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Obama & Wright: Its No Longer Cool to Hang With Racists?

May 4th, 2008 Billy Hallowell

Obama denouces wrightI know that I’m a bit late on this, but I can’t resist commenting. Barack Obama has [finally] separated himself from his former father figure-pastor-confidant-spiritual advisor. In a speech that came approximately two months later than it should have, Obama called Reverend Wright’s media hoopla nothing more than a series of incomprehensible rants. If elected, let’s hope he’s quicker when it comes to addressing national security issues. Considering his vast political experience (cough, cough), I’m sure we have nothing to worry about. After all, Obama’s got more than enough hope and change to go around, right?

If Obama’s recent denunciation isn’t a sure-fire decree that his leadership skills need tailoring, I don’t know what is. Only now, when Obama’s numbers are slipping, has he decided to step forward against his bigoted former pastor. Not only do I find it reprehensible that Obama waited to long to disavow his mentor’s words, but it’s also laughably ironic. His supporters will say one of two things – either “Reverend Wright was right (no pun intended)” or “Obama is finally doing the right thing.” Both statements are shamefully incorrect.

Oh, but I almost forgot the third response – from those individuals who think they’re being fair-minded: “Well what does Wright’s connection to Obama matter anyway?” This response is quite possibly the most ridiculous of the three; I’d rather have someone agree with Wright than openly admit that a candidate’s allegiances don’t matter.

So, to address the latter of the three: Reverend Wright is a racist who preached divisiveness. Obama was directly connected to him, he heard Wright’s racist and anti-American rants and sat unshaken at the Trinity United Church of Christ, Wright married Obama and his wife, he baptized his children – oh, and Wright also inspired one of Obama’s books. That’s more than an allegiance. And it matters.

To address the first response, how can anyone actually believe that Wright was right? Sure, you may agree with the sentiment – that African Americans have had it tough in America, but to actually believe that what this man preached, the manner that it was delivered in, was right is also reprehensible. Don’t get me wrong – America still has her share of racial issues. While I believe that this nation needs to rectify its past skeletons, I also believe that we need to be realistic about our nation’s demographics.

And to address the second statement (that Obama is finally doing the right thing): Why the hell did it take so long?  The only logical conclusion centers upon the notion that Obama didnt necessarily disagree with Wright.  Most logical human beings would run fast and far from a pastor who made such ferocious statements unless of course they agreed.  This to some degree is indefinitely the case with Obama.  He knows that he has no chance of winning in a nation that is around 70% Caucasian if he doesnt separate himself from Wrights rants. 

Here is a snippet from some of Wright’s hope-filled words:

The government gives them the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law and then wants us to sing God Bless America. No, no, no, God damn America, thats in the Bible for killing innocent people…God damn America for treating our citizens as less than human. God damn America for as long as she acts like she is God and she is supreme.

Race has never been an issue for me; I’ve always befriended individuals without considering their heritage as a deciding factor. I find it ironic that Wright can use those words and actually believe that they are part of the Christian doctrine. Instead of harsh and divisive words, would it not be more effective to share the plight of African Americans and other minorities who are downtrodden by a broken educational system and a history that has led to suppression? Instead, Wright tells white people what trash they are. If his methods are right, then I must be insane.

Was Wright also correct in his assertion that Farrakhan is one of the greatest voices of this century? Let’s hope not.

I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard from the Reverend.

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29 Responses to Obama & Wright: Its No Longer Cool to Hang With Racists?

  1. Where's UC?!?!?! I want UC back! Now granted, your post was ALMOST as hairbrained and foolish as one of UC's patented slurs, but it's just not the same. Come back UC!! Please! I'm sorry for being so right!

    Now, as for the post. You got any comments about Obama's middle name, or the absence of a pin lapel while you're at it? Yeah, i agree, Rev. Wright is eccentric and he said things I don't agree with. Then again, you go to any Church in the world, or Synagogue, or Mosque, and I won't agree with it. So whoop-dee-doo! Another church I don't agree with! I'm seriously starting to consider going around the country and calling out every church and pastor and redneck I don't agree with. That would be fun (slash a full-time job).

    Seriously, though, what does it honestly matter? First of all, Rev. Wright didn't say anything in that little snippet of yours about whites or blacks. What he said was, in fact, truthful and representative of our country. People don't like to believe that our nation's going down the crapper, so they denounce anyone who makes such radical remarks. It's the same camp who still denies there's anything wrong with the War in Iraq or President Bush and his administration. They simply don't want to believe we're going in bad directions, so they yell at the people who point it out, thus effectively turning our nation down even worse directions.

    Secondly, if Obama goes to that Church, it's not to say he will segregate our nation, or he will start saying he wants to damn everyone. If you go to church, does that mean you're going celibate simply because your priest is? That's an unfair assumption, that Obama would follow every single little tiny thing his priest says and does. I find it sad that America pushed him to the point to which he actually HAD to apologize and separate from Wright. But that's me. And at least he did apologize (unlike our current president).

    The people who attack Obama for such terrible reasons as these are grasping at straws. The pin, the hand-over-heart, the middle name, the bowling score, and now someone who is NOT OBAMA HIMSELF? Get over it. Attack his foreign policy. Attack his domestic policy. Attack his personal stance on abortion or gay marriage or gun control. Fine. That's fair game. He's a politician running for president. But stop with the pointless crap. Enough of it. It's high time we have a presidential campaign that doesn't involve mud-slinging. Seriously, get over yourself.

    May 5th, 2008 6:20 am OhHolyKnight
  2. HAHA… OhHolyKnight

    I’m right here man; monitoring all your rhetoric everyday. I am actually gearing up for this site to be completely redesigned. Once finished, I will be back and in full attack of you and all the other libs who lurk the site.

    You said:

    “Attack his foreign policy. Attack his domestic policy.”

    I say:

    The point is that he doesn’t have a foreign or domestic policy. The reality is that no one really knows where he stands on any issue. So, I say his character is fair game.

    May 5th, 2008 6:36 am Urban Conservative
  3. Billy Hallowell says, "If his methods are right, then I must be insane." BTW, great piece!

    OhHolyKnight is the one who is insane, and needs to "get over themselves". OhHolyKnight is the one grasping at straws, and needs to go trolling somewhere else.

    Obama's campaign slogan should be "Divide and Conquer". Thus far this has been his broken strategy. For a man who espouses to bring people together, he has inspired more racial divide and hate than I have seen in a very long time.
    He has no viable policies . His voting record, or lack thereof speaks for itself.
    If not for such a 'desperate' audience the man would have sunk a long time ago.

    May 5th, 2008 7:23 am Connie
  4. Let the ad hominem attacks begin.

    I don't blame Mr. Obama for taking so long to separate himself from The Reverend Wright. Mr. Obama was, I believe, in a terrible dilemma, caught between the conflicting demands of two groups in America.


    The following is what I had to learn, to get a teaching degree, back in the eighties.

    It's possible for a black to be biased, but it is impossible for blacks to be racist. That's because all blacks are victims of white racist oppression.

    In contrast, all whites are racist, because all whites benefit, directly or indirectly from white racist oppression of blacks.

    ** I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS LUNACY ** But, as a college student, I had to learn it and answer questions "correctly" to pass the course - and earn my teaching degree.

    I'm still washing the stink of that indoctrination out of my head.

    Back to Mr. Obama and The Reverend Wright.

    The Reverend Wright cannot be racist. He's black.

    Further, The Reverend Wright is, by the standards which I was carefully taught, fully justified in everything he says and does, providing it maintains his 'genuine' black identity.

    Again: ** I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS LUNACY *** I didn't when I had to learn it for the test, and I don't now.

    But it seems that quite a few people in America do.

    This could be a problem.

    May 5th, 2008 8:45 am Norski
  5. Final word, and I'll be off.

    I'm pretty sure that someone will assert, based on what I wrote above, that I am a racist.

    If "racist" means: believing that people should be evaluated on their own merits, not on the basis of who their ancestors were; rejecting the idea that people should be categorized on the basis of their ethnic background; yes, I'm a "racist."

    In fact, by the standards taught by the last university I'm likely to waste time with are to believed, I'm "racist" because my immediate ancestors came from northwestern Europe.

    I think that's a crazy definition, but who am I to argue with the experts and authorities?

    May 5th, 2008 8:52 am Norski
  6. to, too and two...grasp those concepts, Billy. Then you can move on to more complex concepts like politics.
    "Obama waited to long to disavow his mentor’s words"

    The story of Rev. Wright is the story of race discussions in America. They are often not very honest. The truth is that black and white Americans speak very differently about race in "closed" circles. Have you ever had the experience of being around an older relative who doesn't know the concept of political correctness? You will hear some of the most outrageous and divisive things you have ever heard. I'm talking about black and white. The people on both sides of the civil rights struggles of the 50's and 60's are still walking around today. I imagine they are scarred in some way. People are not going to tell their parents or grandparents to tone it down. Think of the WWII vet who still calls every Asian person they see a "Jap" (or worse). Are you going to dishonor their service and sacrifice because of it? Are you going to disown them? You don't agree but you understand and you tolerate it. Barack tried to disown the words but not the man. Billy, I imagine some of your friends are doing the same thing right now after reading this blog but I digress.

    Barack probably took too long to to deal with this. He did not do the politically expedient thing. He did what he thought was right at the time. The only person really hurt was Barack himself. If you want to attack him for that then I pray your friends hang in with you despite what you say even if it is not convenient for them to do so. Or I hope that all the old-timers out there are not disowned en mass because their life experiences are very different from yours. Either way you are attaching this high standard to Barack that you wouldn't attach to yourself or to the other candidates. How is Hagee different from Wright?

    May 5th, 2008 9:37 am simonesdad2008
  7. Simonesdad2008: I grasp the concept of to, too and two just fine. The line you are referring to: "Not only do I find it reprehensible that Obama waited to long to disavow his mentor’s words, but it’s also laughably ironic" should say "SO LONG" instead of "to long." But, thanks for the correction.

    In response to your words, I'm not running for president, am I? And, as a practicing Christian who -- like Obama -- has a pastor, I can say quite fully that I would disavow any hate-filled words and disassociate myself the instant I heard them in my church.

    Thanks, again, for the English lesson.

    May 5th, 2008 10:28 am Billy Hallowell
  8. How long will it take McCain to disavow G. Gordon Liddy? Or is it only OK for Repubs to 'shoot for the head?'

    May 5th, 2008 2:47 pm dissolvethecorporation
  9. simonsdad2008, I got your PC right here pal.

    That is half the problem with this country is the PC that is jammed up are Asses on a daily basis. Just like you and your daily English lessons. I live in what one could call a very diverse community, this is easily determined by the amount of section 8 housing, and the high crime rate. Yes I'm saying it call me a racist, but the facts don't lie. Yes there are true racist still in this country, on both sides, on all the sides let's face it, it is not just a black or white thing, and it is never going to go away completely. All we can do as a nation is try to do better, but that means individuals have to take responsibility for them selves.

    This means that people that are in a public power such as Reverend Wright, need to be held accountable for the lies they tell. Just like any politician on any side of the isle. Barrack, as UC pointed out, has offered nothing but speeches full of empty promises, and Hillery nothing but lie's and bigger Government. McCain should not even be able to call himself a Conservative, and as far as his Pastor, once I see information about what he has said, then I can make judgment on that.

    Look guys, and gals it is not that complicated. If the Government would get back to doing the things that it is suppose to do, and stop being a Nanny state, and people start taking responsibility for them selves shit would start turning around. 99% of the issues that we are having today all fall into these two issues. The unfortunate truth about it all is that only true conservatism, not this crap that McCain is selling, and certainly nothing on the liberal side is going to help it.

    We need to stop taxing the crap out of everyone, and start forcing people to make a decision on how they want to live their lives, and leave it at that. If you decide you don't want to work, and have 50 kids, then fine, just don' expect everyone else to pay your way. The Government should be concerned about making sure that laws are followed, defense is provided, and industry is ran in a fair and productive way,

    we would not have the issues we are having with high oil cost if we where drilling our own oil that we are sitting on. But the tree hugers, have limited us to having to import mainly from un-friendly nations.

    Holy Knight, you are right we as a nation are sliding down a very bad path, just not for the reasons that you think, religion has been pushed to the side in our society, and people have forgotten how to be good people. I often wonder if it was like this in Sodom and Gomorrah, right before their end.

    But I digress, because I could care less what other people believe in, I have my faith, and that is what matters to me, not if others have it or not. I don't need these pastors, or priest, or any body that has hatred, and political nonsense to say on the pulpit, it is not the place, and these idiots will be judged when they see the big guy up stairs.

    I'm at the point now, that I hope Barrack wins, I hope that the George Soro's, the Code Pink's and the folks get the white house, because the world will see how stupid they are when the US is thrust into another civil War, because that is the only direction that he is going to lead us, if he does not just open the gates and lets our enemy's just walk right in.

    May 5th, 2008 5:16 pm JarrodM
  10. UC!! Hooray! I got scared that you had actually let the "libs" win!

    You say Obama has no foreign or domestic policy? Are you honestly going to be so blind? He's a major front runner in the 2008 presidential campaign. How the hell is it possible for anyone in that situation to survive without either of those policies? I'm so sick of people attacking this guy for the shittiest reasons, and those awful reasons are often masks to cover their own racist leanings. People criticize Obama for his pastor's racist remarks. I criticize Christians for believing that only Christians can go to heaven. People criticize Obama for not wearing an American flag on his lapel, when I don't see Hillary or McCain ever wear one either, let alone all the people who accuse him of not being patriotic for that. (Furthermore, if you truly loved this nation, then wouldn't marketing the American flag on a pin be unpatriotic?) People criticize Obama for not saluting the flag once. Auto-terrorist. People criticize Obama for bowling poorly, when bowling is so essential to the presidential process, and Hillary's out there taking shots as she tries to get in touch with the middle class in a horribly obvious and vein attempt to pull the wool over our eyes. What the fuck! Wake up! This is not news! This is not politics! This is mudslinging! This is STUPID. The fact that our nation is placing these "values" above his actual credentials is an absolutely sickening thought, and it makes me seriously consider moving out of the country.

    I mean, UC, you just said how you feel like evil surrounds us because of the Austrian guy. And here you are, perpetuating what is casting our society into a downward spiral of pure malevolence so vile and so disgusting that we have taken what was good and pure and just in politics right out of the politics. When are we going to realize, as a nation, that these stupid little bullshit excuses are not going to propel us in the right direction? We are electing people based on how they look. We are looking at Obama and saying "I won't support a black president, but since our society is so PC, I can't say that, so I'll say he's bad at bowling instead." We look at Hillary and say, "I won't support any woman president." Why? Why is black so bad? Why is woman so bad? Now, I hate Hillary. But that's only because I hated Bill, and I am not in any way a fan of Hillary's credentials or her personality. And I am also not saying that Bill's Monica scandal should be disregarded because it has nothing to do with politics. In fact, our president SHOULD be representative of the nation socially, to an extent. What we are doing here is just mudslinging, and it's foolish and juvenile.

    "OhHolyKnight is the one who is insane, and needs to "get over themselves". OhHolyKnight is the one grasping at straws, and needs to go trolling somewhere else."

    Gee thanks, Connie. Really, shucks, Connie. You're so insightful, Connie. Please tell me more, Connie, about how I am wrong, Connie, because your generalizations about my comment didn't explain itself well enough. Maybe that was because both you and UC alike simply ignore the hard facts I post, and dismiss them as wrong without presenting an argument for yourself except that I need to get over myself. Thanks for the attitude check though, Connie.

    And Jarrod, I appreciate you pulling for Barrack. I honestly do, because I support him. I hope he wins, too. We can open up our borders, go over to iraq and say "Hey! Come on in! Our president is black and incompetent, so feel free to destroy us now!" Good one!!

    May 6th, 2008 5:58 am OhHolyKnight
  11. I don't think you people are so concerned with what the Rev. said than with the way he said it. At this point I must say my knowledge of exactly what he said is limited to the quote mentioned here, not because this is the first I've heard of it, but coz it seems to be the only quote mentioned in any article or tv clip I've seen on it. Specifically I think the words "God damn America" offended people, understandably. However I don't think the sentiment behind that statement would offend many people. Would anything prefacing those words justify their use? I'd guess most conservatives would jump at no, more due to knee-jerk patriotism than critical analysis.

    May 6th, 2008 10:34 am Seán
  12. No one knows where Mccain stands he changes his mind so friggen much. Obama, its not that hard to find out what he believes in. Its called


    May 7th, 2008 5:53 am Heathenhater
  13. THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN –“Blacks” have proven to be more loyal than “Whites”, as they voted 95% for an African American president. White people who voted for Hillary were asked as they left the polls; “Did you not vote for Obama because he was Black? An interesting question in light of the fact that they did not ask the alternate question to Blacks who voted for Obama; “Did you not vote for Hillary because she was white?” Somehow the implication is that white people who split their vote between Obama and Hillary might be more inclined to being biased or prejudiced than Black people who voted as a solid block for a Black man.

    If Obama did become president, would there be a coming together of the races or would there be more divisiveness. Obama, whose father was African and his mother white considers himself “black”. Obama believes in “Affirmative Action”, the favoring of Blacks for jobs and other forms of preferential representation, thereby discriminating against white people and their families.

    Obama would likely use the presidential bully pulpit to advocate for “reparations”, a concept whereas white society must be punished and pay a penalty as whipping boys or scapegoats for those whites who've had slaves in the past. The fact that slavery occurred hundreds of years ago and that the ancestors of many if not most white people here in this country today were not here way back then when slavery existed seems to be irrelevant.

    As Black people have been his most ardent supporter, it is likely he will consider them his main constituency and will look to their specific needs and desires.

    Have you noticed the apparent need to have blacks represented in each and every political discussion and the tendency to ask those blacks questions about Obama, as if being black they might have some special (partisan) insight?

    Say it: “President Barak Obama”, how does it sound? How does it feel? You might have to get used to it. He’s the most liberal democrat in the senate running against the maverick (not dependably loyal) Republican, John McCain. Seems like a no win outcome for conservatives.

    The Republican Party continues to exploit the conservatives, as they are proceeding like lambs being led to the eventual slaughter. The so-called “moderate” (liberal) Republicans exude their smugness as they say; “They’ll (the conservatives) have no choice but to vote for McCain as they will not vote for Obama or Hillary”. Do you wonder why people like Ann Coulter in their indignation and contempt say they “will work for Hillary”? Think about our future with four years of Obama, Hillary, or McCain in the meantime we sit idly by, waiting for this catastrophe to happen.

    Nick Fortunato
    Greenwich CT

    May 7th, 2008 8:29 am Nick Fortunato
  14. Well said Nick well said.

    holyknight, you talk as if Obama, has come out with a position on anything, and the truth is that he has not. Other then raising taxes, and that health care nonsense. All he talks about is how he is going to bring us all together, and this and that. Frankly talk means nothing these days. As I asked Davidewalters or what ever that freaks name was. Tell me please what legislation would Obama want to see passed to define him as president.

    May 7th, 2008 11:27 am JarrodM
  15. "That is half the problem with this country is the PC that is jammed up are Asses on a daily basis."
    I laugh when I hear the term PC or PC police. I used it in my post because I knew people would know what I meant. Everyone is free to use the words or terms they want. If you feel so strongly about using them or your right to use them, then you will and you will accept or fight whatever fallout is associated with that. PC is a concept. It's nebulous and has no "police force." I say, say whatever you want. All it does is reveal who you really are which is better for everyone.

    "Just like you and your daily English lessons."
    Yes, I'm going to keep you guys honest about your English, especially if I don't agree with you. You will be quick to point out my errors if/when I post them. It's a microcosm of how politics works.

    "An interesting question in light of the fact that they did not ask the alternate question to Blacks who voted for Obama; “Did you not vote for Hillary because she was white?”
    Blacks have been voting for whites since blacks were given the right to vote (by whites). There is no historical precedent for what Barack is doing. It would have been fair to question if gender was a determining factor for or against Hillary.

    "Obama believes in “Affirmative Action”, the favoring of Blacks for jobs and other forms of preferential representation, thereby discriminating against white people and their families."
    I've said this before but it bares repeating.... there is all kinds of Affirmative Action. George W. Bush went to Yale because his dad went to Yale. That is Affirmative Action. Every athlete at the elite collegiate level is there because of Affirmative Action. Slots are set aside for all kinds of reasons. People focus on the black white thing because it's easy and/or they don't understand what Affirmative Action is.

    Someone answer my question about Hagee and McCain. I concede that Wright was and will be a problem. Billy, I know you are not running for president (thank God) but if you were married to your wife for 20 years and over those years she said some things that were against your core beliefs and finally you decided you were divorcing her, would you make that decision in one day? Would you divorce her the moment she said something out of line with your beliefs? Or would it take some time for you to arrive at that moment where you finally said, that's it, I can no longer stand by you. I imagine it would take some time. All I'm saying is apply the same standard of association to the other candidates. I agree applying it to ourselves is probably too much.

    May 7th, 2008 12:32 pm simonesdad2008
  16. Simonesdad, well put. That marriage analogy is very appropriate. Forgive me if I happen to use it when i argue my point to other people.

    Nick, I don't think you have any idea about race relations at all. Furthermore, I don't think you realize how bigoted you are coming off. First of all, if Barrack became president, he would NOT go on any campaign trying to get white people to pay for the mistakes white people made a hundred and fifty years ago. He is the opposite of that. His main platform is how he's trying to bring us together, how we need to embrace each other. Additionally, no person, black or white, would in his right mind do ANYTHING of the sort in any situation at all. There are too many whites and too many blacks to do anything against either demographic, not to mention how dispersed both groups are across the country. How stupid do you have to be to honestly believe Obama will punish the whites for slavery? Most blacks do not hold grudges against the whites today for slavery. If they do hold grudges against the whites, it is because of the government and the white people today, not 150 years ago.

    And Jarrod, YOU talk like Obama is the only one running on personality! Hillary is doing the exact same thing, but worse! And McCain isn't doing ANYTHING! He's just sitting back! People single out Obama because they are either conservative and know he has a good chance of beating McCain so they want him to lose, or because they are racist and don't want a black guy to become president. Either way, he is being attacked for bullshit reasons that are in no way justified. People aren't looking at his political view points, nor are they looking at Hillary's or McCain's (though McCain is getting the most scrutiny for his platforms, since Obama and Hillary are lost in their own struggle over who loves the Midwest more).

    We need to get over this fascination with small, insignificant details as a nation. If Obama loses, I want it to be because the people didn't agree with his foreign policy, or domestic policy, or economic plan; not because they think he should have scored higher in bowling, or because he shouldn't have gone to Church, or because of Rush' bitch roundabout way of getting Hillary onto the ticket so that conservatives would have a better chance at winning. That's not democracy, that's exploitation of freedom. That's not popular vote, that's the uninformed conformity vote. I want it to end. Let the politics be about the politics again.

    May 8th, 2008 5:47 am OhHolyKnight
  17. OhHolyKnight,

    OK you want to talk about Obama's positions, then let's hear them. Tell us how he is going to bring this country together and how he is going to make life better for American's. Because frankly I can't seem to find any where that he has laid this all out for us.

    May 8th, 2008 4:59 pm JarrodM
  18. Everyone keeps relating what Rev. Wright has said to the same beliefs of Obama. I don't think Barack could really believe some of the outlandish things Rev Wright has said.

    First of all, Rev. Wright is just saying and doing (like refereeing for Wrestlemania) anything that will keep him in the spot light. He doesn't care about anyone but himself. The comment about attacks on black churches? Come on... We were attacking Rev Wright and only Rev Wright.

    Second, we shouldn't attack Obama for having similar beliefs. If we are going to discuss this topic any more, the question should be: why did he wait 20 years to decide he didn't agree with Wright? I know Obama is just saying what he needs to get elected, but maybe he should have distanced himself from Rev. Wright a while ago!

    May 8th, 2008 5:03 pm Nate Stockard
  19. JarrodM,

    We get it. You don't like Obama. You won't vote for him. Why do you keep asking what is Obama going to do? Let's look at what he has done. He has run a masterful campaign. He has had unprecedented support. He has brought people into the political process that others have ignored or taken for granted. He is not following the same old political play book. He is a pioneer, out in uncharted waters doing things that have never been done in the history of this country. What is your guy going to do? What are McCain's plans? What sets him apart from the field? Cons didn't want him in the first place and now you are stuck with him. That's a great endorsement. JarrodM, you are the guy who stayed back in Spain, scared as hell and asking what is Columbus going to do when he gets to the edge of the earth. All you know is what you want to know. There has been more written and more scrutiny and more investigation about Barack Obama than possibly any presidential candidate in the primary season in the history of this country. This man has received more money from more individual donors than any presidential candidate in the history of this country. This man makes history. He has completely changed the game. He is a transcendent historical figure. He is Nelson Mandela and JFK and MLK and Ronald Reagan all rolled up in one. What is he going to do? His very presence, without lifting a finger, is better than anything McCain has to offer. You can stand on the sidelines of history, JarrodM. You're not needed. Barack Obama will succeed with or without you.

    May 8th, 2008 5:46 pm simonesdad2008
  20. simonesdad2008

    How does the kool-aid taste?? Your making my point, Obama is a lot of hype, he is great at getting a lot of people all fired up about nothing. The point is that he has said nothing of real substance.

    At least I can say with McCain I don't like a lot of his policies, and yes I truly wish that he was not the republican candidate. This election does not have a true conservative in it.

    So I say again, since you are on a conservative board, and you want to talk about Obama, then maybe you should make the effort to present his policies rather then complain about conservatives not liking another liberal that wants to take all of our money to give to the lazy, and useless.

    May 9th, 2008 1:38 am JarrodM
  21. JarrodM,

    The kool-aid is just fine. It tastes like victory, my friend.

    I'm not going to do your work for you. If you want to know about Barack Obama go to click on the "issues" tab or any tab for that matter (may I suggest "donate"). My personal favorite tab is the "money to the useless and lazy" tab. I usually point people to article links that support a point I'm making or refutes a point someone else is making but since you asked here it is for everyone to see. Again that's: You are making this too easy for me, JarrodM.

    Where did I complain about cons not liking Barack? All I've ever said is apply the same standards to him as everyone else. I've also said that this is a man who does not fit into your conservative mold of what a president is. He is not trying to be CEO in Chief or Fraudulent War Monger in Chief. He is a LEADER and I don't blame you for not recognizing that. The other thing is that you serve as the perfect foil to my arguments. Your rants are predictable and easily dispelled. Because you cons are in such lock step with one another, I know what you are going to say before you say it and you have not disappointed JarrodM. Remember petunia? At least she had the good sense to go away. There are no complaints here. If anything, keep doing what you do.

    May 9th, 2008 2:28 am simonesdad2008
  22. "father figure-pastor-confidant-spiritual advisor-big daddy papi, antisemitic godfather" we could go on. the bottom line is the fruitcake doesn't fall too far from the tree.

    May 9th, 2008 11:54 am Jonnie Utah
  23. Though you can't always determine a person's inner-worth by the people they choose to associate with, it's usually a pretty solid indicator. Obama's rhetoric has lost a lot of credibility (thankfully) with the American public due to this clown and Obama's own rants on his feelings about middle america. So, the best thing that can happen now is that he is the Democratic contender, and he loses all the same states Kerry's elitist-ass lost in 2004. McCain may not be the best conservative, but the competition is too surreal to imagine as president.

    May 9th, 2008 12:06 pm Jonathon Nierengarten
  24. Obama finally separated himself from Pastor Wright because he had no choice, it was for political expedience as Wright himself declared. You cannot shower flowery compliments on someone one day and then take them back and insult them the next day.

    Obama was sincere with his first comment and not with his following. Calling Wright his “spiritual mentor”; mentor is a powerful term meaning a WISE or TRUSTED counselor or teacher. How is it possible that Obama had no clue as to Wright’s attitude about “white” people? What about the choir people in the background shouting out hearty amen’s to Wright’s tirade?

    Maybe Ombama should’ve looked at the “10 point vision” of the church sometimes during his stay there. “4- A congregation with a non-negotiable COMMITMENT TO AFRICA.” AFRICA? Is that where his UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT AND COMMITMENT is? What about the United States Of America?

    I wonder does he wear a pin with the continent of Africa represented on his lapel, as I understand he does not wear a pin with the American flag. Does he stand and place his hand on his heart when the anthems of various African nations are played, as I understand that he doesn’t for our US national anthem?

    Wright preaches divisiveness, Afro centrism, and a loyalty to Africa; while we’re supposed to believe Obama when he talks about bringing the nation together (I assume he means blacks and whites) the exact opposite of what his mentor preaches?

    Obama’s expedient change of heart is typical of many politicians who as chameleons change their colors to suit the environment or people around them. Obama does not have the courage of his convictions because when he had to he (as they now say) threw his pastor under the bus.

    The interesting thing is that many African American pundits and journalists when questioned agree “many black churches do feel that way”. Apparently there is a lot of hostility generated in these churches, perhaps that is why Obama is getting 95% of the Black vote.

    I do not buy Wright’s blaming everything on “white America” a well respected Bill Cosby and many other conservative blacks suggest that blacks take responsibility for their own actions. Of course Cosby and the others are ostracized because they are preaching responsibility and accountability.

    May 11th, 2008 7:44 am Nick Fortunato
  25. In response to Norski who doesn’t “I don’t blame Mr. Obama for taking so long to separate himself from The Reverend Wright. Mr. Obama was, I believe, in a terrible dilemma, caught between the conflicting demands of two groups in America.”

    There’s no dilemma, JUST TELL THE TRUTH. He should not be pandering to; ” the conflicting demands of two groups in America”

    Thank you Mr. Norski for revealing how corrupt our colleges are in teaching the garbage you were compelled to learn. “It’s impossible for blacks to be racist, because ALL blacks are the victims of WHITE SUPPRESSION?” what tripe, what garbage this “Politically Correct” liberal brainwashing.

    Racism is not an action nor is it power IT IS A CONDITION OF THE HEART.”

    I think racism is more often generated through the results of personal experiences than the concept that; “you have to be taught to be a racist”.

    Regarding simeonesdad2008’s comments; Race discussions are often whispered because of the tensions that come about when trying to discus them openly in a civil manner. The attitude behind Politically Correct Hate Crime laws is one that tends to chill freedom of speech.

    Can anyone deny the social pathologies that exist in many Black communities? How can a sincere and caring white person reference these problems in a delicate and discreet manner without being offensive, when even a Bill Cosby is criticized for expressing his concern for his own people?

    May 11th, 2008 8:52 am Nick Fortunato
  26. OhHolyKnight , perhaps NOW you’ll understand WHY people do not openly discus race relations. It’s because people like you implying that people on the other side of the argument must be “bigoted”.

    You seem to know more about Obama than he himself has revealed. How do you know what kind of a campaign he will go and do one once he becomes president IF he becomes president? The man’s history seems to declare that he is partisan to his own people; which is not necessarily wrong in itself. I’m curious about the “bringing us together” part. It seems like he is talking race.

    We cannot be a colorblind society and a racially sensitive society at the same time.

    OhHolyKnight you took what I said out of context and misquoted me in your response; “How stupid do you have to be to honestly believe Obama will punish the whites for slavery? And again “stupid?” when people like you use unnecessary insulting terms and make the issue personal it’s no wonder why people whisper their feelings about race rather than openly declare their feelings.

    “he is being attacked for bullshit reasons that are in no way justified. People aren't looking at his political view points” OhHolyknight Yes Obama says the same thing, these issues (about character) are distractions, the American people want to know about the issues.” What good is knowing about a persons position on the issues if one of the attributes about his character is that he is a liar? Knowing a person’s character is not a; “fascination with small, insignificant details”. One’s character is the foundation from which everything is built and what good is a building if it’s foundation is faulty?

    May 11th, 2008 9:09 am Nick Fortunato
  27. Barack Obama, in the tradition on many black pioneers, has to be twice as good to get half a chance. He knows the scrutiny will be unrelenting, as it should be if he wants to be president. I think he is paying a price for George W. as well. We knew he was not going to be a good president when we put him in there. More people voted against him than for him in 2000 (I'm not disputing the election, just pointing out the popular vote count so don't get in an uproar over that. I know from experience the easiest way to get Repubs in a tizzy is to mention the 2000 election) As it turned out the instincts of the American voting public were on target. By all accounts, George W. is worst president in modern American history. Forget his dismal approval ratings. Ask yourself if you are better off today than 8 years ago. I don't want to bash Bush anymore. It's easy and boring and a little sad. Plus Bush's horrible record makes Barack look JFK by comparison so it works both ways.

    Back to my point. Barack can't be the journeyman ball player at the end of the bench just happy to be in the major leagues. He has to be Jackie Robinson. He can't be a scratch golfer just barely making the cut. He has to be Tiger Woods. He couldn't have worked two jobs and went to city college at night and earned a degree from any old college. He has to be a Harvard grad. Otherwise, he knows he does not have a chance. No one can tell me that if Barack Obama had the same biography as Bush that he would even be considered for president. No one can tell me that if he had the same track record as Bush once in office that he would not be remembered as the first (and last) black president of the United States who happened to be the worst we ever had.

    McCain is war hero. Besides that he brings zero to the table. Name one accomplishment he is responsible for while in the Senate? You can easily say the same about Barack except McCain has been in there 4 times as long. McCain has experience? In what? He's a professional US Senator. So is Barack. On top of that he is running away from all of the legislation with his name on it. Hello McCain/Feingold?

    So question any and every thing you want about Barack. Criticize him all you want. At the end of the day your guy is no better. In fact he has all of the time in the world to do all of the things to make Barack a non-issue, right? Barack the neophyte against Father Time with his experience and....well he's more experienced. Oh yeah, war hero. One of the reasons Barack is winning and has a viable candidacy and has raised more money from more donors than anyone in history is because there has been a void of leadership in this country for at least 8 years. People are ready for a change because they are seeing the status quo, John McCain.

    May 11th, 2008 1:46 pm simonesdad2008
  28. Poor Barack “he must be twice as good to get half a chance?” says simonesdad2008.

    Are you kidding me? The liberal news media can’t praise him enough merely because he’s Black, they’re falling all over themselves. “Isn’t it exciting we’re making history, the first Black President”.

    Those Jackie Robinson days are gone forever. These are the days of “Affirmative Action” “Diversity”, and “reaching out to minorities”. Where “white people” must go to the back of the bus so as to be whipping boys for the sins of slave owners who also happened to be white.

    “Plus Bush's horrible record makes Barack look like JFK by comparison”?Bush’s record would make YOU (simonesdad2008) look like JFK. That doesn’t say much for Barack does it, when you have to measure him against the lowest of the low, besides Bush isn’t running.

    Is it a coincidence that 95% of the Blacks are voting for Obama even though people like Jesse Jackson say that “he’s not Black enough”? Do you think his race has anything at all to do with it?

    May 11th, 2008 3:26 pm Nick Fortunato
  29. Nick,

    Why are these things mutually exclusive in your mind? Why does the lifting of one necessarily mean the downfall of another? You sound almost resentful. Like something happened to you as a kid. On the Daily Show with Jon Stewart he asked Barack (jokingly, sort of) would his first act as president be to enslave all white people. It was funny but I think it spoke to the fear you and others have about a fundamental shift in power. This country has been run by one narrow segment (white, protestant, men) for its entire history. Yes, it's exciting to think about someone new. Can he do any worse than what we have had? Maybe he can do better. South Africa had a black president before we did. South Africa! Give me McCain's greatest hits. Someone, anyone. This is a conservative blog. You guys should be falling over each other to tell me how great McCain is. All I hear is crickets whenever I ask.

    As I have said a thousand times, there is all kinds of affirmative action. Your father owns a business. He hires you to be the successor. There are people who have been working for him since before you were born but you will be the next boss. That is affirmative action. Get over it already. I doubt in your lifetime you have ever been denied anything because of your race. I might be wrong because you sound wounded but I doubt it.

    May 11th, 2008 4:59 pm simonesdad2008

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