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A month in review: Democrats, Immorality, Criminal Behavior and Sniper Fire

March 27th, 2008 Urban Conservative

I know, I know…kinda harsh but it sure does sound good! Well, read on because these are just the facts, not my opinion.In recent news, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick – a rising charismatic democrat, pimp daddy and Detroit’s youngest elected leader was charged last Monday with perjury (a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison) and other counts after sexually explicit text messages contradicted his sworn denials of an affair with a top aide. Of course, Kwame claims that he is a victim of racism; but that is highly unlikely since the Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy and the majority of the City Council is also black.

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Update on Obama as he rips into the Clinton Political Regime

January 20th, 2008 Urban Conservative

On Friday, Obama ripped into Bill Clinton during an ABC interview with Good Morning America host Robin Roberts.  He said – which I fully agree with – that he feels like he is running against both Clintons:

Bill has taken his advocacy on behalf of his wife to a level that I think is pretty troubling. He continues to make statements that are not supported by the facts. Whether it’s about my record of opposition to the war in Iraq or our approach to organizing in Las Vegas. This has become a habit and one of the things that we’re going to have to do is to directly confront Bill Clinton when he’s making statements that are not factually accurate.

Obama was dead on…Bill has been making inaccurate statements his entire career as President; and I wish he would shut his mouth.  This is exactly why the Democrats will not win the election, again.  They spend the majority of their time attacking their opponents instead of talking about how they are going to lead our country.  Here is another example of how the Clintons mischaracterize their opponents and display their hypocrisy at the same time.

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