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December 8th, 2008 Urban Conservative

This is great news and I am hyped!  Conservatives are finally leveraging Web 2.0 - Social Media tools and applications to spread the conservative message; specifically with Twitter.  I have been on twitter for quite some time but didn’t use it very often because the lack of conversation. Well, a new group has risen — Top Conservatives On Twitter – that dynamically pulls in active conservative twitter profiles attempting to build community.  I did something similar to this when I created the Best Conservative Blogs directory last year, which is now featured in Wikipedia under conservatism.  According to the site:

This list was first placed on the web on November 28, 2008. In the short time since then, it has become a bit of a rallying point for conservatives on Twitter. I think all of us who are on the list can conceive of many additional ways to improve the list to strengthen and grow the conservative community on Twitter.

You must primarily tweet on conservative themes and cannot be merely a “campaign profile” “political office holder profile” or a “radio or television program or publication promotional profile” to be on this list. New participants are welcome. Just nominate someone you follow or yourself and show that you are primarily on Twitter as a conservative.

To put this list in context, you will note that the #100 most followed person on Twitter has 9,000 followers, so we have a lot of work to do!

Even the libs are noticing and taking notes.

To Build The Conservative Community on Twitter

  • Follow everyone on this list.
  • Make a point of tweeting conservatives on the list who you don’t know, but you think might be interesting.
  • Use the “#TCOT” tag before tweets you think might be of interest to the entire community.
  • Tell your conservative friends who are not on Twitter to join now.
  • Do something nice for someone on the list.
  • If someone follows you, follow them back.
  • Try to keep your following to follower ratio greater than 0.85 to 1. The point of a community is to engage in a dialogue. You can’t engage unless tweets flow two ways.
  • Follow the people who follow people on the list with whom you have much in common. Especially follow people on the list who are rapidly adding new followers, such as @pinkelephantpun and @nansen.
  • Volunteer to be a Project Servant-Leader or Team Member on a #TCOT Action Project
  • Propose and gain approval for a new #TCOT Action Project.

Top Conservatives on Twitter! #TCOT

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  • Titus Hunt
    Political Jive--a lot of college kids voted for obama and that is one of the reasons he was elected.  why?  i saw many interviews of college-aged folks during the election and all they could say was obama would give them "hope."  however, when asked details, it was obvious they had no clue what that meant.  my son is in college and is a true republican.  i'm so proud.  he says that most of the people on his campus are liberals.  he really can't stand to talk to them.  he said they are really ignorant to what is happening.  why?  I just don't understand.  the only thought i have is that most professors are liberal and teach it but surely students are smarter than that!
  • Political Jive
    We need more Republican youth like myself to rise up. When Reagan gave The Speach back in 67, he showed that the youth could be captured by conservatism and not just liberalism. I'm a 21 year old male in Gilbert, Arizona. I call conservative radio shows daily and have started an online website to try to get people involved, much like this one. Most people won't get off their couches and computer chairs to do anything, so we have to take it to them in their homes. GO RIGHT WINGERS!!!
  • harrysmom
    why can't republicans have an original idea?
  • ZERO
    This is great! I'm so glad we on the right are finally catching up with the 1990's! About friggin time.
  • Con1`
    It says "follow everyone on the list"

    Being new to twitter, how exactly do I find this "list"???
  • davidwwalters
    -nice link!

    <<" ...part of what I'm hoping to introduce as the next president is a new ethic of responsibility where we say that if you're laying off workers, the least you can do when you're making $25 million a year is give up some of your compensation and some of your bonuses ... That kind of notion of shared benefits and burdens is something that I think has been lost for too long, and it's something that I'd like to see restored."

    Here Obama is reinforcing the idea of spreading the wealth (and the misery).  He is also telling us that he should should have a say in how America's businesses are run.>>
    -uh, "spreading the misery"?
    But then you do understand who created this misery?
  • Jason
    It's about time.  The first decade of the 21st century is almost over and conservatives are still partying like it's 1999.
  • Jason
    It's about time.  The first decade of the 21st century is almost over and conservatives are still partying like it's 1999.
  • Guest

    Thanks Ehthan!! I appreciate the feedback.  Yes, #TCOT will grow, despite what the libs who troll this site say.

  • ethanD
    It's been fun watching #TCOT grow and started following a ton of new people.

    It's been trending for 3 days now, without it I wouldn't have found this post :)
  • Jason Richards
    hahaha...some of the people on that list HAVE NO CLUE!!!  Good luck on another project that'll go south., forever.
  • jane
    pfft. good luck.  most conservatives don't even have an internet connection out there in the boonies.
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