Why this conservative is voting democrat in this year’s 2008 Presidential Election

June 23rd, 2008 Urban Conservative

I am clearly not taxed enough. I realize that there are some people in our society that just can’t help themselves; and it’s my responsibility and duty to take care of these people. I don’t give to charity – so forced redistribution of wealth works much better for me.

I am tired of the hassle of finding the right doctor for my medical needs. PPO or HMO? It’s just too confusing and takes too much time to figure all this out. With national healthcare, all doctors would provide equal care – and what would I care anyway since it would all be free, paid for by my fellow Americans?

Global warming is real, and it’s a consensus in the scientific community that it’s caused by human behavior. If course, John Coleman doesn’t believe so given his recent and ludicrous comments:

There is no significant man made global warming. There has not been any in the past, there is none now and there is no reason to fear any in the future. The climate of Earth is changing. It has always changed. But mankind’s activities have not overwhelmed or significantly modified the natural forces.

Who in the hell is this guy anyway? Just because he founded the Weather Channel doesn’t give him merit or credibility to make these absurd accusations. If Al Gore (who was the 2000 Democratic Presidential Candidate) said so, I believe it and you should to.

I am sick of Christians trying to force their religion on me through the government. I am tired of seeing “In God We Trust� on all of currency and within our court system. It needs to be removed. The government should not endorse ANY religion and I don’t really care that our country was founded on Christian principles. We need to be accepting of ALL people from EVERY religion; and the way our government endorses Christianity offends most Americans, including me. I realize I am supposed to be tolerant of others but this has gone way too far.

I don’t want Roe Vs. Wade to be reversed and I don’t want the government to enforce laws that affect a woman’s right to choose, regardless of how far a long she is in her pregnancy. Who cares if she acted irresponsible with her sexual tendencies, it’s her body and she can do what she wants with it. And besides, fetuses are not “real peopleâ€? yet and don’t feel pain so their decisions don’t count.

I am against capital punishment. I think all convicted felons; regardless of the crime they committed can be rehabilitated. With the right care and therapy, they can assimilate back into society successfully, even pedophiles.

I believe marriage should be open to anyone and everyone; no restrictions, no laws, no nothing. We need to be tolerant of all people, regardless of their religion, sex, previous and/or current gender, sexual orientation, weight, appearance, etc. In fact, let’s make NAMBLA a government institution so we can regulate their behavior.

I think we should open the southern borders with open arms. The good people of Mexico and South America just want a better life for themselves. Besides, they do the work that Americans don’t want to do. If we were more compassionate to these people and stopped calling them “illegal aliens�, then they wouldn’t commit violent crimes here in America.

Of course, back in 2004, Heather Mac Donald who writes in the City Journal stated that “Some of the most violent criminals at large today are illegal aliens� but c’mon, really … who is she anyway and what college did she go to?

The Department of Homeland Security, estimates that between 300,000 to 450,000 illegal immigrants convicted of a crime are detained each year in our prison system; and that it would cost between $2.1 billion and $3.4 billion annually to deport every illegal immigrant convicted of a crime. Imagine the money we would save if just let them stay!

War is wrong and should be avoided at all costs. We should have never gone into Iraq, Vietnam, Korea; and WWII was a huge mistake. If we just treated other countries with mutual respect and consideration, we wouldn’t have to worry about terrorist attacks or nuclear war. Besides, there is no real proof that the holocaust actually occurred anyway, according to Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong-Il just want respect. Let’s give it to them and welcome their countries as world powers; and, heck if Chavez wants in, let’s bring him in the mix too. Besides, I am sure we can make significant progress if we just sit down with each country and have a genuine conversation. In fact, let’s bring them in all at once and have a World Power Summit at the UN.

Speaking of the UN, I trust the United Nations more than I do our own government, so let’s give them more power. I am almost positive that the U.S. is in their best interests anyway.

Let’s just leave Bin Laden alone and he will leave us alone; and the Democrats will do just that. Besides, terrorists hate Republican presidents.

We really need to stop supporting Israel. If we did, most if not all Middle Eastern countries would hold no ill regard against the US. I think they can fend for themselves anyway. Besides, they are the ones that are occupying the holy land of Palestine anyway so maybe they deserve what’s coming to them anyway.

We need to spend more money finding alternative fuel and energy resources. We can’t drill here in the US because we can’t disrupt the environment and wild life. That would be a crime; and we don’t want to take Middle Eastern resources either.

And lastly, I am voting Democrat across the board because:

We need a minority President. I don’t care what he stands for, his experience or what his policies are. Having a black president will help shape future race relations here in the U.S. and besides, Obama has such charisma and he is a great speaker too. His speeches inspire me and make me feel special. I have no doubt in my mind that he puts the Democratic Party way before our country, which is how it should be.

I know, some of the comments made above are pretty over the top. But so was this lame duck video created Charlie Steak and produced by SyntheticHuman Pictures. Consider this my rebuttal, without video of course.

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  • michelle ramos
    wow Urban ... you really out did yourself here. You are sure going to piss some people off with this one. Good luck.
  • Norski

    For once, I'm speechless. That takes quite a bit of doing.
  • yo martinez
    yo Toe .... where you at? I want to see your rebuttal to this.
  • JarrodM
    For those of you who slept through World History 101 here is a
    condensed version.

    Humans originally existed as members of small bands of nomadic hunters/gatherers. They lived on deer in the mountains during the summer and
    would go to the coast and live on fish and lobster in the winter.

    The two most important events in all of history were:
    1. The invention of beer, and
    2. The invention of the wheel.
    The wheel was invented to get man to the beer, and the beer to
    the man.
    These facts formed the foundation of modern civilization and together were the catalyst for the splitting of humanity into two distinct
    1. Liberals
    2. Conservatives.
    Once beer was discovered, it required grain and that was the
    beginning of agriculture. Neither the glass bottle nor aluminum can were
    invented yet, so while our early humans were sitting around waiting for them to
    be invented, they just stayed close to the brewery. That's how villages were

    Some men spent their days tracking and killing animals to BBQ at
    night while they were drinking beer. This was the beginning of what is known as
    the Conservative movement.

    Other men wh o were weaker and less skilled at hunting learned
    to live off the conservatives by showing up for the nightly BBQ's and doing the
    sewing, fetching, and hair dressing. This was the

    beginning of the Liberal movement.

    Some of these liberal men eventually evolved into women. The
    rest became known as girlie-men.

    Some noteworthy liberal achievements include the domestication
    of cats, the invention of group therapy and group hugs, the evolution of the
    Hollywood actor, and the concept of Democratic voting to decide how to divide
    all the meat and beer that conservatives provided.

    Over the years, Conservatives came to be symbolized by the
    largest, most powerful land animal on earth, the elephant.

    Liberals are symbolized by the jackass.

    Modern liberals like imported beer (with lime added), but most
    prefer white wine or imported bottled water. They eat raw fish but like their
    beef well done. Sushi, tofu, and French food are standard liberal fare.

    Another interesting evolutionary side note: most liberal women
    have higher testosterone levels than their men. Most social workers, personal
    injury attorneys, journalists, dreamers in Hollywood and group therapists are

    Conservatives drink domestic beer. They eat red meat and still
    provide for their women.

    Conservatives are big-game hunters, rodeo cowboys, firemen,
    lumberjacks, construction workers, medical doctors, police officers, corporate
    executives, athletes, golfers, and generally anyone who works productively.
    Conservatives who own companies hire other conservatives who want to work for a

    Liberals produce little or nothing. They like to govern the
    producers and decide what to do with the production.

    Liberals believe Europeans are more enlightened than Americans.
    That is why most of the liberals remained in Europe when conservatives were
    coming to America . They crept in after the Wild West was tamed and created a
    business of trying to get more for nothing.

    Here ends today's lesson in world history.

    It should be noted that a liberal may have a momentary urge to
    angrily respond to the above before forwarding it.

    A conservative will simply laugh and be so convinced of the
    absolute truth of this history that it will be forwarded immediately to other
    true believers. .
  • Adalaise
    What a great post! That took a great deal of thought! I'll be a new subscriber!

    Hey, what's with the 2 + 2 question on this comment form? Simple intelligence test?
  • davidwwalters
    UC.........this is a mirror image of Stephen Colbert.
  • Suburban Moderate
    So I guess trotting out wildly exaggerated stereotypes is how you get a laugh around here. I think you forgot to mention that everyone who drives a hybrid must be a left wing hippie liberal. Only a liberal would want to save a few bucks on gas.

    And legalizing gay marriage will lead directly to government regulated NAMBLA. Perhaps we can roll marriage all the way back to same races only...and if you happen to be of mixed heritage now you are out of luck.

    It's also fun that you are comparing the Iraq war (started under false pretenses) to wars against Communist superpowers or even when another country's airforce decides to bomb our military.

    And I suppose you also want to piss on the first amendment. I mean what were the founding fathers thinking with the whole separation of church and state thing. They must have said that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion" because they WANTED us all to be Christian. Everyone else needs to beat it. Who cares that early settlers came here to escape religious oppression.

    I also like how you are trying to preempt criticism by acknowledging that your comments are "over the top". You can place your tongue firmly against your cheek, but anyone who reads this blog knows that the opinions expressed in this post (though colorfully described) are exactly how you feel about the "liberal mind".
  • Estreitta de Kluetz
    While I dont agree 100% with you I still think you ROCK!!! Thanks for posting this...I forwarded it to a bunch of my Dem Friends!!!
  • Estreitta de Kluetz
    why did it post a picture of a person that isn't me? Weird!
  • davidwwalters
    "........if people want clean water, get it from a bottle."
    Yes UC.....republicans have made American Corporations Great!
  • Guest
    @David..where the heck have you been? So I take it that you agree with the above and will be voting Democrat across the board. : )

    @Estreitta de Kluetz - not sure, but the avatar is based on the email address you use for MyBlogLog.
  • davidwwalters
    UC......been busy movin' back to Fayetteville(i was born @ FT Bragg)
    -To take care of my old mom(who always votes republican!)
    Me? You know i'm voting for the skinny kid w/ big ears.
  • Reaper
    @Suburban Moderate

    Read that carefully..."Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion."

    Is a nativity scene a law? Is a statue of the ten commandments a law? Is the mention or implication of God on various government implements a law?

    I honestly have no idea where this whole thing came from; even under a loose constructionist doctrine, the word law is immutably irrelevant to anything the government is being ACLU'd for doing.
  • Suburban Moderate

    So I guess our founding fathers intended all along for the first amendment to be toothless. Choosing to draw the distinction that literally means that the first amendment doesn't allow or prohibit anything.
  • JarrodM
    No the intention by the founding fathers was so no religion would rule the nation as such was in England at the time. They did not want a religion telling the people what they could or could not do. But now the religion of Progressives, and the Green nuts is trying to tell all of us how to live our lives.

    There is nothing wrong with government displaying religious symbols in a public place. If the majority of people in any area want to have a public display of Baby Jesus, or budda they are allowed to do it. But the government is not allowed to tell everyone that they will be Christians, or that Musliums are not allowed to have a place of whorship.

    But for some one who would spend 10,000 extra on a hybrid car thinking that they are going to save money because they don't have to buy as much gas, I would not expect you to truly understand any of that.
  • Suburban Moderate

    You appear to be echoing my point (a little). The separation of church and state was intended to do just what you describe, allow for choice to practice any religion, or none at all. To be honest I don't really care about public displays, but it puts the government on a very slippery slope of actively or passively endorsing one religion over another. It's easy for Christians to ask "who does it hurt" because they hold the majority position, but take those same people and plant them in a Muslim, Buddhist, or Jewish community and see how they feel then about their preferred practices being blown off. They'd likely feel a little isolated and unwelcome.

    And your hybrid rant is absurd. Yes you pay a premium up front for the car, but not 10K over a comparable non-hybrid. If you lock gas in at $4 (generous estimate for your argument) and drive 15K a year, you won't make back your money in the first year...but you will in year 2 or 3. If gas goes up, it'll be even faster. Factor in higher resale and the various financing discounts many lenders offer on hybrids, and you come out even further ahead.

    But I guess you prefer to look only at the short term. Hope that works out for you.
  • Jonathon Nierengarten
    Suburban Moderate is right on the hybrid comment; amortize the upfront premium of hybrid over nonhybrid, and the bigger the car, the quicker your recover the premium. Prius may take 4 years to recover the premium over, say, a Corolla's price, but an Escape Hybrid or a Tahoe Hybrid's premium will be recovered in 2 years, or less if you drive frequently. And the money you spend on that premium goes to scientists rather than Cartelists. I have nothing against oil companies, but capital outflows to resource-hoarders are definitely bad.

    On the other hand, back to the religion, we won't establish a religion, but it doesn't mean that the minority religions shall ruin the fun of the majority. Give me a nativity scene on Christmas on the front steps of SF's City Hall. I'd be amazed if it could actually happen.

    Alas, trial lawyers run this nation, de facto, and after this election, they'll officially run it.

    Good rant, UC
  • Reaper
    Suburban, who's first amendment rights are being curtailed? If anything, curtailing religious expression in public areas limits EVERYBODY's freedom of religion. If a city council votes democratically to celebrate Christmas, that is their prerogative. However, when the ACLU comes in and outlaws it, the collective town's freedom of expression is limited. If a Muslim or Jew feels slighted at the display, that is his problem; the Constitution does not guarantee freedom from insult. The amendment's teeth come in when that city council starts screening prospective businesses based on the proprietor's religion.

    Also, Christianity seems to be singled out in these first amendment attacks. If I ever see a Muslim foot wash in a public area (as I'm fairly certain have been implemented somewhere), I'ma raise hell up in here...not because I care either way (I'm not a Nazi, you see), but more to certifiably out the anti-Christian sentiment in this nation.

    On hybrids, they are a perfectly suitable transitional technology, but our current battery technology has just as negative an impact on the environment as fossil fuels. With a better storage medium, hybrids will be just dandy. They don't solve the fossil fuel problem, though; they simply curb it. Though I guess the new storage medium would make pure electrics pretty viable.
  • Suburban Moderate

    You and urban love to make that grand leap about what people really mean. Being pro-"separation of church and state" doesn't make someone anti-Christian. Because Christianity is by far the dominant religion in the US, that is the one that gets singled out in most examples. It's not that people protesting specifically dislike Christians or Christianity...it's just the one with the largest following of supporters who have the misguided belief that the 1st Amendment was intended to provide Americans with the Freedom to be Christians....rather than the Freedom to choose for themselves.

    You make it sound so tragic that people would be deprived of a nativity scene, but what I want to know is why people feel the need to insist it be on government property in the first place (public doesn't have to be government). Ask the average American how many times they visit City Hall in a given year. Answer will be ZERO for almost everyone, and maybe a handful of times for the rest (non employees of course). Yet somehow we NEED to have the religious display somewhere no one would go otherwise?

    It's nothing more than a power play by both sides trying to make a statement.
  • JarrodM

    It does not matter what way you try to defend it, the bottom line is that the intention was not for religion (no matter what the religion) to not be celebrated in Government offices. A better example then a nativity scene, is the complete harasment that prayer, and Christianity has faced in schools.

    The UCLA, and all left wing Anti-Christian organizations, demand that coporations bend over backwords to give every accomidation to Muslims. To include letting them stop working 6 times a day to pray, and to provide special prayer rooms. Next thing you know it will be mandatory for all Americans kids to take classes on the Muslim religion while they are not even allowed to express their own religion in school.

    Not to mention that the idea of Creationsiom is illegal to teach in schools, so much for open mindedness. All of this has taken place under the banner and battle cry of seperation of Church and State. So no it is not good enough any more, we need to go back to the true meaning this, and that was that the Government will not recognize any church or religion as the Government religion. Again so that there was not Church of the USA like there was the Church of Egland.

    But like most things the libral Kool-aid drinkers miss understand the intention, or even the letter of the law, and make sure that they make it an abomination. Just like the liberals did with Marriage. Keep in mind Marriage is a cration of religion, and more specificly Christianity. The Government in it's effort to promote famlies, and family values added tax benifets to married couples, more and more things came along such as health insurance and the like.

    I suppose since the Libral Supream court said that Rapping a child is not bad enough to kill someone for, maybe these rappiest will just be able to marry them some day, after all the UCLA goes out of there way to defend MAMBLA every chance they get.

    Well I suppose I got off topic a little bit, but while you and your ilk think that UC is just being way over the top, the fact of the matter is in many cases this is exactly how many librals think and act, and don't tell me people are not that stupid. Because Barrack has all you librals thinking that Taxing the Oil Companies even more will lower Gas prices, what moron came up with that idea.
  • Heathenhater
    the solution to gas prices is regulating speculators. If we did that if would be down to 2$ in 30 days

  • Heathenhater
    uh oh the whole link didnt go hyperlinked so copy and paste it into another browser
  • Suburban Moderate
    First off I don't know anyone who likes Obama's current "gas solution". Liberal, moderate, whatever. It's a mistake, and is the best thing that could have happened to he McCain campaign.

    Your prayer in school example is even more ridiculous. I've got nothing against the idea of teaching religion in school (I think it's important that kids learn about all beliefs to better understand others) but when you teach one and not the others you are effectively endorsing that one. If you want to say that these things are ok if the overall community wants it, what do you say to the Christian family growing up in an almost exclusively Jewish area of Long Island? Should those kids be taught only the Jewish beliefs in school?

    There are plenty of places that people get to CHOOSE to go to. Places people CHOOSE to gather. Public schools are not one of them, so I don't see why it's so important that we extend the reach of one group's beliefs into that area too.

    You want to insist that it doesn't hurt anyone, but you line up 5 kindergartners and praise 4 of them for being of one faith, and ignore the 5th (no admonishment...just the absence of praise) and you are indirectly telling him that there is something wrong with him.

    "Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between Man & his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, & not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should "make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof," thus building a wall of separation between Church & State."

    -Thomas Jefferson
  • tsudohnimh

    I saw the headline of this post in the RSS feed this morning and I clicked on it enraged. I was coming here to rant and rave against voting for Obama... and then I started reading. BRILLANT POST. I imagine you had to buy a new keyboard after this post. I could feel the ranting and that's why I read you. I dig passion and I did freedom.

    I'll be posting a link on my blog later today and probably on Freindfeed. Good stuff my man.
  • Tsudohnimh

    I saw the headline in my RSS feed and I came here all upset that you were going to protest vote for Obama... and then I read one of the best posts I've seen in long while. I bet you needed a new keyboard after that tirade. I dig it man. I'll be posting a link on my blog and friendfeed a bit later today.

    Keep up the good work.
    Tsudohnimh - KnowtheNetwork.com
  • David Fouser
    Urban apparently has yet to meet with a real Muslim unlike many of our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and non-Muslims around to world - yes, and even here in the USA. They suffer from a deplorable lack of humor, are "eternally offended" by the crusades and anything else that has hampered the ascendancy of Sharia Law around the globe. Give them enough "tolerance" here and watch them shift into aggressive mode from their current good neighbor mode. As we have seen, there are no "moderate Muslims", only apostate and fundamental, fanatical, true Muslims (check out the Koran or Islamic bible).
    An aside, perhaps Urban isn't aware of the modified translation of tolerance - it means not just you have your belief and I have mine; but I must not only acknowledge your belief, as well as consider it equal and promote it over my belief. That's the 'new' tolerance ("Criminalization of Christianity" by Janet Folger)
  • simonesdad2008

    Isn't interesting that your sarcastic headline actually had Tsudohnimh believing it was possible that you would vote for Barack Obama? You are going to see some prominent republicans come out for Barack in the months to come (Hagel, Powell) for real. I'm particularly looking forward to Powell's endorsement. That will hit Old Man River right between the eyes. Then someone like Jenna Bush's endorsement will just be piling on at that point. There will be evangelicals too. My point is, given a choice, there really is no choice. Take a look at your own blog. On the current home page McCain's name appears exactly once (not including his paid ad). And that is related to a weak attempt at humor related to Susan Sarandon. If a conservative blog's homepage has Susan Sarandon's name as much as the republican nominee for president's name, that speaks volumes for your candidate. I've said it before and I'll say it again, try making the case for Father Time. He is your horse in the race for better or worse. Your lame sarcasm is but is but a fly on the poop of my horse. In the meantime, it's fun to watch republicans spin their wheels looking for traction on any of these lame arguments you have made here. How has that been working for you so far, BTW? Fund raising, polls, enthusiasm? Have you made a dent anywhere? Oh, you're waiting for the 527s? Let's hope they can cobble together the half a billion dollars they will be going against.

    Anyway, good luck with the comedy career.
  • David Fouser
    FYI to those who consider conservatives lock-stepping behind McCain, this conservative has a problem not with his age, his military record, etc. but with his stand on global warming (a made to order quagmire in a God-regulating global system), his thoughts on Stem Cell Research (unless he's recognizes the difference between Adult and Embryonic) and his belief that we will "fall in line" to prevent a Democratic President. While I believe the hearts and lives of all of us (including presidents, heads of state, etc.) are in the hands of God, I also know we are called to be "salt and light" in this generation. Prayer and Fasting, research and cognition and being ready for an Obama or McCain to win make me look at the candidates for Vice-president, the number of seats up for grabs in the Senate and House, and the possibilities of retirees from the US Supreme Court (replacing Kennedy or Ginsberg with a strict constructionist to go with Roberts and Alito). An aside, watch for the loss of freedom of Christians; if they fall, you may be next - consider our neighbors to the North!
  • Guest
    @tsudohnimh & Adalaise

    Thanks for the kinds words. Yes, as simonesdad2008 says, I am working on pursuing a career as a comedian!


    I am not sure what your point is regarding tolerance and Islam.
  • Guest

    as usual, your argument is weak. All you do is judge me for the content on this blog. As I have told you many many times before, I am no journalist, political pundit or expert in politics. I am one person with an opinion; and I choose to write about the topics I want to write about. I am deeply sorry that you don't like the fact that Susan Sarandon is on the home page, really. I may not be able to sleep at night.

    Have I made a dent? Not sure, but at least I am trying; which is more than what you are doing.
  • simonesdad2008

    You miss my point. I'm not judging you one bit. I used to admittedly but then I remembered you are a conservative. I already know what you think. My point about Susan Sarandon and John McCain on your blog is that there is zero enthusiasm for McCain. Even in places like this which would be inclined to at least show his name, he is tied with Ms. Sarandon in appearances. That to me that is hilarious! And you know what, you are right. My arguments are weak. It gets boring beating a dead McCain horse. Barack doesn't need me to get converts because he is brilliantly managing his own campaign. That, coupled with Father Time's daily bumbles makes this too easy. Old Man River is doing my work for me. It's more fun to stand back and watch him self destruct a little more everyday. I think you and others forget that Barack endured a grueling primary. All of his dirty laundry is out there. Barack's campaign is well organized, well financed and his supporters are enthusiastic. His presidential run will be studied and copied going forward from now on. On both sides, I may add.

    Stop telling me or anyone who criticizes you or your blog what you are not. This is YOUR blog. Own it. Be proud of it. I agree with 0% of what you say but I like the site and I encourage others to visit. I respect you but I would respect you more if you just said these are my words or my opinions and my blog. Forget the "I'm not a journalist/pundit/expert" crap. Tell us what you are. Nobody cares what you aren't. This is intended to be me, simonesdad2008, telling you, UC, keep up the good work but leave the excuse making behind. And just because you think my arguments are weak, I'm going to step up my game a little. I admit to sinking to the level of the usual discourse on here. That's my gift to you.
  • Jonathon Nierengarten
    Not Bashful About Raising Taxes
    According to OntheIssues.org the following exchange occurred at the Democratic Presidential Debate in Los Angeles California:

    Question: If either one of you become president, and let the Bush tax cuts lapse, there will be effectively tax increases on
    millions of Americans.

    OBAMA: On wealthy Americans.
    CLINTON: That's right.
    OBAMA: I'm not bashful about it.

    -2008 Democratic debate in Los Angeles, California; Jan 30, 2023

    The Bush Tax Cuts
    "And the Bush tax cuts--people didn't need them, and they weren't even asking for them, and that's why they need to be less, so that we can pay for universal health care and other initiatives."

    -Obama: 2007 Democratic Presidential Debate; Howard University, June 28, 2023

    Who Needs Tax Cuts?
    "We heard the President say he wants to make tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans permanent, when we know that at a time of war and economic hardship, the last thing we need is a permanent tax cut for Americans who don't need them and weren't even asking for them."

    Ahh, Obama.. we love you
  • Reaper
    Eh, small business bastards don't need to reinvest their capital into their businesses. Besides, if they're not growing it's probably because they don't have enough black people on their work force.
  • ILikeToPissOffCons
    I'm going to vote Republican because I don't hate blacks, muslims and mexicans enough. They commit all the crimes. They need to be locked up, deported, and tortured.

    Capitalism and the market is holy and perfect. Despite what my basic economics textbook says, it has no flaws.

    This country needs more religion and jesus so we can become a theocracy like Saudi Arabia. Democracy is so overrated. Homosexuals need to be stoned.

    Women and feminists are wrong. Thousands of years of history prove they aren't capable of being equal to men.

    Global warming isn't real and i'm willing to bet my and your grandchildren on it. So what if the caps are melting and the polar bears are starving. Those aren't real signs, they're just liberal media lies. Even though I don't really understand science, I'm more sure of it than those highly trained scientists are.

    Speaking of science, there is no other field more overrated. No wonder kids these days avoid it. Even they know to turn off their brains and use their hearts more. Faith triumphs over reason every time.

    I like to have my cake and eat it too. That's why I want to lower taxes and continue to spend and spend on war, farm subsidies, and other forms of welfare that benefit rich people like myself. Someone will have to pick up the tab, it just won't be me. It'll be those liberal voting youths.

    War is wonderful. Especially unnecessary ones. And even better when I'm not the one to fight it. Again that's the job for America's liberal voting youth. They're so unpatriotic anyway. But its nice that they spill their blood over my imagined paranoia.

    Civil liberties have to come to an end. Why? Because I'm scared of a cave man half a world away. Good thing we have warrantless wiretaps and got rid of habeas corpus. Torture is not cruel and unusual. Any time those liberal pussies scream "Constitution!!", just snap back "Terrorists!!". It works amazing well.

    So you see folks, that's why my vote goes to McCain even though he's not a real conservative. He's a little too liberal for my tastes but at least he's better than that black guy. It just wouldn't be the WHITE house now would it :-) He fought in one losing war and that's the experience we need to fight this one and win it. He admits he doesn't understand the economy. But that's okay since Bush didn't understand anything either and his presidency is the height of american power. It shows in our weak dollar, outsourced jobs, rising unemployment, housing crunch, credit crisis, unjust war, mismanaged Iraq war, a resurgent Taliban, escalation with Iran, North Korea getting the bomb, crumbling infrastructure, inability to handle federal emergencies, weakening american influence, domestic spying, civil liberties trampled, largest federal government ever, rising inequality, broken immigration, stagflation, high oil prices, etc. McCain won't either. And that's what matters and that's the main reason why he should get our vote.

    ok, im really sorry everyone. I am a recovering democrat and I am really trying to understand politics. Hollywood can't help me. dailyKos won't accept my sexual tendencies and I can't afford a therapist. I am really really sorry if I offended anyone on this site. I really need help. help me.

    very clever, but not as good as the post. Try something original; maybe start your own blog or something ... and if you really think conservatives think this way, you have a long journey ahead of you.
  • simonesdad2008
    What this whole thing is about is George W. Bush. I'm not going to bash the guy. To the contrary. He is partially responsible for the rise of Barack H. Obama. Repubs don't want to say it but the guy's presidency is an absolute disaster. It's an embarrassment really. McCain, who is weak at best as a candidate, can't even enjoy the benefits of an incumbent president. Repubs want to distance themselves from W but they don't want to flock to Father Time. Let's face it, McCain is not a compelling personality, candidate or counter argument to the juggernaut that is Barack H. Obama. I feel your pain as someone who had to hold his nose and vote for Kerry in 2004. Don't get me wrong, I like Kerry but we needed a certified rock star to knock W out. While all you cons and repubs go on about Rev. Wright and Michelle Obama and flag pins people are hurting out there. Nobody is thinking about flag pins when it costs $60 and $70 dollars to fill up. America is like that beautiful woman who finds herself in a abusive relationship. The next guy who comes along doesn't have to be perfect he just has to not be abusive. W has put this country through the wringer. Repubs know it but you won't say it because then you have to admit that you contributed to it with your votes. Once upon the time the repubs had the Reps and Senators and the White House. What did you do with it? Where are we now? Barack is not perfect by any stretch. Only God is perfect. When you cons and repubs ask yourself why Barack is doing so well, generates so much passion and enthusiasm and will eventually relegate Father Time to Bob Dole status start in the mirror. The best you can muster is lame attacks against my man. Yes, my man because I feel invested and optimistic and enthused. Can any of you say that about Old Man River? What you will say is that you are not crazy about McCain but he is better than Barack. OK. So you will essentially be voting against Barack as opposed to voting for McCain. I bet you voted for W with pride and enthusiasm, right? Well we see how that turned out for the country. It should have been enough for you to question your judgment about who this country needs as president. Instead you have actually lowered your standards to accommodate McCain. So bash away at Barack. It's actually an endorsement given your track record of picking presidents the last two terms.

    Happy 4TH of July to all. Please be safe if you are traveling the roads this weekend.
  • simonesdad2008
    Do you think I haven't absorbed the fact that you and your so-called conservative friends have sold out? Do you think I have not grasped the idea that your conservative principles are only present when convenient? Do you think no one sees that conservatives can be brought into the fold by simply putting an R next to the candidates name? Do you really think McCain has spit in your face time and time again to lure votes from the left? Do you call 5 years and billions of dollars and thousands of lives for a fragile "democracy" that will revert to an Iran-like theocracy the moment we leave largely successful? In other words do you consider the lives and money we spent to convert an Iranian enemy into an Iranian friend mission accomplished? Can you really chalk up these economic times that W has presided over to the media? Do you really think there is a chance history will be kind to W?

    It's not that I don't absorb anything. I just want to reinforce to you and others what the conservative label has been relegated to....a disrespected, unimportant, taken for granted, unfortunate, nuisance constituency. One that has to be neither accounted for nor courted. One that will come into the republican fold without even a fight. One that claims to stand on its principles but is really just another voting block that can be bought and sold. I absorb that your rhetoric and standards are hollow and phony. I absorb that you think this country hasn't been bludgeoned enough the last 7 years and you want to inflict more pain. I absorb that the more I get you cons to talk about why you are voting for Old Man River the less credible you become (Ding! That's why I keep coming back to it and you fall for it every time). I suggest you do real conservatives a favor and just call yourselves republicans or political whores or poseurs.

    Let me ask you, honestly, if this were Bush running for a second term right now, would you vote for him? You could have any other candidate you wanted as an alternative. Would you still vote for Bush?
  • William Hill
    Did anyone hear about Mc's campaign selling contributor's personal information to advertisers? Probably just another liberal gossip...
  • toe
    there are on certain political sites- especially those asking for donations, an item called the "opt out"feature- if not clicked by the donor or reader after giving your information, you have automatically agreed that information may be used (or given , or sold i suppose) to other sources. it has nothing to do with "liberal" anything.
  • The world you want
    Your so right. We need more tax es, I don't pay enough. We should ask the Government to spend more and aid none documented individuals coming to the riches nation in the world. We should release all the individuals in our prisons and pray for their souls hoping GOD will save them from Hell. African Americans should always be given first choice on all jobs. We should always support discrimination.. We should be proud that we are the only nation in the world that discriminates using the rule of law . We need less science and math in our schools because it is against the word of GOD.
    Speaking of GOD I listened to a christian preacher on TV that speachs to GOD. We need leaders like him . The fish people in this country need to be in charge.

    I just wanted you to know I support you totally.
  • toe
    i understand occasional inadvertent typographical errors- occasionally we all, in our haste make spelling errors... however, it is alarming how many comments here (and this includes the "host" ) have managed to reach the age of adulthood but never did grasp the basic tools of english...and before you get all in a knot because i neither capitalize nor punctuate properly, this is by design, not ignorance... i know how- and if i needed a proper resume' sent- this would be addressed accordingly...but i digress.

    the title of this post, for example... naturally should be: "...why i am voting democratic" or even "...why i am voting for the democrat".
    right wing talk show personalities think it amusing to use "democrat in place of democratic to show a lack of respect for those holding views that differ from their own- what it actually shows is that these individuals, rather than trying to actually address serious issues that face this country and seek thoughtful answers as to what we might do as concerned americans- they would rather create division and distance, ridicule rather than reason. this is not just unfortunate, it is precisely the reason (this is the part where you hard-core conservatives need to listen to gain some understanding) why the obama campaign has generated the tremendous interest that it has - interest from across the political spectrum... because people are fed up with these divisive tactics being used constantly- name calling, misrepresentations, put-downs, ridicule, race-baiting, and flat out lies just to get one rung taller on their ambition ladder.

    but... back to my original reason for commenting to this post... other readers, please note: if you expect to be taken seriously (note here i did not say "serious") it would be wise for those of you to (not "too"...different word...different meaning) check their (not "there") writings...you're (not your) apt to show that you just might know (not "no") what you are speaking about no matter whose (not who's) comment or which (not "witch") post effected (not "affected") you.

    carry on.
  • Guest
    @toe - you are so arrogant but thank you for the grammar lesson. I look up to you for taking a stand here and teaching all of us how to write properly. Way to go Toe. Perhaps we should set up a webinar and you can go through the basics? I'm serious and I am sure you will get a lot of participants.

    Know yoo kan goe bak too my.barrackobama and kontinu two spred ur librl retorik.

    : )
  • bling
    that video is great, nice job, lets stick it to those a-hole republicans in November.
  • toe
    estimates are that over a quarter of a million german people listened avidly, stood and cheered dramatically in favor of obama's words today.

    it's no small wonder why mc cain has practically twisted himself into a pretzel over the interest the rest of the world have in our next president: barack obama. won't it be wonderful to be proud of our president once again!

    oh, and mr. uc, you are welcome. additionally, i must correct you on one item once again... since you are the age of my son - you'll understand: i am not arrogant, just smarter, more experienced, better educated, more traveled, more artistic, and have a sense of humor that does not require foul language, racial, religious, or sexual stereotypes and put-downs of another human being to be funny.
  • JarrodM
    In other words your not much fun, fridge, and a prude.

    Any way who cares what the Germans think of Barack, if I wanted to live in a country with an acepted German leader then I would move to Germany. It is a fun place to visit, but again like most Nations on that side of the world, way to socialist for my tast.

    What Bling, not getting enough from the Government alreayd, need it to carry your sorry ass the rest of your life.

    You Liberals, make me sick that you need Government to hold your hand. Maybe if you where not to bussy with your noses so high up in the air, you would see that the working class that you want to support you, is getting a bit tired of it.
  • toe
    please note Jarrod's use of the english language- a perfect example of my previous post... amazing how some revel in their ignorance. reminds me of a bumper sticker i saw today:

    "You voted for Bush? How embarrassing."

    and, Jarrod, how base of you to suggest that anyone not participating in your type of preferred amusements would automatically make them "fridge" (i am just going to assume he tried to say frigid and not calling me a refrigerator) , no "fun" (if your meaning of fun is to hurt others- i guess i am not at all "fun"), or a "prude" (an odd name-call coming from someone who does not just live in the past, he lives in a land of "never was").

    Jarrod, when was the last time you got out in your street and repaired the road? when was the last time you asked for police assistance? i think you had best stop using those freeways since these are yet another form of "socialism". please do not even give consideration towards using local or national parks. if your house catches fire, put it out yourself. amazing...just amazing the ignorance that is displayed by your comments.

    now you have your underwear in a knot because obama has gained the respect and captured the imagination of not just germany, but europe, the middle east, and the far corners of the world.

    as you can see, folks...Jarrod here is yet another of the left-behinds - the world is quickly passing him by.
  • JarrodM
    Please your arrogance is only surpassed by your self indignation. I hate to tell you I do more for my fellow man then you could ever hope to do in your little utopia dream world.

    I'm a volunteer fire fighter in my local community putting in over 70 hours a month. I'm a member of the National Guard and just return from a two year stint in Iraq. So please don't even bother trying to lecture me with your dribble.

    I have no problem paying taxes so the Government can fund roads, and water, or other real Community and national projects. I do how ever have an issue paying into a government safety net for the stupid, and terminally lazy.

    Congress just voted in a 300Billion legislation so bail out these people who can't pay their mortgage. I know how dare I everyone had a right to a home. NO THEY DON'T. And they sure as hell don't have a right to use my money to pay for it.

    But since they did not plan a head to make sure they had plenty of savings set aside in case of hard times, or they where just to stupid to realize they could not afford what they where buying, we now have to bail them out again. So yes I get my underwear in a knot when Barrack runs around telling the world that we are ready to be socialist just like the rest of them. Promising the Stupid and the lazy more of the hard workers money.

    Look I'm sure your a swell gal, and you mean well, but the bottom line is if you want to help people then by all means go out and help people, there are plenty of charities that would love for you to volunteer. But do it with your time or money not with the rest of ours.
  • Reaper
    Toe commenting on the grammar of others. It brings to mind a funny little quip I recently read: it's surprising that you haven't ripped a hole in the space irony continuum. At best, you can fall back on the argument that you've up and lost your shift key, but still, let he (or she) who is without sin cast the first stone. If you can't exercise at least arguably good grammar, then don't go telling others to correct theirs.


    Public roads are socialist? Public POLICE forces are socialist? Are you completely stupid or just hoping nobody will call your bluff? To be fair, a mentally challenged lay person could see the general definition of socialism -- public or governmental administration of the means of production and distribution -- as encompassing the road system, but the POLICE force? Give me a break.

    You're also completely off base in asserting that Jarrod and his ilk are being left behind. Conservatism is making a comeback in many European countries. Italy is the current front runner; she is currently in the process of systematically deporting every illegal immigrant who dared venture into the big boot. To be blunt, socialism is in decline, not conservatism. Don't worry, though. At least you know you're completely ignorant of global affairs now. Ciao!
  • simonesdad2008
    Let me ask you, when you go to the store and buy an item do you tell the store what to do with the money you are paying them? Do you say you better not be funding some golden parachute with the money I'm spending on this sweater? Tax money is money you are paying into a system. Once it is paid your say over its use is pretty much out of your hands. In its purest form once upon a time taxes were certainly more efficiently spent and collected at a lower percentage but even then we had zero say about how it was spent. Either way whether we raise or cut taxes we operate in a deficit and spending always goes up. It will cost you more money next year to live exactly the same as you did this year. Under Bush we have cut taxes and increased spending. That's like taking a pay cut at work and then the next day going out and buying a more expensive home. It defies logic. That's not to say that we should not hold our government accountable for their spending but there has not been a successful tax revolt in this country since the Boston Tea Party. We could cut every social program that ever existed and that money would be absorbed somewhere else in government. Even if it wasn't there is that pesky little deficit still left to contend with. Bottom line it would have zero impact on your paycheck which is what we are all looking for. Not to mention the social impact of no social programs which could actually be more expensive to all of us in the long run. I think of America like a celebrity or the super rich. Celebrities have mortgages and bills like you and me. They also have pet psychics and ten thousand square foot homes for two. Their money is spent wisely and foolishly. I bet all of us could probably say the same.
  • toe
    as far as conservative politics here- it ran it's course, and, as always, when one political party is seen as a failure the pendulum swings the other way.

    the bush administration has shredded what was the republican party. and made fiscal responsibiltiy a joke. (not to mention expanding the powers of the presidency, collaborated with the justice department to engage in illegal activities, approved torture, rendition, illegal wire taps and so much more.) there is good reason why republicans are distancing themselves from him.

    ..if and when the democrats are seen to be headed in the wrong direction, they too will be removed. it's the way things work.
  • Reaper
    simonesdad, you have a fundamentally flawed philosophy on the way the government should be run. We DO have control of our tax dollars; those who misappropriate our money should be held accountable -- not through revolt, but through the electoral system.

    It's easy to say that government spending always goes up, but if you look at a chart of the size of our government as a percentage of our GDP, the line is completely flat along the X-axis until the 1930's when the new deal kicks in. That is when government spending starts constantly going up.

    Your theory of taxation is also highly debatable; the conservative theory is that lowering taxes will basically leave more money in the pockets of the people. They'll turn around and spend that money in the private sector, most of which has small taxes on it. So instead of simply giving a substantial portion straight to the government, it gets as much or more money from various sales taxes in addition to the economic benefits of increased spending. Finally, the government gets more taxes from the business that grew as a result of the spending. That isn't to say that I'm right and you're wrong, but there is hardly a scientific law of economics. We have to try stuff and see what works, and Bush's tax laws haven't made the economy suffer in the least.

    Deregulation of government (which includes the repeal of social programs) would certainly be a tough transition, but it would be beneficial in the long term. All regulation does is push business to unregulated markets with the exception of the one or two companies with enough pre-existing clout to stay above water. What's that spell for the people? Low or no choice, and a huge potential for shortages and price spikes. Deregulation will put many more jobs onto our soil, which will help those who will suffer under the lack of welfare programs.

    I will, however, agree that spending under Bush has been ridiculous. Bush can only approve spending bills, however, after they've been approved by Congress. Both parties have failed in the fiscal responsibility category. During these elections, if you have a Congressional candidate running on a platform of fiscal responsibility, let him in. I know I will.
  • simonesdad2008

    The problem with taxes and government spending is that people have the false expectation that the government should run like a business; a small business according to conservatives. You will always be disappointed and dismayed if you think like that. There are no businesses that can literally print their own money or borrow without limits or expectation of paying back. Remember when Clinton and Gingrich got into a pissing match back in the 90's and the federal government "shut down?" What really happened? A few national parks didn't open for a day or two. That's like threatening Microsoft by shutting down their employee break room. And if you think we the people have control of taxes by our vote and elected officials...well let's just say that's an interesting interpretation on your part. Our democracy was long ago perverted by special interests and big money. Your earnest, fiscal and social conservative candidate doesn't get elected to federal office without plugging into the party machine. I'm talking both parties here. On the state and local level some outsiders get in here and there. Think Jesse Ventura. Even self-financed candidates can not break the machine. It is too difficult and too expensive for most honest and earnest candidates to get into Congress. You've said it yourself and many have echoed your sentiments, McCain is your lesser of two evils candidate. You have the expectation that he will be fiscally conservative by virtue of the (R) next to his name even though you know it's not true. McCain has sold out that (R) time and time again. What in the world makes you think he won't do it to you again? Bush, while socially conservative by every measure left the Evangelicals in the dust once elected and presided over government spending that would make a democrat blush. He had an (R) next to his name too (one could argue what that (R) stood for). Remember Bush Sr. and "read my lips?" Keep in mind, every big time politician's job is to get elected, period. There is very little pretense left about that anymore. You may be right that the line was crossed back in the 30's somewhere but you can't put toothpaste back in the tube.

    And just for grins, can any of you cons out there give me an example of a conservative government or society that is out there. One that unfailingly adheres to your social and fiscal pillars and plans. You guys are always screaming about socialism and calling people socialists. Well there are some socialist countries out there that we know about. Where is that lean, mean conservative society that you aspire to? Just curious.
  • Reaper
    I'll work backwards here: there isn't a conservative bastion, because it's too easy to sell socialism to the people. Who in their right mind would choose take control of his own affairs over letting big pappah do it? On paper, it sounds just delightful. The problems come in the execution. Socialism just doesn't work all that well. It is the reason for the belief that governments are always in a state of growth; the US didn't start growing until the seed of socialism was planted. We were doing just fine before then, but things got tough and big pappah promised to make everything all right. Now here we are today. Except we know that big pappah's a complete idiot...and some people actually WANT him to take on more responsibility.

    Seriously, with what you're saying about politicians being in bed with lobbies, do you REALLY want to give them more broad reaching authority to do as they wish with our money? They're finding plenty of financial sink-holes already. They won't just divert funds once we give them more stuff to spend our money on; they'll require more of us.

    Which brings on the other issue: we know how the government currently is. I'm talking about how the government *should* be. You say the machine's too big to break. Well, I respectfully disagree. The problem is that we're too disorganized and divisive to unite over any issues. If we could organize and demand reform, it would happen. We just aren't yelling loud enough.

    PS: I, perhaps even "we," don't expect anything of McCain except to tow the party line, which at least runs perpendicular to our views rather than flatly against them.
  • Jason Herrboldt
    Fetuses can make decisions?
  • Guest
    @Jason - maybe not .. i was being sarcastic in case you didn't know. Perhaps we should kill em all since they can't make decisions.! I am sure you would be okay with that!
  • Dave
    You might add the remainder of the First Amendment ,"... nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof".  What strikes me at this moment is the almost mystical perception libeals have of detecting the initial hints of conservatism, religiosity, and a whiff of right and wrong.  Unlike conservatives who blunder blindly past the most outrageous instances of liberalism, the liberal rivals the great white being able to scent a finite parts per million of conservatism at which point they reflexively scream "unfair"  much as those old time tag teams.  One would have the hapless conservative in a choke hold while the other was kicking him, the ref helplessly counting some infraction on the pair while the other conservative was dutifully standing outside the ring watching with detachment.  The upshot - T. Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists was the right of Christians to exercise their faith without interferance from the government versus our current situation with the law standing on its head and "government" rejecting any notion of religion except the state religion, that being Secular Humanism.  Doubt me?  Check out the Humanist Manifesto One and Two - yes, it is declared by its founders as a religion!!  Humanism along with that other religion - Evolution.  Check out Charley Darwin's dying thoughts on the matter.  Their belief - nothing plus time = our current intricacies such as the human eye and visual perception.  Dave.
  • Dave
    I just had to comment about the possibility of this juxtaposition - the "alphabet soup" of sexual mix-ups meeting with the 'towel heads'.  Assuming the proliferation of mosques continues, that more Muslims enter political life and the average Muslim metamorphoses from 'model citizen' to flaming fanatic (an odd Islamic change') while law suits pop up like dandelions from CA and MA laws permitting same-sex (party A and party B) marriages, and with the aid of a continuing proliferation of activist judges, sranger 'civil unions', etc. it will be most interesting to see the conflagration of 'honor killings', jihadist activities, and the like.  For those seeking some insight into past occurences of this type, read the Koran with particular emphasis on the latter chapters with Muhammad and co. 'feeling their oats'.  Dave.
  • People's Republic of Rhode Isl
    That video is the most offensive thing I have ever seen. I would state this sarcastically but the words are failing me. It feels like my soul has been sucked out via my anus.
  • nilla
    JarrodM - you're wrong.  Conservatives drink Bud.  Foreign beer.
  • Blind faith
    From an outsider perspective, I'm glad that at least one developed country is demanding that all elected officials have an imaginary friend that they read about in some old book! And you can hold your heads up high that his (or whatever's) name is written on your currency!
  • Dave. Fouser
    To Blind Faith:
    Relative to "an imaginery friend from an old book" - could you mean Allah from the Quran??  Oh, that's right - he's just a black stone talked about by an illiterate mad man called Muhammad from the depths of a cave.  The result (versus 66 books over several thousand years by multiple authors) has been abrogated, re-written, and even now talks about killing anyone who doesn't submit to its 7th Century ideology.  The alternative to the Quran written by such intellectuals as Moses, Paul, David, etc. referencing the main character in every book  from Genesis to the Revelation namely Jesus Christ.  His death ,unknown in Genesis 3, describes his crucifixion long before the Romans invented it, and his completed Revelation ends the book, except for the usual maps.  The Quran doesn't mention its founder but the Bible does, the son of Abraham by Hagar namely Ishmael, his counter part being Isaac by Sarah.  Before you dismiss that "old book" , better read it for it will some day judge you - and you may be " found wanting"!  Dave.
  • May 15th Prophecy
    In response to Blind Faith and Dave. Fouser if you want 100% accuracy of what is about to happen do a Google search of the May 15th Prophecy and you will see with 100% accuracy yourselves 

    Or just click on it here May 15th Prophecy
  • Carsales
    That's the Obama Ticket.  Except he left out that those horrible people that make over 250k a year are to blame and should be taxed for their success.  Corporations should be taxed at 70+% so the owners of those corporations can not make so much money.  They will terminate employees and be in the same line with the rest when their business cant pay the taxes.  Anyone owning a home with over 2400 sq. feet will also be required to pay additional taxes.  They dont deserve to have that big of a house.  That's the Ticket.  Vote for the Dem.
  • May 15th Prophecy
    I told you the May 15th Prophecy was 100% correct about the CURSE OF THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION and who would win the Presidency

    Do you still disbelieve the 100% accuracy of God Word?

    Just as it told you bank after bank would fail !!

    Now do you SEE?