Valerie Jarrett: Lapping for Action

October 30th, 2009 Carter Clews

Who is Valerie Jarrett? It’s a question gaining increasing interest in the conservative blogosphere. And even some members of the mainstream media are starting to take a second look at this woman who has earned the sobriquet “Obama’s eminence gris.”

Indeed, in the Obama household, Valerie Jarrett is considered nothing less than a member of the family. Asked about his unique relationship with the shadowy Ms. Jarrett, Obama told the London Independent’s Robert Draper, “Well, Valerie is one of my oldest friends. Over time, I think our relationship evolved to the point where she’s like a sibling to me… I trust her completely.”

Added Michelle to the Chicago Tribune’s Jodi Kantor, “She’s always one of the people he and I talk to when we’re about to make a move.”

So, who is this pseudo sister, this Obama alter-ego, this sounding board with sign-off stature who has become the power behind the Obama throne?

Simply put: Valerie Jarrett is a radical leftist with a rapacious appetite for power and wealth. In Richard Daley’s Chicago, she was the turn-to person for flexing muscles, padding pockets, and covering tracks. In Barack Obama’s Washington, she is the single advisor most responsible for both for originating and orchestrating his most brazen attempts to impose what many see as a socialist regime upon the American people.

Policy decisions and key appointments, brickbats and bouquets, the mendicants and the mercenary – they all come through Valerie Jarrett’s office.

As the New York Times recently wrote: “Jarrett is also the president’s closest friend in the White House, and it is not lost on her colleagues that when senior staff meetings in the Oval Office break up, she often stays behind with the boss.”

Carter Clews is the Executive Editor of ALG News.

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  • davidwwalters
    Those pesky lefties.....Obama should have conferred with Rush Limbaugh&Dick; Cheney before he staffed his office!
  • billyhallowell
    Couldn't have said it better myself.
  • Dora
    more to the point...just who is carter clews...and just what motivates this individual to make such unfounded pronouncements regarding valerie jarrett?? (and just to be clear, carter's "website" gives no indication of why anyone would find his opinion better/ more ground in reason or fact or experiences or insider information than mine or anyone elses.

    first, some actual background and a statement by ms jarrett:

    “I think we both share an appreciation of the world outside our borders that ironically probably makes us appreciate more the values of America,” he said. “It also allows us to maybe travel between worlds and cultures in ways that have proven to be not only professionally important but emotionally satisfying. I guess another way of putting it is, she and I both are constantly looking for links and bridges between cultures and peoples. That’s central to who we are. And that probably has contributed to forging an even closer relationship than we might’ve otherwise had.”

    Clews....on the other hand:

    In 1984, Clews set up an office in Madrid, Spain, for Gray and Company, a large, Washington-based public relations and lobbying firm with close ties to the Reagan administration. Clews, who was a senior vice president at Gray and Company, came under scrutiny in a 1985 investigation which suggested that the firm had been involved in bribing a Spanish politician.
    In 1985, Clews set up his own PR firm, Clews and Co., and was hired to work on behalf of the Nicaraguan contras, organizing events such as a fundraising dinner for the Nicaraguan Refugee Fund. The dinner included a staged photograph of Ronald Reagan kissing 8-year-old Patricia Guerra, who was introduced as a “Nicaraguan refugee.” (It was later disclosed that Patricia was born in the United States, lived in Washington, and that her parents had been in the United States for more than 15 years.)
    In 1988, Clews worked for the Howard Phillips’s Conservative Caucus. Later that year he became an aide to the Federal Trade Commission but was fired after sending out a letters to newspaper editorial boards and radio talk shows criticizing Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis. AdWeek reported that “Clews’ actions may have violated the Hatch Act, a federal statute that forbids government employees from using their office to influence an election
    In 2003, Clews teamed up with Christopher Carmouche and his wife, Christine Carmouche, to set up, an advocacy website allied with the Christian Coalition. It developed a money-raising scheme called the “Insta-Fax.” The site features angry right-wing polemics aimed at stirring up visitors to send fax messages to a list of politicians that it has selected. It charges visitors $20 to send the fax. Campaigns in which it has participated include a push for federal passage of a law banning so-called “partial birth abortions”; opposition to gay marriage; an “F-word campaign” aimed at the Federal Communications Commission; lobbying to block the morning-after pill, and a campaign of harassment against a humorous “Jesus Dress Up” website. In February 2004, the company worked for Democratic opponents of legalized slot machine gambling in the state of Baltimore but was embarrassed when state Republican Party officials, who supported legalized slots, said that Laptoplobbyist had previously approached them seeking $100,000 to lobby on the other side of the issue. “I would consider it basically blackmail,” said state Republican Party Executive Director Eric Sutton. “They showed us their plan for an anti-slots campaign and threatened retaliation, saying if we didn’t buy into their scheme, they would help the other side launch their own campaign.

    now then carter, while ms jarrett's background is above board and has never, NEVER been accused of underhanded or illegal behavior- just who the hell are you to pass off this piece of crap above as legitimate?

    Nice work billy- you seem to have the same judgment as the former host.
  • Dora
    perhaps some would like to read a more informed piece on ms jarrett: