The Democrat Party: The racist party of tolerance might hurt Obama’s chances

September 22nd, 2008 Urban Conservative

Sadly, deep-seated racial perceptions may cost Obama the Presidency if the election is close according to a recent poll that found that 1/3 of white Democrats have negative views toward blacks — many calling them “lazy,” “violent,” responsible for their own problems.

I find this to be personally insulting as many of my close friends are African American and they are not “lazy” and “violent” and take full responsibility for their “problems” - whatever that means.  The Democrat Party positions themselves as being change agents and scream “tolerance” at the top of their lunges every chance they get. This poll does beg the question of the true nature of the Democrat Party.  Yes, we know they are for the people … for the middle class … just not the black ones. 

This clearly contradicts the “If Obama isn’t elected you are all racists!” dogma we’ve been hearing by the left; but isn’t it the left that has accused conservatives of racism all these years? I don’t get it.

I want Obama to lose this election, sincerely. Not because he is black though. Rather, I want him to lose because I don’t hold to his values and his shallow liberal voting record; and he is clearly not qualified to lead this country.

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  • WeBearArms
    "I want Obama to lose this election, sincerely. Not because he is black though. Rather, I want him to lose because I don’t hold to his values and his shallow liberal voting record; and he is clearly not qualified to lead this country."

    Yeah, same here.  Next time someone gets in my face about being a racist for not voting for him I'll just make a statement about the pot calling the kettle black... err wait cannot use that any longer, it's racist in tone.
  • happy camper
    I thought that the thread about Sarah Palin's babe factor was distasteful and sexist.  This thread is vulgar.  Please don't drag our country and culture into the mud for the whole world to watch (and they are). 
  • Kevin S. Willis
    I thought that the thread about Sarah Palin's babe factor was distasteful and sexist.  This thread is vulgar. 

    So, a woman can't post about Palin's "babe" factor, and the folks being accused of being racist--i.e., white people not voting for Obama--can't talk about it? 

    Isn't that convenient.

    You don't really expect people to shut their mouths just cuz you say so, do you?
  • Kevin S. Willis
    "This poll does beg the question of the true nature of the Democrat Party.  Yes, we know they are for the people … for the middle class … just not the black ones."

    I tend to suspect this poll is a put-up job, designed to get the result it got for a variety of reasons. Democrats are worried about Blue Dog Democrats not voting for Obama because he's black--there's a racist behind every tree, in their world--and they want to shame them into voting for Obama ahead of time.

    Still, there are legitimate concerns about prejudices in certain demographics for Obama--but the way to address them is not to scream "racism" at the top of their lungs every time someone levels a criticism at Obama. He who was once a candidate who transcended race is becoming, in some ways, a candidacy that is all about race. Or one where race is being constantly brought up. 

    I don't think, in this day and age, constantly bringing up race serves them well. But, perhaps I'm mistaken. But is anyone going to vote for the guy who is busy accusing them of being a racist?
  • Kevin S. Willis
    Of course, on the left, and in the MSM, if they can't find any actual racists they start making them up:

    Gotta love it. Another case, I'm sure, of "fake but accurate" reporting from the MSM. And they wonder why circulation keeps dropping.
  • amber
    if your suprised that i/3 of white democrats ADMIT to having  a ne negative or racist perception of blacks  your probably a stupid fucking republican
  • WeBearArms
    "if your suprised that i/3 of white democrats ADMIT to having  a ne negative or racist perception of blacks  your probably a stupid fucking republican"

    Amber, if you are going to call someone a "stupid f*cking republican" you should probably utilize a good spell checker and grammar lesson.

    I do not think I read anyone being "surprised" at this, just amazed, perhaps a bit amused.
  • Meg Kelso
    Back in the 90's I heard about a poll that said that 1/3 of ALL WHITE people would never vote for a black candidate for president. Of course, that's short sighted an ignorant, if the best person for the jobhappens to be black, ELECT THEM! We need a good man, not one of a specific color.

    My problem with Obama has nothing to do with race at all, it's that he has NEVER declared that he ds not believe that America was behind 9/11. That's a yes or no question, easily answered. His preacher said it and Obama needs to tell others that it IS NOT true.

    It's a shame that so many ignorant nit wits (like Amber above this comment) can vote. A lot of people died fighting to assure that we could all have freedom of speech and of thought. Amber and her ilk don't want to allow that at all. They should go to some facist country and have a party.
  • simonesdad2008
    Come on guys.  Race and politics are inextricably intertwined.  It's all about identity politics.  White working this or Christian conservative that.  Identity politics are the way nationwide campaigns are run.  My personal belief is that if Barack were white and other than that was the exact same candidate (I know that is sort of hard to imagine even for me) but if that were so, this election would already be over.  I think if Hillary were the candidate, it would be over and I've never supported her.  When you hear people ask, why isn't Barack ahead by more or why is it so close, what you are really hearing is is America ready for a black president.  It's a bad year for republicans and McCain is not the rallying point you need but he's still somewhat relevant because people still have those questions.  Sarah Palin was picked, in part, to mitigate Barack's blackness.  Identity politics, I'll see your African American and raise you a woman.

    I think the race factor accounts for 5 to 6 points in any polling.  I think a few of those points will be offset by an unprecedented turnout, yes, among black people but that won't be enough on its own.  Barack hasn't closed the deal with voters yet but I get the feeling he's just allowing McCain to bumble along and that's been enough.  Barack still has some work to do with voters but with each passing day, McCain makes that work easier.  Think about it, a historic, iconic candidate for the ages versus a candidate who needed a running mate they have never heard of to get people excited about voting for HIM.  This should have been over already but there are so many factors we, as a nation, have never had to deal with that it remains close.  You will see Barack start to pull away.  A clue for observers is when you start to see Barack's poll number go above 50%.
  • Gary
  • mother3
    Hey WeBearArms,
    Maybe you should change your name to WeBearTits.  It seems like your picture says a lot about how intelligent you are.
  • Gary
  • Bea
    Thank you simonesdad2008 for what I think are very valid and relevant comments.  I think at this historic crossroads (record deficit, ongoing war in Iraq, security concerns, on the brink of financial catastrophe, loss of international stature), we need to elect a leader that has the intellect and the temperament to lead us out of this mess.  I may not agree with a policy here or there (and while these are of great personal importance to me, I do understand that they do not have serious relevance at the federal executive level, ie. right to life, gay issues, as contrasted with what's most important today, ie. our financial situation and economy), and so I will be voting the D ticket for my first time at the federal level.  I hope others can look at this election using their head and not their gut.
  • harrysmom
    Amber- As a liberal and a woman, I implore you to shut up and stop embarrassing me and yourself.  I'm sure that your heart is in the right place, but your head is up your arse.  Kthanks.
    I hear the undertones at work and in the news and on chats, if you don't vote for OBAMA, then you're probably a racist.  Using that logic, does that mean that the 18 MILLION Democrats who voted for HILLARY in the primaries are racist?  It's laughable and sad at the same time.

    So I say, GO PALIN GO!!  While everybody watches the OBAMA man, the WOMEN are going to TAKE OVER and FIX it all!! 
    As usual, cleaning up after the men.

    HILLARY is waiting to step into the VP position.

  • ameriken
    Though I am conservative, at the beginning of the primaries I seriously considered voting for Obama. Not because of his politics, which I fully and completely disagree with, but because of his promise to be a different kind of candidate and his promise to unite the nation, which is severely divided. 

    He quickly changed that promise (yes, there's that change message) with his attacks on the Clintons by making them out to be racist, as well as his chauvinist remarks about Hillary. By the end of the primaries, I was actually rooting for Hillary. 

    Obama is no different than McCain or any other politician and he has helped to sharped the divide by bringing the 'race card' into the campaign.
  • ameriken
    @ HOBOBOH....I don't think Hillary will step into the VP slot. If it were offered now, I think she would rightfully snub Obama (and he fully deserves to be snubbed). I don't think it would wise for her to take second place to BO, I think that would show a sign of weakness and desperation, and she is stronger than that.

    Regardless of who is elected in Nov, Hillary would be better off waiting to run again in 2012.
  • harrysmom
    What the heck are you all talking about?  Biden (God bless him) kicked butt today in his foreign policy speech!  I have always liked Biden- he's a straight no bull*hit politician.  He's a wild card and was frankly a surprising choice to me.  He can be a little hard to handle and that's scary in a presidential election, but Obama had the cohones to pick him forcing McCain to come back with his "maverick" choice of the nutjob of the north, which will ultimately be the undoing of his candidacy (unless he keeps digging himself a deeper hole in this whole bailout thing).  

    Hillary would have been the 'safe' choice, but I'm really satisfied with Obama's pick of Biden over Clinton, and I voted for her in the primary!
  • FDM
    What a surprise, u all are a joke!
    I cant understand what going through the heads of red state Americans!
    How can we have such a tight race, with the current conditions and past failures directly related to this admistration! The Republican failed policiesand rash decisions are responsible for the war and the economy, yet people are still willing to vote for them...
    THERE R OVER 4000 troops dead, thousands more wounded, our economy is in the toliet!
    BC of the republican domination, my and future generations will be paying the bill for their mistakes probally until we die....
    PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND! Is it a blind faith thing, religious thing...WHAT IS IT! ARE U ALL CEOS of OIL COMPS? Do they make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside bc they say they believe in God...yet everything they do is against what Jesus stood for?
    WHY R U ALL SO AFRAID OF CHANGE! DEMOCRATS ARENT THE ENEMY...we are more for the working folk then any republican!!!! WHEN will u see the wolf in sheeps clothing?
    OR r u me understand!
    I am a 36 year old white women, and I dont get it! I hear people saying they dont know who they are voting for or they are voting for Mccain bc they dont know enough about Obama.
    WAKE UP FOLKS! You cant expect to be spoon feed info or expect to get the info you need from the nightly news alone...STOP BEING LAZY..and do the reseach on your own!!!!!!!
    THIS ELECTION IS TOO IMPORTANT for me and the generations below me to risk another 4 years of the failed Republican policies!!!!
    WAKE UP OLDER AMERICA(and younger ones influenced by them)...OUR LIVES AND FUTURES ARE ON THE LINE!!!!!!!!
    I PERSONALLY WANT MY PRESIDENT AND HIS CABINET TO BE SMARTER THAN ME< I HOPE THEY DID HAVE A TOP NOTCH EDUCATION, just bc u maybe didnt, doesnt mean that our leader shouldnt have had one....If we are wise in our decision of our government, all of our future generations may have the same equal opportunity! It will take nothing less to compete in the global economy!
  • David W. Walters
    ........and now McCain is chickening out of Friday's debate!
    This shows he is simply too damned old to be our Commander-in-Chief!
  • SomethinElse
    I'm not sure how people interpret Obama as inject race into the campaign trail. Is it because he showed up?

    Being a mixed race American, I noticed that we tend to talk about race in a different way than most people, because we tend to have a certain detachment from the culture of racial identity, partly because we can't completely identify. Yes, sometimes I refer to myself as black, even though my father is a Haitian immigrant, and sometimes I refer to myself as Asian, though my mom is American born. Sometimes I don't own either, and it's that luxury of not owning a side, that confusion, the loss of racial identity that is more important to single race people than it is to us (mixed people), and the gain we have of naturally seeing beyond race that makes our conversation about racial matters unique. This is not your typical black & white discussion of the 60s. Frankly, I think it's over the head of most of you people. Think post-racial if you can wrap your head around it.

    **Note that I do understand that some mixed people choose to identify with one race than juggle, own both, or have a nice balance. I believe Obama has chosen a balance, and that's why you don't hear him talk about it much. He doesn't feel the need to, and he shouldn't.
  • Bea
    Thank you SomethinElse for your comments.  Obama has not raised the race card, no matter what some of the other posters may have commented on, and neither should we.  We need to truly look into each of the candidates' skills and abilities to lead our nation out of the problems that we are now in, and they are numerous, and decide who the best man is.  In these times, we simply cannot cast our vote because one candidate or another agrees with a position we have on this or that.  Collectively, with all the important issues facing our country at this crossroads, who is the best man to lead.   Again, I beg everyone to use their head this time and not their gut when making a decision about who to vote for in this so very important election. 
    @ Something else  ..  as far as race comments  ..  please pay attention  ..  OBAMA keeps bringing it up.  No one else.

    If you want I can copy/paste the quotes altho i am loathe to copy/paste anything.

    If McCain had said anything about race, it would be all over the front pages.  Typical double standard.

    It'll come down to who makes Americans feel safer in the world.  That's an ez choice and the polls show it to be McCain.  When the voting curtain closes, that'll be the deciding factor.  That and taxes, which again, is an easy choice. 

    Besides, neither democratic nominee has the gravitas to be Commander in Chief.  Each has ALREADY shown their war decisions to be naive and dangerously WRONG.

    SOCIALISM vs. CAPITALISM  ..  them's the choices.

  • David W. Walters
    McCain's republican surrogates are in fact bring up race......

    Read Ann(the slut)Coulter's racist diatribe
    ".......banks were encouraged to consider nontraditional measures of credit-worthiness, such as having a good jump shot......."
  • toe
    David,  this is where they get these absurd ideas-  and, like the obsolete "pong" game- they just keep batting it back and forth:

    i have no doubt that ms palin- who also believes in "the rapture" buys into this.
  • David W. Walters
    Ms. Palin may have lots of "rapture" and "witchcraft" knowledge......
    but little else of any substance, that would be of use in actually leading this nation toe.
  • ameriken
    Speaking of race and absurd ideas:

    "Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So, you just think this through."

    I cant believe you liberals think Jews and Blacks are stupid enough to actually believe this stuff. Of course it is so ridiculous he has to tell them to 'think it through'.

    But then again, the democratic party is the one who used the terminology of " 'house 'n' " and Uncle Tom and other racial slurs to describe Powell and Rice.
    The Race card words come out of OBAMAS mouth directly, no republican surrogates breathed a word of it.  OBAMA has opened the door himself.  What an incredibly smart guy.  I won't go into all of the black politicians foreshadowing riots if OBAMA is not elected.  that's not racist, right?  Don't make me embarrass you by providing OBAMA'S own quotes, out of his own mouth.

    And since when does a guy who drops out of a Presidential race for PLAGIARISM get to be on the National ticket again?  Are you that bereft of quality politicians?  Hard to believe.

    Biden will step down.

  • harrysmom
    You are so bereft of quality politicians that you had to go to the frozen tundra to retrieve a homespun folksy funde-mentalcase to save your sinking ship.  Too bad she proved to be a lead laden, yet very shiny and pretty, lifeboat.  

    Biden is straight shooting and knows foreign policy better than McCain and Obama combined- we could throw Palin in there but it wouldn't tip the scale an ounce.  

    I'm non plus at the audacity of McCain.  Cancel the debate?  What a dishonorable pussy. His glory days are over.
  • g landon
    My karma ran over your dogma.
  • g landon
    Message to harrysmom. I bet little Harry is a little pussy too. Also, if he was in a prison like McCain was, his rear end would also be a pussy
  • toe
    Biden's initial run for office he failed to attribute words to their origin- although he had done this in previous talks-gave credit where credit was due- this one instance became such noise by the opposition that it became the message to the extent that it did drown out all actual issues.
    Biden dropped out because the issues were being lost while the media, and opposition played up on this single aspect of his campaign.  
    There have been no shortage of non-issues that have been run endlessly during this campaign and has kept people from focusing upon actual issues. 
    Just with regards to Hillary's campaign-  go look at any one of Tucker Carlson's (failed) program... where he made reference to "cankles"  and "cleavage" and "having to keep his legs closed"  .
    Matthew's statement that Hillary would not be where she was if Bill had not slept around.
    Hoboblah, Obama has never uttered a racist sentence. Not one word.  Neither has his wife, Michelle- but you, because you seem to have issues of your own apparently-  take out your fun house mirror and distort and mangle in every way possible anything Obama said to suit your bigoted self.   You would rather believe racist and bigoted web sites than hear the truth because it provides some cover for you.  I have yet to see you post anything that I had not heard over and over again on Hannity's , or Rush's or Beck's convoluted programs.   Despite absolute proof to the contrary, Stix here lives in denial.  Mr. Uc places things on here "for entertainment purposes" even though he knows them to be false... his words.
    You carry on endlessly about the "following" that Obama has- yet you apparently have never sat yourself down and wondered "why".  
    You blindly accept a woman ("because she's hot") who is so clearly unqualified that it insults thinking humans.  A decision that  points directly to the poor judgment of the man you would like holding our future.  Yours and mine.
  • toe
    gee landon-  another example of the informed conservative.

    why not take your filth elsewhere- no one needs this.
  • David W. Walters
    gee landon is much to interested in others sexuality.....perhaps a closet queen himself(herself?)
  • ameriken
    toe.....conservatism and landons remark are not synonymous. 
    landon, thats pretty low and disgusting and you owe harrysmom an apology. As toe said, take your filth elsewhere, trash like that is not welcome.
  • g landon
    The typical double standard of the liberal. You can dish it out but you can't take it. Well what goes around comes around. No apologies are needed as the trash talk is all over the place. Walters calling Ann Coulter a slut, harrysmom calling McCain a pussy and Amber using the stupid f***ing republican remark.
  • David W. Walters
    But we try not to get personal with one another, gee landon.
    You & I have been thru this crap where you referred to me as a "pussy"......i put you down then and thought you had gone back under your bridge.  Internet anonymity brings out the "tough-guy" in other-wise passive aggressive types.......if you have something to say, then post it.  If you want to call someone a pussy, wait until you can do it face to face, ok?
  • ameriken
    Landon, harrysmom didnt call you a pussy, she called McCain a pussy, no different than conservatives calling Hillary a bitch. What you did is attack a supposed family member (harry).... who is not even on the group and cannot even defend himself. There's a difference and it puts you on the same level as those on the Daily Kos.

    Sorry, but thats just not acceptable.
  • g landon
    As a 2 tour Vietnam vet, I will verbally attack anyone who calls McCain or any other vet a pussy. Call him old, senile, ugly, dumb etc. I have no problems, but the man's definitely not a pussy. So get over it!
  • ameriken
    No, I wont get over it.

    You referred to 'little harry' which is obviously referencing a child.

    And while I respect your service in vietnam, it doesnt give you or anyone the right to refer to a child as 'a pussy' or in the manner in which you did: 'his rear end would also be a pussy'. That is fucking disgusting.

    Say what you want to harrysmom, say what you want about me, but leave kids out of it.

    I highly doubt that McCain himself would care to have support from anyone who would reference a child in such a sick and disgusting  manner. Thats more disgraceful to McCain than someone calling him a pussy.
  • Meg Kelso
    Why are liberals so angry and so VERY vulgar? You'd almost think that they hate everything that America stands for.

    When was the last time you heard a liberal say, "I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."?
  • harrysmom
    Thanks for the reinforcement everyone, but Landon's outrage was warrented- I brought the P-word to the table.  Mostly out of disgust over the whole debate s#it-show.  

    However, Landon, Harry is my dog- and I have long suspected that he is gay so maybe he would enjoy a soap drop- who knows?  :)  If you like, I'd be happy to stick a little bouffant wig and some little titanium glasses on him and send him over to lick your balls.  Now that would satisfy your deepest fantasy- wouldn't it?

    Vulgarity aside- I think we can all agree that McCain really did attempt to ride in on his white horse today and clearly had a big fall in the mud.  Whether or not this was a noble move, or a weak attempt to politically grandstand, this is a test of McCain's effectiveness.

    Some have been weighing in that they appreciate the fact that he is a maverick, but I disagree.  McCain has proven himself to be too impetuous for my taste.  I appreciate action, but in times of crisis, I look for steady and thoughtful behavior.  I think that Obama has reflected a stronger and steadier handling of the events of the past few days by far. I'm just going with my gut here- you Republicans seem to appreciate that kind of logic.

    I'm still undecided on approval of the bill.  It seems too socialist for me to bail out the idiots on Wall Street.  And I appreciate that some Republicans are questioning this strategy.  However, it was basically their own policies that created the problem.  The ideology has long been to take a hands off approach to business and it has proven to be shortsighted.  However, in taking this hands off approach, it has created potential peril for business (which I don't really care about because they deserve what they get), but it's also created potential peril for the American people- who looked to their government to protect them- and they didn't.  So who gets to pay for the big government made mistake?  The people.  However, maybe they deserve it because they voted W into office anyway.  I mean, I didn't vote for him but maybe I should have worked harder in the past two elections - maybe I'm getting what I deserve as well.

    I am still working it out.  However, I have come to one conclusion:  democracy, as a system, is highly flawed.  In a democratic system, the country is only as good as those who participate.  You all see how well our country is running now- so what does that say about us?
    So Harry,
    What system of Government is better?  Enlighten me.  Any system run by human beings is going to be flawed.  Some are more flawed than others.  If ours is highly flawed, then ??? Then others systems are what???  Name a better one or just make something up!  Intriguing.....

    McCain has committed a gaffe in that he is trying to put the country first.  Boy, who does he think he is?  I don't think it will matter in the end.

    the bailout is actually a good deal for the taxpayers if the Dems don't screw it up (they are trying).  Dem's couldn't fight their way out of an economic paper bag if they had a knife.  It's a pitiful thing. 

    Has anyone heard the rumor that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are going to adopt OBAMAS BROTHER?

    Yah!!??  Seems they heard about how OBAMA went and visited him twice, once in the 80's and then just last year.  Poor guy lives in shanty town, Kenya, Africa.  OBAMA treats him "as a stranger', so JOLIE and PITT are going to adopt him since OBAMA won't care for him. 

    What is it they say, family first?  If he doesn't even bother to help his brother who is in dire needs, how can we expect compassion from him as President?

    Since OBAMA was the second highest PAC recipient with the FRED and FANNNIE FIASCO (right behind fellow DEM, DODD) to the tune of 137,000, he can't help buy his brother a jacket?  Or a gun at least.

    Funny how OBAMA has profited plenty with taxpayer monies.  here's the kicker, these PAC monies  were given out over MANY YEARS since the CLINTONS DIRTIED FRED and FANNIE!.. yet OBAMA has shot to the #2 recipient in 3 years.  

    Bought and paid for he is.

    As for the Bailout plan.....
    How can we trust CONGRESS to FIX what they have BROKEN?  They don't have the honesty to regulate.  They take the "de-reg bill"(a good bill), twist it,  and pressure banks to write bad loans thru the CLINTON CRONIES, MILLIONS are stolen, BILLIONS are wasted, and now everyone is surprised that the loans cannot be paid back and the equity in the properties has plummeted.  And now CONGRESS is going to HELP!!!??  Just stay the heck away from the free markets you BOOBS!!  HUH??

    OBAMA hasn't a clue.

    That Paulson is one smart cookie.  His plan is definitely the ticket, but CONGRESS needs to just pass what he's proposed and NOTHING more or else.  Wanna bet the DEM"S SCREW IT UP??  Not a clue.

    Anyways, thanks GEORGE BUSH for picking one hell of a treasury secretary.  Well done.  Paulson is the man.  Tons of monies will be made for the taxpayers if the DEMS will just shut up and get out of the way.


    Obama brought up the race issue Toe.  Didn't say his comments were 'racist".  Read more carefully and you won't make simple mistakes like that.

  • David W. Walters
    Meg(41).....i agree with ya!
    But some of the most vulgar in personal attacks here is a conservative by the name of g langdon.  I may get vulgar in my comments about politicians and pundits, but i try to respect the people who come on this site to share opinions.

    Like HoBo.....nice guy, just has his facts a bit mixed up at times....

    "As for the Bailout plan.....
    How can we trust CONGRESS to FIX what they have BROKEN?"

    -You mean like the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000
    and  the  Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, both products of John McCain's former economic advisor.....PHIL GRAMM, for republican Senator from Texas?
  • toe
    this is injecting "race" into the issue - so be it.  Whether you want to ignore it or not-  there are still a number of bigoted Americans who cannot/will not vote for anything other than a "white" man.  These are the same people easily taken in by racist emails that continue to float about the internet.  These are the same people that will repeat lie after lie about Obama because this provides them a cover to not have to admit to themselves that the ONLY reason they cannot vote for Obama is the color of his skin.   If you were to ask any number of these people : "Which proposal as put forth by Obama gives you pause?"- they would be hard pressed to find a single fact with both hands.
  • steve
    I don't blame racists for being racist.  I believe that if they were conscious enough, they'd make a different choice.  They're just asleep in a sea of thoughts handed down to them by a closed network of family and friends who were also victimized by those who came before them.  In time, everyone will wake up because there will be no 'they' anymore.  Just hope it's soon.

    But I do have one word to those who would not vote for Obama because of the color of his skin.  Think of this.  We all call him 'black,' right?  But what about the fact that he's also white?  Did someone decide that he's 51% black and therefore you can't vote for him?  Just as you must acknowledge his 'blackness,' so too must you acknowledge his 'whiteness.'

    In this world, the ever-changing world of culture with race borders blending and culture blending, I can't think of another person who is more equipped than Barack Obama.  You see, for some reason he was brought into this world with the background he has.  He didn't choose it, but it has given him a vision, a perspective that someone like John McCain just can't have.  How many other black people can say they're related to Brad Pitt and have an asian relative who lives in Canada?  How many can say they've spent years with the poor and are on their way to the White House?   And I'll say this, too, because it's significant:  How many people can get 200,000 Europeans to wave American Flags?  There are times when a 'celebrity' can actually get something done.  We need this guy - he can, in some way, restore just a bit of the respect so many around the world have for our way of life.  As we sit here now we are possibly the most hated nation on earth.  We are also a laughing stock.  McCain, and certainly Palin, can't put a dent in that.  Obama can.

  • Bea
    Thank you Steve, for your posting.  You are right on!  I suppose for many, being 1/2 black (father from Kenya) is too much for some people to handle.  Again, I implore people to get past that and look at the qualifications of the person.  Steve has pointed out, in a very factual, common sense way, why we need, at this point in our history, a real change, and that real change to get us back on the path to being a respected international player, not to mention the even more important process of getting us back on track here at home, means Obama is truly our best choice.

  • David W. Walters
    There was a Time.    When
    i was racist.....and i thought a "Black Man" was unable to perform as i could.
    I am 54 yrs. old....i have worked as a surveyor and as a construction engineer, jobs that were traditionally closed to the Black Man.
    What i have noticed is that when an African American is given the chance...
    He will perform in a way that reflects on him personally, as an African the "Tuskegee Airmen"......
    Obama has this weight......
    a desire to perform as an make this Nation better, in a way that we as White people take for granted.
    As a Veteran, who was a "grunt".......i understand "Leadership".......
    This is a trait Senator  Obama possesses, yet escapes John McCain.
  • toe
    ~Fort Hill, SC Mayor Danny Funderburk said he forwarded a chain email suggesting Barack Obama is the antichrist because he was "just curious" if it was true:
    I was just curious if there was any validity to it," Funderburk said in a telephone interview. "I was trying to get documentation if there was any scripture to back it up."
    The e-mail, which has circulated in the last six months, claims the biblical book of Revelation says the antichrist will be in his 40s and of Muslim ancestry. The Charlotte Observer reports, "There is no such scripture. And Obama is not a Muslim. But that hasn't stopped the e-mail."
    ~Nevada GOP official removed for racial remarks - “We don’t want (Hispanics) to become the new African-American community”
    The spokeswoman for the Republican Party in Nevada’s most populous county was removed from her post Saturday, after she said the Democratic Party made black people “dependent on the government.”
    Didi Lima, the Clark County GOP communications director, also was removed from her volunteer role as a Hispanic community liaison for Republican John McCain’s presidential campaign over the remarks made earlier in the day while working at a McCain campaign booth.
    ~The chairman of the Republican Party in New Mexico’s most populous county resigned Thursday, nearly a week after saying “Hispanics consider themselves above blacks” and won’t vote for Obama.
     ~Student GOP leader resigns over Obama remark
    Leader of Pennsylvania College Republicans forced to resign after making fun of Obama's lips

    By MICHAEL RUBINKAM Associated Press Writer | AP

    Sep 8, 2008

    ~Republican state delegate Bob Tosh of the Columbia GOP:
    “We see more and more crime articles in the paper with Gomez, Martinez, Ramirez, and whatever Hispanic name you might see.”

    Gerry Simmons, of the Columbia County Sheriff’s office noted that Columbia County does not, in fact, deal with large amounts of illegal immigrants. Simmons said that Columbia County has a growing Hispanic community, but that no evidence suggests any disproportionate influx of illegal immigrants.
    Even so, Columbia GOP’s Tosh continued his racist comments by making the distinction between white American immigrants and the Gomez’s, Martinez’s and Ramirez’s of the world:
    “All of us who are Caucasian Americans are descendents of ...immigrants,” he said. “But with legal aliens, you know who's here and that they're not some criminal that came from Mexico, escaped from jail there and came over here and is raping 5-year-old babies.”

    “I’m extremely disappointed to be reminded these racist views still exist within the Republican Party,” said Democratic Party of Oregon Chairman Jim Edmunson. “These reprehensible comments have no place in our political discourse, and show the true extent to which some Republicans will go to divide Oregonians.”

    (just a few of the most recent items concerning the bigotry within the GOP...and I haven't even gotten into the Clarian Fund's insertion of religious bigoted inflamitory material in the form of a CD into newspapers throughout the country)