Europe Celebrates Our Midterm Election

November 9th, 2006 Urban Conservative

I’m irritated. I was just on Drudge and saw all the newspaper headlines in Europe celebrating the results of OUR midterm election and the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld. What the hell do they care? We don’t give a damn about their backwards political system, much less the people that live there. We don’t care who the prime minister of the UK is (no offense Tony) or the President of France. They are so out of touch with reality; and have such short memory spans. They seem to forget that if it wasn’t for the US, they would all be speaking German.  I do hate to bring up 911 because I think it is overused in today’s media; but if they were on the receiving end of a terrorist attack with the same magnitude of 911, they would have a much different attitude about the US, the war, etc. 

I was just watching Your World with Neil Cavuto; and he was interviewing Winston Churchill III who stated, “Europe is denial about the significance and importance in the war on terror”. Sounds very familiar to what his grandfather was saying years ago about Hitler right before the slaughter began.

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MyAvatars 0.2 Ted Germany
Sunday, November 19th, 2006 at 2:34 pm

I am with you i live and work in Germany and they are glad to see us getting into the same boat they are in which is a submarine with a hole in the hull. To this day America is still much freer than Europe there is no real requirement to carry a national ID card in the USA but there is here in Europe you get caught without it you pretty much screwed. The problem in Germany is that since they were the aggressors in in a couple of small conflicts WWI and II they went to an extreme by trying to be "liberal" when in reality the society here is still quite unwelcoming to outsiders. The same is true in France, well thinking about it most Europeans still do not like the French and are looked upon as sneaky and will change colors when it suits them and not be there when the going gets tough and their neighbor needs help. The media specially news papers here have lots of power since the majority are liberal papers, and their education system is a leftist elitist, I only know these tings because i have German employees and they speak of how they would like to move to another country other than another European country. Many Germans have made it a point to retire and move to Brazil. It will only be a couple of years before the libs drive the unemployment rate up as well as give up the Internet to the UN and we see our workers drive to make better products and live a better life diminish ; just like Carter did and expect the government to provide everything for free like under Clinton. Again all it is they are glad to see us going back to the dark ol days just like they are suffering.

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