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Time Mag: How to win the war on Global Warming

April 17th, 2008 Urban Conservative

Time Magazine Green CoverIf this isn’t an example of liberal propaganda, I don’t know what is.  For the second time in roughly 85 years or so, Time abandoned their traditional red border it uses on its magazine cover for a green one.

… and the occasion is – yes, you guessed it, to push more global warming awareness.  Reminds me a little of April 3, 2023 cover, “Be Worried, Be Very Worried.”

The cover of the April 21 issue of Time took the famous Iwo Jima photograph by Joe Rosenthal of the Marines raising the American flag and replaced the flag with a tree. The cover story by Bryan Walsh calls green “the new red, white and blue.”

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Ben Stein on Free Speech and Other Evolutionary Tales

April 17th, 2008 Billy Hallowell

Ben Stein - Expelled

As you probably know, a recommendation in contemporary socialization calls for an absence of political and religious chatter, as it is usually leads to severe disagreements.  While there are issues that can be independently placed within either political or religious categories, some issues – like evolution and abortion – are fluid, as they meander within both the political and the religious modes of society.  These are, undoubtedly, the most dangerous issues to address, as few topics incite such inflammatory ranting on both ends of the political spectrum.

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The Buzz: McCain and Rice will be the Republican ticket

April 7th, 2008 Urban Conservative

Not confirmed yet but the chatter is getting louder and louder. I wrote a brief post about this a month ago but have been thinking about it for quite sometime. Condi has repeatedly said that she does not “do politics” but her name keeps popping up as a potential running mate for McCain.

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