling the Jewish leaders in Miami that Jerusalem will always be the undivided capital of Israel; then, on the same day, addressing muslim leaders and saying the status of Jerusalem is a topic for negotiation. 

        You will notice him telling the coalminers in Pennsylvania one thing on Monday and expressing very different views to liberals in San Francisco on Friday.
         In November he took a very strong position favoring public financing of his campaign (if nominated).  When he had the party nomination sewn up, however, he announced he would do just the opposite.  He broke his promise.  There was no explanation.  No plausible justification.  It was simply a naked change of position to gain a tactical advantage.
         Obama has repeatedly stated he opposed offshore drilling for oil and/or gas.  At least until recently.  Now, he has begun to shift, squirm, and swiggle.  That could be an honest change of mind.  Actually, if he were to come out now in favor of such drilling, that would be a welcome change.  Problem is. . . .do you believe him?    Can you believe him?
    What is his true position?  Has he really changed his mind? Or Is he saying that just to get our votes?  How can we tell?

    If this comment resonates with you, you'll find more stimulating and intelligent reporting and commentary at
  • does it matter?
    in the end the parties arn't that far removed from each other, both receive huge grants from business donors and hence seek to repay them when in office...
    yes people change minds ironically McCain was the biggest flip flopper during the campaign, I'LL SAVE THE ECONOMY and then the election bid was back on, his concern for solving the economy seemingly gone.
    with the economic crisis it is clear that regulation is needed to slove the problem, it was a lack of intervention that caused the problem in the first place....