Communist Tyranny in America: What We Must Know and Do

October 28th, 2009 Toby Westerman

There is the very real danger that a Communist tyranny could be coming to America. The key elements already are beginning to come into place: an attempt to concentrate power in the hands of the central government, the ongoing attack on the private sector, and the use of intimidation against all important media opposition. This same process occurred in Venezuela in 1999 after the election of Hugo Chavez. Today, Chavez is a virtual Marxist dictator.

While the United States certainly is not in the same position as Venezuela when Chavez was elected, all freedom loving Americans should be very wary of how mid-term elections in 2010 will be conducted, or if some “emergency” delays or prevents the midterm vote. Communists and “internationalists” — a new name for the same ideology — are elitists. They view themselves as the bearers of truth and righteousness, and, as a result, are intolerant of any opposition from Fox News to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Vital to the enduring success of any elected Communist government is the certainty that the opposition will never again gain power.  The Marxist ruler of Ecuador (and Chavez clone), Rafael Correa, has recently stated his Communist government would never relinquish power. Chavez himself has made similar statements, as has another Chavez clone, Evo Morales of Bolivia.

Chavez, who initiated the latest Communist drive in Latin America, is much admired among many in the Obama administration, especially by Bill Ayers who helped launch Obama’s political career. There is the very real danger that Chavez’s admirers may attempt to carry over not only the ideology but also the authoritarian lessons from Venezuela to the United States.

The latest in a series of attacks on private property and freedom of speech is being mounted against the Internet. The Obama administration’s push for “network neutrality” is a thinly veiled attempt by the federal government to push out private investment and gain complete control of the last unregulated source of information. Leading the push to destroy the Internet as we know it is Susan Crawford, the so-called Internet Czar, who is an admirer of Mao Zedong.

The Internet Freedom Coalition is leading the fight against this threat.  The presence of Communists or Communist sympathizers in the Obama administration is by now well known. There is, however, little public outcry. Imagine if instead of Communist, the term Nazi was applied, or, instead of Mao, the name Adolf Hitler was used.

The left has adroitly dulled our reaction to the word Communist and what it means to human life. It is a lesson we must learn from others very quickly, or we ourselves will learn about the terror, imprisonment, and death which are essential ingredients of the Communist system.

An estimated one hundred million people died from the time of the 1917 Bolshevik revolution in Russia to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.  And they are still dying. In prisons in Cuba, at the hands of pro-government gangs in Venezuela, in ambushes and bombings unleashed by Marxist guerrillas across Latin America (including Mexico) as well as in the Philippines and India.

Death is essential to Communist rule. Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Bolshevik revolution, knew it and he initiated a reign of terror. In the first few months following the Communist seizure of power in Russia, Lenin killed more political enemies that did the Czars in the previous 100 years.

Lenin established a secret police to protect his revolution, the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage, best known by its Russian abbreviation, Cheka. Lenin put in charge of this newly founded organization Felix Dzerzhinsky, a committed Communist revolutionary who called for “hard men without pity” to fill the ranks of the Cheka.

Every Communist revolution since 1917 has brought forth other “men [and women] without pity.” From China to Cuba, and now to Venezuela and other nations in Latin America and beyond, the pitiless are again on the march, but this time some of the Communist revolutionaries are in American government.

In a sense this has happened before. During the Roosevelt administration, Soviet agents held high positions in the government. Alger Hiss was a key adviser to Roosevelt and the first General Secretary of the United Nations at its founding in 1945. So was Harry Dexter White who guided the founding of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, as was Lauchlin Currie was a key figure in misdirecting our policy in China before Mao’s defeat of Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-Shek.

While Hiss, White, Currie, and others were Soviet agents, they did not directly attack the freedoms of U.S. citizens as is being done today.  Americans at all levels of society must realize what being a Communist really means, both now and historically.

Ignorance of the history of Communism is dangerous to those who hope to keep their God-given freedom, while it is shameful to neglect the memory of the millions who died because of this evil ideology.

There are efforts to change this situation. Dr. Lee Edwards, chairman of The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation has told International News Analysis Today that his group is working with U.S. school teachers to provide a deeper understanding of the damage done to humanity by Communist tyranny. Edwards stated that teachers are open to his organization’s efforts.

There is hope, but we as a people must be alert, informed, and act reasonably upon the facts as they are discovered - no matter where they lead.  It is time to challenge the lies, READ: Lies, Terror, and the Rise of the Neo-Communist Empire: Origins and Direction, order from or go to your favorite online book seller (locate by title).

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  • theisaacjones
    this is more a question than a comment.
    to all law officers and national guardsmen or whoever they send to squelch the trouble makers that resist the overthrow of our once proud country. " will you shoot us down in the streets where we grew up together , where we went to the same church , where our children now play?" will you turn into an ss officer and come to my house to take me away because i didn't pay my health insurance fine ? will you haul your brothers and aunts and uncles to face the "government"
    good luck ,comrades........ you know you will need it because you know we will not lose .....

    do not trust anyone ...... keep your arms at ready
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  • 2bluestarmom
    Excellent post Toby!

    Thank you for speaking truth.
  • 2bluestarmom
    I challenge anyone on here to PROVE BHO et al are not Marxist/Communist.


    PROOF. Not your opinions, videos of his ideas and actions PROVING otherwise.

    PROVE it.
  • Dora
    chill pill time for the rubber room lady.
  • 2bluestarmom
    I challenge anyone of you liberals to PROVE that our country / White House has NOT been overthrown by Communist/Marxist.


    But no, what you will do, is come on here, post the same BS I've seen all of you post for over a year "bush did this, bush did that" "republicans did this, republicans did that"

    It's old and non productive BS!

    Stick to the topic and issue at hand and PROVE it's not what it is!

    We are proving and we back up what we post.

    YOU don't want to see it. YOU don't want to hear it. YOU are FOOLS!
  • Dora
    one cannot prove a negative, dimwit.
    on the other hand, you prove your gullible self daily here. your entire "wealth of information" comes from one of the most non-credible sources: tear-jerk, knee-jerk, Glenn Beck- a person upon whom you have relied to form all of your "facts". A person who will say absolutely anything with absolutely no regard for facts. There is a reason why his program has lost nearly 75% of it's advertising revenue. He's a CRACKPOT.
    Fox "news" does not present NEWS- it presents a biased opinionated and filtered news that supports their point of view. I don't have a problem with freedom of speech- I have a problem with a supposed news organization that is unable to present both sides of the story. I have a problem with a supposed "news" organization does not just report the news- but also becomes an active participate IN the news. Shep. Smith frequently calls out his network for their continued participation in selective "news" reporting. You, 2blue- would do well to open your eyes to ALL sides of an issue rather than sponging up anything and everything that comes from a "news" impersonator such as Glenn Beck . Hannity and Beck are called out constantly for misrepresenting FACTS, 2 blue. For you to suggest here- as indicated here by your posts above- something resembling a violent overthrow of our existing and legally elected government head- is treasonous and unforgivable. We are a nation of laws to maintain order and governing... these laws include everyone...and that would include YOU, 2 blue. Dislike policy decisions if you wish- vote against those with whom you disagree - that is how we do things here in the United States. For you (and other horribly informed dimwits here like Bubble-brain and Jackie) to advocate armed insurrection against our government or the Commander in Chief is treason. Period.
  • 2bluestarmom

    This is why I don't get into discussion with you guys.

    You have tunnel vision and you have no peripheral vision, whatsoever.
  • Dora
    Here is what you need to do bible lady- get yourself some tin foil and a cardboard box. Go sit in your basement and wait for the rapture. The sane people will carry on.
  • 2bluestarmom
    You truly are ignorant Dora.

    Before I knew who beck was I knew BHO was marxist.

    I checked my facts before I voted!

    I didn't go in blindly as those of you who drank the kool aid did.

    Stick to the issues Dora.

    Why are you bringing hannity and beck into this?

    You see, it's the same old rhetoric. YOU CANNOT PROVE IT.

    PROVE IT dora.
  • Dora
    I don't drink kool aid or soda for that matter. I am perfectly fine that these be taxed heavily. If we could tax stupidity we could get tons from you.
  • Dora
    I need prove nothing. You make idiot claims. You prove my point just by speaking.
  • 2bluestarmom
    There it is Dora. You don't want to know. You prefer to remain ignorant. That's on you. You cannot prove it. It is indisputable. Facts are Facts.

    Enough said. I won't argue with an idiot.
  • 2bluestarmom
    Dora, you are one of the most ignorant people that post on here.

    Prove what they are not marxist/communist.

    Prove it!

    You can't. True to form, all you know how to do is the same rhetoric you've been posting on here for at least a year now: "the loons are out" etc.

    That's real good Dora. Shows your intellect which is nada
  • 2bluestarmom
    David, you know that last year, during the elections, I voiced my concerns about everything we are seeing played out today.

    Call it a womans intuition, but I knew.

    I have never in my life cared about politics.

    Yes, I was basically ignorant in that area.

    But I will tell you that today, I am much more informed and will do everything in my power, to stop this takeover of my country.

    If I will be imprisoned for it, so be it.

    I will not have my grandchildren ask, why didn't we stop it.
  • 2bluestarmom
    Let's get something straight.

    Conservatives didn't put words in the mouths of potus et al.

    Their own words, writings, interviews, videos,propaganda etc. are confirmed, stated, acknowledged, they are marxist.

    No one has to prove anything to you. Look up the info yourselves.

    If you don't want to do that, or you won't open your eyes and your ears, it just confirms your ignorance or denial.

    You do not want to know the truth or you prescribe to their mentality, political beliefs.

    You liberals who align yourselves with potus, et al way of thinking are marxist.

    Cut the crap. All you know how to do is argue, attack, distract.

    There is no doubt whatsoever, we are seeing a communist/marxist revolution. A hijacking of our country. You are either for it or you are against it.

    You can't straddle the fence on this one.

    If this potus et al are allowed any more time to remain in office, The United States of America will be, no more.
  • davidwwalters
    I think you are a marxist.....prove to me you aren't!
  • Calvin
    I am convinced that several of the guy's up in the White House could be Marxists. a few of Obama's czars have said that the free market doesn't work, and a few of them even said they admired Mao Tse Tung. Don't know who he is? He was a communist dictator who took over China and killed several millions in the process, and drove several millions more to commit suicide. He is comparable to Hitler. What would America's reaction be if we heard someone in the White House say that they admire Hitler? That individual would most likely be out of office. But since it was Mao Tse Tung, who is not as well known, less people care.
  • Dora
    wow, calivin- just how stupid are you? mao..."not well known"...???!!! do you spend your life in a cardboard box? get out much? ever read a book? go to school?
    your conspiracy freak noise is just plain stupid. the "free market" does not work without absolute regulations that keep things in check and allow for growth for EVERYONE rather than only for the top 1% of the nation's wealthiest people. This is something that you cannot grasp. This is why the deregulation that has taken place over the years since Reagan (and yes, Clinton participated in this activity) have succeed in taking down the middle class, marginalizing our opportunities, removing our manufacturing base, and outsourcing our jobs.
  • Dora
    good grief... and it's not even a full moon yet you loons are out in force.
    calvin, toby... = paranoid freaks. fear mongers ... big time. chill.
  • dwwalterspayedbailoutbloggin
    dwwalters, the "$maller picture (bailedouteam$&czar;$,acorn,eyer$,education,labor,borders...)etc., a$$ymetrical strategy of propaganda, as usual...) said: "Madison was arrested on Sept. 24 at a hotel outside Pittsburgh, accused under Pennsylvania law of aiding protesters at the G20 Summit by listening to a police scanner and then sending out Twitter feeds on the location of police, helping protesters to avoid arrest."
    Now, the larger picture being assymetricaly hidden by politicians, RINOs, "activi$t$", neoliblog$tockler$, drivebymedia and assymetric authorities, all the combo$ (you know what I speak), + 30y/o castro-tedpalpatine networks like anamontes "pre-changing" and adding stablishments and laws (for bho or any other neolib "period"):
    It's just that..., Madison is only an assymetric small street organizer activist (insurgent as acorn, or aclu), not even "medium" like any communistic activist...
    now ugly logo walter$, go blog on castrotoiletpaper granma, your intellectual level of mentality, nobody will repplay horrible words to you there... ted was destroyed from the brain, ... for something, wasn't he?, what on milosevick?, chavez, or kin jon Il's brains present same kind brain damage, or castro livefall seems like an invisible angel accelerated castro's body on the air and threw him forward from where he was falling down on that wonderfully miraclous fall before ELIAN GONZALEZ's feet, another message for "castrogov in America" lawyer now "bhopowered" on a "big po$$ition" on... yes, gov.) or angels do exist above novelprizes of evolutional science after all, may be timedoorways or stuffs are rare, but very effective when "found a connection"...
    sure walters, "what am I talking about"...
  • davidwwalters
    Toby, perhaps you are correct in your assessment ("that a Communist tyranny could be coming to America.")
    We seem to already have a fascist tyranny in place:
    "Madison was arrested on Sept. 24 at a hotel outside Pittsburgh, accused under Pennsylvania law of aiding protesters at the G20 Summit by listening to a police scanner and then sending out Twitter feeds on the location of police, helping protesters to avoid arrest."
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