Funny Video: The Obama National Anthem by Glenn Beck

October 8th, 2008 Urban Conservative

Check out this video, it’s hilarious. For those who don’t know, Glenn Beck is a conservative talk show host at CNN, a comedian and not the average Mormon. I read his book, An Inconvenient Book, early last year. I highly recommend it for those uninformed folks like … well, you know who you are. Enjoy.

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  • funny acting
    Haha that was awesome. I love the part when it says white people are clinging to the guns lol. (I’m white by the way, don’t get offended lol) But ya, really funny video. Pretty random, but hey.. Glenn is random so it works.
  • toe
    Yes, Glenn is "random" much so that he cannot seem to gather a continuous thought that makes any rational sense. Some watch him to see just how stupid one can be and still get paid for doing so. People here watch him because it's part of their religion to worship at the altar of Beck.
  • Dora
    Duh, You are now talking about the next President of the United States.
    Websites will be watched closely for those looking to incite violence like you, mister.  The Kenya item that you mention has been proven a lie, like everything else in Corsi's book. 
    You certainly do look mighty foolish not to mention dangerous.
    What you need to do is take a breath.  Understand that you LOST. And, you will continue to lose. Why? Because the American people are done with your narrow minds.  Done with your hate talk. Get some rest, buddy.
    You sound like chicken little.
  • Duh
    Some Sheeples REFUSE to actually listen to what he says and see the truth in his statements and actions. Don’t forget he FACTUALLY used your tax dollars, on a “so-called” diplomatic mission of one, to support and pay for a murdering terrorists bid for the presidency of Kenya. Don’t forget the name Odinga.

    Reality - Some people CHOOSE to learn for themselves. Some people CHOOSE to let other people GIVE them the answer (and they CHOOSE to believe and rely on that answer unquestioningly).

    The problem here is, those that CHOOSE to be given the answers will NEVER know the TRUTH.

    The people that CHOOSE to learn for themselves will ALWAYS find the TRUTH.

    and the video tape PROOF of the slaughter in Kenya with Odinga cheering his followers is all thats needed.

  • David W. Walters

    i wonder if Cpl. Khan was Anti-American?
  • Robert Bankston

    I didn't see anything on their website that says they are trying to be discreet about their takeover, if anything it looks like they are very open about their plans.   When I searched it out, I did see a quote from the President of CAIR, saying he would like to see America become an islamic country as well.   

    I clicked through all of the news links on that website and they seem pretty legitimate.
  • toe
    as an artist, i found this video art and "animation" third grade at best.
    as a music major, i found the composition and rendition of same: tedious, without distinction or quality.
    as a political piece of (what i assume was intended as satire) this item was hardly trenchant, but merely designed to repeat hackneyed metaphors and images with a threadbare premise with a faulty presupposition.
    the very placement of this video here by the host goes to motivation and underscores the desperate measures and methods now afoot to attempt diversion by deception.
  • PY
    Was it not Mr Farrahkhan in his U-tube video who called Sen Obama the Messiah?

    For the 1st time, I feel that Sen Obama is honest in his answer, that he wants to spread wealth around, when he spoke to Mr Joe, the plumber.

    Why should I even bother to work hard anymore, if Senator Obama is going to spread my hard earn money as if it is jam and butter. I like to remind Sen Obama that I have worked hard for the money and deserve to treat and spend it on my family and spend it whichever way I want to. It wont be to humans. I have a little set aside for animal charities, and that is my personal choice.

    What economic policy is Sen Obama proposing??? No, let us all rely on govt for handouts and bits of scraps, shall we.

    I am sorry, I do feel like I am being punished for working hard because it appears that Sen Obama does not think/deem that I am capable of deciding what I should do with my hard earned money. Is this fair, I ask you?
    Toe, I don't listen to them either. 

    It's about having an economic education, discerning business data and making a choice on an issue.  Once you leave economics behind in your agenda, it is doomed to failure.  Liberals keep making the same mistakes over and over because their policies do not adhere to sound economic principles.   I can see why you don't like  Keynesnian econmics because it shows your agenda to be folly.

    Obama's economic plan is a joke at best, and a canard at worst.  It says it all about his candidacy as well.

    But don't let me stop you from slinging mud, it's what you do best.  Pretty sad, keep posting to seem knowledgable.   I'm not fooled at all.  You have no educational base.   You can however copy/paste quite well.  Well done.

  • ameriken
    so toe, where do informed people go for their so-called facts?
  • Guest

    Yeah, and you go to places like the NYTIMES, Dailykos, Barrackobama,com, Moveon, huff post ...

    yeah, really credible sources.
  • toe
    Rush, Sean, Savage, all  appreciate your patronage, hoboblah- however, informed people look other places for the actual facts.  enjoy your fantasy world- you seem so happy there.
    As for my "illegal" thinking, you haven't proven that.  Your amendments were not applicable to my opinions so  ..  work a bit harder on finding a convoluted reason as to why someone who earns income should be excluded from kicking in to the till.

    Palin is hot.  End of story there, unless you are blind.  I have never said that she is qualified because of her looks.  that's just you injecting poison.  Again, we get back to your reading comprehension.  Either you cannot process the data you read, explaining why you're a liberal perhaps, or you don't care, explaining why you're a liberal perhaps.

    I'll trust the judgment of McCain over Obama any day.  McCain doesn't throw people away like Obama.  Obama uses them like so much tissue and then tosses them.
    Rev. Wright - MENTOR (nutjob) - thrown away
    Ayers - MENTOR (terrorist) - thrown away
    Rezko - ASSOCIATE (sleazeball) - thrown away

    Where's his judgement?  where's his character?  He's thrown his MENTORS & Friends on the slag heap, so he either is dishonest or a manipulative bastard. 
    HOPE!  CHANGE!! 

    Toe, you have been taken.

    As for Keysnian economics, you are completely in the dark there boy.  There is no other economic theory which can replace it with the same efficiency and fairness.  The fact that you don't get it may explain why you're a liberal perhaps.

    You are a misanthrope my friend and so is your candidate. 

    I don't think Obama will win so it doesn't matter, but I believe ACORN is the next "MENTOR" to be thrown on the slag heap, if he is elected.  It's in his pattern of using people up once he has gotten everything he can from them.  Nice guy.

  • toe
    your feeble (and illegal) ideas on just who should be able to vote... this alone puts your thinking in the questionable pile.
    you avid support of a clearly unqualified VP pick simply because "she's hot"...again, hoboblah, you  not only look just silly- but woefully, painfully  misguided... you constantly misrepresent platforms and support known lies...  and you think you hold any credibility?  

    look, Palin violated ethics laws.
    McCain was admonished for ethics infractions.

    Palin supported and had her own "political career" forwarded by the AIP.
    McCain continues to show bad judgment and zero leadership skills with personnel selections,  personal relations, special interests, and maintains the proven flawed thinking of "trickle-down" folly.   

    get real, hoboblah.
    If you can't figure out the difference, I can't help you out.
    It's a bit too elemental for me to bother with.  Get your mom to help you.

  • toe
    i know exactly what you said...this time...and the other times...and the other times... each one was different.  nothing new.

    You have a problem with reading comprehension. 

    I said , "THEY DON'T THINK LIKE YOU", not the other way around.  Makes a difference and makes the rest of your emotional outburst moot.

    They are not weak.  They don't want a equal society (as if its even possible, but thats a folly for another time).

  • toe
    hoboblah said:

    "If only our enemies thought like liberals."

    so, which is it , hoboblah?  99% of the time, you are on your rooftop pointing and screaming that liberals are in sync with every known
    "enemy" of the US... that, in your wee mind, we are , in fact, "the enemy",
    and liberalism will be the downfall of all America- according to you.

    but now, we don't even think like the enemy- according to you.
    can't make up your mind? 
    hmmm... kind of like McCain/Palin aren't you?  just throw whatever gibberish out there to see how many will bite. 
    you just look silly.
  • toe
    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for the House Ethics Committee to "immediately and thoroughly" investigate the "serious allegations" against Mahoney.

    this is the most current note on this news item.   pretty hard to comment on anything that is not confirmed as of yet. Mahoney admitted to the affair- nothing beyond that.
  • ameriken
    David, I wasn't looking for an Obama pitch. Let me be more specific since I have not made my point. 

    Anyone can pass legislation. The problem is that either party can and will protect their own against the very legislation passed. Legislation means nothing without enforcing it, that is why I ignored the Obama pitch.

    The whole Palin thing could have been kept hushed, but it wasn't, and I am glad it wasn't. These parties are loaded with corruption.  

    Here's an example of what I mean. Remember when that scumbag Tim Foley was caught with the emails to teens 2 years ago? There was a huge huge outcry from the Democratic Party asking for his head. It was blitzed and blitzed all over the media. 

    Tim Mahoney, the family values candidate, stepped in to replace Foley, the family values candidate. Apparantly, that seat is primed for scandal. Here's a Politico article regarding Rep Tim Mahoney (D) from Florida. Of course, Republicans are going to make this an issue....however Democrats seem quiet about it. Where's the outcry from Democrats?

    Aren't they going to do the same......initiate investigations?

    Boehner Wants Answers About Mahoney
    By Patrick O'Connor

    "(The Politico) <!-- sphereit start -->House Republican Leader John A. Boehner criticized Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other party leaders on Tuesday for their "entirely inadequate" response to the sex scandal that has ensnared freshman Rep. Tim Mahoney (D-Fla.).

    Boehner and his GOP colleagues would like Pelosi and her leadership team to answer questions about whether they had heard allegations that Mahoney paid one of his former congressional aides $121,000 to keep quiet about a rumored affair." (cont)

    I think the networks who covered Foley from top to bottom are rather quiet on this. Where's the outcry?

    Anyone can pass legislation, that's no big deal. Enforcing it and investigating it and cleaning up parties are. Since you mentioned Palin and that Republicans initiated an investigation, I'd like to hear what investigations are being launched by Democrats to clean up corruption that exists right now. That's all.    

    Since you are quick to name names and point out Palin, I'd like to see some names in the Democratic Party that Democrats, or perhaps you want to investigate. This is what I meant by rooting out corruption in their own party.
  • David

    You're not-so-deftly avoiding acknowledging the answer to the very question you posed (the question being, "What have the Democrats done to help fight corruption in their own party").  Toe answers this question, and in a way which specifically addresses the efforts of Barack Obama, in post 55.
  • ameriken
    You don't have to have legislation to clean up your own party. If there is corruption, you can bring them down without legislation.
  • toe
    funny you should ask, ameriken...

    Throughout his political career, Barack Obama has fought for open and honest government. As an Illinois State Senator, he helped pass the state’s first major ethics reform bill in 25 years. And as a U.S. Senator, he has spearheaded the effort to clean up Washington in the wake of numerous scandals.
    In the first two weeks of the 110th Congress, Senator Obama helped lead the Senate to pass the Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act, a comprehensive ethics and lobbying reform bill, by a 96-2 vote. This landmark bill was signed into law by the President in September 2007.
    The final bill that the Congress passed closely mirrored and drew key provisions in a bill (S. 230) that Senators Obama and Feingold introduced in January 2007 to establish a “gold standard” for reform. Among the provisions in the Obama-Feingold bill that were adopted by the Senate and the House were: strict bans on receiving gifts and meals from lobbyists; new rules to slow the revolving door between public and private sector service; and an end to the subsidized use of corporate jets.
    Most importantly, the final reform bill contained a provision pushed by Senator Obama to require the disclosure of contributions that registered lobbyists “bundle” – that is, collect or arrange – for candidates, leadership PACs, and party committees. The New York Times called this provision “the most sweeping” in the bill, and the Washington Post said: “No single change would add more to public understanding of how money really operates in Washington.”
  • ameriken
    @# 53...You said the investigation into Palin was initiated by Republicans. I know this was meant as a slam against Palin, but I also see a plus for the Republican party.

    So, I am taking this a step further....a party should clean itself up. There's a lot to do on both sides.
    So, since you easily want to point out corruption on the other side, I'd like to know what your own party is doing to root out corruption in your own party. What has the democratic party initiated to root out corruption and ethics in their own party?  What have they even brought up to a vote?
    You don't have to have a majority vote to investigate corruption in your own party.
  • David
    The Senate requires a 60% voting majority into to override a Presidential veto.  So even though technically more than half of the Senate is Democratic, they are still impeded when the President (as he often does) says no.
  • ameriken
    @ David.......long answer: 'let's give them a chance to govern first'.

    Short answer........nothing.

    They don't have to be in charge to clean up their own party David. Besides, Democrats have had the Senate and House for 2 years and what have they done. Same answer: nothing.
  • David W. Walters
    "What are democrats doing within to root out ethics and corruption within their own party?"
    Ethics and corruption are endemic to both parties, huh?
    Let's give 'em the chance to govern first.
  • ameriken
    @ David # 49...... said "in an investigation initiated primarily by fellow Republicans"

    Thank you for showing how Republicans doing something to keep the party and politics clean.

    What are democrats doing within to root out ethics and corruption within their own party?
  • David
    You might want to be careful about throwing credibility bombs, Hobo.  You are, after all, supporting a Vice Presidential candidate who runs on a platform of "reforming corruption" but who was found (in an investigation initiated primarily by fellow Republicans) to be in breach of ethics while Governor.
    No it's not Dave, and those kind of statements ruin your credibliity...  oops  ..  too late. 

  • David W. Walters
    -Dick Cheney probably put this up.....
    that's his MO, isn't it?
  • David
    Robert, did you do due dilligence on that site?  I find it really difficult to believe that an organization dedicated to discreetly taking over America by way of infiltrating its government would literally put a "To Do" checklist on a website easily accessible by anyone who owns a computer.  

    Even a James Bond villain would have more discretion.
  • Robert Bankston
    That was very funny.   But when you look at this website it's no so funny.
    Here you can see the muslim's are really trying to take over our country and "The One" is part of the plan.
  • David
    Wait, wait, wait. no one is touting Obama as the Messiah.  It was the McCain campaign which began releasing ads referring to Obama as "The One".  No one in the Obama campaign has exalted him to this bizarre messianic status or suggests that if you don't vote for him you must hate African-Americans.  Will racism be a factor for some?  Certainly.  But for any McCain supporter to suggest that Obama or his spokespeople are saying those who don't support Obama are racist is wholly disingenuous.  Anyone who accuses Obama supporters of hero worship forgets that painting Obama as a messiah was actually begun by the McCain campaign.  It's a strategy -- just as the efforts to tether John McCain to George Bush are a strategy.
    Toe, you fail to realize that our enemies don't follow your guidelines. I know it must be shocking to you. Osama Bin Laden even called Iraq the "Central Front".  He has been defeated there, thank you troops!!

    You are the one missing the point. 

    By legal resolutions, Clinton should have smacked Hussein down much earlier, but he didn't have the guts.  His foreign policy ran by polls, hence the danger.  There was every legal right to invade Iraq.  Even Sadam Hussein himself said that while he suspended his WMD program because of Desert Storm (thank you Bush Sr.), he had every intention of pursuing it once the pressure was off.  He had already used WMD'S on the Kurds.

    If only our enemies thought like liberals.
  • PY
    It is hilarious indeed but joking aside, I feel that Sen Obama becomes our next President, it maybe our National Anthem, indeed, The United States of Socialist America. Here is mud in your eyes, Cuba and Venezuela.

    I think tax payers money from the "Bailout" should be used, well some of it, be used to build a bronze more than life size statue of President Obama for the front lawn of the White House.

    I must take my hat of to his campaign, that they have the knack of making people feel guilty, that if you dont vote for him, you are a racist and if you question his judgement and many past shady/unsavoury associations, you are smearing him. Is he sowing the seed of "thou shall not question, the Messiah?" Very slick....and turning the fear of this financial meltdown of voters to hate and turn against big corporations, "those greedy swines" Now I am not saying that "those greedy swines" are not to be blamed but they do at the end of the day create jobs. Go to Mr Ayers website, and you will see what I mean.

    Can someone enlighten me as to how countries like Venezuela and Cuba evolved to what they are today?

    Crikey, some of these countries and people who hate us must be rubbing their hands in glee to see this recent financial meltdown.

    Oh, whilst I am at it, yes of course Senator Obama has no idea of ACORN fradulent behaviour, "wink, wink, wink". Still you have to give him his dues, he as sown and nuture his ACORNs very well. However, it is always the same excuses over and over again coming out of Sen Obama's mouth, that is was some sort of oversight giving 800K to fertilise ACORN.

    ACORN is nothing but a thug organisation preying on innocent victims to carry out voting fraud. To claim that occasionally fraud happens. Come on, the voting fraud is sprouting all over the country. You can see that Sen Obama has trained them well, as ACORN claiming is that if anyone critise them, you are against low income people rights to vote . See the pattern now???
  • David W. Walters
    Toe.....he doesn't like to read.....
    all those words and stuff!
  • toe
    hoboblah, your statements regarding nation building and the invasion of iraq completely dismisses the fact that we should never have been there in the first place.
    you are one of those who cannot understand how one can support the troops yet not support the policy that places them in the wrong place.  85% of the country has come to understand the folly, lies, bad decisions, illegal activities, and NON leadership presented by the outgoing occupants of the white house.  how did you miss the memo?  it was in all the papers.
  • toe
    whether you understand it or not, crude oil is finite. 
    yes, it is used for a number of products and purpose- not just to move our cars. 
    what progressives have tried to put forward is finding alternative energy sources that would decrease or eliminate not just our dependence upon this product  but  also to see into the future by addressing our parallel need  - world wide-  that being : to reduce the negative environmental impact the use of fossil fuels has upon the earth. 

  • David W. Walters
    CQPOLITICS, my friend
    (You have to read carefully, my friend)
    The Wikipedia article mirrors the "OFFICIAL" version of events, while the The CQ POLITICS article "fleshes" it out a bit.....
    Responsible leadership?
    Not from McCain!
    Dave is using Wikipedia as a news source.  Very funny Dave.  So easily led my boy.  i ought to buy you a leash.

    We will always be at risk when oil rigs are clustered in the only place allowed.  of course the answer is to spread them out over our entire coastline for maximum efficiency and spreading of risk.  But, I'll settle for letting the oil companies go wherever they want to.  They are the ones who know where the oil is after all, not congress.

    The alternative would be to stop producing domestic oil Toe.  Is that what you want?  Want to give up your energy independence to Russia or Venezuela?  That's a smart policy hooboy!

  • David W. Walters
  • David W. Walters
    How about these facts HoBo:"According to these accounts, McCain, whose A4-E Skyhawk was queued up in a line of jets waiting to take off, "wet started" his engine, a prank designed to startle a trailing pilot with a flame of exploding kerosene Normally, it's a harmless, common stunt by "cowboy pilots." But on this occasion the exploding kerosene caused a six-foot long Zuni rocket under the trailing pilot's wing to launch across the flight deck. "[It] ripped through the fuel tank of McCain's aircraft," Dickinson writes. "Hundreds of gallons of fuel splashed onto the deck and came ablaze. Then: Clank. Clank. Two 1,000-pound bombs dropped from under the belly of McCain's stubby A-4 . . . into the fire."</strong> This BooBoo by the young McCain ".....On 29 July 1967, a devastating fire and series of chain-reaction explosions caused great loss of life on the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal (CV-59) after an unusual electrical anomaly discharged a Zuni rocket on the flight deck. One hundred thirty-four sailors were killed, and 161 were injured. Forrestal was engaged in combat operations in the Gulf of Tonkin during the Vietnam War at the time, and the damage totaled $72 million (not including damage to aircraft)"
    It's not about how much he paid toe.  It's about judgement.  It's about being able to choose your alliances wisely.  Obama has and does not do this. 

    Obama even admitted it.   Here's his quote.
    "It was simply not good enough that I paid above the appraised value for the strip of land that he sold me. It was a mistake to have been engaged with him at all in this or any other personal business dealing that would allow him, or anyone else, to believe that he had done me a favor," the senator said.

    So who else has him on their favor list? 
    Why won't Obama release his donor contribution lists?  This guy has been bought more times than an oil tanker leaving port on a long voyage.

    The McCain comment is the height of parody.  i won't bother, except to comment on this.

    Please name a military fighting force which has fought and held a wildly violent nation for 6 years with 4000 casualties?  You guys are made of cookie dough!

    Hats off to our military for a most excellent showing of bravery and courage under fire.  That was a kick ass war which we ..  well.. kicked ass.  Al Qaeda is friendless now, and Iran is moving towards a prosperous future free from tyranny, no thanks to the democrats who stood in their way at every juncture.  Democrats even tried to get our boys killed so we would lose heart in this war.  Shame on them.  if Obama had his way, we'd be defeated by now.  now that IS leadership!.
  • toe
    hoboblah has issues with facts- he ignores them when fantasy will suit his needs... sort of like his drooling over sarah... he does not care that she is not qualified- does not care if she was found to have ethics problems by the bipartisan legislature just last friday... does not matter to hoboblah... "she's hot" .  
    all of the real estate matters regarding Obama are a matter of public record.  the fact of the matter is the Obama's paid above market price for the strip of land next to the house .  public records... funny how the facts are just not in your favor, hoboblah.  the house itself they purchased from a doctor...not rezko.  

    if you were really concerned about facts,  hoboblah,  why don't you ask McCain why he has been sitting on the secret plan to get Osama while 4,000 Americans died?   why don't you ask McCain why he hangs out with known and convicted felons?  why don't you ask McCain where he plans to get all the water needed for his planned nuclear power plants?  Why not ask him how he plans to store the waste?  why not ask him why he said the oil rigs were safe and no oil was spilled in the hurricane when the facts are that over 500,000 gals of oil were spilled and 52 rigs were destroyed out of 3,800 - 32 were damaged.  how about some actual facts instead of his glittering generalities?
  • David
    I'm not sure I understand the connection you're drawing between Obama's economic plan for the country at large and his relationship with Tony Rezko, but I agree with you that transparency is important.  We certainly have that concern in common.

    But transparency is a slippery issue that McCain and Palin are reluctant to address, due to their unfortunate connections to a major savings and loan scandal and an investigation into abuse of power, respectively.  Neither of these scenarios bodes well for an America in economic and international distress.  The notion of being a "maverick" needs to mean something, especially now.

    I agree with you that transparency is key.  That's why I honestly wish McCain had actually told us HOW he's going to get bin Laden rather than simply say "I know how to get him, my friends."  If he DOES know, could he please tell someone?  We've seemingly been after this guy for forever.  And even some of his fellow conservatives are pleading with McCain for a more specific economic strategy.  Today he continued to say "I have a plan" without truly outlining what it is, outside of buying up mortgages and selling them back.

    Words are important, too, and as you've pointed out, wiggle-room can be dangerous.  We have seen the unfortunate shouts of "Kill him" and "Terrorist!" at McCain rallies in reference to McCain.  To McCain's credit, he is visibly concerned about this sort of rage and is now taking steps to quell it.  But it's difficult to put that sort of an angry genie back once your campaign has opened the bottle by sewing seeds of doubt and distrust.
    Obama has an economic "approach".  That's nice.  is this the same "approach" Obama used when buying property from Rezko?  Let's HOPE not!  Maybe he can CHANGE! 

    Oh, your right, he is specific.  like how Obama won't release his donor contribution lists?  Yeah, I can feel his administration will be transparent and healing. 

    Michelle isn't proud of America.  She might be if her man wins tho.  That's a lot of principle, hooboy! 
    Words have meaning.  She said it, she meant it.  You can wiggle all you want to later but it doesn't change anything.

    Moving right along,  in the same vein, when Obama was speaking, he was at what would be considered a high brow affair.  SO!  So, either he was scripted that night or he wasn't!!
    If he was scripted, then he truly feels that way and he used "cling" specifically to project an image.  Hope?  Change?
    If he was talking off the top of his head at a "high brow" affair, and this is the result, then he cannot think on his feet and utters stupidity when he is in the midst of intelligence and power. 

    Either of those two scenarios do not bode well for the country.

    And it's not a playbook, it's just the truth.  That's where we differ Dave.

  • David
    The summary above the video says it's "highly recommended for uninformed folks", but I'm not sure what sort of insight or information I'm supposed to glean from it.  Somebody help me out, because these are just the same broad-stroke talking points McCain's camp has been using since the election began, such as:

    1)  Obama says nothing but "hope" and "change".  This is patently untrue.  Obama has laid out specific and comprehensive plans again and again, including an outline of his economic approach at a speech in Ohio this morning.  Anybody who doesn't know what his plans are isn't really paying attention.  After this many debates and this much vetting and public media scrutiny, I think we know a lot about where both candidates stand.  Now it just becomes a matter of picking the strategy that is right for you.

    2)  Michelle Obama isn't proud of her country.  Both candidates and their families have said things that are poorly articulated or misleading.  When liberals jumped on McCain for insinuating we'll be in Iraq for a hundred years (which he clearly didn't mean), I found it unfair.  I find it equally or perhaps even more unfair to suggest that the Obama family isn't proud of America based simply on something Michelle said as part of a much larger speech.

    3)  Obama believes some Americans "cling" to guns and religion.  This was a poor choice of words, later explained by Obama.  Had Obama said that some Americans "turn to" religion or their fundamental rights in order to feel secure in difficult times, this talking point would be a non-issue.  It is certainly less incendiary than John McCain singing about bombing Iran even if, as he claims, he was "joking with a Veteran".  There is more fertile ground for comedy than the deaths of other people. 

    In any case, the video is well animated, but far from informative.  It also drags back to the surface bland talking points from several months ago.  Glenn Beck should update his playbook to reflect the true concerns of Americans today, of which there are several more important right now than a couple of poorly-phrased comments from a candidate.
  • Percy Jones
    You are not going to think this is funny in a couple of years.
  • David W. Walters

    "How Tyler saw it was that getting God’s attention for being bad was better than getting no attention at all. Maybe because God’s hate is better than His indifference.
    If you could be either God’s worst enemy or nothing, which would you choose?
    We are God’s middle children, according to Tyler Durden, with no special place in history and no special attention.
    Unless we get God’s attention, we have no hope of damnation or redemption.
    Which is worse, hell or nothing?"
  • Kevin S. Willis
    @david: "Kevin...You saw it! (a great movie)"

    One of my favorites. There's so many great things in that movie. I wasn't really a David Fincher fan before Fight Club. 

    "No, it's more like i lost interest in having "Shit" (overt consumerism?)"

    Yah . . . tho they ended up living in a big house and they had TVs and bought beer and boy they stocked up on household cleansers. The moral difference apparently was mainly that they didn't shop at IKEA. 

    Loved the soap.
  • David W. Walters
    “Jesus Was A Democrat.”-I'll blame it on Ben
    he started it! in #8    lol!
    I just took it another step further.....Jesus was a Political Revolutionary
    Because talking about a prick like Glen Beck is a waste of time!
  • ameriken
    @ where are you going with all this?
  • David W. Walters
    it was spiritual in the sense that Jesus wanted to show people how to commune with God...
    Yet it was social.   Communal Meals were a big part of his movement.  In each village he visited, there was a large communal spread.  Remember, Jesus was accused of being a glutton & an drunkard,  That IS socializing, wouldn't you agree? 

    "Don't get the idea that I came to bring peace on Earth.
    I did not come to bring peace, but a sword"
    -The Gospel according to Matthew 10:34
    There is no other way to spin this but as a revolution.....and he died the death of a convicted Revolutionary, because of the the violence he incited against the established authorities.
  • ameriken
    @ David #18.....the so-called 'Jesus movement' was spiritual, not societal. Those who followed Jesus weren't acting against something, rather they were moving toward something. 

    More of an evolution, not a revolution.
  • David W. Walters
    Kevin...You saw it! (a great movie)
    No,....maybe a charismatic psychopath, like Tyler.
    i just like kicking the shit outta assholes...kinda empowering.
    No, it's more like i lost interest in having "Shit" (overt consumerism?)
    Don't talk about Project Mayhem.

    "He said to them:
    But now, if you have a purse, take it along.......and if you don't have a sword, sell your coat and buy one." 
    -The Gospel according to Luke 22:36
    To bad we don't have the autographs (originals) of the gospels.....who knows how much was left out by the Catholic Scribes!  I feel like they overlooked this passage, which speaks of a fighting Jesus.
    Remember what happened in 69AD.
  • Kevin S. Willis
    BTW: Everclear. I think it's funny that folks like Art Alexakis, who considers himself a Christians, sits in judgement of all those other Christians who aren't like him. Who aren't pure like him. They aren't real Christians. And in that manner, he becomes almost exactly what he is criticizing. 

    In all fairness, I know exactly the kind of Christian he's talking about. I've found them most often in Church! It's why I'm kind of the opinion that the best place to get to know Christ is with your nose in your Bible. And, the occasional church picked out at random.
  • Kevin S. Willis
    @David: Seriously? You have an imaginary friend who looks like Brad Pitt, and you frequently beat the shit out of yourself?

    I can think of worse ways to spend your time. 

    Regarding Christ, one would do well to keep in mind Matthew 22:21: Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s. While Christ certainly did not despise the lowly tax collector, and indeed kept company with them, it was the responsibility of the individual and followers of Christ to care for the poor and dispossessed. The megachurches aren't exactly consistent with Christ's admonitions, I tend to suspect, but certainly the megagovernment is not a replacement to the individual "good Samaritan". 

    And, indeed, Christ was revolutionary. And, given the regard in which Christians are held in today, Christianity can still be a pretty anti-establishment position. And becoming more anti-establishment, everyday. :)
  • David W. Walters
    Maybe you don't get my point.......The Jesus Movement was against the "Established Society" in general....a revolution if you will....
  • ameriken
    I haven't met anyone who helps the poor because it was 'part of that movement'. They do so out of their own willingness to give to help someone less fortunate.
  • David W. Walters
    many Christians do help the poor.......because they understand this was a major part of that movement.  But it was a movement against the oppressors who ruled politically and economically........the Romans and the Temple Authorities.  Remember....Jesus died the death of a Revolutionary.  Had he been guilty of blasphemy, he'd have been "stoned"
    (Not by weed either)  to death instead of crucifixion.....
  • David W. Walters
    Mario...did you mean to say that's why you are the way you are?
    Because i went to jail?  (4 felony counts of assault against a Law enforcement officer)
    To give you some idea about me....did you ever see a movie called "Fight Club"?  I'm kinda like Ed Norton's character.
    Oh, BTW......i wasn't convicted!
    But one of Raleigh's finest lost some teeth.....
  • ameriken
    @ David Walters....exactly, Jesus reached the poor and said to always take care of the poor, and most conservatives do this on an individual level. 

    All of Jesus' words are spoken to us as is our individual responsibility to help the poor. He did not speak of establishing a government to take care of the poor, it is a social responsibility of each of us as people. 

    No where does he advocate a central authority to take from one to give to the is always voluntary and pro-choice.
  • mario
    and that's why you are the way are .. David.
  • David W. Walters
    i never read the bible until i went to jail  (once upon a time, and there is a silver lining to every dark cloud, huh?)
    I read this passage and some others, and i was amazed.  It has led me to study 1st century Jewish history.....and who Jesus was try to reach....the poor and dispossessed.
  • ameriken
    @ #9....It's too bad no one believes in that today ( Acts 2:44-45)
  • David W. Walters
    a real Revolutionary too!(Jesus)
  • David W. Walters
    "All the Believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need."
    -Acts 2:44-45
    Christian Commies!

    Master, here are two swords.; And he said to them;That's enough;
    The Gospel of LUKE Ch.22/38
  • Ben
    Well, with all the hype and controversy going on with the upcoming election…what better way then to add even more fuel to the fire! Everclear has released a new single called, “Jesus Was A Democrat.” This song talks about different controversies relating to politics and the election. It can be downloaded for free, just click on the link below and it will take you to their site to listen and download the song. This will definitely stir up some hype for sure!!
    Exaggeration is a great way of illustrating your opponents intent.  I won't go as far as that video, but since all of the world's dictators and despots are for OBAMA, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know who to vote for.

    Great video, thanks for sharing.

  • David W. Walters
    The Soviet National Anthem is certainly stirring!

    anyway......check these kids out!
  • Glenn, I dream to work on a pl
    gleen: WEAREAGANS!!!: "But, as an Elvish mind-kind of alert: the power ($) of the enemy've being growing (background fading: taaan, tantan...), the eye$ of $orrow now turn to congre$$, the last free opportunity to Liberty and prosperity on the world (Elvish worry melody almost fade) taan, tantantantantan, tan, tan...) i$engard acorn$ have being released..." weep working pals... No law enforcement, paralegal pursuing, phonewiring, "at list a law enforcement guy or she/? to psyco-pressure at a gas station?" But people "like me" have to "simply accept and adopt their view of the world?", their psycodoctoragents?, authoritie$?... and have to see togheter an American heroe and his gennie (from many American women, not actual lib$ ones) meeting with terror related politi$ian$, "creator$" of world bubble$) with a megalier and hi$ bo$$ ($ub bo$$ actually...): a self-declared terror (anti-American, the wort$) related&and tea meeting with terror$te$ with oil (and self-denied after America wondered for a while... TILL NOW AGAIN AND MORE WORRIED)" candidate for president, from THE $MALL bunch of (since the REALempire u$$r "era") megabillioneyere$, and have'm loo$e on a ga$ycongre$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$98765432(((((($$$$$$$$$$$$$$))))))))... that's why they wanted to "replace intelect" with fahrenhype911, "Panamadeception", "judge Bush instead sadam, relea$e manoriega..., you know, the canal, chavez"... "oh!, 911 terrorists are heroes" (who say that?, what formervp?, what lib?)...
  • Guest
    Kevin - yes, you are right. I made the change. That's what happens when I rush!
  • Kevin S. Willis
    Wasn't his book actually titled An Inconvenient Book?

    Got it about right. Alas, the higher the expectations are built up, the harder it's going to be for Obama to actually get anything done. I'm sure a fair amount of the Obama agenda will come to pass, but I think he's going to have a much harder presidency than anyone on the left expects right now. If he thought the campaign was hard, it's been a cakewalk in comparison to what it's going to take to implement policy and move forward an agenda.

    In the meantime, All Hail our New Glorious Leader!
  • FedUp
    I LOVED the part in this where Glenn is trying to sneak a twinkie.  Made me hysterical.
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