Senate Should Torpedo ObamaCare Abomination

November 9th, 2009 Carter Clews
Now that the House has passed the $2.1 trillion ObamaCare abomination by the slimmest of margins, the scene shifts to the Senate. There, members will be put to the test as to whether to pass the single largest redistribution of the wealth in U.S. history.

Or whether to torpedo it to the icy depths of the Abyss-never to reawaken.

Only 50.5 percent of Representatives voted in favor of the government takeover of health care on Saturday. The final vote was 220 to 215. If the same pattern holds in the Senate where 60 votes are needed, the road left-alone to socialized medicine could run awry in 2010.

Especially since a full 54 percent of voters oppose it and only 42 percent support a bill that will ration care away from seniors, reduce quality, increase taxes by more than $780 billion, and increase the unsustainable burden of the national debt by substantially exploding entitlement spending—adding more than 36 million to the taxpayer-subsidized health system.

Unlike the House, however, the Senate now needs 60 votes, and it is going to be harder to get. Then, even if they do pass their own version of the bill, it would still have to go to conference. Pressure on House and Senate targets to vote “No” on the conference report and to mount a filibuster on the conference report will be the game. So, there is still a long way to go before the left is allowed to turn the world’s leading health care system into yet another entitlement program.

The House version of ObamaCare was pushed to give the embattled Administration a “win.” The elections were harsh and the mood of the public is not good. Everything was turning against them. This was meant as a way to stop the bleeding and give some guys a “pass” vote.

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  • toe
    It's only fair to present the conservative compassionate side of things... it's kind of how Jackie the hack rolls.

    Ever since Barack Obama was elected President of the United States, the conservative movement has been having seismic convulsions over it. The bile, rage and disgusting behavior have exponentially increased and is still ongoing as the media captures it for the nation to see.

    Right wing nut blogger, Dan Riehl's latest post about Harry's Reid's family tragedy is yet another example of that lunacy, but just another version of the same song. This one is particularly nauseating.

    As you may know, Senator Harry Reid's 69 year old wife and 48 year old daughter were involved in a bad car accident Friday. Normal, decent Americans would ignore what political party they were in and hope that their suffering is as short lived as possible. To Dan Riehl, that expression takes on a sick new meaning:

    Isn't It Time To Euthanize Reid's Wife?

    I'm not sure I quite understand this, given that cost is so important as a burden to taxpayers when it comes to health care. If Democrats want so badly to abort babies because of it, why are we bothering with someone who has a broken neck and back at 69? It sounds to me like she's pretty well used up and has probably been living off the taxpayers for plenty of years to begin with. Aren't we at least going to get a vote on it?

    Sen. Reid's daughter Lana Reid Barringer, 48, who was driving the mini-van, and his wife, Landra G. Reid, 69, a passenger, were both injured. Landra suffered a broken back and a broken neck in the crash; Barringer suffered minor injuries, Sen. Reid's office said Thursday.

    I realize her crook of a husband and his pals in Congress have excluded themselves from the mess they're going to compel everyone else to join, but we're still paying the bills, are we not? I don't see that she's worth it at this point, frankly. I can't recall her ever doing anything for me. Come on, Harry - do your civic duty. The nation's broke and counting on you guy. Pull the plug and get back to work. And don't bill us for a full day today, either. This is no time to be sloughing off. Air freight her home, you can bury her during recess on your own time and dime. Or are you going to bill us for that, too?

    Reid has stayed at his wife’s bedside throughout the day Friday and returned to the Capitol in the late afternoon.

    I guess it doesn't matter to Riehl that Reid is a Mormon and is strictly pro-life. But let's forget about Harry's religious beliefs. Riehl demonstrates the insanity that epitomizes the conservative movement.
    And these are the people that the media demands the White House should try and reach out to and work with in a more bipartisan fashion. I guess Dan Riehl supports some form of those Palin death panels after all.

    How can you work with crazy people?
  • Jackie M
    toe--you can answer your own question better than I can since you have the left-wing nuts in your party. the corrupt reid and pelosi are just two that come to mind besides the lying obama. how did you like his campaign speech about healthcare yesterday? moreover, how did you react to the news that the lady who had cancer that obama was using as an example was not going to have a lien put against her home as obama stated. in addition, the hospital came out and said they were trying to get her assistance to pay her bills but that regardless of the outcome, the costs would come out of their $100 million fund that was set up for people who couldn't pay. they also said that they were not going to put a lien on her house now or in the future. as a completely honest person, i guess you were disgusted at another one of obama's lies, huh?

    i don't know the person you are talking about and could care less. there are all types of people in both parties; however, I am honest about it and am quick to blame a republican if he/she is not following our principals.

    speaking of caring about people and your topic of healthcare, you never answered my previous question on healthcare rationing. let me put it to you simply. we currently have a shortage of doctors. according to obama, we are short 150k. so if you fools add 30M more people into the system, where are the additional doctors, nurses and other medical professionals that will be necessary on day one coming from? this is a simple math problem so you should be able to figure it out. i have asked you this numerous times and you refuse to answer. until this problem is solved, any healthcare plan will fail. if you need proof, it is a simple supply and demand issue but it has government interference with it to make it more complicated. so now that it is obvious that there will be definite rationing of healthcare, it is easy to figure out that people won't be able to get appointments to see their doctors for very long periods of time. people with major, life-threatening illnesses, whether diagnosed or waiting to find out what is wrong (undiagnosed) will not have the care they need in the timeframe they need it, so more people will die as a result. because of the supply and demand issue, the quality of healthcare will decline for everyone except those who have private physicans like obama. hmmmmm! do i see the damn liberals/democrats showing their true colors again? yes, of course! you idiots truly don't believe in equality after all. however, you think you are just free to pick out a few groups and say you are fighting for all! LOL! we also saw evidence of this when you morons singled out certain unions (not all) and states and gave them backroom deals. your messiah obama was responsible for the union backroom deal. i know you are proud of him and his corruption. so much for his "no business as usual" rhetoric.

    keep on picking out a few and lumping them in with a group. you idiots are good at it. you really outdid yourself this time. this is the dumbest post you have made yet. only liberals have the same stupid agenda and can be lumped in together. i've never seen a liberal post that the other liberals didn't agree with no matter how irrational and outragious it is. the more corrupt a nutjob liberal/democrat is, the better you fools like him. if you want creditability, i would suggest you discuss someone with integrity. reid and pelosi would not be included in that category. i wonder if the damn liberals/democrats will read this healthcare bill when it is finalized? it is such a simple thing and it is expected that you idiots at least read the bill before passing it. as we have seen, you fools don't even read the bills but will support them. i enjoyed the interviews where the damn fools admitted it. they don't mind passing bills that will cause harm to this country (AIG received bonuses as a result of obama's bill). that was too comical but dodd and obama were caught lying again! i guess that is why you are ignorant and claim innocence when something goes wrong. well, it is all on your party's head!
  • ellen
    Where are the Republicans that were touting family values? They sure weren't addressing health care. Perhaps the war was a component of their family values?
  • Jackie M
    ellen--that is a dumb comment. you need to look to your own party when speaking about the lack of family values. you don't have a problem with our credit rating being in jeopardy. this happened entirely under obama's watch. the results of a lower credit rating will hurt middle and lower class Americans the most. that is irrevalent to you fools because you continue to ignore it. in addition, if you gave a damn about families in this country, you wouldn't want a healthcare bill that WILL force healthcare rationing. idiot obama said we were already 150k doctors short in this country. of course, the numbers can always be disputed but it is a fact that we are short healthcare professionals. so where in the hell are your "supreme leaders" going to get the almost million more healthcare professionals (from doctors and nurses to lab techs) on day one? i guess obama can just say the word hope and you idiots will "hope" he pulls them out of his ass. until this issue is resolved any healthcare plan passed that will ensure more people will fail and people with life threatening issues will not be able to get in to see a doctor or specialist in a reasonable time because of the backlog of appointments. so there will be people dying under this plan! republicans were talking about this a year ago but have since dropped the subject since obama and his idiot mob were refusing to listen to anything anyone outside of their party had to say anyway. his promise to be the "president" to all citizens including those who didn't vote for him was just another one of his lies. i predicted this and everything else that has happened in posts on this site before and after the election. so the proof is there and all it took was common sense, which is obviously something you are lacking!
  • toe
    Poor, poor ignorant Jackie. Every republican health care idea was placed before the CBO.
    and found ineffective when reducing cost or expanding availability of health care to more people...(3 million in GOP plan VS 30 Million in Dem plan) and non cost effective as well as not demanding that pre-existing condition clauses be dropped. Period.

    Your continued ignorance glows yet again as you wrote: "lumping all republicans together and claiming that we all do these things or agree with everything a republican administration does is stupid." hmmmm..interesting that you claim this yet you are not at all opposed to "LUMPING" liberals/progressives/Democrats/ in one LARGE LUMP every single day. EVERY SINGLE DAY JACKIE. Your name calling is your calling card. EVERY SINGLE DAY. More example of the wing nut mantra: "do as I say not as I do"

    The Coffee Party continues to gather in number - you won't find them on FOX- Coffee Party people are not dressed as Nazi's or Skinheads or Pilgrims or a mercenary militant, or carry unAmerican signage or spew racial hate, religious hate, Obama-hate, you know...people like you. FOX likes people like you. The more ridiculous, the more they like you.
    Coffee Party people are thoughtful people with ideas who discuss these rationally and with civility. You would not fit in.

    You should probably go sit in your basement and be afraid. It's what you do best.
  • Jackie M
    toe--i guess you know every republican senator and every plan and know what the cbo did and did not review, right? lol! keep it up! by the way, i am aware that some of the plans covered less people and also helped our children and grandchildren not have to live in a world where they are paying for the bills that we have now. so much for your theory of how your party cares about people. i know you really hate to get doses of reality but the cbo bases its results on assumptions and there are tooooooo many assumptions in obama's plans to accurately predict the costs. your ignorance is showing again. who gives a damn about how many more people will be covered when there will be a tremendous shortage of nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to treat everyone? you continue to ignore the obvious rationing that will occur. but hey, that is what you do best besides loving obama and his corrupt mob.
  • toe
    broken record....broken record...broken record.
    rationing, government takeover, death panels, euthanasia, abortion payments, killing jobs, taking away medicare payments, all have been debunked, yet you still keep up with the broken record.
    you look really stupid, you know.
  • Jackie M
    toe--ok then. you explain how 30 million more Americans can come into a system already short in human resources. explain away! you really look stupid you know but then again you are a liberal and have no rational thoughts! i guess your insults with nothing to back them up makes you look smart? lol!
  • toe
    Republican family values consist of:

    1) yelling and screaming about the expansion of government until they are in power at which time they ALWAYS expand the government and dig us in deeper financial holes.

    2) yelling and screaming that they are the party of "family values" and "morality" then scoot behind the curtain to cheat on their wives.

    3) yelling a screaming that they have a health care plan yet when given the opportunity to present this for discussion demanded a clean sheet of paper to start over.

    4) yelling and screaming that the debt must be addressed but when push came to shove, voted against the very commission designed to address this... AND after sponsoring the bill!

    5) yelling and screaming that they support "life" but vote for the death penalty every single time.

    6) yelling and screaming that we must defend our country and support our military but when push comes to shove they prefer not to serve and vote against military health care needs.

    oh, their "values" sparkle in the sun all right.
  • Jackie M
    toe--lumping all republicans together and claiming that we all do these things or agree with everything a republican administration does is stupid. you must have been deaf, blind and without a TV for many years if you didn't see republicans railing against people who claim to be in their party but don't follow the principals. it is physically impossiblf for me to cheat on my wife since i'm female and would never have one! LOL! keep it up. damn obama was sent several republican plans and refused to acknowledge them. it is a stunt that you pull when lying. starting all over is the will of the people and it just so happens it is the same stance republicans took before the polls indicated this. starting all over would ensure every issue is above board and right for everyone not just a few. your view of "what republicans think" on the death penalty is laughable and has no substance, especially since you choose to misinterpret the truth as usual. hmmmmm! is that called a lie. of course it is a lie! lying is what you do best and you are a true liberal. i hope you are proud of attempt to deceive! obviously, it doesn't work here so your posts are a waste of time.
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