Embryonic Stem Cells: Obama’s First, Official Bi-partisan Move?

April 19th, 2009 Billy Hallowell

Liberals were singing President Obama’s praises last month when he overturned Bush-era restrictions on federal funds for embryonic stem-cell research.  Unfortunately for the left, this move has been post ceded with restrictive regulation on how these cells may be used – a relatively welcome game-changer for most conservatives.

While destruction of human life for scientific benefit is surely reprehensible, the newly minted restrictions are paramount in that they represent Obama’s first attempt to remain somewhat neutral on a domestic issue of importance.

From the relatively unpopular bailout, which was pushed into law despite Republican discontent, to incessant acts of misgovernment, this administration has taken somewhat of an anti-conservative stance on a cornucopia of social and political issues.  And while I still remain opposed to tax-payer funded embryonic stem cell research, the results of the administration’s stance could be playing out in a much more detrimental way.  According to FOX News,

“Draft guidelines released by the National Institutes of Health reflect rules with broad congressional support, excluding more controversial sources such as cells derived from embryos created just for experiments.”

Despite Obama’s overt attempt at leftist appeasement through the overturning of President Bush’s executive order, it appears the president is considering the rally cries of the opposing party on this issue.

Perhaps this newfound openness to issues associated with the right to life movement is reflective of the synergy many conservatives are creating in their attempt to rally together against those who would seek to pursue looser restrictions on abortion (as if the words “restriction” and “abortion” exist conversantly in Obama’s legislative agenda). 

It is also quite possible that Obama recognizes his need to respect a massive portion of the populace’s rejection to his anti-life stances.  Either way, this is somewhat of a step in the right direction.

Some scientists are, no doubt, disappointed.  While many had hoped for no restrictions on taxpayer-funded embryonic research, the National Institutes of Health is requiring that all cells used must come from “…clinic embryos that otherwise would be thrown away.”

Aside from Obama’s first, and thus far only, compromise, the most ironic portion of the new regulatory system is as follows (as per FOX News):

“The guidelines also demand that the woman or couple who donate the original embryo give proper informed consent. There are other options for such donors, such as donating the embryo to another infertile woman, and all must be explained. The donation must be voluntary, without pressure from scientists.”

These regulations are surely a step in the right direction.  With many claiming that embryonic stem cells are a hopeless endeavor, and with scientists finding more useful and less controversial methods of using and extracting stem cells (from amniotic fluid, by adapting adult stem cells, from umbilical chords, and without harming a fetus), one wonders why Democrats are behind the times in their incessant urge to pursue this method.

Still, it is encouraging to note that the government is not deregulating to the point of no return.  While I am hopeful that common sense and logic lead the president and Congressional Democrats toward the realization of more optimal and viable options, I’ll take this compromise and pray for more.

And as ironic as it stands, I must congratulate President Obama for making his first attempt at moderate governance.  Now, let’s hope he does the same in other sociopolitical realms.

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  • nc general assembly news
    Obama is most interested in his approval ratings, and stem cell research cannot be easily divided along party lines.
  • Raymond Guy
    Time for Conservatives to step up and declare they (and their minor children) will not accept any treatments or use advances made from any stem cell research.

    Let's thin the herd!
  • Please Remove This Comment
  • Mac
    John Corkrhan-are you mental there may be some extremist conservatives who live by the bible and there is nothing wrong with that.  However most of us are not governed by the bible taking the life of a living human is horrid, and do not even try and give me the BS that says a baby inside the womb is not living.  A patient should be treated if a baby survives abortion, because it can not only be dangerous to the baby but also the woman carrying it.  Also how dare you say that we act like we are better than everyone else all you libs do is go around finding flaws with every possible thing that a conservative does.  So why don't you go back to the little rat hole you came from and worship Obama.
  • Aliy
    Though I see the good in using stem cells I can understand the point that people believe it's a life. I am not giving an impression either way I think we as a whole have WAY bigger fish to fry. This, and gay marriage are just non-issues in my mind.  What we should be talking about is the fact that our president is going to be giving out a supreme court seat and in his explination of what he's looking for in a justice he never ONCE mentioned "understanding and respects the constitution"!!! I'm sure if you took a poll of what real American's want in a justice you'd find a majority want someone who understands and respects the constitution.
  • Johny Corkrhan
    You guys are funny as hell.  21% of America is Republican and probably half of that agrees with you.  Maybe stop trying to govern with a Bible and you may garner some support.  People saying stuff like "This coming from the same socialist who believes that a doctor should not give medical care to a fetus that survives an abortion and 67.8 percent of Americans believe that doctors should." is the reason you have no say anymore.  You present farse as science when it is clear you don't believe in science and take "the good word" to justify whatever personal beliefs you have.  While your "Republican Pixy" Sarah becomes a grandma to another bastard child, just sit back and act like you're better than everybody by calling people "elites".  Go F another sheep and get in line with the rest of them.
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  • bambi eats grass
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    wowie!  I'm on it.
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  • bambi eats grass
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  • Titus Hunt
    obama will say anything to anyone to make them think he is on their side for the moment.  he is a used car salesman at best.  when the person walks away he'll stab them in the back and not think twice.  really great guy--not!  so i don't trust anything he says!
  • Political Jive
    This coming from the same socialist who believes that a doctor should not give medical care to a fetus that survives an abortion and 67.8 percent of Americans believe that doctors should.

    This coming from the same socialist who favors a woman's right to an abortion based on the sex of the fetus and 82.2 percent of Americans oppose such garbage.

    This coming from the same socialist who disagrees that a physician should be legally required to notify parents of an underage girl who requests an abortion and 77 percent of Americans agree that the parents should be notified.

    This coming from the same socialist that disagrees that abortion destroys a human life and is manslaughter yet 51.5 percent of Americans agree it is destructive.

    This coming from the same socialist that is unsure whether or not human life begins at conception but 55 percent of Americans believe it does begin at conception.

  • ronald williams
    This is a very optimistic spin to put on the story.  I am more inclined, judging from his actions in his first 100 days, to believe that he has merely taken the fence-straddling strategy Clinton made famous.  He has pushed our country to the left in such a radical manner in merely 100 days that I find it impossible to believe he has taken a moderate approach to anything 

  • Joseph
    Bipartisan and Obama should never be mentioned in the same sentence.

    Check out more on this issue, Soon appearing at http://angryyoungconservative.blogspot.com/
  • MAS1916
    Maybe the strategy should be to inform Team Obama that embryos can be cloned into becoming future Liberal voters.  He would campaign for their safety thereafter.
  • bsw

    It's good to hear that there will be at least some restraint regarding where embryos come from, and under what circumstances.  And kudos for your willingness to give credit where credit is due. 
    I found this piece, however, right after I read yours.  The National Right to Life Committee is calling the relevant piece of legislation a bait and switch.  Whether it is or not seems to come down to very specific wording in the bill.
    I think it's this bill, but I'm not positive.
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