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Backwards Berkeley tells US. Marines to Leave!

January 31st, 2008 Urban Conservative

See, this is the kind of insane bulls#*! that I have to deal with every day living in the Bay Area.  I am a Marine, so I take this s#*@ personal!

The Berkeley City Council, which voted 6-3 Tuesday night to tell the U.S. Marines that its local recruiting station is not welcome in the city, and if recruiters choose to stay, they do so as uninvited and unwelcome intruders.

What makes it even more vile and disgusting is that they are officially encouraging left-wing lunatic group, Code Pink to impede the work of the Marines in the city by protesting in front of the recruiting station. The council voted 8-1 to give Code Pink a designated parking space in front of the recruiting station once a week for six months and a free sound permit for protesting once a week from noon to 4 p.m.

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You Decide: Who won the CNN Republican Debate?

January 30th, 2008 Urban Conservative

CNN Republican Debate

Republican presidential candidates will face off Wednesday night (tonight) without a familiar face as Rudy Giuliani is expected to drop out and endorse Senator John McCain.

The remaining candidates (Romney, McCain, Ron Paul and Huckabee) will take the stage in what’s expected to be a heated debate sponsored by CNN, the Los Angeles Times and Politico beginning at 8 p.m. ET .

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Can America really afford Hillary as President?

January 29th, 2008 Urban Conservative

Hillary Clinton 

Okay, all liberal bashing aside. I thought I would give you all a glimpse of Hillary’s proposals if she is elected as President; and then you can decide whether or not we can afford her spending habits.

Source: Townhall Magazine, January 2008, Premier Issue

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Iraq: A Surge to Success?

January 22nd, 2008 Billy Hallowell


Ironically, CNN broke down on January 11, 2007, when it published a piece entitled, “Speeding, motorcycles, wheelies provide war relief.”  I was beginning to feel alone in my informed understanding that the War in Iraq has taken a turn for the better.  And since the media tend to mention it only when death and destruction are occurring, seeing an uplifting story about the conditions under U.S. operations in Iraq was more than intriguing. 

The better security can be attributed to many factors: the U.S.-led surge that has put more troops across Baghdad and clamped down on insurgents; better-trained Iraqi security forces who guard more checkpoints; and the establishment of predominantly Sunni “Awakening Councils,” often made up of former militants, aimed at going after al Qaeda.

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Romney Supporters: Congrats on the Nevada Landslide Win!

January 22nd, 2008 LAConservative

LAConservativeWe believed in Mitt and Mitt delivered again! (How was it that Ron Paul spanked McCain, Huck, Thompson and Giuliani? Now, how about some more straight talk?  Lets dispel some myths, shall we?

MYTH:  NV is not as important a state as SC.
FACT:  Nevada is infinitely more important, as it is a crucial “purple” swing state in the general election, whereas SC is a solid red state.  The GOP nominee who wins SC will carry SC in the general election no matter what, whereas it takes a STRONG Nevada player to influence that state’s leaning in the generals.  That would be Mitt Romney.  If you believe NV has no significance, than deductively, you do not believe FL will be significant in the primaries, either.

MYTH:  Fred Thompson will endorse John McCain if he drops out.
FACT:  It frankly does not matter whom Fred Thompson endorses.  I personally can’t wait for Fred to drop out, as Romney will pick up votes because they share an overlapping voting bloc.  It will help Romney if Fred endorses McCain.  Thompson’s voters despise McCain; an endorsement would further propel the voters toward Romney. 

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Update on Obama as he rips into the Clinton Political Regime

January 20th, 2008 Urban Conservative

On Friday, Obama ripped into Bill Clinton during an ABC interview with Good Morning America host Robin Roberts.  He said – which I fully agree with – that he feels like he is running against both Clintons:

Bill has taken his advocacy on behalf of his wife to a level that I think is pretty troubling. He continues to make statements that are not supported by the facts. Whether its about my record of opposition to the war in Iraq or our approach to organizing in Las Vegas. This has become a habit and one of the things that were going to have to do is to directly confront Bill Clinton when hes making statements that are not factually accurate.

Obama was dead on…Bill has been making inaccurate statements his entire career as President; and I wish he would shut his mouth.  This is exactly why the Democrats will not win the election, again.  They spend the majority of their time attacking their opponents instead of talking about how they are going to lead our country.  Here is another example of how the Clintons mischaracterize their opponents and display their hypocrisy at the same time.

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