Knowing When to Say When

November 4th, 2009 Julie Spears

Remember as a child your mom would tell you to say “when” as she was refilling your glass or giving another helping of mashed potatoes? Saying “when” was used to advise when you had enough of something. Sometimes you would scream “when”, as your big brother had your arm twisted behind your back, or someone was tickling you. Well, Americans have been tickled enough, and they are saying “when” already.

When—as in will Obama ever turn off the campaign rhetoric? Every time you hear him, he still sounds like he is still campaigning. Americans understand it is basically all he has ever done, and he is comfortable in that arena, but after ten months on the job he needs to understand he is no longer campaigning. He is the president now, and while it was probably forgivable at first to blame the prior administration, he no longer has the luxury of blaming George Bush for all of his failures and indecisiveness of major issues facing this great nation. It is time for him to step up to the plate and start acting like the commander in chief, and that begins with him taking responsibility for decisions he and his people are making, and to stop saying what he is going to do, and start doing something positive for this country.

When— as in his failure to keep numerous campaign promises, such as his promise of transparency in his government. This is evident with the appointment of czars to several key positions in his administration. The people of this country do not have the benefit of these czars having to have senate confirmation, thus very little is known about them. Without people like Glenn Beck and others who have the resources to investigate the credentials of these key people, those like Van Jones and others like him, would never have been discovered.

When—as in the shell game he is playing with health care reform. The American people spoke loud and clear about their discontent of this hot button issue this past summer with tea parties and town halls that took place all across this country. It was hoped that those representatives, understanding they work for their constituents, would listen to the wishes and concerns of their people. How did they listen and address those concerns? By changing the locks on doors to keep out republicans and re-drafting the health care reform bill to the extent it nearly doubled in size with its verbose and rambling content. Content which is riddled with inequities and vagueness that leaves its interpretations wide open to whoever is reading it at the time. How does this benefit the American people, who legitimately need health care?

The American people are saying WHEN! They put their faith and trust in a man who promised change and took him at his word. The change he is proposing, and yes, has even instituted, is not what the people of this country had in mind, thus it diminishes the respect for him, as well as respect for the highest position in the country. Obama needs to start taking responsibility for his actions, and come clean with the people on his true intent. He needs to stop apologizing for this country, and start apologizing for his own failures in getting this country back on track. Blaming George W. is immature, ill-conceived and unbecoming of a man who knows better.

©Julie Spears 2009

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  • tjs1954
    Well said, I am so sick of hearing him on the TV, why doesn't he keep his mouth shut and actually acomplish something?
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