U.S. House Votes in Favor of Obamacare

November 7th, 2009 Bob Moffit and Nina Owcharenko

The health care bill passed by the House tonight took another step towards transferring power over personal health care decisions from individuals to bureaucrats in Washington. The Republican alternative was a good strong first step of targeted reforms that are necessary to improve health care financing and delivery.

If it were to become law, the House bill would put the government in control of over half of all health care spending and would dramatically shift America’s health care system from one that is largely private to one that is subordinated to government control.

The bill engineers a massive expansion of the Medicaid, a welfare program that provides substandard care to lower-income and poor Americans and threatens state budgets. The addition of the public plan, a new federal health care entitlement, would add to the crushing tax burden Americans already face from exiting entitlements. Even worse, millions of Americans would be pushed out of their existing health care coverage, notwithstanding the promises of the President.

The bill would create massive bureaucracy. Under the bill, the new health care commissioner would in fact become a health care czar. This bureaucrat would exercise unprecedented power over the kinds of benefits and medical services available to individuals and families.

The bill also creates new inequities. While it would extent lavish subsidies to certain individuals, it would exclude those with employer-based coverage and would guarantee that others would be confined to substandard care in the Medicaid program.

Contrary to the promises of the President, the House bill would impose new taxes on all Americans regardless of class or income. The employer mandate and the individual mandate would tax the middle class. While the country is trying to recover from a deep and dangerous recession, it is ironic that the day after the jobless rate officially reached 10.2% that Congress would insist on imposing more taxes on individuals and businesses.

The President has insisted that reform should bend the curve on health care spending. This legislation makes a mockery of that goal. The true cost of the bill is in excess of the President’s $900 billion spending target — the full costs will run in the trillions.

The good news is the battle is not over. There is consensus in the U.S. for serious reform of the health care system. But, there is no consensus for a federal government takeover of 1/6th of the US economy.

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  • little drummer boy
    still waiting for Gush Limbaugh to purchase his ticket for Costa Rica. He promised to leave.
    What's the matter with him? How are you ever to believe him ever again. Oh, that's right- you folks believe anything that farts from his face.
  • Jackie M
    well, the same could be said for obama supporters--you idiots believe everything he says even when there is evidence to prove otherwise. the "hope" and "change" shit has gotten us nowhere. why don't you put substance behind your thoughts instead of hate? thanks to your kind healtcare rationing, higher premiums and lower quality of care will take place. of course, the corruption is stronger than ever and so much for the "equality for all" stance you guys take. that was blown out the door thanks to obama's deal with the unions and other liberal/democrats' work with the special interests. it is ironic that the insurance companies will benefit greatly from this bill even though obama's rhetoric proved otherwise, i.e., AARP deal and shutting out an potential companies coming in for competition. whooohooo! you should be proud of yourself for ensuring my children and grandchildren as well as everyone else's will have to pay 60 to 80% of their hard earned money for taxes to make up for this entitlement. they won't have much to look forward to. you idiots don't distinguish between those who actually can't help themselves and those who can but refuse. so let's just continue to steal from others to help everyone else. the small businesses who file as a subs corp will suffer the most so more jobs will be lost! enjoy all of the harm you have caused and keep hating! it is working for you -- not!
  • littledrummerboy
    Loudmouth and fact-free Ann Coulter told her hate's not welcome in Canada.
  • Jackie M
    well Ann should have had a meeting with Canada's president to ensure he knew that he would no longer be able to get healthcare in our country because of this bill that was passed. you do realize he came to the US to get his healthcare because he couldn't get the same quality of care in his own country due to their socialized medicine program. well, at least we our countries are twins now in that respect now! you should be so proud! i hope no one in your family needs to see a doctor quickly once this program is in place. i also hope that the person doesn't have an undiagnosed life-threatening illness. he/she won't be able to get an appt for a very long time just to get checked out due to the automatic rationing of healthcare. you fools are too stupid to realize we have a doctor shortage now and bringing millions more people into the system will tear it down. way to go!
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