Who won the 2008 Vice Presidential Debate, Joe Biden or Sarah Palin

October 2nd, 2008 Urban Conservative

I am sure tonight’s festivities will be much more interesting than last weeks; assuming Palin has the heart to look her enemy square in the eyes.

Tonight’s hotly-anticipated debate between their picks for vice president will be seen as a critical test for Republican Sarah Palin and for Democrat Joe Biden. Concerns about Sarah Palin’s readiness to take the national stage have grown in recent days following very poor interviews in which she fumbled her words when faced with tough questions, specifically from Katie Couric who is probably one of the softer interviewers in the media. If Sarah can show one ounce of articulation and at least pretend she knows what she is talking about, she may do just fine.

But some Democrats must also be worried.  Biden, a 35-year veteran of the Senate who has a bigger ego than most in Hollywood has in the past displayed a low level of restraint and tolerance when talking with (or at) the opposition.  He will lose points by bullying, patronizing or appearing to condescend during the debate (I heard on the radio this morning that he will only refer to her as Governor Palin.)

By the time you read this, the debate will be over. So tell me, who do you feel won the vice presidential debate tonight and why? Chime in and let your voice be heard.

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  • toe
    You fail to see the point concerning the RNC and Sarah's new wardrobe.

    Republicans themselves are angry that the RNC spent money to fluff up their candidate for VP when this money could have better spent helping republican candidates in a variety of states where they are in trouble.
    Americans are put off that the RNC would invest in such frivolity- spending 3 times more in the past 8 weeks than the average "joe six-pack" makes in a YEAR!
    In these days of economic distress, this news does not sit well.  It's typical for the McCain staff... they are unable to see consequences of their words and actions.
  • Angelxicxtc
    the liberal media is just one giant FRANCHISE. you know, like a McDonalds. The associated press comes out with some bad article slanted negatively towards the republicans, and then like 200 media outlets pick it up and then rewrite that same article with the SAME negative slant. This article is one of the few showing the positive aspects of Sarah Palin's campaign.

  • Angelxicxtc
    the liberal media is just one giant FRANCHISE. you know, like a McDonalds. The associated press comes out with some bad article slanted negatively towards the republicans, and then like 200 media outlets pick it up and then rewrite that same article with the SAME negative slant. This article is one of the few showing the positive aspects of Sarah Palin's campaign.
  • amber2
    what an joke
  • toe
    McCain/Palin handlers are already trying to put out their predicted spin - but the findings have been released- stating that Ms. Palin did, in fact, abuse  her powers as Governor.
    Investigator Stephen Branchflower, in a report by a bipartisan panel that investigated the matter, found Palin in violation of a state ethics law that prohibits public officials from using their office for personal gain. Branchflower said Palin violated a statute of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act.
    The investigation revealed that Palin's husband, Todd, has extraordinary access to the governor's office and her closest advisers. He used that access to try to get trooper Mike Wooten fired, the report found.
    Branchflower faulted Sarah Palin for taking no action to stop that. He also noted there is evidence the governor herself participated in the effort.
    It hasn't been a very good day for the McCain/Palin ticket- following a week of hate-filled crowds brought about by non-stop hateful slurs and suggestions by both McCain and Palin that Obama was some sort of one-man sleeper cell- a terrorist, who pal-ed about with other terrorists,  McCain was forced to admit the truth today following a woman's wrong statement that Obama was an "Arab". 
    Rejections of McCain's tactics and  his unwillingness to speak responsibly were not only reflected in every poll- dozens of current and former elected Republicans did more than wag their collective fingers at McCain, many withdrew their endorsement.  Op-ed pages around the country have stated their indignation and disgust over what McCain/Palin participated in this week...participated in what could best be described as crying "FIRE!" in a crowded theatre. 

    The epidemy of bad judgment has fully been displayed this week.
    It's a sad thing- watching someone fall - even more sad is the fact that he brought it on himself.
  • amber2
    drill baby drill, put her in a g-string on the cover of hustler........maybe.
  • amber2
    Crash ,bang, oh, thats sounds broken, and the economy isn't the worst of your problems, but I am sure you republicans have no idea what those are.
  • toe
    if  the "pre-emptive" paper put out by the Palin camp late this evening is any indication... they are a bit nervous about what will be said regarding tomorrow's release of "troopergate" and other questionable ethics investigations... "First Dude" Todd did end up giving testimony- over 20 pages - excerpts from this did not seem to help his cause or that of Ms Palin.   We shall see how that all shakes out.

    In the meantime- new information regarding just how tight Ms. Palin was in her relationship with the AIP- Alaska Independence Party: 
    "Meet Sarah Palin’s radical right-wing pals"
    Extremists Mark Chryson and Steve Stoll helped launch Palin’s political career in Alaska, and in return had influence over policy

  • dzent1
    You are hilarious, Jesse! There's nothing funnier than a scared, screaming dumbshit.

    Especially when he's wrong.
  • Jesse Velasquez



    SHE IS A VP-ILF!!!
  • Jesse Velasquez

  • Jesse Velasquez
    This is for all you democrat 'party hats'.  I hate the fact that you hate Sarah Palin.  She is 100x more qualified than barrack obamination, yet alone Biden, give me a break.  She is a total icon for many women, even men(as myself).  She's very Reaganest, i like that.  Believes in family values and moral values.  

    What does Sarah Palin have that Barrack Obamination doesn't?  Easy:  A track record to go by, =O...lol...it's true, look it up yourself, don't just go by your parties talking points and do some research for yourselves.   Enough of this Barrack, i'm sick of him and his followers with their signs out in the back yard, it makes you look stupid.(LMFAO)
  • John Chalus
    Sarah Palin is not a professional politician with 36 years of bullshitting the American People under her belt. Biden is however not afraid to speak in public even though he makes a ass out of himself so often. FDR was not President in 1929 and he did not appear on TV because there were no TV broadcasts at the time. Talk about stupid hair. Biden needs to see a barber and soon.
  • Palin = MILF
    Check out this awesome Sarah Palin - Shepard Fairey-esque MILF t-shirt I found!
  • 3S3 L1L MUNCHK1N
    It's not surprising when polls indicate what the media wishes. 

    It helps that Biden was not called out on his whoppers during the debate. 

    Palin was indeed truthful in her answers.  Biden was not. 

    Way to lead a country.

    I'll take character any day over slick. 

    Meet me down at Katie's and we'll talk about it over a beer.

    The moderator was a complete failure.  The debate was tarnished.

  • toe
    hoboblah:  the polls of actual viewers scored Palin's "performance" at the debate a thumbs-down by over 2-1 - many polls even higher...in favor of Biden.

    your " ...yeah...but she's hot"  lame-brained and often repeated sorry excuse for your rationalization is not just absurd... it demonstrates exactly your total lack of interest in the qualifications required for the position to which she aspires.

    your fellow supporters are equally base:

    Palin's routine attacks on the media have begun to spill into ugliness. In Clearwater, arriving reporters were greeted with shouts and taunts by the crowd of about 3,000. Palin then went on to blame Katie Couric's questions for her "less-than-successful interview with kinda mainstream media." At that, Palin supporters turned on reporters in the press area, waving thunder sticks and shouting abuse. Others hurled obscenities at a camera crew. One Palin supporter shouted a racial epithet at an African American sound man for a network and told him, "Sit down, boy."

    yesterday... your hate-filled supporters shouted "kill him!" as McCain spoke about Obama...  this is the kind of dangerous, reactionary, and yes, racist rhetoric coming from your side of the fence, hoboblah.
  • toe
    The 28th Amendment to the Constitution (draft form)
    07 Oct 2023 06:36 am
    "No Person shall be elected President or Vice President without accepting a session of questioning by the press, such session to last no less than one hour and to be open to normally accredited members of the press in the same fashion as at Presidential news conferences. The questioning shall occur and the results shall be made freely available to the public at least one week before an Election is held."

    Three weeks to get it enacted.
  • mario
    toe is woman. that's why she is so hard to deal with.
    Toe needs someone to explain the word elitist to him.  Just crack a book now and again.  That might help.

    Biden told at least 6 or 7 whoppers at the debate.

    Moderator didn't call him on any of them.  wonder why?  Might hurt her book deal.  Yah, nice moderator there. 
    Don't forget there is an entire fact checking staff with computers feeding her info all the time. 
    And yet, silence.

    Joe should have handled her.  He didn't.  Even with the rampant lying.  Go girl go!!

    Palin won ezily.  Despite the bias.

  • Will Sexton
    Man i thought that that b***h was  horriable. she doesnt know what to say or do at all. Obama  Obama  Obama  Obama  Obama  Obama  Obama .

  • toe
    John Cunningham- I am still waiting for your understanding of the word "elitist".  Please do not use as your excuse for not doing so : "I will explain elitist when you learn how to put a sentence together." 
    Mr. Cunningham, sir,  please go examine the many fragments in your
    previous posts.  Mr. Cunningham, upon completion of this, you will find me still waiting for your understanding of the word in question that you toss about with such freedom while having no knowledge of it's meaning.
    It's not your sentence structure that is the problem, John dear, it's your
    utter lack of integrity and curiosity to seek the truth.  Your blind acceptance of the current President who has: trampled all over the Constitution, ignored the Geneva Convention, illegal invasion of my privacy and yours,  lied to the American People,  expanded the powers of the Presidency at  will, interfered with the Justice Department, among many other impeachable offences...all in order to complete his own personal crusade.  
    The fact that John McCain and Sarah Palin have every intention to continue down the same path (even to the extent of Sarah suggesting that there are "untapped" powers of the Vice Presidency" - that she would explore- a clear display of her utter ignorance of the duties the Vice President has.)  should be a clear and obvious RED FLAG to anyone who actually gives a darn about America.
  • dzent1
    To Skeptical Republican:
    You must think we're idiots. This is nothing less than a veiled smear job, and is as transparent as it is desperate. You have a way with words, but it is unfortunate that you don't have a love of the truth.

    This fundraiser you speak of was the beginning of a political novice's career, a time in any candidate's life when they are only beginning to learn which filters they must use, whom they can trust and why, and begin to decide which direction they will try to carry their political lives. Obama has led an honorable career in politics and your insinuations are an attempt to take the heat off the miserably inept Palin and the floundering McCain campaign.

    When Obama was supposedly raking in all these funds from "terrorists" as you would have us believe, what might John McCain have been up to? Can anyone say "Keating Five"? Can anyone say "political opportunism of the most disgusting sort"? How about "enabling the deregulation that has led to our economic meltdown"?

    Quit trying to smear a good leader for the few pieces of silver the Republican party tosses your way. Anyone with half a brain knows it's BS, and it won't fly in the election, either. Your party has nearly destroyed the country, and NOBODY is willing to trust you anymore. How does that feel?
  • RS
    Well I think we can all agree she did better than the Couric interviews (which means she did better than a dead cat.) But for God's sakes, she has been cramming for this debate for over a month! She had her crib-notes, talking point and even her own catch-phrases (like a real world SNL character) Everything she did, from the winks to the "betchas" and even the shout out was so contrived I felt as if I were looking at the VP-bot 3000 execute the debate program installed by her manufacterers.

    Look, I respect her intelligence. She's done pretty well for being put in such an overwhelming position. For instance, she's done better than I could have. But shouldn't we won;t our leaders to actually be smarter than us? Haven;t we had enough of electing leaders because we think we would "like to have a beer" with them?  Sheesh.
  • Sceptical Republican
    Why is it that Obama's relationships with a convicted felon, a terrorist, and a racist preacher is off the table for analysis and discussion? The main stream media has spent days and weeks dumpster diving in Wasilla, Alaska, to dig up dirt on Sarah Palin. But Obama gets a free pass on Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko and Reverend Wright.

    Let's take Ayers. He was a member of Weather Underground, a domestic terrorist organization that planned attacks on the Pentagon and the Capitol, set off bombs and killed a policeman in San Francisco. Ayers has never apologized for this and in fact said he "didn't do enough".

    All this happened while Barack Obama was a child. So there's his defense: "What that man did Barack Obama has condemned. And by the way, he did it when Barack Obama was 8 years old. Come on," Democratic senator McCaskill said.

    But consider this: While Obama was a child during the bombings, he was certainly a grown up when he held his first political fund raiser -- in Ayer's private home! What kind of judgment does this show? And where's the "condemnation" McCaskill refers to? Are we supposed to believe that Obama first uses Ayers to raise money, then later condemns him?

    There is a long chain of bad judgment calls in Obama's political life. He bought his house in a shady real estate deal from a man who was later convicted for fraud and is now in prison. His pastor for 20 years calls for God to "damn America" and claims that white people intentionally inflicted AIDS on blacks. His first fund raiser was held in the house of a terrorist, and he served on the board of an organization founded by this terrorist for years afterwards.

    There's no doubt Obama has given many inspiring speeches and has a charming and charismatic personality. But Americans should consider his actions, not just his lofty words. They don't add up.

  • so... "bloggers", no ecco on b
    No worrd eccoing Acorn (means "communiti activi$t$ agency for 'development$", and "change$"...
    PS: Sean Hannity's new show, highly recommended on  America and her allies...
  • amber 2
    kevin i mean on a profound level, like Bach, Coltrane, Armstrong Rienhardt, Rumi, or Khan, a master, not some conservatory teacher or sit com writer maybe thats the problem you cant tell the difference
  • John Cunningham
    I can not answer to my detractors, I am muffled, so libs enjoy yourself.
  • who won? OH!MAMA's intelect an
    who won?
    ((((((HELLOOO?, OH!... THERE YOU GO AGAIN LIBjoe"...
    who said that?, who wasn't on the defensive all the time?
    who weared and talked like an Aragorn sister?
    I hope this message won't be erased...
    in fact,
    (((((((I, I wish...)))))))...
  • so, urban consservative wipes
    yes, this "bloggers" here stock the site, and as willis said: someone "makes rating as a lunatic" (me).  well, blogstocklers, you just recognized "I make ratings" (not the big ting for an adhonorem)...
    by the way, landlord weschester vicky (colombian, the land of the farc stealing my ID protected from the soFla. authority) just joined ted's bananamamarama's new (another) emperorjob-applier strategist (you know, jet$, $ummit$, chavez$,u$$rdeadstar underebiulding,etc'$ money"...) amy, sister of ryan (who happens last night 'showed me very surprisingly-scaryyway, not funny appearance taking out a "paqistany sword"...
    aaaaaahhhhhh!, "I just rembered":
    miamideathpara-land already proved castro-anamontes-alvarez,etc... $chool$UPERintended $i$tem$ thinking "they rule"...
    paradoctors, paralegals, paralabor, paralandlords, from dade, the most infamous terror $anctuary, for years already (before UN$adam $y$tem started to fall on 2003) started to be finaly unveiled after firsts arrests immediately after 911...
    psst, parapeople arround me... do you like surveilancing me?
    about the "older on the job ones not destroyed miraculously, astoningly" talking "live"?
    ted will help you like fidel to "the 5 greenhorn heroesop for cuba" internationaly, even?
  • simonesdad2008
    Hey Kev,
    Republican good, democrat, bad.  It's such an enlightened point of view.  If only we could all just realize that, everything would be ok.

    The current financial crisis has enough blame to go around.  I don't like the dems culpability in this but while the repubs had the House, Senate and Oval Office, the best they could was gin up a war and legitimize torture and wiretaps.  They had the political will to do whatever they pleased.  The point is that government failed us.  Why?  Because a politician's first priority is to stay in office, period.  Congress' approval rate is at an all time low but 9 out of every 10 imcumbents are re-elected.  What does that tell you?  It tells me that status quo is king in DC.  Part of the appeal of Barack Obama is what you cons tried to make a liabilty (until Palin came on the scene).  Barack is not of or from Washington.  He's not an entrenched DC lifer like McCain and yes, Biden.  Barack is young, new and not white.  It took some people some time to get comfortable with that but this is a new day.  One of the biggest mistakes McCain has made (and there are many) is that after years in DC he doesn't know who he is.  He has reduced his 26 years in Washington to a couple of buzz words:  Maverick, reformer, POW.  He's not a conservative but he plays one on TV.  He's not even a republican in the classic sense of the term but now he's trying to rally their support.  It's inauthentic.  26 years is a long time for people to take a look at you and decide who and what you are.  Think about it, he had to pull a second place beauty queen out of the hat just to stay (somewhat) competitive.  Barack benefits from his relatively short time in DC because, well, take a look at it right now.  McCain makes these incongruous arguments.  He IS Washington establishment and he wants you to believe he is bringing change.  What's taken you so long Mr. McCain and can we afford to wait any longer?

    I see the knives starting to come out from the right.  You guys are reverting to the culture wars because you can't win on issues.  It's an old strategy for an old party in a new world.  So start screaming liberal and abortion and patriotism and elite and socialism as loud as you can.  Remind people of Barack's "exotic" background.  Throw in "tax and spend" and "cut and run" and harken back to Jimmy Carter.  Tell anyone who will listen that the evil media loves Barack.  It's old and tired and it won't work.  Those days are over and Old Man River is just not up to the task.
  • harrysmom
    John Cunningham- Liberals are the very antithesis of elitism.  Liberals seek to reduce, or control, excessive stratification both economically and culturally.  Liberals seek to embrace diversity and expand political and cultural borders beyond the confines of country.  We do live in a global economy.  Republicans can't reap the advantages of cheap international labor without extending the benefits of global goodwill.  

    In elections past, liberals have been called many things: do good Christians (1900-post WWII), communists and socialists (50's and 60's) hippies (60's and 70's), unpatriotic (80's), idealists and perverts (90's), back to unpatriotic again with Bush, etc......... But this election has taken a strange turn, and suddenly we are elitists, which, by definition, indicates that we want our society to be run by an elite few.  However, if you look at Obama's campaign, it's been a 100% grass roots effort (even in the funding- which has been greater than McCain's public funding each month) and it's been inclusive of every facet of the American public.  There is nothing less elitist about that and you, dear rocket scientist, are grabbing at cultural straws.  

    Your responses are base and exhibit a lack of understanding about society, politics, and to be honest, yourself, that indicates you have some personal growth to still accomplish.  Fear is not a good foundation for basing personal philosophies on, and words of anger only diminish your argument.  

    I have faith in you John Cunningham.  Your assumptions are wrong but you care- and this indicates that one day you may just make a real contribution to your community.  best wishes.
  • John Cunningham
    What a wonderful web site, I was attacked for voicing my opinions, and
    I was not allowed to respond. I was flagged and I never used one foul word.
    I guess only liberals are aloud to say anything they want. And of course,
    get away with it.
  • John Cunningham
    Amber#2 you are a real trip, you know how to say the F word. And when you do not agree with someone you sling a filthy mouth.
    Well lady you have that right. That's what all liberals want, the ability to
    call people atrocious names. The ability to have abortions on demand, with out any thought to the baby you are murdering. To be able to abort
    at any point up to and including the birth of the child.
    If Obama is elected, sometime in the future it will be up to the mother
    weather she wants to put there child to sleep up to, lets say, "three."
    When does it end with you people, a woman has to be the right, now to become a serial killer.
    Yes lets have a ultra liberal President, and an Democratic Congress.
    Lets cut the budget for the military, pull our soldiers out of Iraq, without
    any chance for Iraq to become a peaceful Country.
    Lets flood our borders with illegal aliens, and as good Americans lets
    tax the American people higher and higher for the ones who will not work.
    Lets definitely pass the hate crimes legislation in Congress. Amber you will have to clean up that filthy mouth, because I am pretty sure that would constitute as a hate crime.
    There is so much more that will happen under a totally liberal wonderland. !Wow! consider the concept, any Conservatives out there?
    Or is this a site  only for liberal frustrated rejects from any descent social
  • Kevin S. Willis
    @amber2: "John Cunningham another stupid fucking republican"

    Wow, what a beautiful soul you have, Amber2. Seriously.

    Finally, a liberal has come down from the mountain to enlighten us conservatives, and elevate the debate. What a fine, fine job she's doing, too.

    I'm feeling elevated already.

  • Kevin S. Willis
    @harrysmom: "Honestly, has it ever occurred to you, in some lucid, enlightened, moment, that Obama, Biden, and the rest of the lefties are, I dont know......... correct in our assessment of social policy?"

    Well, it has to me. But, unfortunately, Obama and Biden are, in my opinion more wrong than right and, more importantly, slightly more wrong than McCain and significantly more wrong than Palin, who I'm pretty sure will turn out to be a more right than wrong politician, at least for us conservatives out here.

    I'm not sure how a financial mess created and perpetuated by Democrats like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd and Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson (and even our Secretary of Scare-Mongering Treasury, Henry Paulson, is a Democrat--yay for the Bush Bi-Partisanship! Give me tax cuts, I'll let you Democrats ruin the country!) . . . I'm not sure how that redounds negatively to Republican policies. It certainly doesn't redound negatively to conservative policies, because very little of what has been going on has been conservative (pre-emptive wars are also not conservative, but I won't dip into that now).

    Frankly, I think Obama would be only a slightly-worse president than McCain. Although I have very low expectations for McCain. And, since Obama likely to win this Beauty Pageant, I guess that's a good thing. But Bush was never a movement conservative, and McCain is definitely not a movement conservative. The conservative in the house try to reign in Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac years ago, and the Democrats stopped 'em. And there's no other way to look at it.

    The Videos here should still work. And they help break down how neck-deep the Democrats are in this particular financial crisis, and how aggressively they defended Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as strong and solvent and in no need of oversight, although they all apparently have amnesia about that now. 

    Seriously, this isn't a failure of conservative policies. There's nothing remotely conservative about the Community Housing Reinvestment Act or the running of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae or pushing subprime loans . . .

    Ah, well. Float on, folks. Float on.
  • Kevin S. Willis
    @dzent1: "Why haven't good Republicans risen up in mass revolt against this foolish lowering of expectations for our national leaders? Where is the knowledge, wisdom and greatness in Palin? She displays no genuine shade of it."

    Thanks for the concern, Troll. Sheesh. Better quality of troll, please.

    @amber2: "Totally irrelevant, but here goes. Why cant conservatives betruly creative, as far as I can tell they cant sing, dance, play an instrument, draw,  paint, sculpt, write poetry, act, or even write a novel at a profound level. Why is this? ................ Perhaps its because they have no soul."

    Boy, where to start with this one. Bill Buckley wrote at least 11 novels. There have been conservative writers on shows like Cheers, The World According to Jim, Seinfeld and that's just who I can remember. Tom Wolfe? Ayn Rand? Not traditional conservatives, per se, but certainly not liberals. 

    You need to get out in the world. There are conservative artists all around--I've know plenty of them. Photorealistic illustrators, painters, musicians, sculptors--so of the true musical polymaths are rock-ribbed conservatives. What in the world are you talking about? No, never mind. I know exactly what your talking about: "Conservatives are bad and stupid. So, nobody I like or who does anything I like can possibly be a conservative. Not only do they have to be wrong politically, they have to be uncreative, stupid, and soulless."

    I know conservatives who run dance and music classes. I've played keyboards and written music since, like, 1985. And I wrote a lot of poetry, in the day. I've also written fiction . . . though, I never do seem to get finished with the novels. Perhaps because I'm an evil conservative. Never did anything with the music other than distribute it to friends and put it on the web. Again, due to being a soulless conservative, I'm sure. But I sure as hell play a frickin' instrument, you dipship. 

    An example of the music I do.

    When I went to art college, I did papermaking, printmaking, sculpture--loved metal sculpture and bronze casting--drawing, painting and photography. Loved all of it. I used to do mixed-media pieces on wall-sized paper that I could barely fit into the studio. Took up an entire wall at home. Also enjoyed doing multimedia presentation with music and slides (there was a limit to the sort of video work you could do with computers in 1988). I'm not much of a dancer . . . no doubt, because I'm a soulless conservative.

    Sheesh. Conservatives "can't play an instrument"? You really think you know that every classical musician is a liberal and a Democrat? Seriously? That every member of every rock band is a democrat? You think most country musicians are liberals and Democrats? What about Christian Rock Bands? You might not agree with the theme of their "crazy Jesus music", but they sure as heck can play instruments and sing.

    You liberals got problems. The first is your extraordinary, self-congratulatory myopia. "Why is it only liberals are good and creative and conservatives are stupid and bad"? If you are even remotely serious about questions/observations like the one you made, Amber2, you are blinded by your narcissism. We can agree to disagree, but I don't freaking think you can't write a poem or dress yourself in the morning because we don't agree politically. Seriously, get real.

    People who disagree with me therefore "have no soul". Seriously, think about that. And then think about how stupid, thoughtless, and self-serving that type of thinking is.
  • amber 2
    Totally irrelevant, but here goes. Why cant conservatives be truly creative, as far as I can tell they cant sing, dance, play an instrument, draw,  paint, sculpt, write poetry, act, or even write a novel at a profound level. Why is this? ................ Perhaps its because they have no soul.
  • emma
    i go for palin all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • amber 2
    anyone who thought Palin won based on academic merit is an idiot. She  performed about as expected, (provided she didn't choke) resulting in a unanimous decision in favor of Biden. 

    At the convention i found her repellant, I believe this was due to the nasty tone of her speech. At the debate i found her charming, though no more informed or ready to be VP than I am. There is one more thing I will give her credit for, she can flirt, and when she does she is sexy bitch, which probably carries some weight with the Stupid  Fucking Republican crowd. I was hoping she would choke (badly) and that would be the end of her, but I fear she will be around for years to come.
  • amber 2
    John Cunningham another stupid fucking republican
  • John Cunningham
    "HarryMom" how can I be dumb I am a Rocket Scientist, and "toe" to quote
    you "John-why don't you us all a favor and define "elitist" -
    I will explain elitist when you learn how to put a sentence together.

    Harry you are an arrogant hater. You do not like anyone who does not agree with you. Even then, I believe you don't like them very well either.
    What is so sad with people like you is that you do not get it. People want
    security and they will do anything to get it. Bush provided us that security, and you can't stand the fact he was right. So you twist things to suit your own ideology.
    You don't really care that we succeed as a democracy, you just want people to suffer, like you suffer.
  • toe
    "do us all a favor..."     ^
  • toe
    John- why don't you us all a favor and define "elitist"-
    who, in your mind, is this?
    what makes them this?
  • harrysmom
    John Cunningham-
    you are dumb.
  • John Cunningham
    Hey Harry Mom, sorry about your condition, but it is not my fault. You are truly a liberal. You always talk to people you do not know in such a condescending way? Are you running for office or something? I bet
    if you are it is on the elitist left of the Democratic party that you are running.
    Does your children know that they were a choice? You have a lot of nerve.
    You hang around on this blog site like a lady of the night. You must have
    an emotional problem.
    I truly feel sorry for you, and your kids.
  • mike_T
    priceless :-). Hillary on Palin (look for the link on Drudge report):

    'It's amazing, you know, she's been trhust into the national spotlight with very little preparation and I think that, all things considered, you saw a very composed and effective debater and last night'

  • mike_T
    Did anyone pay attention to that Biden's totally strange and most ill-informed comment I have ever heard in my life about Lebanon? He said something like: "When we kicked — along with France, we kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon, I said and Barack said, "Move NATO forces in there. Fill the vacuum, because if you don't know — if you don't, Hezbollah will control it." Now what's happened? Hezbollah is a legitimate part of the government in the country immediately to the north of Israel."
    What in the name...he was he talking about? Did anyone get that? The United States and France may have kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon in a parallel universe, but nothing even remotely like that ever happened in the real world. Nobody, I mean really nobody has ever kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon. Not the United States. Not France. Not Israel. And not the Lebanese for sure. Nobody. And did Biden and Senator Barack Obama really say NATO troops should be sent into Lebanon? When did they say that??? Why would they say that?? They certainly didn't say it because NATO needed to prevent Hezbollah from returning –since Hezbollah never went anywhere.
    Biden has literally no idea what he's talking about. It's too bad debate moderator Gwen Ifill didn't catch him and ask a follow up question: When did the United States and France kick Hezbollah out of Lebanon? Probably she had no clue herself.
    He's supposed to be the experienced elder 'statesman', he's supposed to know far more about foreign policy than she does. Yet he makes such impardonable gaffes. Or you know what, this isn't a gaffe, Biden's a man who is simply making things up out of thin air. That should be worrisome, to most people.
  • Justin
    While we can discuss who we thought won the debate last night, let's not forget the substance of Obama's vs. McCain's policies; they could not be more different.  Why do people automatically assume that Obama is "better at the economy" than McCain?  Because he is a Democrat and that is traditionally their strong suit?  Obama has no more experience with economics than he does with foreign policy.  And frankly, Obama's tax policy scares me to death because it will be very dangerous for our economy.
  • harrysmom
    John Cunningham, you are right.  We all got together (it was so fun for me to meet Katie Couric) and we collectively decided to slander and cheat Sarah Palin.   That's what happened, and you figured it out.  Way to go Rocket Scientist.

    Honestly, has it ever occurred to you, in some lucid, enlightened, moment, that Obama, Biden, and the rest of the lefties are, I dont know......... correct in our assessment of social policy?  Your party and your party's philosophies have wreaked havoc on the American people, and you want us to take another helping of the shit sandwich again???  What's even sadder is that YOU are willing to bite the sandwich again.  

    The fact that ANY of you can defend the Republican ticket after the disaster that your last two victories has created is, frankly, embarrassing at the very least.

  • Guest
    yo, i just had to delete a comment. Please do not leave racist comments here.  Have some nuts and speak intelligently about why you don't like Obama, not his skin color.
  • dzent1
    When did our standards for real statesmanship sink so low?
    Why haven't good Republicans risen up in mass revolt against this foolish lowering of expectations for our national leaders? Where is the knowledge, wisdom and greatness in Palin? She displays no genuine shade of it.
    That's not good enough for my family. Why is it good enough for you, fellow citizen?
    Historian Clay Jenkinson portrays Thomas Jefferson on the radio. He also does Theodore Roosevelt, Merriwether Lewis and others. I saw him perform as Theodore Roosevelt on my birthday. No props or notes (other than period costume, mustache and silk hat), but he didn't need them. It was the most meaningful evening of political theatre I am likely to see.
    Clay simply let the greatness of Roosevelt's life shine. He channeled Roosevelt"s wisdom, love of country and true concern for citizens. Not a moment rang false. Not a word was wasted. We all sprang to our feet at the end of the performance. The truth of what an American leader really SHOULD be leaped into our hearts through our ears and lit a fire.
    Palin offers nothing of the hugeness of mind, heart and soul we should seek in the men and women we place in high office.
    I demand better, and I resent being asked to sign off on a counterfeit, just to win at any cost.
    No more for my family. We won't be voting for Palin.
  • toe
    Well golly gee, folks...gosh almighty...
    The Palin packaging and production last night may have come off to some who have not, until now, paid the slightest bit of attention to the general election. but for those of us who have followed this from the start, we were not impressed with anything other than her ability to evade the questions and regurgitate every single stump speech and talking point that I already know word for word.  My friend and I watched this and were able to mouth verbatim exactly what she said as she said it. 
    As she tried to folk-sie herself right into your living room addressing small town folk, middle america, soccer moms "just like" her- she would have you believe that she "gets it" because she's "just like you".  I guess if your net worth is over a million - I suppose you are "just like her".
    Give me a break.
    The utterly uninformed who feel that their faith in Palin was restored last night after weeks of seeing her numbers drop are rejoicing that she was able to make it through without presenting a "train wreck".  Think about this.  You saw how she was when not coached, and she stunk up the joint.  Her complete lack of understanding regarding nearly anything and everything outside of her prescribed talking points was the norm, not the exception.  Are you unable to name a SINGLE item that you read?   Do you think that living near the Russian boarder gives one "foreign policy experience"?  Why do you think they kept her from any open press questions?  Why do you think they plan to continue to keep her from this?
    Yes, she memorized certain items and drew on these constantly.  It does not seem to matter to some that her answers had nothing whatsoever to do with the question.
  • pnin
    One thing that  I find interesting is that Obama was considered the underdog in the last debate, and when most people I talk to say it was a tie,  most news stations announced him the winner because everyone expected him to be the novice. Yet when Sarah Palin comes out and does a good job and shows she too isn’t a novice, she’s the 'loser'.  Debate success is like pornography, eh :-) - can't define it, but you know it when you see it :-).  So the same media types who last week proclaimed Obama the winner because 1) there were no major gaffes on either side, and 2) McCain was the perceived "expert" on foreign policies so for Obama to go toe-to-toe was a "win", now proclaim Palin the loser because 1) there were some minor gaffes on her side, and 2) although going toe-to-toe w/Biden, she didn't add anything dramatically greater to the dialogue.
    In short -  Obama wins by not losing, Palin loses by not winning.
    wow, what a logic there...and people can’t figure out why the liberal media ratings across America are going down, pretty sure I have an idea :-)
  • pnin
    I think that in mnay ways they both served their causes well. Biden answered the questions directly, was pretty concise and I think stayed on message. Palin went to her strengths, connected with the average Joe. Spoke their language. She went outside the box and said what whe wanted to. Looked evasive at times, but I think in the end she connected on points that the American people wanted to hear about. She did the best job yet of highlighting that Obama is running against Bush. She highlighted how Obama pounding on Bush keeps him in the past and precludes pointing out the future. Is the future just 'non-Bush'?  She mimicked Reagan in a hope for tomorrow feel instead of look what those bums have done to you. I wonder who is going to connect better on the hope message. I don't think McCain does and it sure is not Biden. He talked too much of the past 'miseries'. Obama had it, but seems to have lost it when he got in the trenches and when one of his best strategems is focusing on Bush misery. Seems like Palin's the hope messenger now.
  • John Cunningham
    One other thing with all the crucifying of the Palin family, people have a chance to decide if they want Sara Bernhardt as a spokeswoman for the
    way people feel.
    Hollywood, the print press, and the television, and Internet liberals that
    have truly made horrible asses of themselves.
    I want a quality of life style Government with ideas for the people and who do not worship under the alter of depravity and debauchery to prevail.
  • John Cunningham
    Well it comes down to a liar and a slanderer, or a tell it straight to the people attitude.
    Joe Biden did tell at least 14 lies and again slandered the President who is not even running for President.
    Sara Palin at least talked to the people in a way that all Americans could relate with.
    Joe Biden in a condescending way told fabricated liberal speak that was mostly untrue.
    He probably thought he could say anything for the people couldn't understand it anyway.
  • Joey
    Biden didn't answer questions either. The first part of the debate he tried to slander John McCain by accusing him of raising taxes, stripping verterans of healthcare, stealing speeches (wait that was Joe), and taking candy from babies. Palin painted the liberals as pansies, taxoholics, and flip floppers, and hypocrites including Biden's own words about BO during the primaries. I really wanted Joe to slip up but he has on medication last night - too bad.

    When does the scrutiny about Michelle's tripling of her salary (when BO began his prez run) and her plan to avoid paying the cost of healthcare for the poor at her hospital come up ?
  • Chris King
    This was a debate. There are questions asked by a moderator.
    Biden, at least, tried to respond to the questions.
    Palin did not.
    It was evident she was told to use an "escape" phrase when she did not know what to answer. I can image the scene from her prep team:
    - If you don't know what they are talking about, say this:"I may not respond to the questions the way you like, but I can talk straight to the American people about... (plug slogan or party line here). Or, talk about Joe six packs or wink or make a joke as a segway to something else.

    I understand that all politicians try to push their agenda regardless of the questions, but Palin brought it to a new level where she does not even try to make it look like she cares about the issue debated.

    That, I think, is disrespectful to the American people who want answers, not slogans.
  • Jeff
    Palin for sure. Politics aside, she is hot. :)
  • John Cunningham
    Watching the debates last night I admit I was scared to death for Governor Palin. All the crap about her was the
    worst smear against a candidate in United States history.
    So when I watched the debate I was sure she would fail.
    I even turned the channel a few times.
    Well I am glad to report that she won, and I hope and pray that when she and John McCain are elected, that they work hard on hate speech and slanderous, callous, and just plain
    evil Liberal political speak.
    Of course these are the same people who want to kill newborns as they are ripped from the bodies of !mothers! What
    an oxymoron. To call these vile murderers mothers.
  • simonesdad2008
    So in the end we have a first term US Senator equaling an entrenched Bureaucrat (spelled correctly this time).
    That's a win for Barack and a win for the American people.
    It's about change.  it's about time.
    Ol Joe looked the same.  Not a surprise there.  Palin came across much better than any other interview so she's improving in that respect.  Biased condesention from Couric aside.

    Ol' Joe should have had his way with her, but alas no, she held her own against a life member of the Senate. 
    It has been stated that Biden couldn't attack her because it would look like bullying.  Well, it was apparent that he was "afraid" to attack because one thing is for sure, that woman can give as good as she gets.  So the gloves were kept on by Biden.  Not because he didn't want to.  He just didn't have any ammo.  there aren't too many issues he can bring up that he hasn't been on the wrong side of in the eyes of the American people. 

    So in the end we have a first term Governor equaling an entrenched Beaurocrat. 

    That's a win for Palin and a win for the American people. 

    It's about change.  it's about time.

  • simonesdad2008
    I don't know who won this thing.  Of course I'm inclined to think that Biden won.  I found her to be transparently rehearsed (All politicians are rehearsed.  Experienced ones are less transparent and are masters at thinking on their feet).  It sounded to me like she had about dozen things she was programmed to say and she said them without screwing up to badly.  Biden was a pro and he was responsive and interactive.  She looked like what she was, someone who had been literally locked in a room and home schooled for 4 days.  Isn't funny that no one questions a candidate who has to be told what her positions are?  Part of me hopes she thinks she won.  Father Time thought he won last Friday's debate and by yesterday he had lost ground in almost every pole and decided to pull out of Michigan altogether.  If that's a win to him, I'll take that every time.  I read online that republicans held a secret meeting in Florida to address the rising tide against McCain there.  Republicans there complained about a lack of organization and support from his surrogates there.  It sounds like a campaign in disarray to me.  If he can't run smoothly in a crucial place like Florida then he is in serious trouble.  I think Palin won her freedom last night but it's somewhat negated because McCain now relies on her to draw a crowd.  You won't see her do anymore network interviews and she won't be subjected to ANY unscripted moments.  You'll see her do the conservative talk radio circuit almost exclusively but I think they have to split up just to cover more ground.  She has finally graduated from her convention speech, which is the only thing she has said over and over again, since she first delivered it.  She has a new set of rehearsed lines now.  SHE is the best thing about the ticket and that's truly sad because it took her 5 weeks to eclipse Father Time.
  • Linda
  • Michael Haltman
    Gotta tell you.  I can't stand Biden or Obama and am a McCain supporter, but she did not seem Vice Presidential.

    Mike Haltman

    Watching The Numbers That Are Watching The Vote
    Measures of Liquidity and Fear
  • Joey
    wow. Now people are attacking her 'cuteness' ? What's left - her handshake ? Get a life and live with the fact that she is an executive. An executive with more experience than BO. McCain didn't pick a woman to be vice-president, he picked a person. He picked the best person to change Washington, get things done, and actually help this country. What has the anti-party done in the last 2 years ?
  • harrysmom
    As a woman, it offends me each time she reverts to cute and adorable in order to charm people.  Haven't we come further than that?  Now, we could get into a 2nd vs. 3rd wave feminist discussion of this, and believe me, in my world (academics), it has already begun.  However, in all of my understanding of post-modern feminism, I cringe each time I see her wink or do her "Shirley Temple" imitation in order to divert attention from the fact that the content of her words is empty.  And for that reason alone, I believe that she lost.

    Women aren't stupid.  Most of us have had to work very very hard to gain legitimacy in the backroom and boardroom.  We know the perils of cuteness- and Palin reverses that for us.  We can see that McCain is using her - and we have all dealt with women who allow themselves to be used for personal gain.  Palin is not popular with women- don't let any poll fool you.  

    For me, Biden won.  But I'm biased so my opinion is probably not valid.
  • Claire
    This is for the Michael J Post:

    You know a lot about women because you dress up as one every night.

    A real man could see that she would make a kick as VP.

    Take off your high heal shoes and painties and become a man!
  • Kevin S. Willis
    Seems pretty universal. Lefties think Biden won and Right Wingers think Palin won. I don't think this moves the compass much, despite the polls of "undecided" liberals that chalk the victory up to Biden. I thought McCain lost the first debate, frankly, but I think Palin won this one. She certainly won it for me.
  • Justin
    Michael J. said:
    "I can't wait to see neo con Palin get blasted tonight.  She doesn't need Biden to do that for her.  she is a disgrace to all women, and every woman I know agrees. and beleive me, i know a lot of woman."

    Sheesh, Michael...you sound like someone who picked up a ton of nasty gossip at a party about Palin and spread it here.  What kind of women do you know?  Well "lots of women" you know are wrong. Palin outshined Biden in the debate last night and she did it with a smile.  She came across as a normal person, while Biden came across as a Washington politician. They were both true to who they really are.  Palin is receiving rave reviews for her performance, and even the pundits are eating crow this morning.
  • Kevin S. Willis
    "As for Couric, she's never given a fair interview to a conservative woman in her life."

    Glen Beck mentioned this morning that out of a two hour interview, we've only see what? 10 minutes? The fact is, we haven't seen a bad Palin performance that hasn't been heavily edited. If that doesn't make you wonder if there's a little bias in the editing room, you're already so deep in the tank against Republicans and conservatives there's no hope convincing you otherwise, anyway.

    I think Jo-tox Biden did a good job, even if he was unable to move his eyebrows. Yes, I think his politics make him wrong on almost every issue (except when he takes both sides, like on clean coal, and his support of clean coal is right, his opposition to it is wrong).

    I would have loved a question about his idea, right after 9/11, to send a no-strings-attachd check for $200 million to Iran. "Is the Send Money to Terrorist Nations Initiative going to be part of your administration, Senator Biden?" I knew that wasn't coming, but still. I like Joe and think he did a good job, but Palin is the outsider, and even where her performance was less than perfect, her outsider status was clear. She's a better candidate than Obama, Biden or McCain.
  • Joey
    We need new, invigorating, and the right ideas in Washington. What about the poor approval rating for Congress ? Don't they share some of the blame ? I would vote out all of the DC folks who have been there too long and have done too little. There should be term limits. Biden is the poster grand-father of term limits. And he has no integrity - look up how he stole speeches, which is why he was forced out of his first presidentail bids, and plagarized in college. Long term politician versus Palin's get it done attitude. This will not be lost on the American people despite the media's love affair with BO.
  • pnin
    talking of Biden gaffe machine...35 years in Wasgington apparently weren't enough to inform Biden that Article 1 of the Constitution refers to the legislative power, and not the executive power. what a gaffe! this is the 'are you smarter than a 5th grader' type of question :-). And tis guy wants to be the vp :-) what a joke this man is :-)imagine if Palin made that mistake, how the dem c...p (pardon my French) would have hit the fan!
    Biden about Cheney:
    'The idea he doesn’t realize that Article I of the Constitution defines the role of the vice president of the United States, that’s the Executive Branch'

    no, Joe, you don't realize that it's Article II of the Consitution defines the executive powers.
  • Sara
    Maybe if Sarah Palin actually answered the questions we'd have had a real debate.  Redirecting back to Alaska and the term "Maverick" doesn't mean anything to the American people struggling.  How about a wink and smile while telling us something concrete instead of generalizing a reform of Washington.  Its obvious that she is just bait and a distraction from the fact that McCain offers the same old thing we've been dealing with, Bush policies.  To be honest, I can't even believe that she's gotten this far.  Does McCain really think the American people are that stupid, hiding her from the press then rehearsing everything like cramming for a test.  She never once looked like she wasn't reading something from the back of her mind that had been memorized.  Biden came out strong, courteous, and from the heart.  This election isn't only about change; it's about fighting for our nation's intelligence.
  • Kevin
    @herly is an attack site, don't click it...
  • amber 2
    As any idiot could see from the beginning, Palin was a poor choice. Hoboboh, how does it feel to be wrong all the time
  • herly
    Palin thinks that she lost the VP debate.
    Smottret this interview here
  • A
    How can such a clean politician as Sarah Palin turn anyone off from voting for McCain?  Which is better, Obama the inexperienced socialist skeeve as president, or Palin the probably actually decent human being as VP under McCain?  Geez, if McCain dies, it would likely be after she's gained plenty of experience as VP; besides, she'd have all kinds of CONSERVATIVE advisors to back her up.

    And, as for her repetition: how many different ways can a person say, "Actually, Joe, that's not true"?

    Of course she could have fought back harder with more facts against Biden's incessant repetition of the "McCain = Bush" mantra.  But it's not as if Biden was so great, or adequately answered her challenges.  He's more slick, yes, but we knew to expect that.
  • Jack
    McCain was irresponsible in choosing this woman for VP. She is cant answer a question! She dodges every question she cant answer.

    A VP should be able to step into the position of President, McCain is old, it is unfathomable to think of Palin as the President of the US or anything.

    I am a single father of a down syndrome child. I've voted Republican the last 5 elections but the Republicans lost my vote with choosing this VP.
  • pookie poo
    Sarah did not do well. She repeated the same lines over and over again and did not answer the questions well. As expected, she embrassed herself. I cannot wait to see Elizabeth try to defend her on The View.
  • Amandia
    Palin got plowed in this debate. Her lack of experience was greatly exposed. She would glaze over the answers and not use specific examples to base her points on. Biden seems to me that he has a lot of experience and is trying to fight for the middle class American, he has an invaluable influence for Obama which as a vice president i think will get the dreams of thier campain ticket roots in the ground.
  • William Searcy
    Palin seemed nervous and unsure of herself at the beginning. I sensed slight quivers in her voice.  She did better than I expected, but I still think she is not ready for the job, much less to be President.  I just can't see her being our voice to the world. 

    Biden didn't impress me much better.  It was like I had to pick the lesser of two evils.  I will say that Biden seemed much better equipped to play the Washington game.

    Being a gay man, the whole marriage issue makes me mad.  If marriage is so sacred, that it can only be between a man and woman, then why not outlaw divorce?  I would respect the sacredness of marriage concept if people could their money with their mouth is.  At the rate straight people jump in and out of the institution, I seriously doubt the sacredness about any of it.
  • Guest

    good point.
  • fred
    equal, although biden was able to connect more when he mentioned raising kids as a sngle dad!!!
  • Bryant Arms
    Palin had all of the advantages going into this debate. The public has low expectations of her, so it was going to be easy to impress them. She also knew that neither the moderator or Biden could attack her. Biden would look like a bully picking on a vulnerable woman while the moderator would be accused of favoritism since she has published a relatively favorable book about Obama. The only thing Palin has needed to do was rehearse how to bring up a canned attack against Biden at every possible opportunity.

    Biden can only grin and bear it like a man being slapped by a girl.

    Oh, and did anyone else notice Palin's butt? I couldn't help noticing due to the frequent 'backside' views offered by the cameras. That was very considerate of the media.
    Well the "moderator" has already come out big for OBAMA, so I think that's a factor. 

    As for Couric, she's never given a fair interview to a conservative woman in her life.  If you watch her eyes you can see the complete condesention come across.

    Biden is always a wild card in ANY speech.  He's all messed up in the financial meltdown as well. 
    Lol .... Palin is the cleanest person running for national election in quite awhile.  I can see why the media and Beltway sneer at her.  Like Trolls scared of the light she casts.

    In the end, it's a tossup.  America already LOVES Palin. 

    Biden, well, he's ol' Joe, professional pol, and the old establishment. 

    one thing, it will be interesting.

  • amber 2
    expectations are low, but die hards will see her in a different light.
  • Michael J.
    I can't wait to see neo con Palin get blasted tonight.  She doesn't need Biden to do that for her.  she is a disgrace to all women, and every woman I know agrees. and beleive me, i know a lot of woman.
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