Palin Blasts the Press, Shuns Big Government, and (again) Scares the Liberals.

July 28th, 2009 Ryan Christy

Sarah Palin made some great points, and they were spot on, in her farewell speech on July the 26th, in what the scared leftists call “rambling.” Here’s what she said:

You have such important jobs reporting facts and informing the electorate and exerting power to influence. You represent what could and should be a respected, honest profession that could and should be a cornerstone of our democracy. Democracy depends on you. And that is why our troops are willing to die for you. So, how about — in honor of the American soldier — you quit making things up. (cheers and applause) And don’t underestimate the wisdom of the people.

Ya hear that, press? “Quit making things up!” “Don’t underestimate the wisdom of the people!” The American people are not idiots like you elite liberals think we are. The American people are smart, and we can discern what’s true and what’s not; some do so a little later than others, but nonetheless we Americans have that capability.

She’s absolutely right: the people in the press have sacrificed their honesty and professionalism (whatever little they had) to prop up Obama and his administration. Those in the press have become nothing more than propagandists for top-ranking liberals in the country. She goes on to say:

We must value and live the optimistic pioneering spirit that made this state proud and free, and we can resist enslavement to big central government that crushes hope and opportunity. Be wary of accepting government largesse. It doesn’t come free, and often accepting it takes away everything that is free. Melting into Washington’s powerful, caretaking arms will just suck incentive to work hard and chart our own course right out of us — and that not only contributes to an unstable economy and dizzying national debt, but it does make us less free.

Exactly right; spot on. What more can I say? Is there any other elected Republican talk that way about Big Government?

Please, let’s not start believing that government is the answer. It can’t make you happy or healthy or wealthy or wise. What can? It is the wisdom of the people and our families and our small businesses and industrious individuals, and it is God’s grace helping those who help themselves. (whistles and cheers) And then this allows that very generous voluntary hand up that we’re known for enthusiastically providing those who need it.

Is there any other elected Republican, or any elected official, saying these things? Sadly no.

The mainstream media’s propaganda on a republican they hate and deem dangerous is always the same: label him/her stupid. Looking at what she has accomplished in Alaska and hearing her speeches, you know she’s full of substance; you know she’s smart. And most of you Americans agree with her.

Whereever she would go speak during last campaign, she drew large crowds, who would erupt and were fired up, in some cases more than Obama’s crowds were. Obama’s crowds were fired up because of Obama and his magic alone; they’re cult-like. However, those fired up at Sarah Palin’s rallies are so because she brings substance, she’s actually saying something that makes sense, and she’s got the track record to prove what she says goes in line in what she does; and that this substance brings results.
Big difference, folks; Sarah Palin is much more qualified to be President of the United States than Obama is; the mainstream media has painted it the other way around; and that picture has been a BIG lie.

The mainstream media are so afraid of her, that they have been trying to destroy both her career and her reputation. To illustrate how scared the leftists in the media are, let’s go see what they have to say about Governor Palin recently. Let’s go to MSNBC Live: The anchor, Carlos Watson, had this exchange with the White House correspondent Norah O’Donnell about Governor Palin. They had this exchange:

WATSON: We talked in the nineties a good deal about the “angry white male” and “angry white men.” Instead of the face of that maybe being a Rush Limbaugh, that the face of it could become a Sarah Palin. Interesting to me. What’s…? Uhhh, what’s your take on her political opportunities in the near term?

O’DONNELL: No doubt! Yesterday these lines were tough. They would never make it in a general election campaign, but to her supporters, it was exactly the kind of political red meat that people love. It’s the kind of red meat that her supporters love. It’s the kind of red meat that has gained her some 13,000 people that have made small donations that have gotten — helped her bank this more than a million dollars. So, you betcha, she’s got a political future! You betcha she’s going to be out there traveling around.

Look at them, trying to make fun of her, “you betcha, you betcha.” That’s how the media has been trying to paint her: stupid and unsophisticated. They keep repeating this over and over again: there’s their propaganda for Palin. And look again, racism hasn’t gone away, despite people thinking it would after the election of Obama. They’re bringing her race into this again, replacing Limbaugh as the “angry white male.”

I tell you, folks, the ones who are stupid and unsophisticated are those in the media, who have no integrity and now are nothing more than stenographers for the Obama White House.

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  • Dora
    Having high ratings does not equal good content.
    Jerry Springer
    The Apprentice (or any other "reality" show)
    Adam Sandler movies
    Will Ferrell movies
    Slasher Movies
    ...but then, these are probably right up your alley, Bubbles
  • AckAck
    Damn Dora, you don't believe in anything and you think nothing is real. Hummm. Well, maybe all this isn't real. Maybe we are just a figment of something's imagination. Or, just maybe that something don't exist! I think it does and I think you know it and I know you know the Democrat party is screwed. after 2010 there may not even be a liberal, democrat party. If it last that long!
  • Dora
    "Best Seller's Lists" are bogus- even someone as dim as you are Bubbles should know this.
    I have no doubt that Palin's "book" will sell- she's a bitter woman with an ax to grind and people's faces to rub in the dirt. The woman is flat-out unqualified for very much of anything. She proves it over and over again.
    If she would have spent some time trying to learn and gain some understanding about how government is run on her off time- perhaps some might take her seriously. Not only has she not done this- she dumped the people of Alaska who hired her for a job- seeking instead to ca$h in on her new-found "fame". She has flaked on numerous commitments, traveled to speak abroad and ended up looking more the fool than ever. Those that didn't walk out were befuddled as to what the hell she was trying to say. She badmouthed our country and the president and his policies- something that you claim to believe is wrong - but apparently this only counts when liberals do this- like the Dixie Chicks.

    As far as the Democrats are concerned- I hardly see them as being "screwed". Spineless much of the time, yes...with a few exceptions. Many in Congress are more busy concentrating on keeping their cushy "jobs" than actually DOING their jobs. The GOP has gone out of their way to serve as obstructionists and hypocrites while providing no worthwhile input. Meanwhile, any meaningful discussion of actual issues that need addressing has been lost.
  • AckAck
    Let me know if you need a copy of the book...
  • JackieM
    AckAck--you are awesome!
  • AckAck
    Thanks JackieM, Dora is so typical it isn't funny anymore. I kind of feel sorry for her being stuck in the kind of mind-set she seems to be stuck in. Some people really can't help it. I believe she is one of those people. Most of them are locked away in a nut house somewhere though. I guess she is one that escaped through a knot hole somehow. Oh, well - maybe they'll catch up with her before she hurts herself...

    It still excites me how Sarah Palin can just show up and every liberal on the planet wants to put her down. Ever notice that? It's incredible! I wish I had that kind of power over peoplel, I'd hide in the rafters and jump out on old Dora and scare her almost to death. LOL
  • Dora
    Dear dimwit Bubble-brain, again you misunderstand. Progressives have no fear of Palin. She's a joke. A quitter. Democrats would love to see her run in 2012. GOP representatives shudder at the thought.
    I know that you "get all excited" thinking about her but a cold shower will help with that. All she is doing is trying to cash in on her current name recognition. Every single republican spokesperson that you can find will tell you that yes, she has a following with the bible thumper crowd- but there is no way in hell they would want her as the candidate representing the GOP in a national race. Period. You wish to waste your money on her book- go ahead. I have better things to do with my money.
  • ue
    The queen of all hypocrits--dora--has some nerve talking about anyone going around this world badmouthing anyone. LOL! the king of all hypocrits--idiot obama--did a great job of it! It is great that Palin told the truth during her speech overseas and it is sad that the left wing idiots can't distinguish facts from fiction. She has the right to speak her mind and express what is on the minds of true Americans unlike idiot obama "apologizing" to the rest of the world on behalf of the citizens of the US. How dare him! Give me a break. We don't need to apologize but he does. He owes apologizes to several of our allies that he has pissed off recently. hmmmm! i guess that is what he calls mending fences? what a strange diplomatic gesture!
  • JackieM
    For some reason my ID did not come through but that last post was me!
  • AckAck
    I wouldn't know what it must be like Dora to live in your bitter world. I have never met a person that simply HATES everything. Maybe one day I will meet you and I can say I have met that person! Or, maybe not...

    So, you come off with bad mouthing Palin and her experience and don't say a thing about your President Hussein's experience. I suppose you think he has more experience than Palin, huh? I suppose you think he is qualified to be president, huh? I understand Palin and I understand why every liberal on this earth FEARS her. She stands for good and decent, that's something liberals know nothing about and that is their biggest FEAR. I SURE AS HELL DON'T UNDERSTAND BHO!
  • AckAck
    My, My! For once we agree on something... Having high ratings does not equal good content. We agree on that however, I have not heard of most of those people you mentioned. They must be in your circle since you know them all and their ratings. Those cats you mention, they're your folk, I don't watch or listen to any of them. They must be on your side of the fence. All those I mentioned, on my side of the fence - in other words: My guys are GOOD GUYS!

    By the way, you didn't answer my question about her book. Or, maybe you think that's a lie to. Tsk, Tsk...
  • Dora
    "Chiip Wood" ... oh please.

    How about some actual people and actual facts:;=1

    be consistent in your hate and revenge mindset. you are utterly transparent in your hypocrisy.
  • AckAck
    Well, I could give you all kinds of facts concerning the reports on ACORN from Hannity, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Coulter, Malkin and many, many more reporting on this story. WHAT! You say, "Those are not real people?" Gosh, I sure thought they were... They get awfully high ratings not to be real.

    Have you been able to get a copy of Palin's new book yet? Probably not because it went number one on the best seller charts before it even hit the stands. You did know that, didn't you? Or, maybe you don't watch any of these non-existing people report, huh? Not to worry, I will send you a copy if you can't get one. How's that for being fair?

    Here is a report on your president from AckAck:

    1. He sat in Rev. Wright's church for 20 years and never heard a thing. (By the way, he dumped ole Rev. after he got confronted.)
    2. He was a pal with Bill Ayers and said it was a casual friendship, that they just happened to live in the same neighborhood.
    3. Didn't know we were having Tea Party's. (They were being televised and critized on ALL the tv and radio stations around the world.)
    4. He has ALL KINDS of ties with ACORN and won't admit any of them. (He may have to though.)
    5. He either has no birth certificate or something is screwed up with his idenity. (HE HAS NOT PRODUCED A CERTIFIED COPY OF ANY BIRTH CERTIFICATE TO AUTHENTICATE HIS ELGIBILITY TO BE PRESIDENT.)

    And on and on and on and on! Could it be that your president is an out right lier? Could it be he REALLY isn't from this country and is a MUSLIM? You see, I don't think he was born in this country and he can't prove other wise. I think he'd soon stand up and tell a lie to help his cause as to tell the truth for the American people.

    When are you liberals going to wise up and realize what you have as president and that you made a blatant mistake with this guy. There were other liberals you could have nominated and elected as president of this country. THIS IS NOT THE GUY FOR THE JOB!
  • Dora
    Hannity, Rush, and Beck couldn't locate a fact even it was glowing neon pink, walking towards them holding the hand of god.

    Bubble brain, you really need to get a life instead of saturating what little brain cell activity you have in the putrid stink of creatures like Hannity, Rush, and Beck.
    Go outside - enjoy your family- photograph a sunset- bake a pie- darn your sox- build something other than the walls of ignorance you construct daily.
  • markinboston
    I love Sarah Palin & Glenn Beck as well. They have a real loose understanding of what a fact is and say the most hilarious, entertaining over the top "poli-tainment" things, fervent in their dedication to extreme right-wing ideology and making the news. I hope they have long careers saying hysterical, errant things.

    Palin said, "in honor of the American soldier — you quit making things up." Can anyone tell me what that means? Really - I have NO idea what she might be alluding to. I do agree with her that taking away incentive to succed is an error. I have enought faith in Americans that with an effective school system and some overdue reforms, we might be strong again.

    It's funny to hear conservatives describe Palin as a complete clown and totally unqualified...

    However, this whole right wing push to punish the poor and underinsured by trying to forbid them a chance to have reasonably priced health insurance is truly evil. Get the hell out of the way.
  • Dora
    just stopped in to drop off air-head Palin news for Bubble brain...

    SARAH Palin is said to have pocketed a $7 million advance for the 400-page memoir she turned in four months early, but she might not have such an easy time on the lecture circuit.

    After quitting as governor of Alaska in July, Palin signed with the top-notch Washington Speakers Bureau, which also reps George W. Bush, Laura Bush, Condoleezza Rice, hero pilot Chesley Sullenberger, LA Dodgers manager Joe Torre and magician David Blaine.

    Palin's bookers are said to be asking for $100,000 per speech, but an industry expert tells Page Six: "The big lecture buyers in the US are paralyzed with fear about booking her, basically because they think she is a blithering idiot."

    blithering idiot, bubbles... not my words- but true enough.

    keep your eyes and ears tightly closed and feel free to carry on with your stupidity.
    i enjoy watching you try to figure out just exactly what the hell you are- you claim not to be racist yet you are all up in arms when he does the exact same thing as many other presidents as well as first ladies have done...for example: speaking with school children on the importance of education... what are you then if not racist? a hypocrite ? pick one.
    songs dedicated to the president sung in a classroom... oh my! how socialist!! where were you when they sang a song dedicated to dubba? and right after his failures regarding katrina, no less. i certainly heard nothing from you- or Limbaugh .

    it's not surprising that pinheads like you fringies here support Palin. she does not know history either.

    oh please... do carry on. you are too funny.
  • AckAck
    Dora, Dora. Lonely in the rafters again I see. Well, you are always welcome here on good old Ubran CONSERVATIVE bloggsville. What part of CONSERVATIVE do you not understand? Do I have to explain every little thing to you? CONSERVATIVE - Let's see if we can spell it now - - C - O - N - S - E - R - V - A - T - I - V - E. Do you need some time to study on that? It's conservative, not LIBERAL! This is a site for CONSERVATIVES to discuss conservative topics. It is not a site for nasty mouth liberals, they can do that on their own site if they have one. Fair enough? Not BEAT IT PUKE FACE!
  • 2bluestarmom
    I tried to make that point for over a year!

    This is a C-O-N-S-E-R-V-A-T-I-V-E web site.

    At least 1 (one) problem, radicals have; No manners.

    Should I make a top 10 list for them, as does one of their idols, David Letterman?

    It's simple; When you have "uninvited" pushers come to your house, break in and start destroying your property, Throw them out and lock them out.

    In other words, ignore them, they'll go away,

    It is indeed, ARGUING WITH IDIOTS!

  • Dora
    Oh Bubbles, you always say the sweetest things to me. Sorry, Bubbles, I'm already taken...but you keep on trying...I'm quite certain there is someone out there into bullshit.
    Oh, and perhaps you should take a trip over to Huffington Post to note how many post there that are NOT progressives. Non progressives post on O'Reilly, Faux Noise, and even your favorite idiot source, World Nitwits Daily.
    But, you keep right on living in your little Leave it to Beaver world, Bubble-brain. Things are not like they used to be- but then, they never were.
  • Dora
    oh...and one more thing, airhead Bubba-brain, if it were not for people like myself and others that come here to call you all on your lies, stupidity, hypocrisy, and misinformation this site would be dead dead dead. Even it's creator has lost interest in you.
    awwwwwww... {sniff, sniff...pardon me, I must find a tissue to dry my tears}
  • AckAck
    Oh, and one more thing, bat face, I've been all over the Huffington Post and most all the other phony liberal sites and I see nothing there that interests me. Just a bunch of spinners, spinning and spinning. Why in the world would I want to be part of that? You are a nut brain...
  • Dora
    Poor, poor foolish Bubbles. Obama has not mandated what car you must drive. My SAAB convertible gets excellent MPG which we use for longer drives- it spends the winter in the garage. the Jeep is necessary here with it's 4WD- to handle the snow and gravel roads. The motor bikes we use during the spring, summer, and fall- they get 100 miles to the gal. Thank you for taking such a personal interest in my well-being, but I am doing just fine.
    By the way, I hope that you caught Sen. Lindsey Graham's words concerning you birthers... as well as Beck and Limbaugh.
    if not:
  • Dora
    or here

    since the previous link did not print in full
  • AckAck
    Thanks for the link Bat Face. I'll return the favor. Here is some interesting information you must read. I am pasting it here so you will read it, I don't think you would take the time to read it elsewhere since it might reflect some truth about YOUR president and his surroundings. And it also pleasures me to be able to do this for you:

    Watching ACORN Get Chopped Down
    October 2, 2023 by Chip Wood

    There’s a wonderful German word, “schadenfreude,” which translates roughly as “taking pleasure in the misfortune of others.” Normally that would be a pretty petty thing to feel. But I’ve got to admit, I’ve been enjoying a lot of schadenfreude lately, as I witness the problems the Association for Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) has created for itself.

    The radical agitators who run this so-called “association of community organizers” are finally being exposed as the criminals and swindlers they’ve always been. As a result, it looks almost certain that they will lose the billions of dollars in federal subsidies they were promised by their good friend and generous benefactor, Barack Hussein Obama.

    First, the background. I know you’ve probably heard all of this before, but please bear with me while I repeat the story of ACORN’s support of a pimp, a prostitute and a child sex-slave ring. Seldom have I taken such pleasure in seeing some Marxist revolutionaries get their come-uppance.

    ACORN’s exposure started when two independent filmmakers visited their offices in Brooklyn, N.Y., Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, Md. In each case, they posed as a pimp and a prostitute who wanted advice on how they could obtain a federal housing loan (they wanted their own brothel) and how they could avoid taxes on their ill-gotten gains (they planned to be extremely profitable, don’t you know).

    And oh, by the way, they also planned to import 13-year-old girls from El Salvador and turn them into prostitutes. Did ACORN have any advice on how they could get away with all of this?

    Time after time, ACORN officials were only too glad to help. And thanks to some hidden recording equipment, it was all caught on tape. As you might guess, Fox News had a field day with the footage.

    ACORN reacted by claiming that the videos had been “doctored.” It also accused its critics of “racist coverage” and running a smear campaign. And oh, by the way, it also fired four of the employees who were caught on the incriminating videos.

    Before you could say “oh my,” the Senate voted 83 to 7 to deny ACORN some $1.6 million in federal housing subsidies it was supposed to receive. And the U.S. Census Bureau announced that it was cancelling a contract it had with the community organizing group to assist in next year’s census. Let us hope this is just the first of many setbacks ACORN will receive, as its friends in Congress and the White House scurry for cover.

    (Let me note in passing that the seven senators who voted against the measure included both leftist legislators from Illinois, Roland Burris and Dick Durbin; the outright socialist from Vermont, Bernie Sanders; and Hillary Clinton’s replacement from New York, Kirsten Gillebrand. Completing the sorry seven were Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, Pat Leahy of Vermont, and Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island. May their constituents vote to retire all of them at the next available opportunity.)

    Yes, the publicity has hurt ACORN. But what’s really going to frost their petunias is what will happen next. ACORN was in line to receive a staggering $8.5 billion in stimulus funds from the Obama Administration. Color that money gone.

    And the bad news for ACORN just keeps pouring in. Last month 11 ACORN workers in Florida were accused by prosecutors of falsifying information on 888 voter registration forms. The month before, ACORN’s former field director in Las Vegas agreed to testify against the group’s activities there. Las Vegas election officials say that up to 48 percent of the voter registration forms the group submitted were “clearly fraudulent.” Although it has barely been mentioned by the mainstream media, to date some 70 ACORN employees in 12 states have been convicted of voter-registration fraud. Expect those numbers to grow.

    Earlier this summer, Rep. Darrell Issa, the ranking Republican on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, released an 88-page staff report on ACORN’s activities. Here’s how that damning document began:

    “The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) has repeatedly and deliberately engaged in systemic fraud. Both structurally and operationally, ACORN hides behind a paper wall of nonprofit corporate protections to conceal a criminal conspiracy on the part of its directors, to launder federal money in order to pursue a partisan political agenda and to manipulate the American public.”

    The report goes on to note that “since 1994, more than $53 million in Federal funds have been pumped into ACORN, and under the Obama Administration, ACORN stands to receive a whopping $8.5 billion in stimulus funds.”

    Not any more, I’m very happy to report.

    Republicans in Congress are urging the Department of Housing and Urban Development to investigate ACORN. Nonsense! The agency that should be conducting an investigation is the Justice Department. ACORN is not merely a bunch of liberal do-gooders run amuck. They are criminal conspirators with a blatant disregard for the laws of this country.

    Back in March, Rep. John Conyers, the liberal congressman from Michigan who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, recommended that a hearing be held on ACORN’s abuses. His suggestion was immediately shot down by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Conyers was later heard to mutter that “the powers that be decided against it.”

    President Obama has already proven, in his cold-blooded dismissal of many former friends (remember Rev. Jeremiah Wright?), that he won’t hesitate to toss an ally under the bus if it becomes politically necessary. I’ll know we’ve won this battle when ACORN’s former attorney turns his back on these radical friends.

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for this to happen. But don’t let your congressman give these professional agitators another dime of your money, either.

    Until next time, keep some powder dry.

    —Chip Wood
  • AckAck
    Dora, Dora, not all the repubs agree with Glen and Rush on all the issues, just like all the dems don't agree with Michael Moore, or even Obama as far as that is concerned. Why would you think it would bother me because one republican senator disagreed with something a talk show host said? I don't agree with all they say and they sure are not the leaders of the republican party either... Does that surprise you to hear me say that? Most liberals look at them with closed minds and think everything they say comes from the repub party. Not so...

    Glad you are driving an import, better enjoy it while you can. You might have to get a 4wd bicycle to make it through the winters.
  • AckAck
    Hey Bat Face, my intentions were not to compliment you, simply to distort your brain a little. (More than what it already is! I guess that would be impossible.) Guess that's hard to understand to. I'd be glad to waste a little of my time and explain it to you...

    Some of us here were wondering how many miles per gallon does your bat mobile get? I know you want to take care of the environment and all. You need to think about that kid... Can't drive something just because you like it anymore, gotta drive what Obama says you can drive.
  • Dora
    Aliy-  apparently UC 's threats to remove the impostor were empty since this person is now using Dora's name,  (the chocolate bath suggestion made)-  I don't know if there are others... yet.
  • Back2Basics
    Dora (94)
    Dora, what web site did you get this information from?  You had to have copied and pasted it, you are just not that smart!  Sorry, good try...
  • aliy
    Dora, ps--I do think it's AWESOME you're dialoguing with us now instead of just calling us names and telling us to bathe in chocolate milk. This is WAY more productive!
  • aliy
    Dora, when you start bringing about a much cheaper health care option for employeers they will switch to that. As a business owner, if you have Humana right now and you can save a few grand a year putting your employees on the governement bill, THAT is what you're going to do. So don't TELL me I can keep my insurance and my doctor I can only do that if my EMPLOYER likes them as much as I do.

    The hyde amendment IS a law but you still see the government giving money to planned parenthood and you can't convince me that NONE of that money is actually going to abortions. If they do them, and they get funding, someone isn't following that law now are they? Let's put it in a way you can maybe relate too.

    An organization thinks being gay is a sin. They put out propoganda in the form of billboards and tv ads talking about the "evil of gay". Then along comes Obama and gives them a big fat check but tells you "but, they're not using the money I gave them for the signs and TV ads" is that cool with you? I bet not.
    Just so you know, I've never said we'll "die" if the public "option" is passed, what I've been saying is we REALLY need to start looking at medcial tourism as an option if it does pass.
    And medicare, my dad has to travel over an hour to see a doctor who will take that crappy program. He's limited on what drugs he's allowed to have (like cholesterol meds he has to take daily, they give him a 30 day supply and tell him he is not allow to get a refill for 90 days) and with all those problems, they're cutting 113 BILLION from it. Medicare fraud is one of the biggest drainers of money from the program and no one is addressing that issue at all.
    The problem with this system is you can treat some of the people all of the time or you can treat all of the people some of the time. I would like a guarantee that I will be in the "some" that get care all the time and there isn't one.

    For every success story you hear from here there's a bad one, same with every other country out there, UHC or not. The problem is that the UHC horror stories basically come down to they are the all of the people who only get treated some of the time!
    I will say it over and over again until someone actaully listens. If you want to FIX healthcare, FIX what's broken, don't double down another program that is open to the same fraud, corruption, and mismanagement that's already draining our system!

    Even other countries WITH UHC are saying this is going to make it MORE expensive for us because we're not fixing what's broke, we're going to ADD to it.
  • Dora
    Aliy-  the single payer system is off the table- it was in all the papers.
    try to keep up.
    You are trying to inject items into a discussion that are just not so.
    The "public option" is exactly that.
    An OPTION.
    You like your medical?
    Keep it.
    You like your doctor?
    Keep him/her.
    You like your medical plan?
    Keep it.

    The Hyde Amendment is the LAW.  No proposal, not one single suggestion,  nobody ...anywhere has even hinted at dismissing this.
    Stop with the fear mongering. 

    And Aliy, 
    We  have already a "single payer"  system in place now.  It's called Medicare.   Go find out how and why this 44 year old government run medical system has been such a success.  Conservatives "bitterly opposed" efforts to provide elderly Americans with access to health care. Ronald Reagan argued in 1961 that if Medicare wasn't stopped, "one of these days you and I are going to spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it once was like in America when men were free." George H. W. Bush called the plan "socialized medicine," and Barry Goldwater asked, "having given our pensioners their medical care in kind...why not a ration of cigarettes for those who smoke and of beer for those who drink?" Today's rhetoric from opponents of health care reform -- particularly the public option -- is eerily similar to the fear mongering of Medicare. While Republican scare-tactics today contain a regular diet of "socialism" charges, many conservatives and Republicans have even claimed that Americans will die if Congress passes a bill with a public option. "One in five people have to die because they went to socialized medicine!" Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) complained.
  • aliy
    Thank you B2B, I was just saying that in another dialogue to her, she's smart, it's not THAT hard to figure out who the real me is.
  • Back2Basics
    Dora, honestly - I don't believe all your certificates made you smart enough to Aliy's alter ego!  You just don't have what it takes to be her.  And the real idiot is making a piss poor attempt to imitate her posts...  So, I think the imposter is a PIECE OF SHIT!
  • aliy
    Ok Dora, Anti Aliy is the one running around accusing you all over the place, stop getting your panties in a wad ok. I just said I "guessed" it was you.

    As for your Hyde Amendment, how do you prepose to keep abortions going in the USA if the ONLY payer for medical services IS the government?

    Woudln't just by nature of the Hyde Amendment keep abortions from happening if we're under a single payer system? A law that prevents federal funds from being used to pay for abortion.

    So, what you're telling us is we should ALL be behind this single payer system because it's going to eliminate abortion? That's an interesting argument. Had to get throught a LOT of your usual crap to get there, but finally, you're actually having a dialogue with us!

    Wow, I never thought I'd see the day when you actually brought something to the table with any substance!! You're dialoging Dora, you're really dialoging!!! Aw, our little nasty Dora's growing up. I am SO proud.
  • Dora
    Ryan Christy- just curious- are you the same Ryan Christy who proudly asks on his facebook page:... ah,  Books?  what are those?
    If it gets removed,  that will be my answer.
  • Dora
    dimwit Aliy-  It's simple enough to check the isp and you will see that I am not your alter ego-  but I guess it all fits in with your nutcase conspiracy-theory of a life. 
    tell you what, Aliy-  why don't you actually look up who is providing the funding to bus the "grass roots" protesters around to the various town hall meetings...  you know,  those "real Americans" who are so "into democracy"  that they feel they must shout down anyone who tries to speak... oh,  and catch a glimpse of the signage-  look familiar?  everything including the kitchen sink-  except facts. 
    there is no... wait, let me repeat that : NO euthanasia anything proposed in ANY of the suggested health care bills that have come out of ANY committee or promoted by ANYONE. Nothing. 
    secondly:  ever heard of the Hyde Amendment?  2blue, Jackie, all of you idiots... LOOK IT UP.  It has to do with abortion... obviously you are all aware of what the Hyde Amendment says. .. no wait... obviously you are not- hence your stupidity shown here stating what your lunatic fringe friends probably forwarded to you in your email.
    stop making shit up regarding  the health care proposals.   
    third... single payer has been "off the table" for weeks.  yes Obama campaigned on this,  no one has ever said that he did not... however,  failing to achieve this a "public option" was proposed. 
    do you  have any idea what  "option" means?  no, obviously you don't or you wouldn't be drooling all over the place with outrageous statements about "Obamacare".   

    you people have been off the rails since November.  I have no doubt that you will get even more batty now that the economy is turning around-  consumer confidence is growing- the car industry has received a much needed boost with a program (cash for clunkers) that was overwhelmingly successful- far beyond expectations resulting in a win-win-win -all the way around up to and including the steel industry... that really frosts you-  

    how sad that such a bunch of total fools here can so proudly show themselves to be exactly that. 

    how sad that such feeble minds like Bubbles and DS believe that 48 years ago a plot was hatched to have Obama be shown to have been born in the USA so that he could magically - despite all odds- somehow become the first black President of the US. 

    how sad that such feeble minds as 2blue states that health care reform is a plot to kill old people.  what a ding bat.  others claim that it's a plot to change people's gender-  or to steal your vital organs... good grief.  can you get any more stupid???  or that it's a plot to use government money to provide abortions all over America.  (again,  dimwits,  go read the Hyde Amendment.  It's a LAW. )

    Go read who RICK SCOTT is.  His background.  What his connection is with the so-called "grass roots" teabaggers/disruptors of the town hall meetings. Staged events meant for You Tube.  Bought and paid for by those lobbyists that you hate so much...or claim to hate.  

    Get your damn selves educated before you start foaming at the mouth.  Right now,  you are just plain ignorant.
  • aliy
    Did you hear the new one. Democrats are saying that conservatives using Obama's OWN WORDS are spreading "disinformation". Isn't that great? We quote the messiah and WE'RE lying!! How the heck does THAT work?!

    One such quote they are taking issue with is the 2003 speech where he said he's for a single payer system. They don't want anyone using that anymore. It's "disinformation" now.


    And let's not forget todays race card, there's a picture of Obama with the Joker from Batman's make up on and the word socialit written below it. This, of course, was in the same spirit of the Bush picture dressed up like the joker Liberals were laughing about last year this time but LOW AND BEHOLD, the people who dressed up Obama are...wait for know it's coming....RACIST.

    I don't like Obama but I'm really, really sick of this race card, and liberal double standard. Like Pelosi goes out in front of the media the other day and calls all insurance companies "villians" but refuses to return the money Aflac donated to her!! I bet THEY don't make that mistake again.
  • Back2Basics
    Okay, I've had it with this Obama guy!  And all the little "Yes we will Master" cats following him around.  It's time the people stood up and messed with their minds...  Meaning, everywhere some radical leftist group wants to meet, we'll be there to!  EVEN ON THE INTERNET!
  • DS
    Bud, please send me the REAL aliy's email address so I can speak with her.  You know how to get it to me.
  • aliy
    Dora, a "wee" note back.

    I've got SOMEONE freaked out enough, or pissed off enough, to use my name as an anti-aliy. You can say no one would want to be me. Someone IS pretending to be me.

    I have a feeling it IS you so I hope UC does get to the bottom of it. In the meantime I've taken some precautions to make sure people know the REAL me from the imposter.
  • aliy
    DS, the blue aliy with the pats head IS the real me.

     I really am interested in the bible and I really AM taking it in school right now. I would like to understand why God let his people go through so much. What is the lesson there and how can we translate it into OUR lives now. Get my email from B2B I would like to understand more, since you are the most knowledgable person I know when it comes to this stuff I really would enjoy talking to you so I don't haul off and argue with my professor!! My comments weren't meant to be blasphemy, I honest to God want to understand.

    The anti-aliy is the other one. UC, B2B have helped me a ton in making sure you can tell the difference between the REAL aliy and the anti-aliy.
  • Back2Basics
    Bubble-brain,  you misunderstand.  You don't "piss me off"-
    I encourage you to continue with your absurdity...
    you provide proof of your tin foil hat thinking daily .   Your dentist/real estate saleslady/fellow tin foil hat wearer is a solid candidate for the rubber room.  Since you have the mental ability of a turnip I can easily understand how a fellow turnip would catch your eye.

    I know Dora, I KNOW!  I am like the little snowy white things that whiz by in your dreams and you can never explain them, THEY ARE JUST THERE!  Bugging you everytime one comes by.  I know...  I love it when you run out of words and probably have to stomp the floor or something.  Or maybe break something!  But, it's okay Dora, I KNOW!
  • aliy
    Dora, I am warning you. I will become the fake Dora and impersonate you and then we will see how arrogant you are you old crone!
  • Back2Basics
    Amber (71)

    You talk like this is the conservative side that is making a big deal out of this.  THIS IS THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!  I appreciate your cander in the matter but I am serious.  OBAMA HAS NOT PRODUCED A VALID BIRTH CERTIFICATE FOR THE PEOPLE TO LOOK AT...  After all, he holds the office of the President of the United States of America!  Don't you think we are right in demanding that he is fully qualified to be the Commander of this country.  Amber, you should be equally concerned.  Are you?
  • DS
    aliy blue,
    why don't you either get a life or go hang out with your liberal nut jobs and stop using aliy's name on here.  you are a real slime bag for doing that, and I hope that UC decides to block you from the site for it.  what kind of mental disorder do you claim to have which causes you to imitate others?  there is probably some drug out there that could help you be more satisifed with yourself if you look for it.  IF you actually took bible class in school you must have been sleeping or cutting class most of the time.  your questions are blasphemous and come from your father, the devil.  go away and cause trouble somewhere else before God decides to shut you up Himself.
  • DS
    And what makes you satisfied that obama is a citizen?  I see nothing but the contrary as far as real evidence is concerned.  You can call a dog a cat as long and as often as you want, but it is still a dog!  You have allowed the left wing nut jobs to brainwash you amber.  It won't be long now before they have you following them to the death camps if you get my drift.  Somehow I believe that you're really a nice lady......misinformed, gullible, unwilling to think for yourself, and unable to accept the truth when it is staring you in the face.....but you "might" be able to turn it around before it's too late if you want.  We can provide you a lot of really good material to read which would help you if you want to know the truth.  Otherwise, it is useless to reason with you as it has become with people like Dora.  She is a bad influence on you amber.  You really should start thinking for yourself and be honest about things.
  • Dora
    aliy- just a wee note to you:
    why on earth would I be interested in being you??!!!!
    now, that's just plain silly.
    I throw rubbish away- I don't wear it.

    Bubble-brain,  you misunderstand.  You don't "piss me off"-
    I encourage you to continue with your absurdity...
    you provide proof of your tin foil hat thinking daily .   Your dentist/real estate saleslady/fellow tin foil hat wearer is a solid candidate for the rubber room.  Since you have the mental ability of a turnip I can easily understand how a fellow turnip would catch your eye.
  • aliy
    Hey DS,

    I've got questions on the bible. I'm taking intro to the bible in school and I've started reading it all on my own (use to be what I got in chruch was the extent of my bible knowledge) I'm only in Exodus but I'm seeing a parrallel to what's happening here.

    Like God gave Pharoh 10 chances to release his people before he went all biblical on them and killed all the first borns. (personally I wouldn't have let them get past 3 chances but that's just me) So, I guess my question is, do you think God is giving Obama 10 chances and when did they start? Did they start when he took oath, did they start when he knocked Hilliary out. If he tells the same lie 9 times, does it count as 9 lies or only 1 since it's the SAME thing every time? I'm just waiting for God to strike him down a peg. Any ideas?
  • aliy
    Now I've got it. My name is blue! Thank B2B for the help on that one.
  • aliy
    Ok, didn't work. back to the drawing board..... This imposter is really like a gnat around your fruit salad. No destination, no point, just random buzzing!
  • aliy
    I'm testing this. It seems someone (and I could only guess who) is using my name on here and saying really, really stupid things. I think that last one had to do with a parole officer or something. So, I've talked to some people and done something to try and protect my identity. I don't know if it's going to work or not but here it goes....
  • amber
    DS  I see your point, but you must understand, i am satisfied that Obama is a us citizen, this makes your point as it concerns me is irrelevant
  • DS
    amber and Dora,
    How can you argue such a stupid and obvious point?  If it were a reepublican who couldn't produce his/her birth certificate you would be screaming at the top of your lungs!  And guess would we!!  See, it isn't about Democrats or Republicans....or liberals vs conservatives!  It's about truth!  It's about the Constitution!  Why do you show how imbecilic you are by arguing such a straight-forward point?  Get a life you two!!
  • amber
    B2B  I think this whole birth certificate issue is just a parriniod conspiracy theory that reeks of racism, but for the sake of discussion Dora brings up a valid point. Assuming that Dora info is accurate and zanzibar was not part of Kenya at the time of Obamas birth how can endorse this lawrers claim  that he has one birth certificate showing his birth in two different nations.  Where do you get this stuff anyway, oh i gotta go, i just saw a UFO
  • Back2Basics
    Dora, I love pissing you off.
  • Dora
    Ha ha ha ha ha Bubbles- you crack me up!

    Today, they're waving around a supposed "Kenyan birth certificate" for President Barack Obama without regard to the fact that it would have to have come from an alternate reality where Kenya became Kenya before Kenya was Kenya, and on which Obama is said to have been born in a city that was actually part of Zanzibar at the time of his birth. It's all pretty awesome and fun and now everyone's getting in on the "let's all forge up some birth certificates" craze.

    keep it up, dimwit-  we consider you a necessary part of "the plan".  ve  vill take over the vorld.
    lunatic fringe-ies   you make it so easy because you are so damn gullible- you'll believe anything, no matter how stupid. ..and even funnier- you bring your bullshit here and proudly announce how stupid you are!!


    oh please,  carry on!!!
  • Back2Basics
    Conservative, for your info.

    Breaking: Is this the smoking gun of Obama's Kenyan birth?
    California attorney Orly Taitz, who has filed a number of lawsuits demanding proof of Barack Obama's eligibility to serve as president, has released a copy of what purports to be a Kenyan certification of birth and has filed a new motion in U.S. District Court for its authentication.
    Read the latest now on
  • Back2Basics
    Conservative, to this day there has not been a Certified Copy of his birth certificate displayed anywhere for the people's viewing!  Why?  Is he playing a game with this?  I don't think so.  Too many legal people are concerned about this, including me!  There is a computer generated copy of a birth certificate floating around on the Internet.  I have a copy of it on my web site.  IT'S NOT THE REAL THING...
  • Back2Basics
    DS, you're right about O'Reilly, he will not say what he is.  He just keeps making the big bucks using conservative tactics.

    I honestly don't think he said he saw the "Real" birth certificate.  What he said was, "Their people contacted our people and explained it."  That was all I heard him say.
  • DS
    We should go after obama with EVERYTHING we have, INCLUDING the birth certificate!!  If a guy doesn't meet the requirements of the Constitution, then he SHOULDN'T be President....plain and simple!!  I disagree with O'Reilly a lot of the time.  He is NOT a true conservative, so don't use him to justify anything.  I would like to know how he saw the "original" birth certificate since nobody eles has!!??
  • Back2Basics
    Well, here we go again.  New faces, same old Dora and conservvatives disagreeing with conservatives.  This is what is wrong with this friggin party.  If you mention someone being qualified and pretty and we should promote that person, ten people will come on and tell you why that person is not qualified...  THIS IS PETTY CRAP!

    If there are any TRUE CONSERVATIVES and you want to keep a conservative party, better get your ass in gear and get something started nationwide.  Obama and company is screwing this country up so bad nothing will fix it!  There may not be much time left to haggle around and play games.
  • conservativeperspectives
    DS,  I am definitely a true conservative, just one with a different opinion on the birth certificate issue.  We conservatives can sometimes disagree on specific things :)  I do understand your concern about it, but part of my position on this stems from the fact that I once heard Bill O'Reilly say that he did in fact get to look at it, during the campaign, and he saw it in person. 

    Also, as I said, I just hate to give the enemy ammunition to shoot us with.  I think people are playing Obama's game, and it is never good to fight the battle on the enemy's battlefield.  There are more effective ways to deal with Obama and the Democrats, and this birth certificate issue makes it harder to pursue those.
  • aliy
    I should add that spelling good does NOT indicate intelligence. My parole officer spells good, and he is a blithering idiot.
  • aliy
    Ok, That above with the capital A IS ME! You'll know the imposter when you come across them, they make no sense. But damn, they spell good!
  • Aliy
    I agree with UC.

    There's some left wing nut using my name on here with a capital A trying to make me look like an idiot. It's a shame liberals have to hide behind lies and fear and can't come out and break any argument we put in front of them.  I guess I should be flattered someone is using MY name because it just means I'm making more sense and they are really scared of me!

    Some liberals will never face the fact that we have the truth on our side. When Bush was in office and they were all running around talking about investigating him for war crimes and all the other stupid stuff...Tell me THEY liked HIS policies.

    We are not calling for Obama's impeachment (ok, a few of us think we're headed that way, but we understand how much it actually takes to do that) we're calling for people to stand up and look at his policies for a change. Not his color, not his wife planting a garden in lead ridden white house lawn, not his kids wearing the peace sign of protesters all over Europe, we're asking you to look at his policies. 

    How about cash for clunkers. It's broke, ALREADY. We're not even a year into his administration and it's completely broke (out of money broke)! Do you NOT think health care, cap and trade and these other outragous spending bills will turn out the same? A Year from now, no one can see a doctor because the medical system is broke (and I mean out of money broke, not not working, it's going to be THAT broke from the get go)
  • DS
    I respectfully disagree with your obama citizenship response.  I don't care why he isn't showing his birth certificate.  The fact is that he isn't being forced to provide it, and that is unconstitutional!  Congress is not fulfilling their obligation here!  They should ALL be removed for this!  And if it is proven that he is not a citizen, he SHOULD BE removed ASAP!!  There is no reason why he should be allowed to serve out his term if he is not a citizen!  Again, he would be violating the Constitution, and that is enough to throw him out!! If allowed to stay, it would be setting precedent which we do not need!  I'm not sure if you're a true conservative, or just another "lib in conservative clothing".  But if you are, then I encourage you to STAND UP for what is right and stop falling for the liberal tricks.
  • conservativeperspectives
    As for Dora, where do I even begin?  This woman is simply crazy.  She, along with so many others, can't stand that there are people who stand up and disagree with Obama.  Since she and other liberals can't argue with reason, they resort to labeling all those who disagree with Obama as racists and bigots.  I don't need to waste any more time in this post talking about this person. 

    There was another post in here, by DS, that also should be addressed, regarding the Obama birth certificate issue.  I disagree that there is any proof that he is not a citizen, but it does beg the question of why he will not release the records.  I believe the answer is less a vast conspiracy than it is simple political calculation.  He is trying to make conservatives look crazy, and simply loves it when people question this.  It de-legitimizes conservatives, at least the way they look at it, so it is good politics for them.  By constantly focusing on this issue, people play right into his hands.  Please don't do him any favors.  He is sabotaging himself and his party just fine.  Besides, even if he were found to be illegitimate at this point, no court would force his removal.  They would simply say that he has already served as President for 6 months, and will be allowed to finish his term.  As I said though, I don't think there is sufficient reason to doubt his citizenship anyway, and I don't think it is good politics to focus on it. 

    If you would like to read more of my posts, please feel free to visit me at
  • conservativeperspectives
    JoAnn Hart,

    you made the following post:

    haha, ryan. you must be one of the "conservative bloggers" that urban is crying for.  LOL!
    You are so out of touch. While Palin might resonate with people in Kentucky and Texas, she is frowned upon everywhere else in the country. She is a joke. She may be an attractive woman but she lacks any credibility whatsoever.
    She is bad for the Republican party and that comes from my dad who is a staunch Republican.
    Get a life Ryan.
    The first point I want to address is your statement at the end, that she is bad for the Republican party.  You make the mistake of thinking that conservatives must be Republicans.  We conservatives identify ourselves by our principles more than by our party.  We feel that the Republican party abandoned us several years ago, and they have to earn their way back.  Sarah Palin may be one of the best things to happen to the Republican party in a long time, in that she has infused new life and energy into the debate.  The Republican party can either get the message to get back to conservative values, or they can lose a third election in a row.  I think that Palin has helped them choose the former.  There are some within the Republican party that helped to destroy it for a while.  I don't know your father, but somehow I have a feeling that he is a "moderate", and we don't need any more of those.
    The second point I wish to address is about Sarah Palin being a "joke" all over the country.  That simply is not true, not any more so than Barack Obama being a joke all over the country.  While I would personally have preferred Mitt Romney as the VP (the Presidential nominee for that matter), I have a high respect for Mrs. Palin.  Sometimes I wish she would speak a little more from notes and a little less extemporaneously, but she is a very gifted woman, and I hope that she has some sort of future in politics.  The hatred of this woman by so many like you goes far beyond simple disagreement.  It is really because she is pro-life, and that she has proven that women don't have to choose between career and family.  She has shown that you can do both.  She shines the spotlight of truth on the liberal lies that tell women that they should abandon family to pursue career.  She is a mortal threat to liberal ideology.
    Thirdly, although least importantly, she appeals to more people than just in Kentucky and Texas, as you implied.  Furthermore, you meant that as a disparaging remark about Kentucky and Texas (and all southern states).  Where is that liberal "tolerance" I always hear so much about, huh?
    In closing, I really wish that you liberals would at least drop the pretense of being nice, tolerant people.  You have shown that your arguments almost always consist of personal attacks, and not a focus on whatever arguments you might think you have.  Or, better yet, try to be better people :)
  • DS
    I agree with UC.  I think it would be better for all of us (but mostly you) if you left this site and tried your tactics somewhere else.  They aren't getting anywhere here Dora.  But before you leave I just wanted to remind you one last time that God is waiting for you Dora!  He loves you and is the ONLY one who can fill the void in your heart.  You need God and just can't relinquish control of your life to anyone else.  I know how hard it is Dora.  We were all like that once.  We all wanted to be our own god UNTIL we realized that we needed a savior.  I know you don't realize that yet, but you will.  Then the question is "what will you do with this Jesus?"  That is the most important decision you will EVER make Dora!  Call out for God and He will be there Dora!  He is waiting for you!  Do it today!!  Good-bye Dora and may God's grace find a way into your heart!
  • Dora

    I don't care about your spell check  time UC  you have proven over and over again that you don't care to take the time to check your facts before plopping them here...apparently you don't even take the time to read the rot that that "your people"  have leveled at me, at amber, at simonsdad, at harrysmom,  at anyone who says " whoa,  don't keep spewing lies-  (like 2blue's impressions of what the health care bill designed to do-  or Bubba's lunatic birther noise or jackie's off-the-wall name-calling and foul language directed at me.  
    I have told you that I came here because you put things out as fact when they are - in fact- your opinions... and 90% of the time your opinions are based in quicksand and faerie dust...or dragged from the pages of Drudge and already debunked. 

    You should consider changing the name of the site to:  "Whack-jobs and wing nuts of the fringe right".  
    Or maybe "Bible thumpery for dummies and knuckle-draggers."
    That's about all you've got.
  • Guest
    Dora -- you are a sad human. You degrade those who don't "believe the way you do".  People are different. Not everyone thinks, acts, smells like you.  If we did, we'd be a bunch robots bowing down to left wing behaviors and ideologies. 

    No one is attacking Dora on this site. Not the way you do "the host" .. which is completely hilarious.  We attack the way you think and the way you have been controlled by society. 

    No one hates Obama here. I actually think he a decent human being. We just don't agree with his policies.  And sadly, because you worship him so, you would believe just about anything that comes out of his mouth. He is just a human, just like you and I, Dora.

    If you hate us so much here -- us right wing extremist weird Christian people -- then why do you spend so much time here. Go away; and we would be both have better days.

    And, please all ... please don't check my spelling, grammar as a way to attack me. I am busy and don't have time to spell check everything.

    Attack my thinking and argument, if you dare.
  • Dora are a racist and a bigot.  No question about it.
    A sexual, religious, and racial bigot.
    Get help.
    The fact that the "host" of this site promotes your brand of bigotry says a great deal about this site, it's fellow yup-yuppers, and it's host.
  • aliy
    Oh and There's the racist card from Dora, did anyone really expect anything better from her. No, there's no other arguement she can make so out comes the race card!

    What a great argument Dora, because as well ALL know, the white cop didn't call Gates any racist names, YOUR Messiah DID. And as well all know, liberals hibitually vote AGAINST race equality (check ANY civil rights bill EVER).

    Call me a racist again! Please?!
  • Dora
    I have only one conclusion drawn from you fools-  after reading your constant babbling about Obama and your hate rants-  you people are just too racist to accept anything other than white bread.  You look for anything and everything to bitch about and attribute to Obama-  although it all has been debunked over and over and over again- yet you continue your rants.  Why? 
    Because you fear your white bread days are coming to a close.  Other races are equally up for the job and finally have the opportunity- and that bugs the hell out of you.   You just sit there and make up shit constantly to compensate for your own stupidity and inability to accept facts.   Aliy insists that Obama is not Christian.   Bubbles, Jackie, Aliy, and DS have their undies in a knot
    trying to find a way to prove their tin-foil hat conspiracy theories.  2blue is crammed with so damn many non-facts it's a wonder she does not just explode.   Youth camps,  kill off the elderly,  who knows what other bat-shit crazy theories she has eaten for breakfast.   The facts are just not that hard to locate yet you all persist in depositing nonsense here. 
    Oh, how wonderful it would be to have you idiots stand in front of the nation and field questions.   You are like the ding-bat at McCain's rally who insisted that Obama was not American.   Remember her?  The old lady with bed-hair?  You deserve to be ridiculed.  You are just that stupid.    Dangerously stupid.
  • Aliy
    I don't care what world opinion of Obama is Dora, THEY DON'T VOTE HERE!!! I'm concerned with the damage Obama is doing to our nation and who the hell is going to stop him. Europe? You think Germany is going to stop Obama? No, why the hell would you care if they like us or not.

    And just so you know, Pakastan hates us more now than when Bush was in office! Go figure, isn't Obama "their people"? Wasn't that the big plan, elect a muslim that can "talk" other muslims off the bomb? FAILED!

    And what I'm reporting is an approval index number. Not "45% of the people think they might just possibly be better off next year" because those 45% of people are the ones thinking Obama's finally going to cut them a check! Ask them next year if they think they'll be better off when Obama's done NOTHING but raise taxes.

    An index rating doesn't take into account what you might think he could possibly do for you in the future, it doesnt' count people who don't live or vote here either. It only counts the people who contribute to the process and where they stand right now.

    So, go ahead, call me names, call me whatever you want. You're insults are like a badge of honor for me since the ONLY time you respond to ANYTHING is when it's SPOT ON and you're just trying to deflect some damage for your Messiah!
  • Dora
    Aliy- your poll reporting ignores all other polls except those that would support your wackadoodle pea -sized brain capacity.
    Garbage in=garbage out.
    perhaps you might inform yourself of the total picture...for example:

    of course if you want to use only your chosen pollster- you might try actually reporting ALL of the poll results... such as this quote from your fav:

    "Overall, 50% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President's performance. Forty-nine percent (49%) now disapprove."

    Tell me, Aliy,  do you bake a chocolate cake using only the frosting?
    Why not be honest in your feeble attempts to bad-mouth Obama?
    Are you entirely unable to do this?
  • Aliy
    New poll numbers: 7/31/2009

    28% approve
    39% disapprove

    Index -11

    Dropping, dropping, dropping...........
  • Back2Basics
    Wanna see H. R. 3200?
  • DS
    Here is proof that obama is not a natural born citizen, and according to the Constitution is NOT eligible to be President of the U.S.....maybe of Africa or Syria, but NOT of the U.S.!!!  obama knows this full well or he would just provide his birth certificate and be done with it!  And why do all of these fraudulent birth certificates keep popping up?  obama is a fraud Dora and you know it!  I could understand you trying to defend a natural born liberal like Clinton or ? (I couldn't think of any other liberals who might be qualified to be President), but to support a fraud like obama just doesn't make sense UNLESS you don't care at all about our nation!
  • JackieM
    B2B--and I'll be glad when it happens!
  • Back2Basics
    Mr. Obama... when it comes to ObamaCare... the American people simply don't want your retreat... the American people want your defeat. When Senator Jim DeMint said; "If we're able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him," he was right. But it ain't Waterloo yet... not until the socialist Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda is broken once and for all...
  • JackieM
    B2B--obama has made a mockery out of that office and our country.  i don't want to be associated with this SOB.  we are getting ready to go out of the country.  i will ensure others know that obama does not represent real Americans!
  • Back2Basics
    Obama is definitely a major liberal.  This beer summit thing has got to be the dumbest yet!  Can this nation not see what we have at the wheel?  I mean, we need to get rid of this guy and pronto.  (that's spanish - means fast, of course Dora would know that with all her degrees and deplomas and all)  Can you see how stupid this whole thing has played out?  Man, talking about dunce...
  • JackieM
    Dora and the rest of the stupid liberals have the likes of biden, pelosi, reid, dodd and obama.  so who in the hell are they to cast any stones.  they are being laughed at and made fools of daily.
  • JackieM
    B2B--You are awesome!
  • Back2Basics

    Dora, please tell me all about your education again.  I'm dying to hear it.  If you don't, I might have to go read one of your old posts.
  • Back2Basics
    Amber, you'l get your wish.  Not only that, you'll be able to say "I can't stand President Palin, I hate that bitch!"

    Dora, you're like a big old uglu friggin' boil on the side of my ass - you bug me!  I seriously wonder if you really have a home.  I could never see me hanging out on a liberal web site.  I'm just not that ignorant!  What do you find here that keeps bringing you back?  If you could just give me something positive to go on, I'd be a nice boy...  NOT!
  • Dora
    just to get you pointed in the proper direction, Bubbles-  go here:
  • Dora
    Bubbles,  you and your flaky friends here are welcome to continue to praise the "birther" idjits.   You are the laughing stock of the country-  I know that's ok with you- so have at it.
    Others with an IQ higher than that of a dirt clump know that Obama is a citizen of the U.S. ...but you go right ahead and keep plopping your nonsense out there.
    oh...and if you wish to quote a "poll" ... try not to use an internet poll-
    there are actual poll results out there currently regarding your lady friend-  and Bubbles,  I hate to work your little brain- but the results of the legit. poll are radically different from those numbers you placed here-  in fact Sarah did very, very poorly.   It's lovely of you to seek only information that will support your preconceived notions-the problem is that your "poll"  is upside down.  Go look it up.  Internet polls are never, never taken for anything other than amusement.  .... the same credibility as the "What kind of  refrigerator magnet are you?"  quiz.
    Oh,  and Bubbles, Clear Channel radio today said "thanks but no thanks" to Palin for a radio show . They  were not interested.
  • amber
    B2B I really don't know how to say this any clearer I hope Palin is on the 2012 ticket because in my view it will ensure a democrat remains in the white house. I am not trying to insult you or Palin here, just stating my opinion. If you cant except that i don't know what to tell you.
  • DS
    William (18),
    Haven't we met you before on our site?  Your "willingness" to listen and attempt to understand conservative logic reminds me of someone else who was here before.  What was your previous name?  Come on man, come clean!  We know you libs like to use that trick!  You don't want to hear the truth William.  You just want to spew hate and lies like Dora, amber, and all of the other left wing nutjobs on here!  There Dora, I told you what I think of you........even though God is still waiting for you.  ;-}
  • JackieM
    B2B--whooohoo!  Go Palin!
  • Back2Basics
    This is an article from Newsmax

    Poll: Nearly 80% Support Palin 2012 Run

    Wednesday, July 29, 2023 11:48 AM

    By: Jim Meyers
    Article Font Size  

    An Internet poll sponsored by reveals that nearly four out of five respondents would support Sarah Palin as the Republican nominee for president in 2012.
    A slightly larger majority believe the then-Alaska governor helped John McCain in the 2008 presidential race — while only 31 percent think McCain did a good job running for president.
    The poll drew more than 600,000 responses, and Newsmax will provide the results to major media and share them with radio talk show hosts across the country.
    Here are the poll questions and results:
    1) What is your opinion of Sarah Palin?
    Favorable: 83 percent
    Unfavorable: 17 percent
    2) Do you believe Sarah Palin as a running mate helped or hurt John McCain?
    Helped: 80 percent
    Hurt: 20 percent
    3) In the election between McCain-Palin and Obama-Biden, who did you vote for?
    McCain-Palin: 81 percent
    Obama-Biden: 16 percent
    Other: 3 percent
    4) Would you support Sarah Palin as the Republican nominee for president in 2012?
    Yes: 78 percent
    No: 22 percent
    5) Do you believe McCain did a good job running for president?
    Good Job: 31 percent
    Bad Job: 69 percent
    6) Do you believe Barack Obama "bought" the White House by outspending McCain?
    Yes: 72 percent
    No: 28 percent
    You Can Still Vote in the Newsmax Poll on Sarah Palin - Click Here Now
    © 2009 Newsmax. All rights reserved.
  • Back2Basics
    Vanished: Obama exposer disappears off Net, an extensive information depot questioning Barack Obama's eligibility to hold the office of president, has vanished off the Internet, and its publisher believes the political end is also near for the commander in chief.
    Read the latest now on
  • Back2Basics
    Dora (26)

    Aliy- you continue to be too stupid for words.
    The healthcare plan - which does not even exist at the moment- has nothing to do with the "right" to an abortion-  it happens to be the law of the land.

    Dora, these are all empty words.  Just like the birth certificate.  You, liberals, want it to be your way or just go away but in reality it is a threat you can't get rid of.  OBAMA HAS NOT PRODUCED AN ACCEPTABLE FORM OF A BIRTH CERTIFICATE AS OF YET!  Of course you will spout and say he has, call me your little nit pickey names and smile and then go back in your closet and be as miserable as hell.

    By the way Dora, you have not told me how much education you have and how stupid I am in the last couple of post.  I need to hear it again...
  • Back2Basics
    Amber (24)

    she doesn't scare me, i hope she is on the 2012 ticket, but i doubt the republican party will make the same mistake twice

    The above statement is an out right lie!  You hate her and you hate what she stands for.  She is the biggest threat to your way of life that you have in this world in the form of a human being.  Further, SARAH PALIN scares the hell our of you Amber.

    Amber, liberals are numb in the brain.  They ALL have tunnel vision.  They only see what they want to see.  Everytime a liberal makes a statement on a conservative site or directly to a conservative, our first suspisions are that it is a LIE!  Liberals have no morals and conservatives do.  Liberals believe in killing babies in the womb, conservatives DON'T!  Liberals believe homosexuality is a way of life, Conservatives DON'T!  Enough said.  EVERYTIME YOU WRITE A POST ON THIS SITE - IT IS A LIE...  NO ONE BELIEVES YOU!  Why hang around and make a bigger ass out of yourself than you probably are in reality?  MOST OF US DON'T READ WHAT YOU WRITE ANYWAY.
  • JackieM
    dora--if a healthcare plan doesn't exist right now, why is obama going around holding townhalls taking about it?  LOL!  You obviously have trouble understanding English and common sense because you have been told numerous times that just because abortion is the law doesn't make it right!
  • JackieM
    amber--you voted for the most corrupt idiot we have ever had to hold this office.  we have also seen the stupid decisions he has made and how they have not helped this country.  congratulations!  since you are a liberal, i know you have no shame! 
  • Dora
    Aliy- you continue to be too stupid for words.

    The healthcare plan - which does not even exist at the moment- has nothing to do with the "right" to an abortion-  it happens to be the law of the land.

    Under your diminutive mental powers of observation and highly irrational conclusions,  because we have the freedom to travel and the freedom of association - using your idiot calculations, the government is obligated to purchase train, bus, or airline fees to accommodate these freedoms.

    Just how old were you when your knuckle-dragging parents dropped you on your head?
  • Aliy
    Under the healthcare plan that's preposed, a woman has a RIGHT to an abortion therefore, the government is going to pay for it when she does want one, under the 2nd amendment of the consititution:

    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

    Therefore, I would like to request that Mr. Obama buy me a gun! It's a right, I opt for one, you need to pay for it now.

    See liberals, you're not the only ones who can play these semantics games!
  • amber
    she doesn't scare me, i hope she is on the 2012 ticket, but i doubt the republican party will make the same mistake twice
  • JackieM
    B2B--Palin also has common sense and understands the middle class!  In addition, she is an outsider who has not been corrupted by Washington politics so she will work for the people!  Those who oppose honesty won't like her, i.e, democrats/liberals.
  • Back2Basics
    Amber (8)

    blue 2 Anyone who thinks the left fears Palin clearly lacks insight into the mindset of a liberal. I am sure this could be considered a compliment to some, but it also means your the rest of your speculations regarding the left are probably equally baseless


    Amber, why do liberals come unglued everytime Palin's name is mentioned in any fashion?  IT'S BECAUSE SHE SCARES THE CRAP OUT OF THEM.  She even scares some of the middle of the road, pretend to be's, republicans.  Why?  Because she is the purest conservative candidate either party has right now.  She scares the homosexuals, she scares everyone who has ever had an abortion or supports abortion.  She scares the left wingers who want to get God out of EVERYTHING!  She just scares the hell out of ALL LIBERALS...
  • JackieM
    William--2+2=4.  what do you call a person who supports someone who decides late term abortions performed when the mother's and baby's health are ok?  a damn liberal/democrat!  Look at the person who heads up the HHS and who appointed her.  Look at her background.  In case you don't know who this person is, let me give you a hint--her initials are KS.  I'll repeat that liberals/democrats don't value human life.
  • JackieM
    Aliy--Thanks for backing me up and I couldn't have said it any better myself.  William needs to realize that we use logic and common sense on this site.  In addition, according to the healthcare plan, more abortions would be allowed.  yeah, that says liberals/democrats don't value life!
  • aliy

    Let me help you understand where Jackie got her research. It's not from a movie, an article, anything Rachel Maddow puked forth on her show, it's a deduction based on actions of those on the left.

    1. The left support abortion. Perhaps you didn't know this but religious christian people think that's murder. Thus, they feel the left doesn't "value life"

    2. The current healthcare plan on the floor is cutting medicare by millions and millions to divert the money into "end of life counciling" Which, if you actually READ the bill (I know imagine actually having to READ it), but if you did, you'd know that end of life counciling is sending old people to hospice. Not treating them, just making sure they are comfortable once they outlive their usefulness. It's like euthenaisa in pretty words. They're not going to help you stick a needle in your arm but they would be happy to assign you a hospice worker who will.

    Both of those examples show that the left do not value life. It's not from a movie, it's not from a blog, it's not from a media report, it's deducing what's going on from actions on the left. Always remember, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's certainly NOT a cat.

    Does that answer your questions?
  • billyLevine
    Jackie M.

    I am very interested in all of this. Can you tell us where you got this information? It would really help the cause to know exactly what data you are referring to when you say that "liberals don't value life" and "scream fowl, (you do mean "foul," right) but they don't have a valid reason to say it." What is valid - how do you measure that? And what is "it?" Are you talking about that old science fiction movie?
  • JackieM
    Leslie H--you make a valid point and I've really never thought of it that way.  it really gets down to the core of who liberals are.  they don't value life and don't want us to fight for our freedoms.  yet when our soldiers die for them, they scream fowl but they don't have a valid reason to say it.  they are the reason are freedoms are being diminished in this country in the first place.
  • billyLevine
    Poor liberals...they are so very sensitive. Why, I can't imagine how we could survive without them. Isn't that right, Mr. Bud? Where the hell have you been?
    PS. There was this lunatic who called himself Mr. Ackmandenannabud - probably thinks flying saucers are real.
  • DS
    Keep up the good work!  We need more young, conservative voices like yours to take on leadership roles in our fight for moral values, freedom, and individual liberty in our nation!  Many older folks have decided to just "give up", and take whatever handout they can get in their later days.  But there are still some who are great Americans, who continue to fight for our children and grandchildren!  Great Americans like Jackie, Bud, 2bluestarmom, Aliy, Jr. Accountant, and Leslie will NEVER give up as they understand the seriousness of our situation, and believe that we are fighting what might be the final battle of good vs. evil in our nation!!  We will NEVER give up!!
  • Leslie H.
    I've always believed that part of the left's hatred for Palin is her handicapped son and her daughter's baby.  Pro-choicers'  most common argument is the terrible life that aborted children would have otherwise led.  If she were allowed to be a national figure (like President or Vice-President), the nation would get to watch that child grow up.  Imagine if she were VP right now and we got to see her son take his first steps, smile, hug and kiss on a regular basis.  It would totally change the debate on abortion in this country.  The argument that some of these children would be born and handicapped and therefore live a life not worth living, would be over.  We would never hear it again because the people would fall in love with that little boy.  I believe that's why they tried to turn his birth into something ugly (it was really her grandchild, etc) during the campaign.  They wanted to discredited her and her family so people couldn't see the beauty in a powerful woman choosing life for her handicapped son and a scared single teenage mother choosing life for her baby.
  • JackieM
    Sarah Palin would be a change we could believe in.  She is not afraid to stand her ground and would not bow to the special interests or have the mob mentality like the obama administration does!  in addition, she is wants to do what is right instead of playing political games.  she would be good for our country.  however, i like several others in the republican party also.  the liberals/demcrats are so used to corruption that it has become a norm in their party and their supporters don't have a problem with it.  even with his ratings plummeting, obama is continuing to lie to the American people about his healthcare plan.  how in the hell can his supporters justify the fact that he doesn't even know what is in the preliminary plan because he hasn't read it yet he is going around the country talking about it!  what an idiot!  as a matter of fact no one has read it through but the republicans are vowing to do just that.  anyone is better than biden, obama or a damn democrat/liberal!  they are wimps and idiots to put it nicely!
  • usofa
    no offense, but you sound slightly retarded. she wouldn't bow to special interests?
    what planet are you living on? this is just one piece from the washington post (a conservative leaning newspaper):

    "Palin was part practical politician, accepting more than $34,000 from medical groups that were trying to spur competition, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Campaign Money Watch. She also worked closely with Paul Fuhs, an Anchorage lobbyist who was helping imaging firms battle hospitals over control of a lucrative trade."

    The "liberals/democrats" are "so used to corruption"? Even if that were not an extreme exaggeration, which it is, I think most people from the planet earth would agree that current republicans these days are KNOWN for their special interest and DEFINED by massive corruption!

    Obama is an idiot? And what was Bush? Albert Einstein? The man could only balance himself by drooling out of both sides of his mouth and Obama is a constitutional lawyer who has written books. I think he knows what's in his health plan, genius.

    You belong to an ever-dwindling minority of brain-dead chimps who want to crawl backwards when the rest of the human race is running forward. Not only did you lose the last two elections because of the ineptitude of your irrelevant party, but you continue to drive a nail into the coffin by elevating that SHRILL, SYNTAX-IMPAIRED QUITTER Sarah Palin to a level she doesn't deserve in a million years.

    Of course she'd be a change you can believe in: the kind of change when you time-travel back to the "good old days" when women knew their place, black people couldn't vote, and people gave a shit about folksy,hillbilly wisdom nuggets packaged in expressions like "you're darn-tootin'".

    I guess that makes me an "elitist liberal" because I expect elected officials to be a tad smarter than my dumb ass and know how to string a sentence together and not shoot wolves from helicopters and preach abstinence while their 17 year old daughter gets knocked up.

    Most people understand that if Sarah Palin were president we would be doomed. Just as we would be doomed if you or I were president. As so clearly demonstrated when Bush destroyed everything he touched like a bul in a china shop, the presidency is a complex job for really smart, even-keeled people. And that's why Obama won handily and McCain lost.

    You should get on your knees and thank your lucky stars he is president and not some adenoidal shrieking beaut contestant like Palin. Sorry, it had to be said. You won't care or listen, but I feel much better now. And that's what matters, since I'm such an arrugala-eating, cappucino-sipping elitist.
  • Calvin Lyman
    The liberals hate Sarah Palin because she is a serious threat to their agenda. The fact is that she is very helpful to the Republican party. She has done a terrific job as Governor, I hope she runs for President, although it is hard to tell if she will.
  • JackieM
    by the way, voting for obama is not something to be proud of.  it is something to be ashamed of.  however, the ignorant will never understand this.  our country is being destroyed thanks to obama and his supporters and I don't find that something to be happy about.
  • JackieM
    2blue--i laugh at amber's comments.  look at who he voted for and who his vp is!  LOL!  obama and biden belong in a circus show.
  • 2bluestarmom
    Diversions, all diversions.   Take a look at the big picture amber.  It's just a smoke screen.  It's not some little pee-on that is going to be your problem. It's our government and bigger than that.  I put links up.  If you don't research anything that is available for you to know, it's your own fault.

    There won't be a Democrat/Republican issues or party anymore.  That will be a past history.  America is getting ready to "change" alright.
  • amber
    blue 2 Anyone who thinks the left fears Palin clearly lacks insight into the mindset of a liberal. I am sure this could be considered a compliment to some, but it also means your the rest of your speculations regarding the left are probably equally baseless
  • JackieM
    2blue--a lot of folks do not understand what the word "respect" means anymore.  that is why obama is in office.  it was obvious during his campaign that he didn't respect our constitution or anything else for that matter.  the gates situation is just another example of obama being an idiot and discussing issues that aren't there.  then he makes a condescending statement about it being a teachable moment.  give me a break!  as soon as i heard this come out of his mouth the other day, i laughed.  he is teaching who what?  he is teaching children that disrespecting a police officer is acceptable behavior.  obama is someone that no one should want to emulate.  children need to use him as an example of who not to become!
  • JackieM
    It is a shame that the ignorant are so caught up into their "perfect" candidate that when someone like Palin comes along that is qualified, has the common sense and understands middle America, they are completely blind to the obvious!  The dumbing down of America continues!  Oh but hey, we have pelosi, biden, obama, dodd, frank and the like so why do we need honesty in our government?  Why do we need someone in office that will focus on building our county up instead of tearing it down?  Why do we need someone in office who understands our constitution?  Anyone who dislikes Palin is what is wrong with this country!  That is why the SOB obama is in office!  Way to go morons!
  • Liem
    Palin for President! 2012 - 2014 1/2!
  • 2bluestarmom are correct!

    These folks fear her.

    She speaks from her heart.  She is a good woman. She Loves her country.  She is worthy of far more respect.
  • 2bluestarmom
    You hit the nail on the head Ryan. Thank you.

    She is refreshing and I feel a standard that is being lifted up in our country.

    We need more discernment and yes, far less government.  I do mean FAR LESS!
  • Don Sheble
    I agree all of the criticism of Sarah Palin is elitist & some is pretty racist. If she were black nobody would say anything bad about her or else they'd be branded hateful.
  • joanne hart
    haha, ryan. you must be one of the "conservative bloggers" that urban is crying for.  LOL!

    You are so out of touch. While Palin might resonate with people in Kentucky and Texas, she is frowned upon everywhere else in the country. She is a joke. She may be an attractive woman but she lacks any credibility whatsoever. 

    She is bad for the Republican party and that comes from my dad who is a staunch Republican. 

    Get a life Ryan.
  • AckAck
    Show me something in the LIBERAL LINE that could even hold Palin's dress tail and I'll go LIBERAL. Not there! You see her from the wrong side of the fence hair brain, come over here and look at her. ALL LIBERALS hate her because everytime she farts you all go in a frenzy! You are so scared of her because of what she stands for. BELIEVE THIS, she is becoming the most polular person on the circuit right now. SO, LOOK OUT IN 2012.

    By the way liberals, LOOK OUT IN 2010 to, you're going to loose the power you now have in congress. That's why BHO wants everything passed he can get passed right now. He knows it will be impossible after 2010. And he will only be a ONE TERM president...
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