I only sleep with Democrats: a short film about a promiscuous democrat

July 18th, 2008 Urban Conservative

I have been meaning to write about this for quite some time; I have just now been able to spare a few minutes to speak my mind about these silly democrats; not all democrats – just the ultra liberal ones.

So the video is about some dorky white boy who meets a really hot chick in a night club and brings her home for some fun.  Before they get a chance to bump uglies, she finds an autographed picture of John McCain that says “Thanks for your supportâ€?. She goes ballistic and says “Just like the last one” and hysterically leaves his apartment. Then she bumps into a well dressed, sophisticated metro sexual cat in the street and he hands her a pin that says “I only sleep with democratsâ€?.  You can only assume that he brings her home and beats it up. 

The video is actually really funny and well made but totally inaccurate. The girl in the video is quite the hottie. The problem is that most liberals I know resemble the likes of Cindy Sheehan and Rosie O’Donnell. Truthful, no! Action, well of course if that’s the way democrats act after a few drinks.

Does the democrat party really want to associate themselves with bar-hopping-alcohol-drinking-promiscuous-one-night-stand-prostitutes?  I mean, I really don’t see a problem with that lifestyle at all and it reminds me of my college days when I was quite the play boy; but I am a grown man now with responsibilities, a family and two beautiful daughters.

Here’s their mission statement:

TruthThroughAction.org brings independent filmmakers together to create edgy online film and video content to support the Democratic Party, its issues and candidates. By developing, funding, producing and distributing these high-quality projects, we’re working to ensure they win large, viral Internet audiences. Contribute today to help us produce more films.

Big ups to Jed Swartz who wrote about this over a month ago and said, “Somebody should tell these guys there’s been a group of folks making ‘film and video content to support the Democratic Party’ for years. They’re called Hollywood.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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  • ameriken
    Liberal women may be ok when they are young, but God forbid you marry them and stick with them for a long time........there are exceptions of course, but in general, this should explain why:
  • ML Smith
    The video didn't impress me. It did remind me, however, of something rarely discussed - the services provided by candidates to Super Delagates. 

    I was a Super Delegate My name is Ed Fishley and this is my story...
    I was a Super Delegate from Ohio and I was displaying my collection of 1916 buffalo head nickels at the Convention of American Coin Collectors in New York City. It was 4:00 p.m. and I was about to break down my display. I may have been a bit distracted by thoughts I was having of Edna Finstelroy. We had plans to meet for dinner later in the evening. Lost in my fantasies of Miss Finstelroy, I was unaware that my cell phone was ringing.
    “Say, Fishley, your phone is ringing.” That was Irv Blittstein in the booth next to mine. My reverie interrupted, I answered the phone.
    “Hello, Mr. Fishley, this is Todd Willencamp, from Senator Obama’s campaign headquarters. How are you, sir?”
    “Just fine, thank you, but this is a rather bad time for me right now. Might we speak later on?”
    “Why certainly, sir. I just wanted to touch base with you and ask if there is anything you need.” The emphasis on "anything" was heavy.
    “Well, now that you mention it, I do have a dinner date this evening at a rather expensive restaurant. Are you familiar with the Barclay?”
    “Yes I am, sir, and you can put your mind at ease. Dinner for two at the Barclay. I assume you will be ordering champagne.”
    “Why yes, as a matter of fact.”
    “Great. Might I suggest the Dom Perignon ’64?”
    “Ah, that is rather beyond my means, I’m afraid.”
    “Don’t let it concern you, Mr. Fishley. May I call you Ed?”
    “Yes, of course." “Ed, I have it all covered. Dinner, Dom Perignon ’64 and anything else you may wish. Enjoy yourself! I am sure Mr. Obama will be pleased to know that you are having a good time. You know, Ed, he would have called you himself, but he has been rather tied up with these primaries. I’m sure you understand that Mr. Obama is counting on you, Ed, but I can tell you that we all have the utmost confidence in you.”
    “Yes, I understand, and thank you.”
    This was great. Dinner at the Barclay, Dom Perignon and Edna Finstelroy. This Super Delegate thing was turning out to be better than I expected. My phone rang again.
    “Hello, Mr. Fishley?”
    “This is Ted Durham. I’m calling for Senator Clinton, who asked me to check and see if there was anything you needed.” Again, the emphasis on “anything” was unmistakable.
    “Well, as a matter of fact, I’m at this coin convention in New York City, and I’ve been unable to secure a decent room for myself at the hotel.”
    “May I ask...what hotel is that, sir?”
    “The Roosevelt.”
    “Sir, perhaps you ought to consider the St. Regis instead.”
    “Yes, but you see, that is well over my head financially.”
    “Don’t even think about it, Mr. Fishley. I’ll have you booked in one of the penthouse suites. All of the expenses will be taken care of. By the way, will you be staying with someone?”
    “Why yes, but I would rather keep that quiet, if you get my meaning.”
    “Of course. Discretion is always sensible. There will be a bottle of Dom Perignon ’64 waiting for you in your suite. Enjoy yourself, Mr. Fishley, and please accept Senator Clinton’s regrets – she would have called you herself but she has been quite busy with the campaign. She did ask me to tell you that she is counting on you quite a bit.”
    "I understand, and thank you.”
    “Thank you, sir. I am sure you will have a memorable evening, compliments of Senator Clinton.” This time, the emphasis on "Senator Clinton" was clear as a bell. Politics aside, though, I had every reason to be ecstatic. Finally, I had Edna Finstelroy where I wanted her. It was practically a done deal.
    Things took a turn for the worse, however, when Edna called to say she had taken ill. I was devastated. At the bar, I commiserated with my good friend, Ned Fleemish. Ned knows everything that goes on, and I shouldn’t have been surprised when he told me...
    “Fishley, old boy, I’m afraid you’ve been had. The Finstelroy woman is with Fillmore Masterson as we speak, in the Nurembega Suite.” I was shocked and enraged as I imagined Edna naked, playing monopoly with Masterson. My phone rang again.
    “Ed, this is Todd Willencamp again from Senator Obama’s office. Just calling to make sure you have everything you need.” Now the emphasis was on “everything” and I found myself telling him the whole story.
    “Why that is disgraceful,” he said. By the way, where are you staying tonight?”
    “At the St. Regis, but I’m afraid my night is ruined,”
    “No, not at all, Ed. A very highly regarded campaign supporter named Elizabeth Bodamine will be paying you a visit tonight. Enjoy yourself. I know that Mr. Obama will be most pleased to learn that your time in New York was well spent.”
    Of course, my night was fabulous beyond my wildest dreams. I was a Super Delegate, and that is my story. ¨
  • Ryan
    Donny in MKE is a poster boy for the Dem.'s...no values, no character, and no class.
  • Kevin S. Willis
    Donny in MKE is a creep.

    And added nothing to the conversation.

    Except, I suppose, revealing the general creepiness of a certain strain of liberal like himself.
  • Guest
    @Donny in MKE

    Now, if you said that to my face, I'd probably take it personal and inflict some serious pain on your a$$; but since you don't know me or my two little girls; i am cool with your childish comments.
  • Kevin S. Willis
    I'm not sure any of those issues are universally material (income, physical attractiveness) , and except for a small portion of the population that cannot, under any circumstances, get over demanding that the people around them conform to their personal politics.

    The point being that (a) what attracts people to one another can transcend politics, as well as current income (being a complete loser is a bit of a turn off, but that's another story), physically unattractive, or the uncoolness of politics and that (b) the McCain supporter, if he's looking to get laid and he's otherwise attractive is not going to lose many chicks because of his politics. If he's gotten to that point, it ain't going to be a McCain bumper sticker that queers the deal in reality.
  • Donny in MKE
    I just cant wait until your 2 little girls are bar-hopping-alcohol-drinking-promiscuous-one-night-stand-sluts and then my son can take em for a ride, ya know?
  • JohnDoe5
    "There is no difference in that and saying that one must question the intellectual and moral capacity of a person who doesn't dress like me."

    Are you comparing the differences between Obama and McCain to the differences between different brands of jeans?  I'm guessing thats not what you meant, exactly.

    I realize the video is brief and colloquial.  But most if not all videos are these days.  The video seems to suggest that supporting a pro-war, pro-Bush, pro-corporate candidate is "uncool" to "cool" people, so watch out. 
    There are lots of reasons not to have sex with someone.  Most are illogical and arbitrary, and I would argue that using politics and philosophy to determine one's one night stands is an ethically superior alternative to declining sex for reasons related to sytle, class, or aesthetics.  For example, which of these offers the best reason NOT to sleep with someone: 1) they don't make much money; 2) they are physically unattractive; or 3) they have "uncool" politics.
  • Kevin S. Willis
    Well, some people find thoughtfulness, historical perspective, logical analysis, and a willingness to openly debate and consider the viewpoints of others more attractive than the ability to be sexually promiscuous, just so long as that other person has some theoretically important superficial similarity in political bumper stickers.

    There is no substance to the argument that one needs to question the intellectual and moral capacity of a person who votes for Senator McCain, or Barrack Obama, on that single issue alone. There is no difference in that and saying that one must question the intellectual and moral capacity of a person who doesn't dress like me. Or who parts their hair of the right instead of the left.

    And, let's face it, to the very heart of the ad: it has nothing to do with what makes men and women attractive to one another. Unless one or the other is so obsessed with a particular political party that they are addicted to it, and it poisons their entire life. In which case, they probably aren't the best person to be sleeping with, or hanging around for the purposes of having a good time, in the first place.
  • JohnDoe5
    Well, some people find intelligence and ethics more attractive than the ability to cook eggs and pancakes.  One must question the intellectual and moral capacity of a person who votes for Senator McCain.
  • conservativefreak
  • Peter Ure
    Hillarious! I hope they keep making more and more just like it. Just what conservatives need to get moderates. I really hope we can get the media to start showing this stuff. People would freak!
  • Paul
    There are plenty of hot, promiscuous Republicans to go along with the hot, promiscuous Democrats. The difference is the Republicans are sweeter, nicer, and are willing to wake up early and make a big breakfast of scrambled eggs and pancakes for you.  The Dems just want to do the deed, smoke a cig, and then whine about W's "war crimes". It's terribly boring.
  • Campan
    This video looks like it's been directed by a drug-addict, shizophrenic 15-yrs old. Ok by me having Dems runing these ads. We should encourage them to broadcast it on tv.
  • Guest
    word up Nick. You said it well.
  • Nick from L.A.
    Look, sex is sex. I'd smoke a J and love Scarlett Johanson's marxist ass long time. Self identified feminist liberal college sex is on fire and I highly recommend it.

    What's important here is the udder lack of argument or position. Democrat, for a whole generation, is something you feel, not a position you take, a debate to be had, or an argument to be won. If we care about the GOP we need to leverage that intellectual bankruptcy, while not falling into the same trap of all slogan no substance, *cough* religious right *cough* *cough* McCain\ Finegold, Medicare part D, war on drugs, farm subsidies, housing bail out, etc etc *cough*, do we believe in liberty and small government or what?

    Young democrats (hell, a shit load of republicans) are a slogan, or a slick marketing campaign away from any party, any cause de jour. We ignore this every day at our peril. We scoff at a frivolous Hollywood and that lack of media savvy costs us huge. If we don't cultivate “cool” fast, we will lose, and continue to lose, and one day we will become..........Canadian, and then all hope will be lost.
  • loose liberal
  • Lonely Conservative
    There's plenty of hot conservative chicks, but you might have to buy them dinner, take them to a movie or propose marriage before you can get them to bed. These liberals are ridiculous. The funny thing is, they're going after the drunks who don't vote because their either drunk or hungover!
  • Kevin S. Willis
    BTW, I think the Democrats and the left are taking the ultra-feminization of their party a step too far. Eventually, most men are going to decide they can service themselves before buying the manipulative and exploitive demand that they vote the way their female overlords tell them to, or no sex.

    There are lots of other things to do in life. Collect stamps. Learn to play the piano. Study baroque architecture.

    Indentured servitude with a little cookie at the end is still servitude, and anathema to lovers of liberty. Telling budding young conservatives: "Do as we say or we won't have sex with you" . . . what kind of ad compaign is that? Most men's response is going to be something colorful that suggests that the other party can go, um, copulate with themselves.
  • Kevin S. Willis
    Not that it matters, but my anecdotal experience is that there are plenty of liberal and conservative hotties, and that real attraction tends to transcend politics--and, if it doesn't, that doesn't bode well for anything afterwards, anyway. But 90% of the time, women are attracted to men who attract them, and that rarely has anything to do with their politics.

    A common response of the attractive man to the political diatribe of hot liberal chick: "Man, I thought you'd be fun. But you're boring. Well, nice talking to you, I gotta go." Then the hot liberal chick ends up chasing him and, ten years and two kids later, she's a hot conservative married mom.
  • CharlieSmite
    I think it is tragically funny that the promiscuous liberal girl ends up with a guy wearing a jackass pin at the end. Real life tends to mimic this situation. Conservative women tend to marry the rich, intelligent, dependable, and caring guy while the loose liberal women (who don't kill their unexpected child) end up with the unemployed starving artist who is unsure about his sexuality (ie the jackass).

    Perhaps the true message of this video is; hide your McCain paraphernalia, use liberal women for sex while you're young, and marry a conservative late in life. I think I am going to suggest this quip to my local fortune cookie manufacturer.
  • JarrodM
    It is just another ultra left group, I would bet started by members of moveon.org. The problem is that these people do not have the capacity to understand, that their is a lot more about life then SEX, DRUGS and doing what ever the hell you want. They will continue to live un-productive lives secure in the notion that the government will bail them out when they make a mess, and pat them on the back and tell them that it is not their fault, and that it is everyone else's responsibility to take care of them.
  • Reaper
    All I can do is echo your sentiment: do they really want to be portrayed in that manner?
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