Janeane Garofalo ‘One Ups’ Her Own Insanity

October 4th, 2009 Billy Hallowell

Janeane Garofalo is insane. The sad part? Some Americans actually believe her insidiously heinous, garbage-laden verbal diarrhea.  Americans who oppose ObamaCare aren’t racist; they’re simply worried about the nation’s fiscal stability.  Click, above, to watch Garofalo unleash her inner nut.

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  • Dolores Y.
    Liberal women are liars and hypocrites.

    They'd eat their young if they could.

    They have no respect for life, others, or themselves.

    Labeling them as "pigs' is far too kind.

    Janeane Garofalo is a pathetic piece of humanity.

    All those who follow her are her little piglets sucking her milk of deception
  • JackieM
    I love your choice of words. How true it is! Glad you are back!
  • johnk6400
    There are 2 kinds of people who want to keep screaming racism the people who know thats not really what its about their just saying that so it will hide what the real problem is.People dont want this country truned into a socialist country the people at these tea parties are tired of the goverment trying to take control of every aspect of our lives.To try to take somebodies hard earned money and give it to someone who hasnt earned it is crazy and trying to jam Healthcare most people dont want down our throats.So the they use the racism thing to draw in the other type of people you know the people who are to stupid to see what is really going on and follow like a bunch of sheep.
  • Lindarosemary
  • Dora
    There would be no jobs for illegals if you would place your anger not on those taking advantage of an opportunity given them but to the individuals offering the jobs. We don't have an illegal alien problem- we have an illegal employer problem. If you have no interest or anger in this regard then you are not at all serious about wishing to address the problem. Period.
    Furthermore, what is this "preserve our country" noise? You already sound pickled. Just what scares you? Non- "white" people? Are you raising a stink about illegal germans or irish or canadians or french? Or just non-white people.
  • Lindarosemary
    I do not like the fact that people do hire illegals.. and that means any nationality. I don't care where they come from.

    I think that if you would like to continue to be addressed in a civil fashion on this blog, that you might want to try to be civil as well. Your comment to me personally (re: You already sound pickled) uncalled for, and a bit ridiculous. Is that all you have? LOL I made no personal attacks on you.
  • AckAck
    Lindarosemary, hi. This is my first contact with you but I see you already met Ole Dora. You might want to read back through a few of her post before you waste your time on trying to communicate with her. She is a "LIBERAL BADGER" with extreme tunnel vision. I don't know her place of orgin but I do know she hangs in rafters with ears as sharpe as an eagle's eyes. She hears all and swoops down when necessary in defense of her Missiah! She appears on all blog sites and knows all about all subjects.
  • AckAck
    Dora, I cannot believe I am half/ass agreeing with you for once in my lifetime. Ship out the illegals and put the employers in jail. NO MORE ILLEGAL PROBLEM!

    On the dope end of our society, put the sellers and users in jail. NO MORE DRUG PROBLEM!

    Build massive work farms and let them all work out the taxes it is going to take to fund this mess BHO will have this nation in.
  • AckAck
    There are many more black people who are racist than white people. The double standard allows them to get by with it...
  • davidwwalters
    please elaborate....
  • davidwwalters
    Y'know, i like many conservative people. Salt of the earth and all that. Around here (Moore Co. N.C.), you have to like 'em if you don't want to be a loner. But what i notice about my conservative neighbors is a strain of racism that remains so many years after the Civil Rights Act....
    Maybe it comes from living a life of intellectual isolation, reinforced by the bigoted beliefs of parents and peers. The rebel flags fly above more than one house on my street. Conversations about minorities are sprinkled with "nigger"&"all them Mexicans".....
    Call Janeane a pig if you like, but tell me what she said in that interview that is untrue.
  • amber3
    Hello david, Amber here totally unrelated question but i have been meaning to ask. do you play music?
  • AckAck
    Dora plays the skin flute..
  • davidwwalters
    i play harmonica. My girl friend plays fiddle&guitar; and we go to lots of music sessions, and love to go to fiddler's conventions.....
    -How 'bout yoo? (.....He asks w/ his thick N.Carolina drawl)
  • mylastcybernightmare
    Good God, all the (intellectuall nuke weaponry) from the Free Deepstar Media news from fox fleet (specially from the most oppositors):
    yyyyyyuuuuuggghhhhh, instead of Starbuck's return, I "saw" bhodancing with (cheguevara activist) thalia, after made a police to swallow a beer on a presidential seat, and "all politicaly correct"?
    Drivebymedia fleet ships (starting with msnsbc) NEEDS TO BE AGAIN, BLOWN FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH, but this time, there have being plenty of Free people popping in to the fight...
  • AckAck
    Welcom to "Third World America"... People like Dora made it that way.
  • whynoisykinderpubliclibraries
    Ohhhh!, what an another "coincidence", wiod the thunderstation is not blocked (yet), but the headphones here doesn't work, I can't hear here even a bho just speach... coincidence, just coincidence, iran and nocorea have the greenlight from the neolib congress to (literaly) explote oil and nuke powers while America is still denied... "coincidence", bho all nominations to czars&team;$+acorn, eyers, dorne, no God at schools instead sodomic communism, "coincidence", nocorea came back to nukes, "coincidence", Karzay, not acorn electoral "things" is "a reality"... "coincidence"... even the English liberals accept it's wrong all bho communistik (madein kremlin's bar) plans, it's a road to hell... coincidence...
    American resolve and history as ANTI-COMMUNISM, another different kind of "coincidences"...
    yes bhoteam$, "we are not done yet with you, all of you" (remaining imbeciles "onpower")
  • whynoisykinderpubliclibraries
    Dora I told you to have a pijamaparty on Iran (with the rest of the blogstocklers to deathboring here, and neolibs, the friendly enemy of ayatolas, knowing they post their ejecutions and tortures), so you'll be more known while enjoying in your pijamaparty with presidents dancing on stage, sourrended by cheguevara activist procoyote artists like thalia dancing with bho, drinking beer and being quietly watched by the rest of the women and 1stsladies wich, won't blow it, for they will be wearing a burka... and all 'politicaly correct'...
  • whynoisykinderpubliclibraries
    We are honnored a Michaelsavage or one of his fleet's cyberfighters wrote here, on this cyberstage, plenty of cyberneolib ally... look how gracefull our traces of fire truth rain over neolibland... (even this miamidade publiclibraries are used also as a "conveinent kinder" (surely another income for the "staff", oooohhh! a kid started to cry again), so "legal', nice for blogging, ohh they talk now about a farm animal who was too lazy, almost saying to me why do I loose time blogging?, I think for the parents look police, it's not just another almost dayly coincidence, "touchy, tedland... touchy", lovely "legal" intangible payment joy, they sing, you know, "to liberate energy so their "very pro police parents, or judges, etc. can sleep and have less daylystress, a way to intangible joy to be used against their "enemies")... the "bigonehere" on the counter still awaits for me to "a mistake, to get mad and explote or something"...
    Aaaand, aviatrix bsg is blocked today also, they know I tune bsg videos while connect wiod or any Freedomedia, and blog or monitor... signal fading...
    (a sweet space flaute melody and our resolve endures)...
    pd: also, I hope this comment won't be blocked...
  • TLaCour
    Gotta love consistency (cough). As eloquently said, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder (Savage).

    The race card is all ready to be played against anyone trying to stop U.S. "Climate Change" legislation and especially against those who oppose Obamao signing away the Constitution at the Copenhagen Conference.

  • aquestionforpcexperts
    Mistakes, another goal from cyberneolibs, it's easy, just complicate de comunication capability and concentration from freedombloggers...
    I made writting mistakes, surely, I'm only human:
    "to get the knowledge to "change" texts, to... change opinion texts...
    No idea if they can get it before i(I)ran ayatolas or n(N)o(C)orea's sweared armagedons, permited by neolibs, while (neolibpossitions on gov) denie a(A)merica same rights to nuke and oil powers"...
    AAAAAAND FORGOT to write down:
  • aquestionforpcexperts
    wao!, right now (about an hour from the comment blocking time) the Hispanic blog page was 'coincidentaly' reduced to only 2 comments (fashion words... nothing 'fancy')
  • aquestionforpcexperts
    I have had many "pc strange and coincitental" things, when blogging, connection cuts, kind of re-settings all without my intervention, but never a blocked comment posted on another site, after new text copied and pasted. I can't even print a comment because after I print, the comment generaly desappears from blog.
    But posting old text over new, even "lighted blue and copy clicked", in fact, I send about 4 or 5 new texts after the one posted here on UrbanConservative, so I expect any block, and warn other sites, not just on "they can alter your posting" (govbailedout fortunes&resources;), but I think they are trying to get the knowledge to "change" texts, to... change opinion texts...
    No idea if they can get it before iran or nocorea's sweared armagedons, permited by neolibs, while denie america same rights to nuke and oil powers...
    Too "coincidential", at the wrong time, from the wrong ones, all preffered or accepted by the terrorist countries, instead Bush, Blair, Aznar, Micheleti...
  • idontlikeyourlogodwwalters
    Guys on Townhall, the last Spanish comment was bloqued from a Hispanic site, then "appeared" over a short English comment I just wrote here.
    I remmember copied the new English townhall comment before posting, and... the 1/2 hour ago blocked from another site comment was posted.
    I don't like this, precisaly when the last free Media (foxnews) of men is under a presidencial team$ attack, another act of war against America from terror related or terror preffered politicians...
  • idontlikeyourlogodwwalters
    y lo peor, ese mundo de esa realidad made in cubagob (realmente fidel, es otro "modelo" o actor, imagen, cara, logo...) de "mediums" de coimaunicasiawebao + gente en el gobierno, ejercitos asimetros civiles (espias, que son agentes sin destaparse con "misiones pequeñas, de joder a algunas personas, declarando, acusando, si es el jefe lo enferma y manda facil pa los doctores, o lo estreza hasta que comete un error, grita, o se pone violento, frustrado, mas facil pa los que son policia...), las otras partes asimetricas del viejo y conocido plan sovietico, con "matices nazis, jestapo, neoliberal gringo anti-Gitmo, etc... y ahora combinado con los paises terroristas de gobiernos clonados de la mente de los (doctores, psiquiatras, abogados, militares, politicos, jueces, activistas, etc...) que rodearon a fidel y cada persona en puestos de gobierno, partidos, gremios, orgs, (que quedan y que amanecen cada dia pensando como convertir Panama en cuba actual), el 3rdmundo ñangaro-terrorista, el mar de INN"ju$ticia" $ocialista, que es en realidad la paila hirviendo que los esta esperando cuando dejen esos cuerpos podridos y rindan cuentas al creador del universo, nada mas y nada menos...
    y ellos lo saben, por eso el joder hasta el final, si pudieran enlazarnos y llevarnos con ellos lo harian, pero...
    ahy viene lo que ellos tanto hasta se espezuñaron por destruir y cambiar: nuestra naturaleza, muy diferente a la naturaleza de los que no voten por cualquiera del mireyismo, la verdadera oposicion, la Mireya, digo, MURALLA clasica contra la dictadura, los que no somos del sistema, todo lo demas, es riezgo de gallotapaos... zelaya, era de derecha... hasta que... el sistema dejo de joder, y en cima, ofrecio las prevendas de siempre: te dejan joder a tus enemigos 'legalmente", esa es tentadora, no te discriminan pa los buenos trabajos, ya sabes, siempre buscando el estado paternalista, pa "llega a la libreta'eracionamiento, algun dia "dorao"...
    a ver, que opinan los mierdcom sobre el terror?, que peligro representa cuba terrorista? es bueno pal pais?, y los niños?...
  • therightRIGHT

  • AckAck
    therightRIGHT, thanks for that video. Kind of sums up what Dora and Obama are working for. A country on welfare! An entire country that can be ran from the white house. Go figure.
  • davidwwalters
    therightRight seems to be in full attack mode here. Framed in the context of Janeane Garofalo's remarks about racism as endemic to the republican party, he(therightRight) is sure bolstering that claim!
  • AckAck
    David, my friend... Have you forgot who you are?
  • mispellinglogo
    I'm sorry Kara...
    I'm so sorry, my English teachers may be furious, but, I'm a very seriously back injured and madeingov planned by doctors, authorithies, madeineolib politicians desk$, acorn logistics... (+ jobless and homeless working very tough maintenance few and hard to find jobs, used as part of the gov made assymetric (prototype, masive later) labor and local employee "ma$ter"plan model, and as an "example" for the ones who oppose...
    But, as another difference, we finish the job: please, change: "may Jesus intellect (you know, because of God's conceot (CONCEPT)(,) inherent on The Master's timeless thoughts... be with you..."
    also: correct "long self-declared by the remaining govs on the terror list so many(...) (AS MANY OF ARE TOO... US... ON RISK OF OUR...) MORE VALUABLE LIVES ... And (THOSE UNDER THE MOST VALUE, THOSE NEVER FORGOTEN, THE FREEHEARTS) ALREADY gone (to our creation eternity, not "back (change to) to Eden (where we belong on Addam's domains) and not as the neolib final fate: into a (neolibland paralel reality) pre-historic ape, there as orcs, are white, black, brown, any collor, all anti-war on Iraq, anti-God at schools, gov... )...
    May God bless us, so we can exist to... honor THOSE of us, Walking now with the father heaven, wearing the SOUL uniforms...
    The last misspelling of the day: "fighting America and the world back to track to perpetual FREE "empire" of Trhuth... (TRUTH) of God...
  • Dora
    welcome to bible hour. ZZZZzzzzzzz.
  • AckAck
    Dora, YOU ARE A COW! God loves cows to though...
  • Dora
    Oh, Bubble-brain, don't get your undies in a bunch. Why don't you do something constructive... like study the difference between "to" and "too".
  • AckAck
    You're still a COW too!
  • iloveyoulogoackack
    That's a very nice logo Ackack, may Jesus intellect (you know, because of God's conceot inherent on The Master's timeless thoughts... echoes from a sealed memory, wich contains the registers of our yesterdays... those pasts worlds... out of memory and time...
    so, also aliy's logo, it's grace and resolve...
    JackieM, the blogstocklers overnummer us, and they are govbailedout, and decades experienced on "information" (gov provided)... but our words, and worlds (our freedom bases, are more powerfull because don't come from us, but from the one who also walks over the milkyway, and have timeless thoughts attached also...)
    My dear and well beloved freedom band of bloggers who learned even during the shadowfax era during the 1st ussr empire 72 years (not sure +or-) long cold war and the worst part: "they are govcreated for a single purpose: ... to destroy the world of (free) men... they will be here by nightfall... (freaky joke, but words alone are useless here against this "gov" burning anti-creation source foe... and under war, long self-declared by the remaining govs on the terror list so many MORE VALUABLE LIVES ... And gone (to our creation eternity, not "back onto an pre-historic ape, there as orcs, are white, black, brown, any collor )...
    Walking now with the father heaven SOULS... at list we fight for our right to fight back (and very smarter than them) THAN the neolibs who's govprovided unholly providence lives on Earth will never "cost" the same to sacrifice for, but we are fighting America and the world back to track to perpetual FREE "empire" of Trhuth... of God... and the shadow plans for decades the 1st ussr have even self declared and keep: stealth missiles. at great time for iran, no corea, chavez, southborder, education, labor...
    The old hidden evil the neolib orgs and gov (pluss drivebymedia+their authotities) based plans unveiled on drivebymedia and their authorities, but, thanks to god, so fragile and visible that our grownds as and The grownd beneath the beast: very, very different our anti-terrorist (probed govs left, ayatolas, castros, chavez, zelaya, insulsa's OAS, UN humanrights, security counsil, all plenty of former soviet era voting, also paralel to reality, to "the global realtv dancing with a chegevara activis coyoteland model and drinking beer cosmic ORGa$mic and racist as shield terror prefered "politicians" stinKi to communism change etc. we are soo diferent to the weak and vulnerable bases the neolibases resurrectionships no matter how many drivebymedia or gov resurrectionships they have, we shark'em and bring'em a hail of intellectual fire weaponry simphony anthom, prod to be an American or any of her allies voicing freedom thoughts before the agents of this assymetric networks and their gov and orcs, sorry, orgs commited to attack the war on terror within inside T USA, England, and the rest of the freeworld...
    (signal fadding...) ...I'm sorry Kara...
    And... again, the freedom fire melodies of the intellectual battle for the ideas (OF LIBERTY) were barely seen and almost percieved down on earth, and above on sky...
    But the words of "my" thoughs and "your" thoughts are waves of that sealed memory...
  • AckAck
    Thank you for your comment about my LOGO. Remember this when taking a stand for America:

    Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, The people He has chosen as His own inheritance. Psalm 33:12

    God has blessed America and we must do certain things to keep that blessing. If we falter, we are doomed as a nation...
  • davidwwalters
    AckAck says of god:
    "Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, The people He has chosen as His own inheritance. Psalm 33:12"
    -On the face of it, this sounds nice. However the problem occurs when people who think god is talking to them, telling them who needs to be examined, or otherwise looked at, act out on these delusions and expect others like me to bow down to their demands. I have no problem with your worship of god as you see fit, but don't try to tell me what to do when you think god has spoken!
  • AckAck
    David, those are not my words. They are from the bible.

    Dora, I mentioned nothing about fear. I fear nothing. Not the likes of you, not the likes of my enemy in other countries. I simply stated people like you are more dedicated to liberalism than anything else. You never think about where your freedom comes from or how America is still standing strong after all this time. People like you are too busy trying to make people think you are okay and to accept what you are and who you run around with to think about the things that really matter. You're one sick being. I won't call you a human since you hang from the rafters.
  • AckAck
    WE MUST combat people like Dora and other God Hating people in America. These people will destroy this country if we let them. They believe in NOTHING! Not God... Not the Devil... NOT ANYTHING! They seem to think there is no creator. Well, they will but it will be too late for them then.
  • Dora
    So what do my beliefs have to do with you, Bubble-brain. You live in fear of shadows You demonize things that you don't understand. The fires of your bigotry burn brightly.
    "Combat" me? I am no threat to you. What scares you is that you don't have the guts or the brains to think for yourself. I don't need the threats that your religion promote to know what is right and wrong. I don't need a bible to tell me how to be nice to people, to be honest, and to live a good life in service to others in need. You are a blazing example that this bible obviously doesn't work for you though- nor does it work for Jackie who spits venom and filth at every opportunity and treats people like the muck one would find on the bottom of the toilet. You are no great shakes, Bub.
  • amber3
    I am returning to the US whoo hooo. I now it is going to be a little frustrating watching the debate on health care etc. but i am very excited to be comming home.
  • AckAck
    Lock up the silverware and hide the dogs, Amber is returning!!!
  • davidwwalters
    BillyHallowell comments:
    " Americans who oppose ObamaCare aren’t racist; they’re simply worried about the nation’s fiscal stability. "
    -Which brings up the question......
    Where were these guys(TeaBaggers) when the nation's fiscal stability was threatened by tax cuts for the wealthiest. Throwing money at the pentagon doesn't seem to worry this crowd. So, so what are the tea baggers really about? Perhaps Janeane is on to something.
  • JackieM
    David, you are smarter than this! Tax cuts for everyone are a good thing! Giving idiots in any administration more money to waste is stupid! Obviously, you are choosing to ignore who creates jobs and the truth about why the tea parties are there in the first place. the reasons have been explained to death but as usual you ignore them. go back and research them for yourself and you will hopefully get it this time! I guess obama's economic plan has solved unemployment problem? LOL!
  • davidwwalters
    JackieM states:
    "Tax cuts for everyone are a good thing"
    -Where was my tax cut? Oh, that's right......i didn't make enough.
    Jackie, my point is, not all political mantras work or are even true. This is true of "Tax cuts ALWAYS help the economy." The other, "Pentagon spending is our security", ignores the fact that as a government agency, our military is a socialist system, therefore it's excesses (-spending) has to be held accountable. Don't ever forget Ike's farewell address of January 17, 1961. Don't you think he was right. It came true within a decade of his leaving office, and it is also true now. Just to clarify!
    "you are choosing to ignore who creates jobs and the truth about why the tea parties are there in the first place"
  • Dora
    Bubbles, Unlike you and Jackie- I actually have a life- which does not include wondering what stupid thing you are going to say today.
    Hate is a strong word which I reserve for cockroaches and snakes. People like you are just repulsive , revolting, foul mouthed, and a waste of time.
    There is nothing so tedious as those who are purposely ignorant... and that would be you two. The fact that you wear your ignorance so proudly reflects your inability to sort fact from fiction. Your constant need to damn everything Obama- another indication of your massive misinformation overload. You offer nothing constructive ... ever.
  • JackieM
    dora, thank you once again for proving your ignorance and stupidity. it is just like a damn liberal/democrat to speak from their ass! you are the most repulsive piece of shit i have ever come across! keep up your lies about us not offering anything constructive. read your last post, you fool! where is the constructive discussion there? oh and by the way, i happen to know ackack and i can say that we both have very fulfilling lives. thank you for your concern. it is nice to know you care about something besides yourself for once. that is a republican trait!
  • Dora
    as I said- nothing from you to contribute in any positive way whatsoever- merely giant generalizations, total damnation and foul-mouthed attacks usually topped off by your juvenile "LOL".
    you continue to defend your ignorance by attacking those who bring you real facts.
    this is because you are unaccustomed to hearing them since your misinformation feed is dominated by a television channel that pushes only your point of view and a vapor-rub induced teary-eyed certified loon, Glen Beck- hypocrite Hannity, and the spotlight seeking Limbaugh who admits that he cares more about ratings and revenue than truth.
  • SK8420693
  • Dora
    Obama's approval ratings - despite the lunatic right wing fringiest and their clowns at tea parties and town halls, is at 56%.
    Ratings from leaders from around the world are even higher.

    Nobody cares what you fringies think- you have already proven yourselves to be cartoons.
    Really bad, tasteless cartoons.
    Uneducated, fear-mongering, foul mouthed cartoons.
    and not at all funny.
    You have no solutions, no leaders, and no credibility.

    Bubbles, you are from one of the poorest educated states in the country. 75% of high school students in Oklahoma cannot name the first president of the United States. Not even 3% of Oklahoma students could pass the test given to those seeking US citizenship. Bubbles, you reflect this sad statistic with every one of your non-sourced, non factual posts. Any idiot can copy and paste an email. Again, you are proof of this. You do it constantly. You state I "could learn from Jackie" (!!! )- you poor fool. I understand your statement only because you are so utterly ignorant - nearly anyone is smarter than you are... nearly. Jackie and her so-called education failed her. However, I must say that she makes up for it by being stupid on purpose. Stop wasting your font attempting to bash me- nothing coming from you is worth my interest. On your behalf, I will say that you and Jackie are quite a team in the foul mouth department : repulsive and revolting.
    Again- nothing to emulate.
  • AckAck
    Dora, you remind me of this guy. Read your post above and see if you agree with me.

    Two people were traveling in America and the came to the edge of this small town. They stopped to buy gas and the guy at the gas station gave them a hard time with their credit card. Finally they paid cash for their gas, got back in their car and drove off. The driver said to his traveling partner, I do not like that TOWN, I will never visit it again!

    What just happened in the little illustration above? Those people turned against a whole town because of the actions of one person. Dora, you are like that! Someone must have refused your credit card or something for you to hate the whole world...
  • SK8420693
    Really bad, tasteless cartoons.
    Uneducated, fear-mongering, foul mouthed cartoons.
    and not at all funny.
    You have no solutions, no leaders, and no credibility."
  • AckAck
    Obama's approval ratings are up from Idiots! You gotta count the sane folk to Dora, can't just count the loonies.

    By the way, how did you know I was uneducated? If I am so dumb and don't know anything how come my company earned more than $88,000.00 per month last year? How come it has been earning those kinds of figures for the last 25 years? Yep, that's right Dora Lawhora, you read it right. Let's see now, how much has your education earned you and what kind of folk do you hang around with? Whoa! Better not go there huh?
  • Jason
    Please help us fight government corruption

    Sign our petition http://myfreepress.net/petitions/dont-tread-on-me
  • davidwwalters
    AckAck still thinks real information and news is being disseminated by Fox News......
    "Looking at past events and how one sided the reporting has always been, will give us some proof of how this event would be reported. Only if it reached catastrophic proportion would it be reported by the liberals as being anything but......."
    -Which is why the most important story lately has been about, Afghanistan? Health Care?
    -No, ACORN. Roger Ailes took his cue out of Paul Joseph Goebbels playbook, repeating the same lie over and over until some think of it as true.
  • AckAck
    You got me davidwalters! My plea is, GUILTY as charged... I do think FOX NEWS is the ONLY NEWS being spread around that is REAL NEWS. The rest are liberal biased, corrupt, politically controlled, or all the above. They all report in an indoctorination format while avoiding real truth in matters. They want you to insert WHATEVER they say into your head, regardless of whether it is truth or not. Forget the fact it might be a lie, just put it head and defend it... Ignore all the other possibilities.

    Bottom line for me, I watch other news outlets, and I do compare with honesty. Here is my ratings of the media, worst being first and so on:

    Any other cable channels attached to the above.

    I know Dora will like my selection. I don't think she likes FOX News.
  • JackieM
    It is amazing that these liberal idiots can't get it through their thick heads that they are wrong. Fox News has repeatedly asked the whitehouse to call them and point out their mistakes. They have also asked this idiot administration to come on their shows and talk about it. In addition, Glenn Beck has set up a hotline for them to call in to discuss it. LOL! they are cowards! as usuall they talk a big game but fail to deliver. this is the most corrupt administration in history. the liberals hate the fact that Fox has exposed obama for what he really is--a crook!
  • Dora
    White House is still TWO WORDS, Jackie. You really are a slow learner, aren't you.

    the fact is...as opposed to Jackie's dimwitted, under-educated, non-sourced opinions, the most corrupt administrations in history: Grant, Harding, Nixon, Reagan, Bush.

    As far as the most corrupt STATES... Louisiana leads the parade, North Dakota follows closely behind. Both Red states.
  • AckAck
    Dora, I know it must get very lonely where you are at but please, don't be so cruel with us just because the liberals are making a mess of things and people are catching on. If you would listen to Jackie, you could learn some things that might help you later on in life. Even if you have doubts in us, please, try to replace it with a little faith!

    I am just trying to be nice and help you out a little Dora. I am trying to change your attitude here and get you on the right track. Get it? On the RIGHT track!
  • JackieM
    Dora---keep on talking and i'll keep on laughing! obama's administration is by far the most corrupt and in its short time we have seen this. his connections with Chicago are loud and clear so say what you will but the most corrupt organizations are there for all to see. of course, you could ignore van jones and the others and dream it isn't so. carter is also looking really good right now and we know he WAS the worst! LOL! you know the same thing you idiots are doing about healthcare. you think it will work and obama is going to pull doctors and nurses out of his ass for everyone! LOL!
  • AckAck
    Jackie, you are right on with the "should have been more responsible" with the vote thing. Most of the middle of the stream voters were out of touch with a lot of things anyway. Democrats, Republicans or Independents, who voted for Obama because they "thought it was the right thing to do" because he was black. Whether that is a good enough excuse or not, it's the one most of them used. I don't know if it is enough to excuse them for the error or not but I just know now that a lot of them woke up to the reality of this guy. Some probably never will but, some have. Those are the ones that got slapped in the face. Not people like me or you, we saw this clown coming a mile away.
  • AckAck
    Jackie, what is amazing is these idiots keep telling lies. The same ones over and over and they know that we know they are liers but they keep on and on. They stand up, tell the same lie over and ignore facts. I don't understand doing that even if I were insane.
  • JackieM
    AckAck--I agree! the morons come out and lie so many issues. one of them is the job creation they can't prove. some states are saying that government jobs were saved. this means the states are shifting monies and wasting it on pet projects that are unnecessary. oh by the way, the idiot liberals/democrats are so stupid they can't distinguish between government and private sector jobs. they are so dumb they don't understand that government jobs don't contribute to anything and are paid for by taxpayers. private sector jobs generate more revenue for the government and are the only jobs that make a damn! the "stimulus" is a failure and the ones benefiting are the unions (corrupt) and welfare folks (non-contributors). how is this helping the economy again? LOL!
  • AckAck
    Jackie, I know in my state Oklahoma) almost all the people are pissed off. At Obama and his administration. Number one for Obama telling so many lies in his quest for the throne and now the continued failures of his administration.

    There are people on the faaaaar left and there are people on the faaaaar right that I don't feel sorry for. I am one of those faaaaar right people who took a stance in the first place and stuck with it. They are people who are "party" people on the left as well. They will never budge. I understand the people on the left and right, what I don't understand is those who believe what the faaaaar left says. Why the left you ask? Because they have no solid foundation to anything they say. The faaaaar right does have the foundation. Matter of fact, this country was founded on that foundation. That makes the faaaaar left pure idiots. They have no cause except to destruct!

    The people in the middle. Most of who tried to be good people when they were mis-led and believed the things BHO promised in his campaign. They voted for BHO on his promises. Most of them were really sincere when they went to the voting poles. All those in the middle, who are shifting back to the right, are the folks who are really pissed off and will make a big change in the 2010 election. I will bet that there will not be a democrat elected in our state in the next election... I think that is the norm all over.

    Sarah Palin continues to make waves just by smiling at the left. They can't stand it. I LOVE IT!
  • JackieM
    AckAck--i agree with you with the exception of those who voted for him that were misled. that may be true but the proof was there of what kind of a moron he was during the campaign. i just think people need to be more responsible when electing the leader of our country. it is a huge decision and we see the results of poor decisions by voters that result in the downfall of our country.
  • Every time they use the race card they show "their" true colors. Commi-Red! They cannot justify that someone could actually not like the policy because it comes from the anointed one!

    Are there racists out there? Yes? Do they speak for the majority? NO! Thank God!

    Did you see how she gushed when the audience applauded at 1:17? This is pure celeb posturing for the sake of applause. It makes her feel important because she's a lousy comic with even more lousy policy ideas!

    And to make a point on the question of what would happen if blacks showed up at a McCain rally armed. That would be great! More power to anyone who can exercise the 2nd Amendment! As long as they are breaking no laws! Right on!

    For some reason the above link The Right Look is wrong.
    So adding this below.


  • AckAck
    The Right Look, I like your web site. Keep up the good work.
  • Thank you so much!
    You keep up the great work too!

  • AckAck
    You're probably right in everything you said in your post. I wouldn't know, I never watched the BITCH!
  • stakman
    Why does anyone listen to this idiot? She has cancer of the brain, and should be locked up for our own good. Yet this disgusting gutter mouth continues to attract an audience. Ignore the bitch.
  • davidwwalters
    Hellos to M.L.Smith, Billy and others.....
    Ms. Janeane Garofalo aptly raises the question
    "......what if black people showed up armed at a McCain rally?"
    The republican party of today, particularly in the south, is where the whites who rejected the Civil Rights Act and dropped out of public schools in favor of christian academy s or homeschooling tended to reside (politically).........it's simply an inconvenient truth.
  • Lindarosemary
    Garafolo is just another pimple on the radical face of the tyranny that is afoot.
  • davidwwalters
    Interesring! ("......the radical face of the tyranny that is afoot.")
    Care to explain?
  • JackieM
    I know black people who went to a McCain rally and guess what? nothing happened and they were welcomed! the McCain family is multi-racial so give me a break! so you are saying that the families I know who have bio white children and have adopted black children are homeschooling because they are racists? are you saying that they don't educate their children at home because they feel the public schools are not giving their children the best education possible? are you saying that the black children going to private schools are racists? perhaps they keep their children home because they don't like the crime. that blanket statement is stupid, David! i personally know a lot of people who choose to homeschool and none of their reasoning has to do with race! so try again!
  • davidwwalters
    Hi Jackie, missed you too!
    "I know black people who went to a McCain rally and guess what? nothing happened........."
    -Jackie says.
    What Ms. Garofalo said, and i agree with, is "......what if black people showed up armed at a McCain rally, what would be the response......"
    We're not talking about black people, but angry, anti-McCain black people. This would have been news worthy, don't you think?
  • AckAck
    Davidwalters, good move. The simple question here was "what if black people showed up, armed, at a McCain rally? What would the response be and would it be news note worthy?" And the simple answer is, "Yes" it would be news note worthy.

    Ah-ha - The real question here is the $64,000 one, "Would it make the main stream news?" NO! Only FOX would report on this. Liberal news media would nix this in the butt big time...

    A simple explanation of this trend by the liberal news outlets is "They don't report bad things about liberals." Besides, they live by the golden rule of "Politically correct when it comes to minority's which include black people!" FOX News would report on this. Am I correct?

    Here is another little breather for all you politically correct goons, if a liberal does it - it's okay! If a conservative does it - It's bad! I'm talking about the same identical things, not something different...
  • davidwwalters
    "Ah-ha - The real question here is the $64,000 one, "Would it make the main stream news?" NO! Only FOX would report on this. Liberal news media would nix this in the butt big time..."
    -Really?The armed protesters would have been apprehended no doubt before the rally got warmed up. No, that would have been big news. And they'd have been wrong to show up to a political rally armed. That's always wrong.
  • AckAck

    -Really?The armed protesters would have been apprehended no doubt before the rally got warmed up. No, that would have been big news. And they'd have been wrong to show up to a political rally armed. That's always wrong.

    They may or may not have been apprehended. How do we really know this would happen? This probably would not be reported at the magnitude it deserves... So, this is pure speculation, we don't really know, do we?

    Let's look at the tools before us Dr. Watson. Looking at past events and how one sided the reporting has always been, will give us some proof of how this event would be reported. Only if it reached catastrophic proportion would it be reported by the liberals as being anything but, "OOPS!" And even if a lot of people got shot, they could somehow blame Bush for the outcome!
  • Dora
    Bubbles, why are you so nasty and vile? Is this really necessary or do you know no other way. Have you been taking lessons from Jackie? Nothing to admire there.
  • JackieM
    keep it up idiot dora. you don't have a leg to stand on. you criticize us for not watching anything but Fox but when you find out you were wrong, you get angry. get over it! your lies are not working!
  • AckAck
    By the way Dora, JackieM is one of the GREAT AMERICANS on this site. You should be honored to conversate with her. All LIBERALS and all CONSERVATIVES should feel honored to listen to her.
  • JackieM
    Thanks for the kind words, AckAck!
  • AckAck
    Dora, taking lessons from Jackie would not be a bad thing. No, I think of all this on my own. (Well, I do read all her post word for word. Maybe I am learning from her.) Don't leave out the facts here when destorting my posts with name calling, when personally degrading my traits, that I AM A SIMPLE MAN - I SIMPLY CALL THEM AS I SEE THEM. I call a bird - A BIRD. I call a rabbit - A RABBIT. I call a tiger a - TIGER. I call a crap head - A CRAP HEAD! If the shoe fits,WEAR IT!

    Sounds like you are experiencing pains of life. Tell me about them, maybe I can help. Call me sometime.
  • Dora
    you have already admitted that you do not watch anything other than the GOP's FOX "news"- so you have no working knowledge of anything, Bubbles. None.
    what you do have is a head filled with generalizations and characterizations and convenient omissions by FOX. only when you ever understand that they are NOT a news legitimate source, you will understand why no person wishing to get non-biased reporting turn to FOX for the answer.

    and "hi" to david. where have you been?
  • AckAck
    Dora, everytime you try to explain something, you either have your foot in your mouth or your head in your ass. I don't know how you get around the smell. If it ain' toe jam, it's got to be shit! It's always one or the other...

    FOX is the ONLY news source that is FAIR and BALANCED. Fair and balanced, GET IT? Something you would never, never understand. Maybe your condition is a result of breathing all that aroma. Clear your head ocassionally and things will come through much better. In other words, get your head out of your ass!
  • JackieM
    I watch all of the stations to have a more rounded view of the news. I can state for a fact that CNN, MSNBC, ABC and others are biased liberals shit tanks. so you will understand why no person wishing to get non-biased reporting would turn to those stations for answers. however, FOX has been the only station that has outed the corruption of your cult leader, i.e., acorn, van jones, valerie plane and others. that is why you and others are quick to criticize truth.
  • JackieM
    there are flakes everyone so whether they were black or white it would have been stupid so if people like to see it on the news, so be it. it is no different regardless of which side it was on. obama is an idiot and we see that. so people should be screaming at his anti-American views!
  • JackieM
    i guess the black panthers that were intimidating people on the voting place doesn't count, huh? wonder what side they were on? hmmmmmmmmm!
  • davidwwalters
    So when JackieM did black panthers attend a John McCain rally?
  • JackieM
    you missed my point entirely. the black panthers situation was so much worse because they intimidated voters. however, the mainstream media did not report it as a huge problem like it should have been. the liberal media has issues as we know and that was my point!
  • shrugtastic
    The International Olympic Committee voted against Obama when they rejected his bid for the Chicago Olympics. I guess they're all a bunch of racist, white-power rednecks as well.
  • JackieM
    yes, I guess in your sick world anyone who votes against or disagrees with idiot obama is a racist. LOL! too funny! no one with common sense believes any of your lies and all you are doing is attempting to spread hate!
  • JackieM
    oh yeah and I guess vick didn't break the law or cause suffering to innocent animals when he was put in jail. he was just framed! LOL! keep it up!
  • Matthew Reeses
    Yes rigjt Janeane, I'll vote for Ms Klinton before Alan Keyes;) lol

    Garofalo should really consider getting a frontal lobe piercing
  • AckAck
    Or killing herself!
  • ML Smith

    You are testing my investigative skills to the max. I agree with your post completely. Spud, I think the left has two mottos:

    1. If it's broke, leave it alone and find something else to spend money on.
    2. If it 'aint broke, spend billions to fix it even if we don't need it.

    Garafalo? Who the hell is she?
  • AckAck
    Who wrote about this bitch again? I hope you're not trying to be conservative! I don't use that kind of talk anymore. Nasty words.

    We have fell prey to the N word and the power of the racist term itself. We are brain washing the kids with fingers in their faces telling never, never, never use that word. That is the greatest prop for the power of the term racism. Take it or leave it.

    Hey ML! I'm under cover again...
  • ML Smith
    Nice post. *Very bubbly. Reminds me of someone I know. I'm trying like hell to disagree but I can't. My question is simple. Why is this dingbat being given so much exposure? Don't we have bigger problems? Will Garafalo have an impact on national healthcare? Does anyone with half a brain listen this woman?

    Garafalo is a twisted mind in action. That puts me a close second, and maybe I can reel her in, but then what? A public spanking? A GPS muzzle?
  • ML Smith
    I thought we were done with her. Like liposuction, there's only so much Garafalo that can be sucked out of our brains.

    The woman is an idiot. What more needs to be said?
  • Mike
    For fellow conservatives here is a link to a video on Michelle Malkin's website that you might have missed. The video is one of my all time favorites and is titled Listen to Overpaid Celebrilties. Enjoy.

  • poptoy1949
    We all know what she says.....the sad part is that people clap when she says this garbage. My GOD have they agreed with her? This show was taped in Los Angeles, California. This place is the place where Fruits and Nuts Grow. No wonder.
  • ReverndIdahoSpud
    Race baiting is the last game in town. The accusation of being racist and the prohibition of the "N" word amoung whites, a word so devastating that even holocaust deniers shun to use it for fear of releasing forces from the bowels of the earth that would be irreversible to humans continued existance on planet Earth.

    The Race Card has been every bit as profitable as Mastercard, Visa or Amex. Just charge and never worry about paying the balance. Garofalo should revive the speech by Major Owens (D-NY) on the house floor in 1996 when he claimed that 200 million slaves were dumped overboard at sea along the slave routes. He claimed that this so changed the ecology of the ocean floor that sharks still swim the routes today.

    The left is engaged in war against their own insanity. Destroying anyone and everything that functions in a reasoned, sensible approach to life is the shortest route to attacking the inner anger they have for their shallow, meaningless existance.
  • bacall61
    Look Ms Garofalo....the only reason the people are rising up against Obama is because of his incompetence and socialistic policies! If he were purple, we'd be out there! This coming from a qualified Hispanic Obama Criticizer. I am a person of color, what about us? Are we racist? Ms Garofalo is not relevant...and she is just looking for some publicity. Hang it up girl...you suck big time!
  • kimber12
    The more they use the term racist the less meaning it has.
  • Spencer
    I strongly believe that those on the left who continue to accuse others of racism do more to promote tension among different races than those they accused.
  • aliy
    Who actually thinks she has any credibility? I think asking her to be on your show is like screaming "we can't get a REAL politician so we're going to let this girl spew hate". I have never, in my life, seen someone play the race card as much as this girl does. The whole caling us racists is starting to get really, really old. I think she's actually trying to incite someone to shoot him so she'll be justified in what she says, she is one of the only people making this about race. She wishes it was about race. If it were that simple.....
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