Ryan Dixon Delves Into Pelosi & Co.’s Insane Legislative Tyranny

November 9th, 2009 Billy Hallowell

Ryan Dixon, a correspondent for RENEWtv and the host of his own video series Young Republicans TV, delves into House Democrats’ ramming through of their proposal health care legislation.  Check it out:

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  • AckAck
    Billy Hallowell, what is so important on the Democrat agenda that they do not see that the Health Care Bill is a job killer in America? Why can't they see that AMERICANS DON'T WANT THIS BILL? Americans need jobs. We were promised 3,000,000 jobs with the stimulus bill - didn't happen. They (the dems) say about 1,000,000 have either been created or saved. No proof of even that - they can't point us in a direction to prove that happened.

    People are tired of words and promises from Obama. Everytime he stands up it's to try and make people believe things will be better - yet, THEY CONTINUE TO GET WORSE! Unemployment just went about 10%, 10.2% to be exact, it was suppose to level off at 8%. No real explainations from the administration for that except, "It takes time for the jobs to catch up." People are tired and I think Nancy Pelosi should worry about some of the stuff that is going to happen if it don't get better. Desperate people do desperate things.

    Obama stands up and says the economy is on the mend, yet IT'S NOT! No proof of it. He keeps saying 1,000,000 jobs have been created or saved, yet HE CAN'T TELL YOU WHERE! Tell that to the guys and gals that don't have jobs and are still waiting for all the jobs to be created. All the while he stands up and makes all these smooth talking, outrageous promises, things continue to get worse. Peoples patience has worn thin and they have no where to go.

    We have gotten so POLITICALLY CORRECT in America that we have lost sight of what America really was, or supposed to be - further, we seem not to care where it is headed.
  • 2bluestarmom
    Because ackack...that is their whole plan. They are dismantling our nation, not brick by brick but aggressive demolition.

    It will be much easier for them to "fundamentally change" or rebuild it if it is completely destroyed.

    Where do you think all the money has gone for the so called "bailouts?" It will take trillions to re structure.

    Think about it.
  • ManOverboard
    It doesn't matter. The close vote is proof that the liberals won't have enough votes in the Senate to pass it. This lousy legislation is DOA in the senate. This won't leave time for Pelosi to write another lousy bill before next year and no one is going to vote for something like this in an election year. The the Repubs get back a big chunk of congress in 2010 and we're all clear to 2012 when Osama gets booted from Washington!
  • AckAck
    Did anyone see Nancy Palosi after the vote? She looked like a frog that had just swollowed a June Bug. That silly bitch don't realize what lies ahead for her.
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