Mom Rents Daughter to Known Pedophile

December 20th, 2006 Urban Conservative

Totally unrelated to liberals, politics, Iraq and all the stuff I fuss about on a daily basis. I came across this article on ABC news that not only disturbed me, but made me want to seriously hurt someone. Basically, a mother rented her daughter to a known pedophile on two hundred separate occasions for a whopping $20. What in the world is this country turning into? How can a mother take the innocence of a child in this matter? What makes this case worse is that she was originally sentenced to 17 years in prison and then it was reduced to 10 years because mental problems and drug addiction had influenced her behavior, so they say.

All I can say is that our justice system is so out-of-whack. If it were up to me, I would throw her (and EVERY pedophile) on a remote island infested with pit bulls that haven’t been fed for days. Not, sure who I would feel sorry for though, the pedophiles or the pit bulls. God help this country; He knows that we need it!

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  • Honest words
    Many would thing: how can we justify this... lets see now...

    Sorry, cannot be done, nothing against pedophiles, yet sex offenders that target minors, or as you could say "active pedophiles", should be penalized with death.
  • Honest words
    Believe me, I do feel sorry for those that one day find themselves aroused by children, some ONLY in children. I still think they should die though, if anything, assisted, painless death.

    Sexoffender not only has to "restrain himself" when hearing the word mother, but also each time he sees a little boy or girl. After all, I love women, and each time I see a hot one I have to restrain myself (this is natural, at least to me).

    What I do not like sexoffender, is that you not only try to justify this, but seem... well not proud, but you seem to put yourself to our level, I am sorry to say, you lost your right to stand amongst us, not the day you turned pedophile, but the day you abused one sexually.

    I feel sorry for you, but I fear you would have to run away very fast, if I saw you on the street, id have to restrain myself to not harm you, and I am not sure I would restrain myself at all.

    Sorry man, you are a nothing, and should not try to justify anything, as you lost your right to be a part of our society long ago.
  • Name
    sexoffender (the guy below) make some points, id feel pretty victimized if I found interest in underage children, but he forgets the fact that no matter how much a victim of becoming a pedophile is, he or she has no right to commit the crime.

    It cannot be easy, id take my life in a world where men normally just banged men, and men fucking women would have been a crime just as bad as pedophilia.
    But that is my point, if I one day find out I want kids, and kids only for that matter (I think the cure is easier if you are attracted in grown people as well), id try find a solution, if none found, id take my life.
    Extreme you say, but could you have been without men/women all your life? No? How can we all be sure, that a pedophile will never give in to the temptation? I mean here in Norway kids go around naked, and for a pedophile it must be like being in a strip bar.
    Of course, you can cut their balls of (at least the male ones, not sure about what can be done with female sex offenders), but I believe any man would rather die.
    Victims, yes, but as I said that does not justify the means, its like a man losing both his left arm, and trying to justify his psychological need to cut the arms of other people.
    Or more accurate: victimizing and justifying a pedophile to fuck your children because he has suffered, or was unfortunate in getting aroused by kids all of sudden.

    Anyway about that woman, there should be death penalty for crimes like that, 10 years is nothing compared to the lifelong suffering her daughter will go trough. Not only deals she with the pain of being violated multiple times (probably by several men) but also that it was her own mother, that sold her for less than nothing.
  • JackieM
    i don't believe in torturing them but i do believe in the death penalty for all proven sex offenders.  even if they don't kill their victim, they have caused so much emotional damage that it takes part of their life that they can't get back.  so it is murder and should be treated as such.
  • Paul Graham
    Execute and/or torture all sex offenders huh? Hmm..sounds familiar. Now I remember, this is exactly the same position taken by Hitler in Mein Kampf. Your in good company. In fact, those of you espousing summary executions and torture should really consider moving to the Middle East where you'll find many friends amongst the Jihadists that share your views. You should be ashamed to call yourself American when you espouse practices which offend the very essense of our Constitution. Cmon guys, its only 14 pages long - try reading it!
  • Imthajuggernautbitch
    Ok bitch, so Hitler had one great idea. Do not compare the idea to another person. You should be ashamed to stand for sex offenders in this post, you should not even be in America, you should apply for Jihad, because that is where you belong.

    Paul Graham, protector of sex offenders... sounds nice, in fact I think you are one yourself and thus standing for them.
  • Greg Hyatt
    This was absolutely disturbing and I am behind you 100% ! No place for them in jail...put them out of misery and that of children they live around! Just kill them deader than hell and let the police figure out where to put them then!
  • sorry to hear that.
  • CA Mom
    I am a mother, whom you may claim to have hatred for, but primarily I am the mother of a sex offender. I can tell you that I did not raise my son poorly, in fact, he was spoiled by all accounts. I saw that he had the latest trend, went to good schools, and tried my best to hold himaccontable for his own actions. He rebelled excesively in his mid-teen years, and that was when his sex offense was committed. But I stood by him, through the worst of it (court case) the many after effects (suicide attempt) and out the other side. Now my son and I are very close, and he has gone on to a much better life, graduating college and becoming a trustworthy adult, and maintaining a six-year relationship with his girlfriend.
    I can sympathize with your obvious troubles from childhood, but please note that while some mothers can bring the problems, others can help eliminate them. I am proud of the recovery that took years of hard work to accomplish, and that I was there to help my son every step of the way, no matter how hard it got for either of us. I know very well that not all sex offenders are pedophiles, and that not all pedophiles are sex offenders, etc because I have met them. I do not wish even more horrible treatment of sex offenders or pedophiles just because they are. What I wish for them is the kind of healing that can happen, the kind that is not quick, not simple, and not easy, but can happen. Whether it takes family, or God, or whatever it takes, it is worth it to see the happiness at the other end. Ten years have passed since my son's offense, it has neve been repeated, he has not hurt anyone. Instead, he has grown to a son anyone would be proud of, and has opportunity to realize his potential to it's fullest. Society would have gained nothing by locking his up and throwing away the key, instead they would have destroyed what little hope remained at that time, and killed whatever goodness was let. We were able to water and feed the goodness until it blossomed into a fabulous life. Please see this as an encouragement, that it's never too late, even when it seems like the darkest and final hour. I will never forget the experience, and of course, my son won't either. But we will not let it stop the futre from being bright and full of hope. Please pass your hope onto your own children, and let them see the joy only you can bring to their lives.
  • sexoffender
    Michael, how do you come to the point that I 'almost seem proud of what I have done'? What on earth makes you think that? And no, I am not on parole. I have long finished my sentence, and like many sex offenders I did not receive a custodial sentence. And how do you know what my crime was anyway.

    Jesse Romero, I have thought about hanging myself - often. And I have a long documented history of physically abusing and mutilating myself - dating from long before I ever committed any sort of sexual offense. I guarantee to you how ever much you hate me I have hated myself more. Anyway about your point that no child molesters should ever be released into the public, what do you do for those sexually victimised as children (a minority, but a very real number just the same) who do not want this and who actually reach a very real reconciliation with their offender.

    I made the point that just just as I have to restrain myself every time I see or hear the word 'mother' from generalising from my experience of having a mother (perhaps you are a mother - now in my experience that would make you a really evil person) and understand that many people have had very different experiences of mothers than mine, maybe you should learn not to generalise about sex offenders. Most sex offenders are not child molesters - that was not their crime, most child molesters are probably not paedophiles, and not all paedophiles have committed a sexual offense. Being a paedophile is not a crime, but quite rightly sexually assaulting a child is - irrespective of what the motivation of the person is.

    By the way, the one and only thing that has stopped me from killing myself is that I understand the enormous trauma it would be to my own children and that my committing suicide would be a significant predisposing factor in them ever taking their own lives. Having screwed up enough already I do not want to make matters worse by doing that.

    Also most sex offenders do become suicidal at some stage - many are even before they are caught. This is simply a fact - I do not expect or want you to have any sympathy because of this. However because of this sex offender treatment programmes take the matter of sex offenders killing themselves seriously and emphasize to offenders that killing themselves usually (maybe not always but usually) makes their victims recovery harder. Stopping sex offenders killing themselves is seen as part of responsibility of those providing the programmes towards both the victims of crime and towards the community in general.

    I know this kind of idea just makes a lot of people angry, but simply being angry is not a good basis for forming public policy on the treatment of sex offenders or on child protection. Maybe some of the things that have to be done to protect children and the community in general go against gut instincts and even against 'common sense'?
  • Revenant
    You talk about child protection, hah... look at you trying to sound like everyone else.

    Well nancy, you are not like everyone else, your rights are long since lost, now please, do us all a favor, and tie that rope around the lamp again, no one needs you alive. And trying to sound like some articulate moron will never justify your disgusting actions against children.

    "i suffer this, I suffer that", good, well deserved, now stop your suffering forever.
  • Revenant
    You have to restrain yourself when you see kids too huh? Not only the word mother.

    No matter how much you hate and mutilate yourself, you have no right, and never had, to do what you did, and perhaps, what you do still.
    Do not justify your actions with this shit, you speak as if you where proud, maybe you did not say it directly, but your actions speak differently.

    A yet even more horrible trauma for your children is to get raped by their father, or to find out that their father was, or is a child molester. Id prefer to hear my dad was dead rather than him being a sex offender of children, if you do not have children, dont get any, do us and them a favor.
    You post things like "i do not need sympathy" then you put HOWEVER, in other words you try to justify your actions because pedophiles/sex offenders suffer and blahblah.

    "ooh policy in the treatment of" you try to sound smart... well guess what, your a moron, because of what you did. And you lost long since your right to defend your actions, you lost long since the right to justify anything.

    Common sense you want? Kill all pedophiles, that is common sense. What else did you expect? Allow them to do as they please? Sorry, thats your logic, and believe me, its faulty.
  • Jesse Romero
    okay, maybe not the island idea. How about death rifle squad, or better yet, releasing all child molesters into the general poplulation in prison?

    The fact is that NO child molesters should be released into the general public...and that means you too, Sexual Offender. You should go HANG yourself.

    Merry Christmas.
  • sexoffender
    I am a convicted child sex offender.

    I guess this woman was pretty screwed up. But then again while the home is the safest place for many children it is also statistically the most dangerous. Not only does most child sexual abuse occur within the family and its close friends but almost half of all child murders are committed by the child's mother, so I am not surprised that any mother would do this.

    How can a mother take the innocence of a child you ask? From my experience of being mothered - I hate mothers. Even now typing the word on my keypad makes me feel like wretching. But I know that my experience is not the same as everyone else, I cannot generalise form my particular experience.

    Perhaps too you should not generalise from your experience about paedophiles - throwing them all on a remote island infested by pit bull terriers may feel good for some victims but could also be very distressing for other.

    And what do you understand by the word 'paedophile' anyway?
  • Revenant
    You experience all this pain because your mother mistreated you, and YET you did, or do the same to other children? Even though you know how much it hurts?

    You are sick, and all pedophiles are sick. Murder and sexual abuse go hand to hand, thus sexual abusers should be murdered, after all, they take everything away from the victims... You should know you sick sick man.

    Your experience may not be the same, but the thing you did to that kid is the very same, so dont mix up things now, you still have no right to do what you did, you still have no right to justify it.

    Tell me, what pedophile sexual abusers should not be put on a remote island with pitbulls? Believe me, that would be too little for ones such as you, trying to defend their actions and attempting to victimizing themselves at the same time.

    And stop being a wiseass, no matter how much you try to become, you will always be nothing in the eyes of most, and there is nothing you can do about it. Please, consider moving to a island, and ill fill it with pitbulls free of charge.
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