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Pessimism of the Democratic Party

December 24th, 2007 Urban Conservative

Senate Majority Leader Harry ReidPessimism and flip flopping seem to be a common theme in the Democratic Party; but what else is new?  One minute they support the war, then they are against the war…and then they were never supportive of going to war blah blah blah.  Same story with most if not all the democrats on Capitol Hill.  First there is Murtha who was originally against the surge in Iraq now claims that it is working. Then, late last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who has been documented as saying “This was is lost”, has now changed his position claiming there is significant progress being made in Iraq.

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Hillary leading in the National Polls

December 19th, 2007 Urban Conservative

Hillary Clinton

….but probably not in a poll where she wants to be leading.

This is funny. 40% of Americans say they would vote to keep Hillary Clinton from winning the upcoming election; more than twice the total for their number 2 “anti” pick, Rudy Giuliani (who I am not a big fan of either).
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Sorry to offend you…but Merry Christmas anyway!

December 16th, 2007 Urban Conservative

No, it’s not Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings. It’s Merry Christmas. And, if you are offended, deal with it. There are a lot of things I see in the media and such that I don’t agree with but you don’t see me getting all butt hurt about it. If you are truly offended when someone says, “Merry Christmas”, you have some serous psychological problems and are in dire need of therapy. I wonder if you get just as offended when someone cuts you off on the freeway and flips you the middle finger. Probably not.

As for retailers who refuse to say “Merry Christmas”, on their marketing collateral, you’d think they would have invested in market research and come across this study in 2002 by the Pew Research Council that found that roughly 80 percent of Americans consider themselves Christians. A similar study was cited in Wikipedia.

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Extreme Islam: A platform for injustice, abuse and murder

December 14th, 2007 Urban Conservative

Warning: Very disturbing and graphic images below. Proceed with caution.

Hopefully you are up to date with what is going on this world. If you are, I am sure you heard the news about the British teacher Gillian Gibbons, who was arrested and sentenced to 15 days in jail for allowing her class to name their teddy bear Mohamed.  The good news is that the she was pardoned and then released from jail early after two British Muslim politicians from the House of Lords met with Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir early Monday to plead for her freedom.

While incarcerated, several thousand Muslim protesters holding knives, sticks and other weapons demanded that she be put to death; all because of a little bitty teddy bear. 
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National Review endorses Mitt Romney

December 11th, 2007 Urban Conservative

Mitt Romney

It’s official. Today, the National Review announced their support for Mitt Romney to run for President for the following reasons:

  • he is a is a full-spectrum conservative
  • he is a supporter of free-market economics and limited government
  • he supports right to life and the preservation of marriage
  • he maintains a foreign policy based on the national interest

The article clearly articulates why they are endorsing Mitt over other Republican candidates, specifically Huckabee, McCain, Giuliani and Thompson and state the following:

Romney is an intelligent, articulate, and accomplished former businessman and governor. At a time when voters yearn for competence and have soured on Washington because too often the Bush administration has not demonstrated it, Romney offers proven executive skill. He has demonstrated it in everything he has done in his professional life, and his tightly organized, disciplined campaign is no exception. He himself has shown impressive focus and energy.

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Senator Larry Craig needs to resign; not because he is gay

December 3rd, 2007 Urban Conservative

I couldn’t care less if Larry Craig is gay or not.  The fact is that 8 other men admitted to having sexual encounters with him in the past; and once again, he is denying it.  This is the same man that said:

“I am not gay and have never been gay”

The issue with me is not that he is or isn’t gay. I’m more upset that this so-called Senator does not have the courage to admit it!  He is a hypocrite and this sickens me.  It’s republicans like this that make all conservatives look bad!

I don’t know. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe there is some global conspiracy against Larry. Maybe these eight men just want their 15 minutes of fame.  Hah! I doubt it.

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